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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.04.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.04.2017

__ Gay
Wouldn't commit
Winter air
Wine flavorer
Willamette River capital
What makes lists briefer, briefly
What an iron often causes
Virtual transaction
Very little
Unlikely to get sick?
Under attack
Two-time Billboard Top Artist awardee
Turn into eventually
Totally unlike wetlands
Took the wrong way?
Throwing out a chain letter, and others
They're not fast reads
The Christina in Wyeth's 'Christina's World'
Sushi bar order
Sunlit courts
Steel girder
Stallion's mate
Spot with a bird's-eye view
Some OT winners
Snowblower brand
Sleuths, for short
Rorschach image
Roll on a farm, maybe
Ristorante suffix
Relieved (of)
Red wine choice
Really big stretch
Quattro competitor
Put up with
Provide money for
Proofer's finds
Private home
Plumber, at times?
Pleasant surprise
Places to browse
Pester for payment
Pen name
Pay ending?
Part of a violin
Opulent home
Ones not itemized
One with a questionable sense of fashion?
Old Testament sanctuary
Obedient response to un capitán
Novi Sad natives
Not in anymore
Northern terminus of I-79
News of a crude carrier sighting?
New Mexico state flower
NBC show anchored by Lester Holt
Natural elevation
Muzzleloading aid
Musical with the song 'A New Argentina'
Mumbai money
Most shabby
Monogram on L'Homme products
Minnesota's St. __ College
Menu words
Market closing?
Many bars no longer have them
Many an emailer
Maker of nonstick cookware
Major attachment
Mag sales staff member
Mag man with a mansion
Like paste, jewelry-wise
Like navigable Arctic waters
Light beer?
Life's work
Lats relatives
Lats relatives
Lacked roots
Key for Ravel?
It's usually graded
It's trapped in house traps
It may cause quakes
It holds water
Island off Tuscany
Is sympathetic (toward)
Infomercial pitch
Ill-fated Ford
How-to units
Herb-carrying semi?
Help in the gym
Have an inkling
H.S. dropout's exam
Grazing area
Gonzalez in 2000 news
Golf goof
Flock mom
Flat-bodied fish depiction?
Finished behind
Filibuster site
Female lobster
Ernst genre
Environmental destruction
Domed dwelling
Deliberate omission, some say
Darwin wore one
Criticize severely
Crescent component
Court conferences
Considerable care
Broad-leafed maritime plant
Boxer in the wrong profession?
Big bucks, briefly
Biblical brother
Baton Rouge sch
Base with a coach
As a result
Allow access to
Affected by tears, as makeup
Actor Morales
70-Down's opposite
2014 U.S. Senior Open winner Montgomerie
1995 Reform Party founder
'This Gun for Hire' actor
'Pet' problem
'Pagliacci' clown
'Just curious'
'Jush one more, bartender,' e.g.?
'I've had such a curious dream!' speaker
'I thought it was a secret'
'Grease' singer
'A Doll's House' heroine
'… like __ not' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Apr-9-2017#sthash.tpTsyq7y.dpuf

___ President
___ booster
Work out spectacularly
Words after 'Sure!'
Women's club event
Woe for some 51-Acrosses
With 36-Across, a Dr. Seuss book
West Wing worker
Welcoming necklace
Villainous visage
Vegetarian sandwich filling
Variety of hold ’em
Two-tone treat
Tres + cinco
Train syst
Tony who managed two World Series championships for the Cardinals
Title opera heroine who is a Druidic high priestess
Time on the throne
They can provoke knee-jerk reactions
The ladies-only Western-themed bar I own?
Suffix with blast-
Study of the heavens: Abbr
Spit out
Son of Gloria on 'Modern Family'
Something seen at Frankenstein's birthday party?
So-called 'Butterfly Capital of Alabama'
Sign of spring
Shopping ___
Setting for Cardinals home games, briefly
See 9-Down
Scaled-down woodwind?
Satirical depiction of the story of Noah?
Runs through
Romeo or Juliet
Roman ___
Rhubarb with deep roots?
Removes, as a sticker
Religious leaders
Reaching new heights in ballet?
Quick series of social media posts
Quarters : basketball :: chukkers : ___
Product of a stable of comic strip artists?
Pitch in
Pays de ___ (Nantes's region)
Parliamentary proceedings, e.g
Opposite corner in a romantic triangle
One opposed
Neutral tone
Musician in the woodwind section
MSN alternative
Mournful work
Most important mounted cavalryman?
Most contemptible
Melodramatic NBC hit starting in 2016
Martial art whose name means 'sword way'
Marker maker
Little lad
Like some quilt blocks
Kind of boots
Kentucky college
Jean who played Aunt Martha in 'Arsenic and Old Lace'
Inspector Clouseau or Borat?
Indian 'masters'
Important positions
Ice cream container
Hybrid bakery treats
Horse picker's hangout, for short
Home for Bilbo Baggins
Hand (out)
Hairy hunter of Genesis
Greek city where Perseus was born
Going nowhere, metaphorically
Go a mile a minute
Gets ready to do push-ups, say
Georgia senator who helped establish 'don't ask, don't tell'
French director Clément
Frances who played TV's Aunt Bee
Food thickener
ETS offering
Environmental bane
Empty spaces
Elvis ___ Presley
Elizabeth with the memoir 'Saving Graces'
Eight-time Olympic medalist Apolo Anton ___
Ecclesiastical leader
DVD remote button
Drei + fünf
Drained of color
Diaper option
Decoration in a deli case?
Correo ___ (words on foreign correspondence)
Contemptible sorts
Condo V.I.P
Communication system pioneered by Thomas Gallaudet, for short
Calendar model
Bush league, for short?
Bridge shape
Blowup: Abbr
Blood enemy
Big name among radio shock jocks
Big do
Big brass
Belgradian, e.g
Beehive, for one
Baldwin offering
Automaker that introduced the Rambler
Aussie critters
Aussie critters
Audiophile's collection
Audibly upset Belgian francophone?
Art Deco artist
Apt to go Democratic
Ancient theater
After-dinner volunteer's words
Actress Sorvino
Abrupt, disconcerting reaction
A.L. East team: Abbr
A lot
2004 Scarlett Johansson film adapted from 'Lady Windermere's Fan'
1992 Tim Robbins mockumentary
'___ Club' (#1 hit for 50 Cent)
'The BFG' author
'Get out!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-9-2017#sthash.eZipsQIs.dpuf

___ Rice Burroughs
You may have one of invincibility
You can come before it, but I can't
Words before 'return' or 'inflation'
With money galore
Wickerwork cane
Wearing clothing
Verve or moxie
Totally smitten
Swimming in the ocean
Start for 'pasto,' 'matter' or 'freeze'
Something thought to bring bad luck
Something for Dracula to wear
Some Indian royals
Solo delivered to opera-goers
Snow glider
Smallest merganser duck
Slithery swimmers
Sharp impact sound
Secure the help of
Scottish bodies of water
Sardine container
Release from bondage
Place to visit in a luxury hotel
Place to store linens
Place to stay
Place to be when chilling?
Pinball infraction
Phrase in Conceited Jill's nightly prayer?
Paper transfer
Mystical board
Multi-national defense org
Migrating baitfish
Margin for error
Maaing mas
Lots and lots and lots
Lengthy time period, historically
Leave the sack
Knitting term
It's not a bad thing to have
Install, as a tile floor
Informal affirmative
Hurry along
Highly rated
High-end fashion brand
Flip chart holder
Enthusiastic approval
End of a warning
Email ancestor
Egg's color-changer
Domed or vaulted recess
Cut deeply, as prices
Cookie with three layers
Conceited Jill's useful experience?
Conceited Jill's ruthless determination?
Computer malady
Common undershirt material
College overseer
Chinese dynasty of old
Caveman's weapon
Card dealings
Canada's capital
Came down with
Brought to a conclusion
British goodbyes
Break off and remove
Bone hinged to the humerus
Blacksmiths' cover-ups
Become exhausted
Be unable to find
Bad breakout among some teens
Attractive and seductive
Attack from all sides
'___ la la'
'You can count ___!'
'Fi' lead-in – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-9-2017#sthash.9qlTmvYQ.dpuf

___ Paradiso (Italian Alp)
___ Moines
___ Doggie (cartoon pooch)
Within arm's length
Winery vessel
Web surfer's guide
Twin city of Champaign, Ill
Total confusion
Tina Turner's ex
Three-line verse
Therefore, to Descartes
The sun does it
The Prohibition ___
The Engineers of college football
Take back, as one's words
T. ___ Price (investment firm)
Sub ___ (furtively)
Stable worker
Some advanced degs
Sodas drunk on 'M*A*S*H'
Snooty look
Setter of a legal precedent
Seedy bar
Roseanne of 'Roseanne'
Rock music's Rush, e.g
Realizes, as a profit
Rafael Nadal's homeland
Prefix with dermal
Phaser setting on 'Star Trek'
Oscar winner Kedrova
One-for-one deal
Numero ___ (first-rate)
Musical with the song 'Tomorrow'
Moo ___ pork (Chinese dish)
Machine shop refuse
Like sardines in a can
Like monsoon season
Legendary archer
Least refined
Kick out of school
Jared of 'Suicide Squad'
IRS staffers
Iowa State's home
India pale ___
Home to California's Raisin Parade
Holiday nicknamed 'Lady Day'
Hang like a walrus mustache
Groups of geese, when not airborne
Go splitsville
Games before finals
Foxx of 'Sanford and Son'
Flower whose markings resemble a face
Flower in bridal bouquets
Elon Musk's car company
Dizzy Gillespie's style
Dietary fat unit
Delta's location
Delta makeup
Crowd-scene actors
Common locket shape
Coffeeshop allure
Bow-toting god
Babbling sort
Aussie hoppers, briefly
Assault on the Alamo
Anchovy holder
Actor Ken or Lena
Abductor in tabloid stories
ABBA's genre
67-Across, to Indiana
35mm film holders
'We're number ___!'
'Rabbit food'
'No problem'
'Just do it,' to Nike
'. . . ___ I saw Elba' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-9-2017#sthash.RKiM1bJN.dpuf

__ serif typeface
Young socialite
Yellowish red
Windmill part
Walk wearily
Video replay technique
Typical taxi
TripAdvisor listing
Trim to fit, perhaps
Trade org
Tough guys
Totaled, as a bill
Tiara inset
The whole ball of wax
Tennis club figure
Telly watcher
Telltale sign
Tax-free bond, for short
Syrian leader
Surface extent
Street lingo
Steinbeck character
Stares at
Spots on dice
Some in sties
Snack with a shell
Sloping passage
Slice of history
Skeptic's challenge
Shakespearean prince
Satin's quality
Road-repair material
Ripped off
Rental-car extra
Raindrops sound
Put back on a blog
Poetic planet
Podded plants
Plays for a fool
Place to cybershop
Pince-__ glasses
Peseta's replacement
Part of UNLV
Part in reserve
Ore analyzer
Old West scoundrel
Not family fare
Noble exploits
Network that merged with the WB
Natural balm
Narrow margins
Name on the cover of "Frankenstein"
Much land
Mozart genre
More acute
Meager hand
Mandolin cousin
Lowly worker
Loud call
Long-distance athlete
Lee of comics fame
Lawyers' employers
Lap dog, for short
Lagoon surrounder
Kitchenware collection
Kardashian sister
Jellied garnish
Janitorial tools
Italian emotion
In inventory
Honda's upscale brand
Heavy coat
Having left
Have the nerve
Ham it up
Glacier, essentially
Gives as a source
Gets going after a shutdown
Gets by
Get together (with)
German Johnny
Gain altitude
Friend of Fido
Freshener scent
Frat letters
Former poet laureate Van Duyn
First-first link
Female fowl
Fashion editor Wintour
Fancy button
Ending for eager
Do a veterinary job
Divider of the day
Diploma word of honor
Digital photo format
Designer Donna
Creative expressions
Costa __ Sol
Conventional pattern
Contract endorser
Compete in a regatta
Comparatively clever
Comfy slip-on
Colorado resort
Coffee specification
Civil War general Doubleday
Catering hall worker
Category for which the nine writers have won a Nobel
Cassowaries' cousins
Capital on a fjord
Canon competitor
Candidates' campaign
Buzz Lightyear or Buck Rogers
Bottiglia ristorante
Bikini part
Beehive State collegian
Barred to outsiders
Banquet ritual
Avengers of myth
Any of the Keys
Algerian port
Agree to join
911 responding grp
100 clams
"Uh" sound
"The Stranger" novelist
"The Magic Mountain" novelist
"The Good Earth" novelist
"Piedra de Sol" poet
"Open Secrets" short-story author
"No problem for me!"
"Nevermore" squawker
"Marching Along" autobiographer
"Jingle Bells" contraction
"I __ out of here!"
"Herzog" author
"España en el corazón" poet
"Beloved" novelist
"Ah, Wilderness!" playwright
$5 bills, so to speak

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