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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 09.02.2017

__-top: Beatles' style
__ Michele, 8-Down co-star
__ d'Alene
__ Aviv
Write in code?
West ender?
War film with a cast of 60-Across?
Wanted one
Twisty-horned antelope
TV show with mashups
Traveler's aid
Tiny time pd
Thrown for a loop
The Scooby gang's Mystery Machine, e.g
Tetris shape
Technical foul signal, in basketball
Subj. for a non-native speaker
Square __
Sporty truck, briefly
Sport for Ronda Rousey, for short
Source of cartoon explosives
Sonnet, e.g
Siegfried collaborator
Reddish horse
QB's mishap
Political __
Pie choice
Photo app effect
PDX info: Abbr
Outmoded public convenience
Other, south of the border
Off-putting sorts?
Ode preposition
Newspaper with a staff of 60-Across?
Much of 'Star Wars' FX
Mideast sultanate
Mediocre marks
Like bread knives
Kids' summer activity
Genetic messenger molecule
Fronded plants
Founder of Taoism
Eliot's weaver
Dream state letters
Down with something
Dough for ramen?
Do maintained with a pick
Custardy dessert
Cool, once
Clumsy type
Centipede home?
Center of moral corruption
Castle defense
Canned meat used in Hawaiian cuisine
Campus groups
Bothered a lot
Big name in big tractors
Basic class with easels
Aromatherapy array
All-in-one vacation
Actress Ramirez of 'Grey's Anatomy'
1969 hit song by a group of 60-Across?
'The Princess Diaries' princess
'The Good Dinosaur' dinosaur
'Rock and Roll All __': Kiss hit
'Oh, now __ it!'
'Hamlet, thou art slain' speaker
'Another word for nothin' left to lose,' in a Joplin hit – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017#sthash.SyUsvsyZ.dpuf

Words of compassion
Where or why, in Latin
When repeated, Mork's sign-off
What a load might land with
Trounce, informally
Triumphant boast
Trifling amount
Take down a peg
Surfer's tether
Suffix with form
Subject of a notable 2016 referendum
Stadium cry
Soak (up)
Ride to the World Trade Center
Radius neighbor
Phrase differently, as a question
Perceived intuitively
Pats, e.g., before 1970
Past the regulation period, informally
Oxford-to-London dir
One, to Juan
Old English Christmas meat
Ocular malady
Numbers class, in England
Nowhere to be found, informally
Neighbor of a Yemeni
Motor oil brand
Mercury, on the periodic table
Manhattan's ___ Village
Male duck
Ljubljana resident
Like the BBC's headquarters, architecturally
Like New York City drivers, in popular belief
It's debatable
It has a top and a bottom with nothing in between
It ends in diciembre
Give ___ (yank)
Get seen by, like, everyone
France's ___ du Bourget
Film director Martin
Fast-food inits
Exam that takes 2 hrs. and 45 mins
Early strings
Drive a getaway car for, say
Do monumental work?
Designer Gernreich
Damage the reputation of
Crowning point
Common clown name
Comedian Aziz
Caesarean rebuke
Bona fide
Bit of resistance
Bird whose wings are used as stabilizers, not for flying
Biography subtitled 'The Invention of India'
Back in the day
Avoid having an arranged marriage, maybe
At original speed, musically
Able but unwilling to read
8-Down, across the 15-Down
56-Down, across the 15-Down
52-Down, across the 15-Down
41-Down, across the 15-Down
4-Down, across the 15-Down
35-Down, across the 15-Down
2-Down, across the 15-Down
1953 prize for Churchill
10-Down, across the 15-Down
'Vous êtes ___'
'The only serious thing in the world,' per Oscar Wilde
'Rumor has it …'
'Pond' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017#sthash.6UPIDqfW.dpuf

Train line to Penn Sta
Target of some long-range bombs?
Support group member?
Sudafed delivery method
Starr of the comics
Spongy cake
Sounds, e.g
Shotgun description
Shabbat observers
Seventh heaven, so to speak
Result of getting home late?
Really strong brew
Pitcher's batting position, usually
Party decoration
Org. that has people up in arms?
Once in a while
On the ground, in ballet
Officially exclude
Mythical birds
Modish monthly
Merrie ___ England
Member of Reagan's cabinet
Long row
Like many Halloween parade participants
Like court briefs
Like a second-rate celeb
Leak sources, perhaps
Lascivious sort
Landing site
Jay Z's music streaming service
It'll show you the world
It may conceal adult humor
He overthrew Fulgencio
Have leftovers, e.g
Green liquid in the bathroom
Got into the habit?
Golfer Aoki
GM's auto parts company
Gives succor to
Gill openings
Forecasting figs
Five-finger discounts
Feds' focus
Eviction setting
Elephant-headed Hindu god
Drink order
Dominique's friend
Dominique's dream
Didn't say nothing, say
Dead Sea Scrolls scribe
Crewmate of Michael and Buzz
City division
Certain flats
Cause of unfair treatment
Caspian Sea feeder
Caitlyn, once
Bygone cinema offerings
Brixton bus
Bow-bearing boy
Boutros-Ghali's successor
Blind bit
Big-eyed bird
Big Sur retreat
Bearing two rows of buttons
Baseball part
Arab, for one
'Whatever you want'
'The Grand Budapest Hotel' director Anderson
'The Distaff' poet
'Otello,' e.g
'Otello' composer
'Full Frontal with Samantha Bee' network – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017—Double-Edged#sthash.7r6G5zCq.dpuf

Worthless ideas or simple food
Word with 'active' or 'rocket'
Word of good cheer?
What some autumn leaves turn
Well-defined, as musculature
Used one's mobile device
U2 song
Transforms into
The Forbidden City
Struck with fear
Stereo, e.g
Some wild exaggerated swings
Skedaddles, pardner
Serve drinks
Seriously heavy drinker
Scale unit
Rank above warrant officer
Processed photos
Poor grades
Place to pinball
Place for weddings
Perching place
Officer's shoulder ornament
NYC clock setting
Note on a scale
Mysterious plane, e.g
Move just a little
Most hopeless
More than suggest
More likely to
Miniature guitar, informally
Match a film's sound to action, e.g
Lowest parts of structures
Lower the electrical capacity of
Leaned on a horn
Large Japanese athletes
Lao-Tze's 'way'
John Hancocked
It's caused by water slapping rocks
It gets slapped and shot
Indigenous person of the Arctic
How great minds think
Home that's ready to be assembled
Heyerdahl's raft
Have ___ for knowledge (like to learn)
Had a late dinner
Grand ___ (wine designation)
Golf standard
Go astray morally
Give out, as a task
Frog kin
Fresh out of the box
Footprint, to a detective
Flow in a circular current
Fine knitted fabric
Feature of Jesse Jackson's younger years
Far from prosperous
Facial woe
Excavated rocky resource
Euphorically silly
Enraged feeling
Editing room sound
Do what kings do
Crucial prescription information
Coupon locales
Chocolate cookie
Chinese currency
Causes a blood flow blockage
Canine for a canine?
Burns of documentaries
'___ No Hooks' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017#sthash.BOTZNzE1.dpuf

Yoked beasts
Words to the audience
William who played Hopalong Cassidy
Where to wear a Fitbit
Volcano shape
Unagi, at a sushi bar
Torah's language (Abbr.)
Takes the plunge
Sticking point, metaphorically
Some NFL ball carriers
Sedona automaker
SeaWorld stars, for now
Sci-fi writers' awards
Satellite navigation letters
Rural spread
Runway surface
Rook's call
Role in 'Evita'
Right triangle ratio
Retired flier, for short
Reggae star Peter
Reality show about hunters and trappers
Real estate ad abbr
Pull a fast one on
Protester's handout
Place for unread mail
Part of BFA
Part of a car battery
Outboard motor's locale
Org. with a June 22, 2017 draft
Not yet fulfilled
Not fooled by
Narcissist's love
NAFTA signer (Abbr.)
Many a turban wearer
Louisa May Alcott classic
Like a southpaw boxing stance
Java holders
Inquisitive sort
Indispensable items
Horse-drawn cab
H.S. dropout's test
Guys to hang with
Get-rich-quick offer, usually
Get clean
Gershwin standard from 'Girl Crazy'
Genie's offerings
Gave the boot to
Gas brand with a triangular logo
Folk-rock duo featured in the movie 'Wordplay'
Fledgling's home
Figs. on driver's licenses
Feel remorse over
Fashion editor Wintour
Door opener
Do a KenKen operation
Corn holder
Conscription org
Colossal flop
City south of Seattle
Cash in the Kremlin
Can't help but
Cameo gemstone
Bygone Fords
Baskin-Robbins serving
Abysmal rating
1986 Tom Cruise blockbuster
'___ takers?'
'Truth in Engineering' automaker
'Moonstruck' star
'Licensed to Ill' rap trio
'Ghosts' playwright Henrik
'Get Smart' villains
'Escales' composer Jacques
'Citizen Kane' studio
'Check,' in poker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017#sthash.cOPSo0EC.dpuf

Wine measure
What's left
West African capital
Vigorous spirit
Venerable sedan brand
Ump's reference
To the point
Thing of value
Talk trash to
Steam source
Sorghum storer
Something viewed
Something comparable
Sharply bitter
Serious risk
Seasonal staffer
School near the L.A. Coliseum
Sale disclaimer
Rides a funboard
Refrigerant brand
Red Cross headquarters
Prefix for way
PC photo file format
Pass over
Part of a song
Pal of Masterson
Out of date
One right after the other
Of serious risk
Novelist Lessing
Nerve center
Must involve
Mulls (over)
Metaphors for messes
Matching sock
Many lipsticks
Leveling wedge
Juárez water
Joe Jackson, in "Field of Dreams"
Jai __
Heart of the matter
Hair off the neck
Grind together
Foul moods
Finland, to Finns
Exodus pronoun
Enjoys slowly, in a way
Eats in the evening
Dot-loving painter
Don't . .
Don't . .
Don't . .
Digital library collection
Declined gradually
Cultural pursuits
Crowd around
Criminal's cover, perhaps
Comic's concern
Claudius successor
Chuck wagon fare
Cheery chorus
Car-wash accessory
Business expenses
Boone nickname
Bit of baby talk
At __ (disagreeing)
Action flick weapons
"Waiting to hear"
"Tell me more"
"On the Road" narrator
"Just what I was hoping for!" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-9-2017#sthash.UfjwuNN7.dpuf

X, on some campuses
Words from an amorous sniper?
Word with bog or moss
White sale purchase
When buying a brogue is fashionable?
Tech sch. near Albany
Suffer deprivation
Stomach soother, familiarly
Start shooting
Spring's opposite
Sleep disorder
Scrapbook items
Sandcastle feature, at times
Salon worker choosing between two job offers?
Rove in politics
Ring surrounding the pupil
Regulars, or what they order
Recipe amt
Peter who directed 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'
Of two minds
Ne plus ultra
More than drizzles
Lots (of)
Lhasa ___
Laban's daughter
It may be struck by a model
It has basic properties
Huge paving project?
Help with getting a ride?
Having dark, slanted peepers
Have too much of, briefly
Hammer and Spade
Green side
Goes astray
Give the boot to
Former East German secret police
For whom John wrote 'Woman'
Fifth Avenue retailer
English derby site
Engineering detail, briefly
Doctrine contrary to church dogma
Decisive time
Dance partner?
Continental capital
Clean air org
Chilean expressionist Roberto
Caterpillar or tadpole
Camera component
Calligraphy detail
Cajun staple
Butcher's trimmings
Big name in private jets
Auel heroine
Actress Plaza who portrayed April Ludgate on 'Parks and Recreation'
AAA info
'___ around around around around' (lyric from Dion and the Belmonts' 'The Wanderer')
'You stink!'
'You can ___ horse to water …'
'That Old Black Magic' composer
'Go away!'
'Don't even bother'
'… the lamb was ___ go'

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