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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.09.2017

Youngest Simpson
Windy City transit initials
Where JFK, Nixon and Carter served
Uma's role in 'The Producers'
Treasure chest coins represented graphically by two consecutive letters in six puzzle answers (including this one)
Squirrel's hoard
Spanish pronoun
Spacewalk initials
Somewhat, to Saint-Saëns
Skier's destination
Shot with more detail
Short pants?
Shooting marble
Salon offering
Russia had one in the 20th century
Rural agreement
Roadie's box
Repairs with turf
Removes, as a temporary hem
Pyrénées peak
Product made from fermented rice
Pen pal's greeting?
Pac-12 team
Org. that inspects workplaces
Obsolete audio technology
O'er there
No-hitter, usually
Musical set in Manhattan's East Village
Muesli bit
MLB single-season recordholder for most hits
Military builder
Mike of 'Next Friday'
Make less vulnerable to earthquakes, say
Level, in London
Induced the purchase of add-ons, say
I problem?
Hogwarts subjects
Help with a job?
Hardy title teenager
Game typically with 81 squares
Fourth dimension
Ford maverick?
Flight-related prefix
Federal housing assistance program
Escape destinations
Energy field
Elizabeth I's line
Editor's mark
Do diner work
Carpathian Mountains locale
Captain hanged for piracy
Budget motel chain
Brother of Peyton
Brazil's largest city
Blue Shield offering
Any of 12 popes
Aloe __
Against: Abbr
1875 Alcott novel
'70s-'80s show about a big family
'Xanadu' gp
'Tonight, I Celebrate My Love,' e.g
'That smarts!'
'No thanks'
'In my opinion … '
'Hamilton' role
'Gloria in Excelsis __'
'A __ formality'

___ Major
___ Lee
Wordsmith William
Who set the standard for the United States?
Wheelchair-bound 'Glee' character
What whole-grain foods and sugary drinks have lots of
Valentine, e.g
Unexpected benefits
Trading hub
Tools for escaping the heat?
Things like 'Which Disney Princess Are You?'
Supporter of the A.C.A
Summertime cooler
Something that's assumed
Some loan specifications
Shooting game
Rams fan?
Poison ___
Plenty of work ahead
Places to get wired, in two senses of the word
Place to order sardinas and sangria
Padlock holders
Not go out
Not a candidate for the invoking of the 25th Amendment, say
Neighbor of a Bosnian
Meet up with again
Many a Volga native
Live, in a way
Like apples and Afros
Length of a long wait, in hyperbole
Last dance?
Israeli city that shares its name with a unit of measure
Inter ___
Intemperate put-down
Hit sci-fi video game set around the 26th century
Hit 1998 animated film
Group around a king
Go on and on
Gave up
First principal character encountered by Ishmael in 'Moby-Dick'
Expression of doubt
Double-platinum Steely Dan album
Does some postdebate political commentary
Dessert on a stick
Crossword unit
Cousins of Spots
Counterpart to digital
Comics character seen on gum wrappers
Chief justice appointed by Harding
Certain pay-per-view event organizer, for short
Catcher who won a record 10 consecutive Silver Slugger Awards
Billy of 'Titanic'
Be a buzzkill?
Bare place on the side of a mountain
Amount before bonuses
Actor Cage, informally
Abbr. in many an area measure
A.F.C. North team
'___ thousand times …'
'How much do I ___?'
'Closing Bell' channel
'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' detective Diaz

___ Paese (cheese variety)
___ out (barely manages)
Woodworking tools
With competence
With a scratchy voice
USMC rank, briefly
Type of care, job or camp
Toward the goal
Tiny earthquake
Ticker tests, for short
Things for new gardeners
The chef moving on from her past ..
Start for 'gram'
Standing up straight
Squirrel's nest
Sleuth's cohort
Siberian river
Show indifference
Shari or Jerry
Safety feature
Respiratory sound
Put a sharper edge on
Puff ___ (snake variety)
Priest of the East
Poetic tribute
Plastic building block
Open an aspirin bottle
Norwegian capital
No longer hot?
Neutral shade
Neat or groovy!
Munro's alias
Multicolored gemstone
Mentally balanced
Long, great stories
Lip-___ (fakes singing)
Knee bones
Kind of code
Hotel alternatives
Gush forth
Grass variety
Get off ___ free
Garishly bright
Fourth estate
Form of lyric poem
For his guests in the waiting room, a doctor hired a ..
Fasten or attach
Famed director George
Ever and ___
Entrance for a miner
Economic meas
Dude's kin
Delphic predictor
Dark red or brownish-purple color
Congregation's place
Clean pots
Capture digitally
Cabbage with curly leaves
Braid, e.g
Blossom support
Bad way to be prepared?
Bad time for Caesar
As good as expected
Ain't made right?
A lazy chef will ..
'… and ___ the twain shall meet'

Zero percent ___ financing
Young fella
Word that can precede the last parts of 17-Across and 10- and 25-Down
Word after fast or junk
Women in habits
Willliam Tell's canton
Visited a bloodmobile
Usain, the world's fastest human
Trees with oval leaves
Tiny songbird
Things swiped at pumps
Surfer's destination, briefly
Supports via Kickstarter
Sparkling wine, informally
Solid geometry calculation
Skull session nugget
Sinclair who wrote 'The Jungle'
Sets of shoes
Serf of Sparta
Rap-sheet blemish
Protruding navel
Prefix with tarsal or physical
Org. that saves strays
Opening day pitcher, usually
One with power
Old Nick
Off-white shade
Off one's rocker
Occupies the throne
Neckwear for Frosty
Nadir's opposite
Much the same
Move with a mouse, perhaps
Met highlight
Machine used in pier construction
Lincoln-Douglas confrontation
Like a doily
Like a comedian, hopefully
Light, mild cigar
Lift-ticket purchaser
Left dreamland
Lamb's pseudonym
Knowledgeable sorts
In a poor way
Home run king Barry
Happy or Sleepy
Gulp from a flask
Goldie of 'The First Wives Club'
Goes nowhere
Gallery fundraiser
Foe of the Three Little Pigs
Foe of Balboa, in 'Rocky'
Flock female
Finalized, as plans
Eye salaciously
Evidence of decay
DDT-banning org
Dart players' drinks
D-Day invasion site
Corrupt, as test results
Companion of gloom
Cockpit fig
Change, as decor
Ceramic unit
Boardroom VIP
Batiking supplies
Barely defeat
Ballet finale, e.g
Arthur with a stadium named for him
Any fellow NATO member
500 site, briefly
1970s fad gift
'___ we there yet?'
'You got that right!'
'Cosmos' author Carl
'Commando' star ___ Dawn Chong

Wind dir
Wide headline
What ranges are made of: Abbr
Walking style
Voice of 55 Across
Trivia quiz locale
Towing job, perhaps
Taps a pitch
Subject of some Salary.com advice
Start of a quote on how aging changes nothing
Source of quote
Sound of disapproval
Small clashes
Silver State city
Security badge
Rock-music staple
Riding, as a horse
Patton, circa 1904
Not a lot
Muscle mag topic
Much kitchenware
Middle of quote
Mad rush
Legendary feuder
Legal right of passage
Just like
Instead of
Hercules' serpent adversary
Go after
Furnace input
Frat letter
Field measure
Eye exam accessory
ESPN media partner
End of quote
Emotional support
Dustin's "Tootsie" costar
Duly received
Duly receive
Dull gray
Dull gray
Desalinization input
Cycle starter
Cross of whodunits
City, in Stuttgart
Chaotic place
Bygone boomers
Bugs' cowboy enemy
Bridge cable, essentially
BOS, NYY, BAL, etc
Bold look
Blunted blade
Billion-dollar start-ups
Big name in country music
Bentley sister brand
Beehive State athlete
Be plentiful
Assessed, as a fine
Ancient region of Turkey
Alias of Aurora
Abundant supplies
About 1930 to 1950
'80s movie media
"Under Siege" star
"Recent" starter
"Dies __" (Latin hymn)

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