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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.08.2017

__-Pei: wrinkly dog
__ in the back: betray
Zoo primate
WWII hero Murphy
Witty remark
When doubled, toy train sound
Warring son of Zeus and Hera
Vain dresser
Units of electrical resistance
Tiptoe, say
Texter's guffaw
Take a chance on
Sushi bar soup
Studio warning sign
Start-the-day ABC talk show, familiarly
Spanish eye
Soul singer India.__
SOS responder
Sock away
Small indentation
Roof support
Reference aids in reference books
Reactions to fresh comments
Pseudonym … and what the end of each answer to a starred clue is
Protestant minister
Prickly plant
Platte River st
Place for Girl Scout badges
Perplexing passages
One shaping a rosebush
Number after dix
Mined metal
Mid-month date
Mercedes line of autos
Lustrous patterned fabric
Luminous glow
Long narrative poem
Like shish kebab
Leaving out
Lav, in Leeds
Irksome one
Hitched together, as oxen
Gen-__: boomers' kids
Furry sci-fi creatures
From Copenhagen, e.g
Family reunion attendees
End table accessory
Drives forward
Don't have
DOJ anti-narcotics arm
Depleted atmospheric layer
Corp. VIP
Chocolate option
Cancún cash
Burn soother
Bump in the night, say
BMW competitor
Blue gem, briefly
Be an omen of
Apartment type
Actress Cusack
A __: based on deduction rather than experience
*Striped African equine
*Spider-Man's alter ego
*Midsize SUV
*Hellenic religious symbol
'You've Got Mail' director Ephron
'You __ serious': 'I don't believe it'
'Let me in!'
'Finally got it'
'Charles in Charge' actor Scott

___ Major (Big Dipper's constellation)
You are, south of the border
Worn out
Word repeated before 'again'
Word ignored when alphabetizing
Wear away
Walk like a two-year-old, say
Vizquel with 11 Gold Gloves
To whom 'break a leg' is said
Tiptoe, perhaps
The Kleenex of cotton swabs
The Emerald Isle
Takes the wildness out of
Summer hangout
Suffix in many language names
Start running
Standard dog name
Something that gives you a sinking feeling
Some long novels
Say 'When I was with my good friend Barack last week …,' e.g
Really, really old
Put in office
Press secretary ___ Huckabee Sanders
Prepare to be knighted
Prefix with space
Predator of dolphins
Periods after Mardi Gras
Period in Congress
Oxen connector
Org. in Carl Sagan's 'Contact'
Onetime HBO series set in New Orleans
One of 154 by Shakespeare
Olympic event won by Bruce Jenner in 1976 and Ashton Eaton in 2012 and 2016
Mount of ___ (Jerusalem landmark)
Monopoly card
Lying on one's stomach
Lowest digit
Like Warhol's Marilyn Monroe painting
Like some straits
Jack of the old 'Tonight Show'
It lasts 20 years
Indianapolis-to-Cleveland dir
I.R.S. digits: Abbr
Home-run run
Hay and such for farm animals
Green: Prefix
Girlfriends in Paris
European automaker
Dubai's home: Abbr
Drug informant, informally
Dracula's biter
Division of baseball's N.L. or A.L
Butcher's cut
Basketball highlight
Asia's disappearing ___ Sea
Argyle pair
Analogy words
Always trying to get one's way
Advice-giving Landers
'___ the land of the free …'
'The Simpsons' character with a palindromic name
'The Raven' poet
'The Lord of the Rings' baddie
'Skyfall' singer
'Sexy' woman in a Beatles song
'I've had it ___ here!'
'Great Expectations' protagonist

Work on a film or a manuscript
Substitute for
Straight, at the bar
Spa class
Some are easily bruised
Software for your phone, and a clue to four other Across answers
Slangy greetings
Skyline feature
Sierra Club founder John
Show billed as 'The Ultimate Job Interview'
Sharp intakes
Semimonthly tides
Salon stock
Safe and sound, theoretically
Rap sheet listing
Racy wall art
Punctured tire sound
Prez on pennies
Pitch, of a sort
Piggery enclosures
Period of decline
Part of TGIF
Opening words or bars
News sources
Nasty infestation
Mottled mount
More than a trickle
Monopolist's share
Mannerly fellow
Make ___ for it (flee)
Loan letters
Like a Reuben
Javier's house
Hovering flyers
Hippocratic oath no-no
Hindu text regarding rituals
Gin-flavoring fruit
Freed of lather
Florida city, familiarly
Draw upon again
Creamy color
Cozumel y Mallorca, por ejemplo
Conk out
Cologne currency
Celebrates with abandon
Brownstone feature
Bronze ingredient
British miler Sebastian
Brain-freezing brand
Bowler or batsman, e.g
Book containing lots of legends?
Blue blood vessel?
Blissful place
Biography figure
Baseball Hall of Famer Griffey Jr
Barack awarded her the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Banana discard
Antlered animal
Antlered animal
Aboard a liner, e.g
1972 Bill Withers hit
'Oh, nasty!'
'Late Night' host Meyers
'I know just how you feel'
'Como ___?' ('How are you?' in Spain)

___ one's time (wait)
Word before 'firma'
Warm month
Type of whale
Type of circle or peace
Two SIGNS that make rush hour tolerable
Two SIGNS that make an omen
Turning point
Tribal fetish
Three SIGNS that make British money dangerous
Take on
Suffix for the best
Sound of a dull landing
Sharply sloped
Renders weaponless
Relating to birds
Quite small
Quickly, in memos
Professes firmly
Pilot's announcement
One-seeded fruit
Old 'His Master's Voice' co
Ocean movement
Number for an ATM
Not pro
Not open
No longer dormant
Navigation tool
Many things in history books
Makes coffee
Likewise, in a footnote
Like freshly cut grass
Like a finished road
Jungle beast
Italy's volcano
Intense anger
Hotel amenity
Hong Kong neighbor
Hit the bottle and then some
Have one's eyes fixed?
Have affection for
Greek cheese
Froth on the sea
Follow in sequence
Financing abbr
Features of forks in the road and slingshots
Fancy shoulder wrap
Fail to save
Eye part
Erie Canal mule of song
Encouraging words
Emulate a kangaroo
Continental divider
Confess to something
Claim to be true
Chicago train
Capital of Switzerland (var.)
Brilliant nightlight
Barbie's residence
Another eye part
'The Man' of baseball
'The Corn State'
'Neither' partner
'Dukes of Hazzard' policeman

Zombie Revenge game maker
Zodiac beast
Wise old head
Whom Eydie Gorme played in 'Ocean's Eleven'
Way up for a snowboarder
Utopian spot
Undeserved passing grades, perhaps
UAE part
Toon grandfather of Bart
Thorns in one's side
They're sailed, in a saying
Thanksgiving tuber
Tender at a company store
Suffix with Brooklyn
Suffers from impaired vision, in a way
Strip with Jeremy and teen friends
Split, or adhere
Source of Pecorino cheese
Snap course
Singer Cassidy who achieved posthumous fame
Sign of spoilage
Ripples in the water
Riches' antithesis, in a saying
Pull down, so to speak
Property law focus
Projectile from Old Ironsides
Prefix with tourism
Picked out
Personalizes, as glassware
One way to the Holy Land
Noah who played Steve Jobs
Mulder's partner on 'The X-Files'
Many hotel lobbies
Lose momentum
Like users of weasel words
Letters on a rush job
Legendary clown Kelly
Larry Fine was one
Jimmy Eat World music genre
It beats ace-high
Issue fake news, say
Is agreeable to
IPA part
Hirsute brother of Jacob
Highlands girl
Have the appearance of
Gym shoes, for short
Grown-up elvers
Folksy denial
Fateful day in the Roman Senate
Eucalyptus muncher
Engineer a successful coup, say
Employers of many former U.S. reps
Elder brother of Evelyn Waugh
Early VCR format
Dipstick indication
Dino, to the Flintstones
Dance like Gene Kelly
Curry of the Golden State Warriors
CTA trains
Confesses (to)
Cinders of old comics
Chips or fries seasoning
Chews, as on a bone
Catch in the act
Cash in Cancun
Can't put up with
Brubeck's 'Blue Rondo ___ Turk'
Assert openly
400-meter path, perhaps
34-Across's hedgehog mascot
'___ the truth?' (Rotarian's question)
'You're it!' game
'Homeland' channel, briefly
'Hee Haw' mascot
'Chili today, hot ___'
'Battle of the Hedgerows' city of 1944

__ tape (strong adhesive roll)
__ Star State (Texas)
Way off
Told an untruth
Throw hard
Tear to pieces
Swedish cars
Supermarket walkway
Strain, as flour
Stolen goods
Speck of dust
Snatch suddenly
Snakelike swimmers
Slanted typeface: Abbr
Secluded valley
Scornful look
Regarding, in a memo
Reduce one's speed
Propel a bicycle
Portuguese wine
Poky little creature with a shell
Place for peas
Pie à la __
Party munchies
Part of speech like "go"
Parcel (out)
Once around the track
Omelet ingredient
Not wed
Mil. truants
Mexican naps
Male sheep
Mag execs: Abbr
Made retroactive, as a contract
Lowly worker
Letter before tee
Lake near Reno
Knock loudly
King Arthur's realm
Intense anger
In the __ (long ago)
In that place
In progress, to Sherlock
Horse's cry
Hold tightly
Heroic saga
Gun, as an engine
Get to work earnestly
Folk wisdom
Fender mishap
Family diagrams
Explosive liquid, for short
End of the __ (last stop)
Des Moines' state
Data, for short
Corp. head
Conductor's stick
College city in 15 Across
Cold __ (freezing)
Close with a bang
Cleveland's lake
Christmas Eve visitor
California desert resort
Bullfight cheer
Bread with a pocket
Beer barrel
Becomes worthy of
Baby's shaking toy
Astronaut Armstrong
Arm of the sea
Any of 12 Biblical disciples
African desert
"Mona __"

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