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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.06.2017

__ history
Word often improperly punctuated
Wolverine, for one
With 36-Across, French title of a Rimsky-Korsakov opera that translates to 'The Golden Rooster'
White House section
Try to win
Top 500?
Tight spot
They run on cells
Sundial marking
Summation symbol in math
Sting, essentially
Stan's partner
Spanish pronoun
Some annexes
Small stream
See 42-Down
Sautéing sound
Satellite radio giant
Santana's '__ Como Va'
Record half
Prescription indications
Playtex sister brand
Payment beginning?
Part of a Girl Scout uniform
Pants with texture
One of two states formed during the U.S. Civil War
Natural boundaries
Musical impediment
Mar. honoree
Many a charitable organization
Macabre fiction middle name
Long, as odds
Like some triangles
Khartoum waterway
Johnny who was the last pitcher to face Babe Ruth
Jackie Robinson Stadium sch. team
In __: sullen
Hunter on high
Hole starters
Hipbone prefix
Here, in Le Havre
Half a 1999 gas merger
Gp. with common interests
Footnote term
Extinct birds
ESPN's Hershiser
Eats well
DOJ employee
Disney mermaid
De Gaulle's birthplace
Collagist's supply
Classic character whose exploits inspired the phrase in this puzzle's circles
Catholic title: Abbr
Catcher on the ranch
Bringers of great relief
Be obstreperous
Almost all of Tibet
60-Across' noble status
60-Across' home
60-Across' beloved
'__ lied'
'Turn up the thermostat!'
'The Addams Family' film actress
'O god of battles! __ my soldiers' hearts': Henry V
'Come again?'
'Bother someone else!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-8-2017#sthash.czBZ8nOA.dpuf

___ cable (computer/TV connector)
___ acid
Zen enlightenment
Word before food, paradoxically?
With 45-Across, not be direct … or what four groups of black squares in this puzzle do?
Ultracool person
Treasury bills?
They make waves in the ocean
They have souped-up engines
Stressful time for a student
Stop waffling
Sounded off
Soda can features
Sequoia, e.g
Sequoia, e.g
See 26-Across
Security cam sites
Scannable black-and-white boxes
Roomba, for one
Relative of a cockatoo
Red hair tint
Queen of rap
Provider of protection from the rain
Played smoothly
Personal website section
Penn : Wharton :: M.I.T. : ___
Penguin species
Parks who stood up for the right to sit down
Not much
Nets with weights
Na+ or Cl-
Most open
Methuselah's father
MapQuest feature
Little jerk
Letter before Peter in the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet
Just fine
Jointly run
John, in Scotland
It might hold your glasses
Impressionist artist?
Hollywood V.I.P.s: Abbr
Handle roughly
Financial promise
Extreme fandom
Endorses digitally
Embarrassing spots?
Eight-time Gold Glove winner Jim
Drone's job, maybe
Dressing choice
Diffuse through
Certain nutritionist
Certain lighters
Called for
Breakout consoles
Best Picture partly adapted from a C.I.A. operative's book
Bear in a 2012 film and its 2015 sequel
Bar at a roast
Alien such as Jabba
Actor Peters of 'American Horror Story'
Abbr. before a year
'Whole' amount
'The Many Loves of ___ Gillis'
'Our deeds still travel with us from ___, / And what we have been makes us what we are': George Eliot
'Let's call it a day!'
'Grease' actress whose first name consists of the same two letters twice
#2 on Rolling Stone's list of the '100 Greatest Guitarists' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-8-2017#sthash.JFf4mB6l.dpuf

With 63-Across, what (in abbreviated form) has been added to the long Down answers
Where all the blissful people live?
Visitor to King Mongkut
Triceps attachment
They stretch from Cuba to Trinidad
They made 'Up'
Target of refinement
Take to court
Source of the best racetrack advice?
Six-pack makeup
Six-Day War weapons
Sewing begun on a skirt's edge, and not just part of it?
See 60-Across
School supporter, often
Role that earned Patti LuPone her first Tony
Ramstein and others
Raid, e.g
Pumper part
Poetry class topic
Place to buy magic wares?
Peacock, notably
Opera's Pinza
Old Navy purchase
Not just scrap
Nonprofit org. since 1920
Name on West Coast stations
Mouse target
Montenegro's capital was named for him until 1992
Little lion
Jury service, e.g
Iowa State setting
Inner workings
Informal denial
Improvised style
House Stark's grey direwolf or House Lannister's golden lion
Hot state
Hook helper
Hint of hue
Highland girl
Have permission to
Guy, informally
Grassy expanses
Gambling and drinking, e.g
Free cash?
Fool (around)
Foil's kin
Fascinated by
Epitome of machismo
Emmy-winning PBS series of 1980
Eliciting gasps, perhaps
DJ's creations
Defeatist's cry
Darling visitor
Crowdsourced review site
Company that introduced the Hula Hoop and Super Ball
Car ad abbr
Brand advertised as 'Wonderfilled'
Baskin of Baskin-Robbins
Banks of Chicago
Attack chopper
Aster family flower
'People of the Standing Stone'
'Just wait!'
'Bob's Burgers' daughter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-8-2017—Clocking-In#sthash.g0FObS9d.dpuf

Where the sun sets
Wayne and Adams
Walker's alternative
Walk like a peacock
Under sheets and blankets
Tube for a dummy on a couch?
Triangular sail
Train bed
Three things behind the house?
Three things behind the house?
Three things behind the house?
Talk with one's hands
Take ___ of silence
Stir-fry utensils
Some soft drinks
Snakelike fish
Ski lift
Short-horned Asian antelope
Shopper's overindulgence
Responds to a stimulus
Relaxing walk
Put in a footlocker
Prime rating
Priests' garments
Poker fee
Pitchfork feature
Oscar hopeful
Opposed to, in the backwoods
On vacation
Oft-buttered food
Obstruct a river
Multinational currency
Mud hole on a farm
Monk's hooded garment
Michael Jackson hit
Man with a peak
Like fresh cake
Lennon's beloved
Jeans man Strauss
Incredibly intense stars
In a sneaky manner
Impatient to get started
Ill-mannered lummoxes
Ice hockey venue
Homeowner's proof of purchase
Hathaway of Hollywood
Hand drum
Hamilton's bill
Grapefruit relative
Gloom's go-with
German mister
Finish line in a horse race
Eyelid annoyance
Earth shake
Did stitch work
Corrects, as software
Clumsy person
Close by, in old poems
Certain circus performer
Carry on, as business
Canary's sound
Black, in old poetry
Bat droppings
Arctic native
Acceptable for grubbing
180 degrees from WSW
'___ the night before Christmas …'
'___ all in this together'
'Smarter ___ the average bear'
'Church,' 'opera' or 'movie' ending – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-8-2017#sthash.ZjltMWlu.dpuf

Young Scot
Wood-shaping tool
Wile E. Coyote's quarry
White House web address suffix
Whale of a performer?
Walk-___ (minor parts)
Trifling amount
Travelers' stopovers
Tosses into the mix
Texter's 'I think'
T.S. Eliot's 'cruellest month'
Symbol of redness
Suspended outdoor seating
Sun or moon, poetically
Strained-at bug, in a saying
Slung mud at
Sleeper's woe
Savor, as a fine wine
Salman who wrote 'The Satanic Verses'
Reptiles of the Nile region
Recording studio effects
Printer company in the Seiko Group
Priest's residence
Praises to the skies
Pound of poetry
Poked fun at
Pasta dish that sounds like a dessert
Parka part
Overdo it on stage
Org. for pugilists
Numbered musical piece
Nest eggs for srs
Musical sense
Moth larva's handiwork
March wearily
Many WWW access points
Lost, then found movie fish
Longtime TV brand
Longest-serving independent in congressional history
Like Super Bowl LI, at the end of regulation
Liability's opposite
Land on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
Knight who finds the Holy Grail
Just loafing around
Interior designer's concern
Home to the Carter Center
Have a hunch
Grain in much 2-Down cuisine
Get steamed up
Get bent out of shape
Forty-niner's score
Fighting it out
Ender of a good night's sleep, perhaps
Dig fragment
Depend (on)
Delivers a stemwinder
Cuisine with panang curry
Crown for a Boston Marathon winner
Conk out
Co-founder of Desilu Productions
Caterer's vessel
Breakfast-in-bed item
Blacken, as a steak
Belle's man
Audit-conducting org
Apres-ski drink
Any 'Jurassic Park' dinosaur
Alternative to heels
Alan who played Gatsby
After the buzzer
A white flag may signal one
A greenhouse gas
A 'star-cross'd lover' of literature
'WYSIWYG' camera type
'What ___, chopped liver?'
'One-l' priest of poetry
'Make love, not war' folks – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-8-2017#sthash.89DzYD24.dpuf

__ Soleil (Louis XIV)
__ sauce (raspberry topping)
Windjammer or clipper
What a flat needs
Verdi masterwork
Trident-shaped letters
Treater's term
Tolstoy heroine
To this point
To be refined
Time to remember
Theme of the puzzle
Terra __
Teen's big event
Suit since the '40s
Sporty Chevy
Something boring
Small vortex
Rolex Submariner, e.g
Robin Hood refreshment
Rise up
Rink leaps
Penlight battery
Other glove
Off-target, in a way
Moisturizer ingredient
Mechanical learning
Marge's eldest
March honoree, familiarly
Made haste
Luau figurine
Lose power
Kid lit author Carle
Keaton, in "The Founder"
Hesitant denial
Harry's Hogwarts chum
Green pear
Gestural communication: Abbr
Galaxy Tab alternative
G, in the C scale
Firewood order
Far from crisp
Fan favorite
Fall in with
Early job for Walt Disney
Down garment, maybe
Does and bucks
Deep cut
Cry of fright
Casino patron
Car-boot item
Burns, for one
Bit of pepper
Birthday party rituals
Bedroom community
Be indisposed
Bask in
Back-of-orchestra instruments
Babysitter, at times
Academic period
31 Across implement
"Wheel of Fortune" buy
"Parties," to "pirates": Abbr
"Enough, I get it!"
"DNA or __?" (cosmetics slogan)

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