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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.05.2017

__ IRA
Word with ball or driver
Wisecracking West
Winter bank makeup
Wheel spokes, essentially
State after North Dakota, alphabetically
Small-time bad guy
Shrimp relative
Sharp knocks
Share, as an internet meme
Sacred bird of ancient Egypt
Root or Yale
Razor brand
Pueblo-dwelling people
Prefix with sphere
Pre-Columbian prefix with America
Photo taker
Partner of now
Part of many old German duchy names
Other, in Oaxaca
Online auction site
Office attire with a vest
Mr. Peanut prop
Mega-mall convenience
Make a new sketch of
Like snail-mail, compared to email
Kegler's targets
Jazz genre
Igor's workplace
Horror director Craven
Has office hours
Great Salt Lake state
God with a hammer
Getting the job done
Fountain drinks
Founder of Taoism
Formerly in the military
Foot or inch, e.g
Fireplace remains
Federal hush-hush org
Drops the ball
Director Kazan
Diet successfully
Deli breads
Daytime TV celeb who founded Harpo Productions
Cowboy's footwear
Corp. fiscal execs
Continental coin
Computer adventure game
Common-interest voting group
Cheerleader's word
Calling balls and strikes, say
Broadway offering
Bro and sis
Blue Ribbon brewer
Bible book named for a woman
Belief systems
Beaded calculators
Barbershop quartet blend
Baker's dough raiser
Adriatic resort
Adored one, in Asti
1971 Clapton classic
'60s dance
'Whatever floats your __'
'Parsley, __, Rosemary and Thyme'
'Carpenter' crawlers – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-8-2017#sthash.hovx0Gzf.dpuf

___ raving mad
Word before 'and ye shall receive'
Wise man
Whistlers in the kitchen
Tinkler on a porch
Thumbs-up votes
There are four in a gallon: Abbr
Talk, talk and then talk some more
Suffix with cigar
State where the Cotton Bowl is held
Spring school dance
Singer with the 1972 hit 'Heart of Gold'
Secret language
Savings for the golden years, for short
Sash for a kimono
Rough, as criticism
Rest for a bit
Religious offshoots
Relatives of rabbits
Relative who might visit for the holidays
President before D.D.E
Popular pen
Pop singer Zayn formerly of One Direction
Order to get a soundtrack ready
Opposite of strict
Onetime 'S.N.L.' regular Cheri
One-on-one talk
One-named New Age singer
Not hold back
Not good
Nearsighted cartoon Mr
Money in the middle of a poker table
Money in the middle of a poker table
Modern movement initialism … or a hint to the starts of 18-, 24-, 40-, 52- and 61-Across
March Madness org
Ltr. addition
Locale of a film 'nightmare': Abbr
Less than 90°
Lacking company
Jazz instrument
Industrious little marchers
Ian who wrote 'Atonement'
How sardines are often packed
Hightail it
High point
Groups of poker chips, typically
Garbage-carrying boats
Fútbol score
Fly-___ (Blue Angels maneuvers)
Flower that attracts pollinating insects
Farm tower
Every last bit
Envy or lust
Egyptian cross
Each one in a square is 90°
Dr. Mom's attention, for short
Dish in a bowl often served au gratin
Denim or linen
Deal negotiator for athletes
Caltech, e.g.: Abbr
Brief letter
Auto deal for nonbuyers
Ancient land near Lydia
Air Force One, for one
Actress Thurman
Abbr. before a name on a memo
4.0 is a great one
'We ___ to please!'
'The Waste Land' poet
'That sounds good … NOT!'
'Thanks, Captain Obvious!'
'Super 8' actress, 2011
'Get the picture?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-8-2017#sthash.VlcmSYuS.dpuf

Wriggle like a rattler
Won, for one
Vice president before Ford
Unveiling exclamation
Unpleasant to the ear
Tree with toothed leaves
Title character of Tyler Perry films
Titanium or tungsten
Tight spot
Three, on a sundial
Teeth holder
Spot for sandcastle builders
Spelling of 'Beverly Hills, 90210'
Sgt., for example
Robustly healthy
Remote powerers, often
Real-life model for Citizen Kane
Played pitifully
Place to wipe your feet
Paving chunk
Partner's share, at times
Participates in the decision-making process
Org. involved with massive cleanups
Old kingdom of Spain
Most embarrassed, perhaps
Money-making org
Model Campbell
Mel who played for the Giants for over 20 years
Like some vaccines
Justice Dept. agency
Japanese cartoon genre
Ivy anchors
Insurance company employee
Indian attire
Hosp. areas
Honorees of a day in May
Hamlet's 'To be or not to be' addressee
Greek street food
Gold, in Granada
Get used to gradually
Funny Wright
Fundamental principle
Former Iranian ruler
Flying start?
Fire remnant
Figurative dish for the shamed
Factor of every prime
Eight-time NBA All-Star ___ Ming
Easter event
Device used to zap commercials
Desert of southern California
Concrete component
College-area local
Choir member's need
CBS exec Moonves
California's Santa ___ winds
Burrowing rodent
Building wing
Bring together
Boxing's 'Greatest'
Bout enders, briefly
Big Bend National Park setting
Bell-shaped flower
Before, to a poet
Beer ingredient
Arab chieftain
Activewear fabric
'The Sun Also Rises' writer
'Kill Bill' star Thurman
'I ___ Proud' ('The Mikado' song)
'How stupid of me!'
'Chances Are' crooner Johnny
'2001' computer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-8-2017—Hmmm…#sthash.UBBWWiNW.dpuf

___ capita
Zola or Griffith
What the track team's get-together consisted of?
Uses a keyboard
Unit of geological?%82? time
Type of flower or part of the eye
Thurman of films
Stole during a riot
Sports figures, for short
Spew backtalk
Spanish town districts
Sound of escaping air
Sonata finales
Result of spilling a drink at your desk?
Rehearsals of comedic plays?
Quiet 'Be quiet!'
Put out, as a fire
Public-relations bluster
Performs carbon testing
Performed at the scene, as training
Pea containers
Pays to play poker
Partner in pranking?
Opinionated rep ending?
One of the Bobbsey twins
Numbers that mean nothing
Newborn's knitted item
New York transit org
Most moist
Moo ___ gai pan
Mo. that makes people boo
Minor argument
Make imperfect
Make a choice
Mail carrier's beat
Like Jesus, famously
Large Aussie bird
Lab gas burners
Kevin Durant's org
Joshed back and forth
In good health
Impressive display
Hourglass or diamond, e.g
Highest female voice
Group of three
Group of seriously smart people
Group of musicians
Great classical works
Fire residue
Fertile tracts in deserts
Far from wordy
Emulates a certain lawyer
Does a bit of math
December birthstone
Copied, gorilla-style
Chance to get a hit
Blockheads or some extinct birds
Black eye, in slang
Beginning or early stages
Becomes a parent, in a way
At full speed, aboard ship
Ascends, as an eagle
Alphas' opposites
Adams, Knotts and Johnson
'___ for tennis?'
'Musket' ending
'Hasta luego' relative
'General' of a Chinese chicken dish
'… ___ I'm told' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-8-2017#sthash.MxZwVf8I.dpuf

Work at a copy desk
Word that can follow the first parts of 16- and 58-Across and 10- and 32-Down
Without restraint
Where slop is served
Where IKEA was founded
Walk wearily
Verdict-rendering panel
Took to the streets
The Home Depot rival
Tether for a pet or toddler
Targets of Trump tweets
Stress-free state
State one's disapproval
Sports org. with the best-paid athletes, on average
Sign on an empty flat
Sharpener insert
Serengeti grazer
Rub elbows (with)
Put up, as wallpaper
Pronoun for a dam or doe
Prize mistakenly awarded to 'La La Land'
Places to graze
Places for pocket watches
Place for planting
Peanut, in Dixie
Partner of blood
Oval or octagon
Nostalgic, yet fashionable
Needing a seatbelt extender, say
Monica with two U.S. Open wins
Manage, somehow
Lionel train buy
Lineage-based women's org
Like the cheapest seats, usually
Like graduation caps
Like a generic brand
It may precede a free throw
Irritate big-time
Intense rage
Home plate is one, officially
Hidden mikes, slangily
Hammerhead feature
Guesstimate phrase
Graphic with isobars
Grand ___ (860-calorie burger)
Golden Gloves event
Glorifying works
Gender-neutral possessive
Galley implement
French-speaking African nation
Fireplace pile
English horn relative
Egg-white whipper
Drill teams present them
Does in, mob-style
Come unglued
Clairvoyant's claim, briefly
Choice word
Chests in synagogues
Carnival attraction
Carl who said 'billions and billions . . .'
Captain's post
Calligraphy pen point
Box office bomb
Bit of shooter ammo
Bert's Muppet roomie
Belles at some balls, for short
Baseball's dead-ball ___
Barista's creation
Ballpoint alternative
Added to the force
A politician may toe this
'Yeah, sure!'
'The Last Supper' figures
'The Jungle Book' sound effect
'King Kong' heroine Darrow
'Golden Boy' dramatist – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-8-2017#sthash.mJBnb5oO.dpuf

Wild guess
What's placed in a mitten
Wept loudly
Water that parted for Moses
Walk through water
Very slender
Use a loom
Untruthful ones
U-turn from NNW
Two-band, as a radio
Tree with cones
Thick slab
Theater usher's illumination
Tango or cha-cha
Spanish "So long"
Software test version
Small orchestra
Skier's hotel
Signals, as a taxi
Serves dinner to
Scratch up
Rough, as sandpaper
Reduce in size
Rainbow shape
Pretzel topping
Plant with fronds
Place to hang garments
Physicians, for short
Patch up
Ornate overhead illumination
Office helper
Noteworthy deed
Mannerless person
Male singing voice
Living-room illumination
Kitchen kettle
Kennel-club classification
Keep in __ (remember)
Invoices to pay
Hourglass contents
Hotel room cleaners
Honeydew or cantaloupe
Have sore muscles
Have a formal meal
Has a hunch
Go into a skid
Give temporarily
Give permission for
Garment labels
Free tickets
First full spring mo
Female opera star
Feeling blue
Fast driver, informally
Fake name
Driver's emergency illumination
Decide by picking sheets of paper
Capital of Greece
Camper's shelter
Black-and-white cookie
Become duller in color
Be able to pay for
Back-to-zero button
Attorney's expertise
Absolutely perfect
"Venus de __"
"Not guilty," for one
$1,000,000, for short

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