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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 08.03.2017

__ King Cole
__ jacket
Word lover who'd especially enjoy the four longest answers in this puzzle?
What a successful dieter weighs
Used the car
Typical 'Blue's Clues' watcher
Totally filled
Start of a conclusion
Spot to check your balance
Song on a CD
Sole role in the play 'Tru'
Shrink in fear
Road cover
River near the Sphinx
Puzzle solver's cry
Probability expression
Prefix with friendly
Pointed remark?
Place for short cuts
Persia, today
Part of a plot
One of the Everly Brothers
Mystery man John
Muse for Millay
Matter makeup
Lunchtime fave
Lot attendant
Lisa who hosts CNN's 'This Is Life'
Like some waters: Abbr
Like many snowbirds: Abbr
Like fillets
Leans while sailing
Leading lead-in
Lauren of fashion
John of the U.K
Industry bigwig
Indian metropolis
Hush-hush govt. org
Hotel breakfast buffet offering
Home of the Ewoks
Hired hood
High-ranking off
Got together
Gossip column twosome
Golden Arches pork sandwich
Go along with
Gardner of the silver screen
Fruit served in balls
Friend of Pooh and Roo
Flapper's accessory
Email status
Davenport resident
D-Day beach
Cry out
Convertible, in slang
Cardinal Ozzie Smith's retired uniform number
Book with roads
Beckett no-show
Author Calvino
Aphrodite or Venus
Ambitious aspiration
After-school jobholders
Actor Beatty
A city council is part of it
2002 legislation that protects whistleblowers, familiarly
'We're off to a strong start'
'Not sure yet'
'I'm impressed!'
'Evita' role – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-8-2017#sthash.XtughxPp.dpuf

XXX stuff
West with Roc-A-Fella records
Wedge or pump
Vegetable with curly leaves
Typist's stat
Tiniest bit
The Geneva Conventions prohibit it
The Cyclones of the N.C.A.A., for short
Syrian strongman
Sydney's state: Abbr
Sri Lanka's capital
Some camera lenses
Slugger's stat
Sin City forensic drama
Sgt. Friday's org
Sean ___ Lennon
Scrape, as the knee
Roman counterpart of the Greek Helios
Rocker Stefani
Right now
QB Manning
Pub selection
Princess of Alderaan
Prescription for a prehistoric carnivore?
Place for a trophy cabinet
Out of bed
One who leads a quiet, measured life
Museum-funding org
Mixed ___
Mistake a shiny disc for a cookie?
Mental bloc?
Maze runner
Maui music maker, informally
Map feature
Many wine barrels come from them
How many TV movies can be seen
Group of four
Got wind of
Good name, for short
From the beginning, in music
Event presided over by a king and queen
Endless melodrama
Ending with Lenin or Stalin
Empire State Building style, informally
E.R. worker who sprained an ankle?
Down in the dumps
Condé ___ (magazine publisher)
Competitor of Tide
Competitor of BP
Cobbler's tool
Christmas cheer?
Celebrity chef Matsuhisa
Car wash option
Bridge units
Atmospheric pressure units
Animal that might be found curled up on a windowsill
Anderson Cooper's TV home
Against a thing, legally
Advocate for seniors
A knee sock covers it
A helping hand
A deadly sin
'___, that feels good!'
'To your health!'
'Nothing ___!'
'Keep that record in its case!'?
'How's it goin', Washington?'
'Hamlet' courtier
'As if!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-8-2017#sthash.8kqfzush.dpuf

___ mater
Wasikowska of 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'
Viking destination
Verdon of 'Damn Yankees'
Upscale hotel chain
Tussaud title
Transmission ender
Tlingit, for example
Tibet neighbor
Tibet neighbor
Throw for ___
Thick cut
They can go pretty low
The Beatles' '___ Love Her'
Structural engineer's calculation
Start of a balcony speech
Spanakopita ingredient
Soap brand that contains pumice
Shocked sounds
Select group?
Second son
Scatter in record stores?
Rich soils
Ram's partner
Quake byproduct, perhaps
Promote heavily
Pool tool
Plans for the future, for short
Period of work
Oscar winner for 'City Slickers'
Mount Rainier's former name
Like some UFO photos
Lighter output
Life Savers buy
Less precise
Leonardo's love
Lap indicated by a white flag
Key near Q
Justification for silence
Italian wine region
Hurt badly
Hill of TV news
Hardly tight-lipped
Geologic time division
Geologic time division
Geoduck or quahog
General assembly?
Garden denizen?
Flight segment
Flavor enhancer, briefly
First name at Woodstock
Filler in a deli sandwich (and in the four longest Across answers)
Family member, familiarly
Ethical dilemma
EMT skill
Eccentric oldster
Eastern or Western
Don on the radio
Delivery lead-up
Crushed the exam
Country's Haggard
Buy and then sell for more
Brief haircut
Bettor business, for short
Benefit, perhaps
Alternative to focaccia
Add to a Facebook page
'Love ___ the Air'
'Brokeback Mountain' director
'Breaking Bad' product – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-8-2017—Sandwich,-Anyone?#sthash.IFW9b1P0.dpuf

___-bodied (strong)
Wooden golfing gadget
White-tailed shore eagle
Where river and sea meet
Well-bred, well-mannered chap
Wee bit of marine life
Viral internet item
Udder parts
Trident feature
Took a quick look
Thrillseekers compete on 'Match ..
Things in billfolds, sometimes
Strolls casually
Square, nerdy sort
Some red wines
Small, loud ruckuses
Small motorcycles
Semiaquatic salamander
Roams around
Protrusion of the eyelid
Potted meat brand
Poker fees
Peruvian cousin of a camel
Pennywise contestants compete on 'Bowling for ..
Part of Hollywood?
One of two in a dance name
More than pleases
More mentally stable
Mop, as ship decks
Milk maidens compete on 'Shop 'Til You ..
Mean without saying
Lymph ___
Lobbies for light gatherings?
Like gummy bears
Letters from your folks?
Lady's partner, in animation
Kabul currency
It's found lying on the beach
It requires housekeeping
Ill-fated Fords
Ifs or buts partners
Horse or Ford of old
Heifer's utterance
Gripping device
Greek goddess of wisdom
Fraught with danger
Food sample
Fleeced but good
Far from stimulating
Evening, in old poems
Engine need
Ending with 'walk' or 'shoo'
Draw out
Doo-wop's ___ Na Na
Dignified manner or conduct
Cookie from Nabisco
Buddhist bigwig
Brutish beast of folklore
Bobbing in the ocean
Big name in running water
Be the card distributor
Ayatollah's country
At the drop of ___ (right away)
Ashes receptacle
Aces may complete them
Above, to poets of old
'___ port in a storm'
'With not ___ out of place' (totally neat)
'Waiting for ___'
'Take ___ song and make it better' (Beatles lyric)
'I ___ a Dream'
'I just discovered this!'
'Here comes trouble!'
'Easy there, boy' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-8-2017#sthash.ubvcDjSR.dpuf

___ Fawlty (John Cleese character)
Zoo employee, for short
WWII alliance
Whom Uncle Sam wanted
Whirlpool subsidiary
Way underweight
UFO part
Track down
Tool for Bunyan
Timber wolf
Tijuana's locale, informally
The Bard's theatre
Suffix meaning 'pain'
Stadium sound
Sound of admonition
Soft shoes, for short
Sitcom alien's planet
Showing despair
Secluded valley
Sari or sarong
Sandwich in a pita
RSVP part
RN's touch, for short
Respected tribesman
Rabid dog in a King novel
Porter who wrote 'Night and Day'
Personal trainer's workplace
Penultimate fairy tale word
Peeples of 'Fame'
Packed closely together
One way to read or think
One of four on a Rolls
Needed a massage, say
Muckraking journalist Ida
Many book jacket blurbs
Maker of candy 'Pieces'
London Magazine essayist
Letters on a DVR remote
Lawn figurine
Late hours, in ads
Lacking detail
In a positive direction
Harness race gait
Guitar neck attachment
Gain entry
Fierce way to fight
Farm stand measure
Fall hue
Excessive, as a price
Enya's genre
Email folder heading
East African honorific
Dumb mistake
Drag out of bed
Deuce follower, often
Dates regularly
Computer user's shortcut
Closing credits listing
Chow down
Celestial bear
Carl of 'Cosmos'
Burrito alternative
Broomstick rider
Brit's 'jolly,' stateside
Brief tussle
Bradshaw of grid fame
Bill-blocking vote
Best Comeback Athlete award org
Barista's vessel
Apply, as some patches
Algerian setting for 'The Plague'
Airline with only kosher meals
Advice columnist Van Buren
A sister of Zsa Zsa
(not my mistake)
'With parsley,' on some menus
'The buck stops here' monogram
'As clear as mud,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-8-2017#sthash.yCB4BsmL.dpuf

Yale student
With 27 Down, band instrument
Wipe clean
Whipped up
Weather map line
Trifled (with)
Topped, as pretzels
Throw off
Taxing org
Symbolic tale
Speck on a globe
Some golf clubs
Slight amount
See 57 Down
Scandinavian explorers
Sandals and sneakers
Roll call reply
Role player
Readied for print
Play, as a ukulele
Pizzeria product
Physicians' org
Peevish anger
Overhaul electrically
Other than that
OK to ingest
Notable period
Nine-digit ID
Neck of the woods
More cherished
Moose cousin
List shortener
Lasting marks
Large briny body
Keep from leaving
Jar cover
Investigate in depth
In __ of (instead of)
In reference to
Implied but unspoken
HS junior's exam
Horse fathers
Hoops grp
Have high status
Handel's "Messiah," for one
Get a glimpse of
Get a glimpse of
French denial
Fire residue
Faced adversity well
Face adversity well
Face adversity well
Face adversity well
Express disapproval
Engrave with acid
Elevation: Abbr
Double-curve shape
Criminals, to police
Cram, with "up"
Conical tent
Colony insect
Christmas song
CBS symbol
Casual top
Card in a royal flush
Bureaucratic snarl
Big-eyed bird
Bible excerpt
Abrasive mineral 

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