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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.09.2017

__ de force
Words of reproach
With 36-Down, Dr. Seuss classic with the subtitle 'The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use'
Watched closely
Urban air concern
Up-and-down toy
Untidy type
Twice-monthly tide
Track events with mechanical lures
Torrid Zone parallel
Takes from page to screen, say
Soweto's country: Abbr
Songwriter Loeb
Sicilian high point
See 16-Across
Seagoing 'I see'
Salon worker
Rocker Ocasek
Red wine option
Recital bonus
Recipe amt
RadioShack predecessor
Primary mixes that affect 17-, 27- and 46-Across
Polish removers
Player in an indoor tree
Party with tiki torches
One of Beethoven's nine: Abbr
Old PC monitor
Old fast fliers
Museum with Goyas and El Grecos
Mrs. Gorbachev
Mother of Isaac
Many of its knives have a limited lifetime warranty
Latin I verb
Kentucky pioneer
Jewish folklore figure
Ice cream treat
Gloomy route to Oz?
Gary who played Beethoven in 'Immortal Beloved'
French film icon Brigitte
Flashy Chevy
Fire up
Fictional London alter ego
Embarrassed three-person Vegas act?
Early late-night host
Downloaded video format
Divided sea
Curriculum __
Cowardly Snoopy nemesis?
Colorful fish
Certain something
Butte relative
Bubbly maker
Belonging to us
B'way buy
Automaker Ferrari
Attract pigeons for, say
Arkansas team
Apply carefully
Actress Vardalos
2016 N.L. East champs
'The Racer's Edge'
'Strange Magic' gp
'Friday the 13th: Jason Lives,' sequentially
'Dancing Queen' quartet
'Altogether ooky' family name

___ to one's ears
___ polloi
___ Gaston, first African-American manager to win a World Series
Word in many a personal ad
Word before 'Yesterday' in a Tony Bennett hit and 'Tomorrow' in a Sammy Kaye hit
Visibly embarrassed
Tropical tuber
Things most people follow
They're parked in parks
Stephen of 'V for Vendetta'
Something you feel in your gut?
Singer Gormé
Setting of Hercules' first labor
Schindler with a list
Sch. on the bank of the Charles River
Scarlet stigma
Retrieves, as balls
Reach, as an altitude
Queen, for one
Plying with wine and roses, say
People who might greet you by saying 'Talofa, afio mai!' ('Hello, welcome!')
Optimistic bridge calls
Opposite of old, in Oldenburg
OPEC units: Abbr
Ones calling people out?
One who settles arguments
Old TV screens, for short
Non-P.C. suffix
Newspaper unit: Abbr
Modern educational acronym
Maker of Star Wars and Indiana Jones video games
Longtime record label for Elton John and Mary J. Blige
Loggers' contest
Like some information on food labels
Like Nevada among all U.S. states
License to drill, for short?
Let it all out
Lead singer of Nirvana
Laugh riot
Late bloomers
Lady Bird Johnson's real given name
Kingston dude
Kind of order … or a hint to this puzzle's unusual construction
Its atomic number is 39
It might precede a shower
Isn't on the level
Hungers (for)
Hit the top in Tetris, e.g
Heading for the fence?
Green sauce
Former 'Weekend Update' co-anchor
Flared dresses
Fish that's being reeled in
Comes down
Classic Camaros
Capital of the Land of the Midnight Sun
British runner Sebastian
Brian's pal on 'Family Guy'
Brandy label letters
Boom box button
Bit of a giggle
Barnyard adjunct
Almost circular
'___ yellow ribbon …'
'___ Ruled the World' (1996 Nas hit)
'That's simply lovely!'
'Ta-ta for now!'
'Stay strong!'
'Nothing is easier than to denounce the ___; nothing is more difficult than to understand him': Dostoyevsky
'Love ___' (Beatles song)
'Just relax!'
'Hey there, tiger!'

[not my error]
Zip along
Yoga class instruction
Wrap up
Working cat
Unwritten exam
Tycoon Turner
They're scored on a 1 to 5 scale
Thanksgiving dinner VIP
Tangy quencher
Storyteller of the 6th century B.C
Source of extra income
Some smoked fish
Skater Michelle
Show with booths
She was Emma in 1998's 'The Avengers'
Screen makeup
Scholarly sort
Say no to
Salon request for My Little Pony?
Reelection seekers
Pursues, as a police tip
Polish text, say
Poetic 'fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core'
Plays in the street
Perform some pruning?
Paris's Pont ___ Invalides
Orders at the diner
Neophyte, in Internet gaming lingo
National League RBI leader in 1934
Military command center, for short
Middle-earth's Azog, e.g
Make ___ in (reduce somewhat)
Louis le Grand, par exemple
Links legend Sam
Like some larcenies
Like many D&D players
Klutzy move
Jack's predecessor
Item with an airplane mode
It can drip or drop
Harrison mate
Gospel singer Winans
Gillian Jacobs's 'Community' character
Furtive look
Free of coarseness
Follows strictly
First choice word?
Fairground enclosure
Dribble catcher
Despise greetings from the queen?
Designer of Doha's Museum of Islamic Art
Deliberately hurts
David, for one
Crossed one's fingers
Croquet and badminton?
Creole staple
Cheer for a charge
Challenge St. Nick to go down a chimney?
CEO's degree
Bourne's former employer
Big pistachio producer
Beehive, e.g
Beats Music VIP
Banana without a peel?
Alejandro's eyes
Add insult to injuryWorld-weary feeling
What you lose by taking a stand
Vase for ashes
Thing bought in a craft store
The sun by another term
The Bard's hubbub
The 12 of a cube
Tel Aviv residents
Tabloid tidbit
Stratford's river
Social insects
Redbone and Uris
Read ’em and ___
Poker item
Peacock's feathers
Pastoral spot
Often-missed humor
Ocean equivalents
Not injured
Niger neighbor
Mythical matchmaker with a bow
Mike of 'SNL'
Middle East gulf
Method of memorization
Made angry
Lobster eggs
Like dried mud on shoes
Leftover on the dinner table
Land measurement of ten square chains
Lacking faith
Kite's milieu
King with a golden touch
Jason's mythical ship
It 'counts' to the tidy
Is an innovator
Irk big-time
Inn alternative
Infamous emperor
Ids' complements
Hybrid fruit
Huntington Beach activities
Housekeeper on 'The Brady Bunch'
Homophone of 66-Across
Holds forth
Hocus ___
His match?
Hindu's 'sir'
Hall of Fame pitcher Maddux
Eyelid lump
Ends' partner
Deep ravine
Crew equipment
Comedy or romance, e.g
Clerge member
Checked out
Bush fruit
Built like Humpty-Dumpty
Bridle strap
Birds' homes
Basin obstruction
Baseball necessity
Barry Sanders was one
Bar offerings
Auburn hair dye
Attempt for a skilled pilot

Yoke complement
Years ago
Where surfers shop
Where ballplayers may wear gray
What a picket line may signify
Went in up to one's ankles, say
Tourist's carryall
Tennis star on a U.S. stamp
Tennis match stat
Tax-season VIP
Tach figure, informally
Symbol in a religious painting, maybe
Sunlit courtyards
Storage area, often
State with confidence
Slip away from
Sips from flasks
Side with a burger
Shocking, as tabloid headlines
Shirt picturing a rock star, perhaps
Sets a price of
Selector in an MLB draft
Scene of a fall, in Genesis
Rugged part of a cliff
Rips off
Rate measured by a Fitbit
Program for future lts., perhaps
Portugal's locale
Ponti who produced 'Doctor Zhivago'
Pipe tobacco packer
Parts of orbital paths
Packing heat
One of many suffered by Tony Soprano
On the 15-Across
Not in the pink
MoMA part
Miscalculate, say
Made, as a jump shot
Lose steam
Little League maxima and minima
Like much of Arizona's climate
Law enforcement jacket letters
It's east of the Urals
Isn't selfish
Intel seeker
Howard, Fine or Howard
High-chair feature
Hard to tell apart
Had to have
Greenhouse containers
Goes bad
Give a facelift to
Girl turned into a spider by Athena
Garments with underwires
Flag down
Fields of expertise
Fee collected at the door
Faber, in 'Animal House'
Everyday language
Drain clog cause, perhaps
Dance with flowing gestures
Color of many khakis
Chalet backdrop
Celeb's wheels
Cause of a snow day
Catch and devour
Barracks array
Aleut's wear
Acknowledged an ovation
About 60 percent of Kuwaitis
A/C units
'What ___ is new?'
'That's yucky!'
'Lou Grant' star
'It matters to me'
'CSI' test site

What this puzzle's theme isn't
What may be lost at a gym
Underwater habitat
To this point
Thin margins
Test coach
Teacher of Beethoven
Storage space
Speak unfavorably of
Space-scanning project: Abbr
Something shouldered
Soft touches
Sight: Fr
Shakespearean reptile
Salon treatment
Salad servers
Retail attention-getter
Relentlessly follow
Pool game
Personal philosophy
Part of a club set
Old-style "No prob!"
Okinawa's capital
Nutrition Facts info
Not quite right
Not going anywhere
Londoner's lav
Like the WNBA
Keypad descriptor
Key in
Justice since 2009
It's not serious
It's not serious
HS equivalency test
Grandson of 62 Across
Get used to change
German article
Fruit in some salads
Form of oxygen
Flag support
First stage
First of all
Far from distracted
Family tree entry
Eye-level receptor
Emcee pair
Dorm furnishing
Don't do it
Cowpoke nickname
Commando weapon
Buccaneer's buddy
Brooklyn basketballers
Break into
Book designer's choice
Blu-ray medium
Big middle name in architecture
Big Brother-like
Become inedible
Aloha Tower locale
Aerobatic maneuver
Activist Chavez
2007's Super Bowl
'90s TV warrior
"Tsk, tsk!"
"Star Trek" officer
"Jurassic Park" escapee
"Aladdin" parrot

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