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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.08.2017

Window ledge
Tub for water
Take wing
Taj Mahal city
Square one
Some fitness ctrs
Sit (down) unceremoniously
Sierra __: Freetown's country
Send a racy message to
SeaWorld orca
Rowing tools
Robotic aerial spy
Right away
Racing shell
Postnuptial alteration, and a hint to each set of puzzle circles
Photo __: media events
Patron saint of Norway
Pan Am rival
Opposite of ja
Novelist Binchy
Navy/Marines aerobatics squad
NATO alphabet word for 'A'
Little veggies in pods
Like the house in a Hawthorne classic
Lace place
Knighted actor Guinness
iPhone platform
Injection source, briefly
In the style of
In awe
How a poor decision might be made
High-voiced choir lad
High-altitude pilot's equipment
Help desk prompt
Hawaii and Alaska are usually inserts on one: Abbr
Hanes competitor
Hall of Fame pitcher Ryan
Group selfie
Get one's feet wet
Georgetown athlete
Genre with spoken lyrics
Fundraising school gp
Florida univ. named for a canonized pope
Far from cool
Fancy burger beef
Fall zodiac sign
Facts, for short
Eye impertinently
Enjoyed home cooking
Elevate a golf ball
Egyptian crosses
Dogie catcher
Dog on a bun
Designer Geoffrey
Deli supply
Country singer McCoy
Cougar automaker, for short
Cellphone setting during flights
Catcher's glove
Cake candle count
Beer vessel
Baseball topper
Author Silverstein
Alaskan seaport
'__ We Dance?'
'The Wind in the Willows' character with a 'Wild Ride' at Disneyland
'The Naked Maja' artist
'Nobody's successful every time'
'Mad Money' network
'Hulk' director Lee
'A mouse!'

Wrap around
What card dealers deal
Weight unit for a bridge
Violet variety
Vehicle for a painter or plumber
Toronto's prov
Took to the post office
The kid in 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
The first one begins 'Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked'
Tennis's Murray
Tel Aviv's land: Abbr
Speaker of the last words of 20-, 28- and 44-Across
Something that might be picked up at the beach
Slow, in music
Sight on the coast of Norway
Secret military operation
Sacred choral work
Ritz-Carlton, for one
Reggae relative
Put a new price on
Practical joke show first aired in 1948
Palme ___ (top prize at Cannes)
On and on
Object made obsolescent by streaming
Not fem
Looks after
Long inhaling of a cigarette
Like almost every major character on 'The Big Bang Theory'
Leo : lion :: ___ : ram
Le Carré's 'Tinker ___ Soldier Spy'
Japanese port city
It's roughly 78% nitrogen
iPhone assistant
Inn, informally
Greek column style
GPS offering: Abbr
Good 'Wheel of Fortune' purchase for the answer PANAMA CANAL
Golden ___ (elderly sorts)
Feature of the big city
Fawn's mother
Egg cell
Double-clicks on, say
Detritus at sea
Detritus at sea
Designer Christian
Cutting remarks
Coq au ___
Comedian Smirnoff
Character on a collectible card
Capital of Iraq
Bit of attire sometimes worn backward
Be under the weather
Away from the office
Arena, e.g
Animal that frolics in streams
Ancient Greek marketplace
Advocate for the 50-and-over crowd
Actor Costner or Spacey
A, in Acapulco
A lot of them can be found on a lot
'You get what you pay for' and others
'To ___ is human …'
'No ___' (menu phrase)
'I goofed!'
'Beloved' author Morrison

___ culpa
With 40-Across, 'King of Pop'
Wine buyer's concern
Wine buyer's concern
Vaulted section of a church
Ultimate degree
Tour leader
Tosses into the street
Thumbs-up vote
Tequila source
Tennis stars Roddick and Murray
Taper off
Tangled up
Squirrel away
Songwriter's compensation, or this puzzle's 'Kings'?
Significant period
Sidestep, as a question
See 37-Across
Sacred hymn
Rx prescribers
Revolutionary Guevara
Really excited
Quiz show sound
Put into law
President with two Grammys and a Nobel Prize
Poland's Walesa
Pizzeria order
One end of the spectrum
Miss identification?
Lyrical lines
Luau souvenir
Lone Ranger's sidekick
Like an unlucky toreador
Lends a helping hand
Lead-in to boy or girl
John of 'The Addams Family'
Its members use clubs at clubs: Abbr
Item on a balance sheet
Instruments with hammers
In the past
In the company of
Hibernation spots
Gift-wrapping need
Former Iranian ruler
Festive celebration
Fed. workplace regulator
Explosive initials
Donald Trump's youngest son
Do some copy desk work
Divinity school subj
Cry of dismay
Couldn't not
Coop residents
Container for a ltr
Coll. senior's test
Catching sight of
C.S. Lewis lion
Brief writer, in brief
Brewer's ingredient
Bout enders, for short
Antique autos
76ers legend, familiarly
'Try to ___ my way'
'King of Swing'
'King of Rock and Roll'
'King of Country'
'…to take arms against ___ of troubles…': Hamlet

Yes gesture
What a deep thinker might mumble
Walk easily
Unruly kids
Type of welder
Type of narcotic
Type of 6-Down
Tries to see in bright light
Tide type
Things worn at Wimbledon
Tape speed abbr
Sword handle
Sunshade in the outfield
Strategic board game
Split country
Some brunch cocktails
Russian pancakes
Round, flattish cap
Restaurant supporter
Pot fragment
Poker chip, sometimes
Places for many drivers
Pirate's exclamation
Pipe type
Old TV co
Old home of the New York Giants
Not just trim, as prices
Much of Chile
Most inane and silly
Modern kind of fingerprint
Megastars, to adoring fans
Magazine copy
Lowest female voice
Limerick-to-Dublin direction
Like fizzless soda
Light semitransparent fabric
Light lunch
Kills, in video gaming
In the manner of
Hebrew letters
Gremlin maker, once
Furnace fuel
Frank the crooner
Flashed two-finger signs
Fair awards
Exacts satisfaction
Epitome of easiness
Dish lister
Common article
Comedic sketches
Cloud-nine state
Car repair chain
Bushels and heaps
Bring to a conclusion
Brainy group
Blondie's husband
Black Sea bungalow
Biological building blocks
Become prone
Become limp, as celery
Asian tie
Artists' inspiration
90-degree shape
365 billion days
'S'lithery 's'nake 's'ound
'___ folly to be wise'
'Stop right there!'
'Lend ___' ('Listen up!')
'Aah!' go-with

x, y or z, on a 3-D graph
X on a frat house
Worthy of an 'Aww!'
Works with oils, perhaps
Word after shooting or branding
Web surfer's destination
Use a scope
Unspecified degree
Turn abruptly
Try to prevent a sinking
Tougher to locate
Texter's guffaw
Taken in, in a way
Stuffable bread
Started a hand
Stares slack-jawed
Spectrum-forming crystal
Smelter waste
Site of our smallest bones
Self-governing Palestinian territory
Sci-fi transports
Really irritates
Prefix with centric
Posted landing hr
Postal rate unit
Place with rainy plains, in song
One-tenth donation
On the matter of
Neighbor of Cameroon
Naval clerks
Musketeers' motto word
Methane or butane
Mention as a reference
Makes amends
Like gymnasts or mountain goats
Like ghost stories
Lieutenant's lunch
Lead-in to 'sis-boom-bah'
Keep watch over
Impossible score in U.S. football
Hoses down
Golf club part
Glasses with feet and stems
Gives a heads-up to
Get value from
Fretted part of a Les Paul, say
Form a coalition
Flanged construction piece
Feast with a Book of Exodus story
Far from lenient
Equine pack animal
Dumped unceremoniously
Dizzying designs
Diva's highlight
Director's workplace
Diminutive in Dogpatch
Defaulters' losses, briefly
De Gaulle, to Air France
Creature with distinctive features seen at the ends of 17- and 53-Across and 11- and 24-Down
Comes out with
Charity's URL ender, often
Cantina appetizers
Cancel, as a launch
Canasta combo
Bugs to no end
Bret who wrote of Roaring Camp
Brass section members
Bed in a dorm room, maybe
Beauty's suitor
Baton-passing event
Barbecuers' wear
Baby whale or elephant
Autumn air trait
Attributes of prodigious eaters, it's said
As a result
A's on poor report cards, say
'Toy Story 3' doll
'No denying that'

__ of measure (mile or quart)
WWII sub
With no warranty
Wise advisor
Whitish gemstone
Where to wait to pay for groceries
Where to wait for an underground train
Where to wait for a flu shot
Wear away
Very small
Very pale
Unmannerly guy
Try to prevent
Totally wreck
Theater employee
Taking a vacation day
Table tennis dividers
Sudden police action
Stay home for supper
Start to blossom
Sport on horseback
Splinter group
Spiny desert plants
Small town
Shoreline indentations
Run leisurely
Rolls up, as a flag
Puppy sounds
Prepare to be photographed
Pesky flying insect
Performer's role
One scoring strikes and spares
One of __ days (eventually)
Not on time
Not fresh, as bread
Nevada casino city
Money spent
Meat + potatoes dish
Man-made waterway
Liquid for frying
Licorice-flavored herb
Less restrained
Lasting mark
Land surrounded by water
Judge's workplace
Hole-finishing golf strokes
Hiking path
Grassy field
Gets the job done, informally
Garfield's pooch pal
Floating harbor marker
Eject, as a geyser
Do without
Curved lines
Crude shelter
College military grp
City near Orlando
Catch sight of
Cash drawer
Capital of Norway
Briny body of water
Breakfast roll with a hole
Blasting material: Abbr
Believe appropriate
Bath powder
Barracks beds
Barber's sharpener
Astronauts' agcy
Apple tablet computer
"You've got mail" Web company
"Use your head!"

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