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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.07.2017

__ Cruces
When 'Kansas City' is sung in 'Oklahoma!'
What drives a fashionista?
Vivid dye
Vermont patriot Allen
Union address?
Trig functions
Tissue box access
Three-time 20-game winner for the '70s Red Sox
Thief at a sleepaway camp?
Superhero with a hammer
Soda opener?
Slangy 'Got that?'
Shows anger, maybe
Shoots the breeze
Run smoothly
Run out of amusing things to do?
Retrieves dropped keys, say
Red cap?
Pickpocket's activity
Peter the Great et al
People who wear 'I'm with stupid' T-shirts?
Oscar-nominated western
Oscar night arrivals
Ornery sorts
Number on old dials
Natural resource
Mogul emperor, 1556-1605
Menial assistant
Marching band section
LP maker
Lot division
Like 'CSI' work
Lhasa __
Knock down, in Nottingham
Kibbutz entertainment
Joinery element
Izu Islands city
Itsy-bitsy critter
Item in many an IKEA kit
It may be a lemon
Hooded snake
Go over
Forest climber
Flat fees
Fine things?
Farthest from the hole
Fail a jewelry class lesson?
End sections of some Greek poems
Deity with bow and arrows
Classifies (as)
Caroler's accoutrement
Carla portrayer on 'Cheers'
Butcher's offering
Brings great pleasure to
Bridge call
Brand once hawked by an eponymous 'Joe'
Bot., e.g
BOAC competitor
Bali or Hanes product
Bakery offering
Author Wiesel
Actress/author Holly Robinson __
'SOS' group
'I'm the culprit'
'I'll be there' message, e.g
'I sure don't want that'

___ Lankan
Woman's name meaning 'peace'
Win, lose or draw
Where to stick a needle
What may have a strong net effect?
Together, in music
Title Roman tribune of an early Wagner opera
Three follower, in sports
Things seen on a bookshelf
Show on which Key and Peele got their start
Shifted, in a way, as a skirt
Putting teeth into
Public speaker's asset
Posts an intentionally mysterious status update on social media
Piedmont city famous for its sparkling wine
Photo app, slangily
Part of a club
Oregon State mascot
Not-so-distant relative
Not without consequences
NASA project launched in 1973
More sheltered
Member of the working class
Mandarin or Mandingo
Mahershala ___, Best Supporting Actor for 17-Across
Lohengrin's love
Lobster catcher?
Little rascals
Like someone who invests in volatile stocks
Lead-in to -wise
Kobe Bryant made it 15 times
Kept sacred
It's a little less than a pound
Internet annoyances
Hanna-Barbera feline
Geek Squad company
G, in the key of C
Furniture and such onstage
Flooring option
Filing station?
Fairy tale sister
European textile city that gave us the word 'denim'
Estadio cheer
Elvises in Las Vegas, e.g
Dimensions without planes
Cut (off)
Court painter of Charles IV of Spain
Common wedding dress color
CNN host Burnett
Chocolate/caramel candy
Business meeting?
Bookbag part
Blacksmith's tool
And no one else
Actress Kate of 'House of Cards'
Actress Aimée
A couple words?
2016 film that won Best Picture
'Thimble Theatre' surname
'Promises, Promises' writer
'Mosses From an Old ___' (Hawthorne short story collection)
'In case it's of interest …'
'i' dot

Your no longer?
Words before 'roll' or 'lark'
With worldwide scope
Willow for a wicker weaver
War's opposite
Un-American goal?
Un-American charge card?
Un-American bird?
Type of loser or spot
Took another whack at
Tie that's a knotted scarf
The ___ (Netherlands city)
Surname of a 'Friends' character
Suffix with 'musket' or 'mountain'
Substantive, to a chef?
Submersible warship of WWII
Spaghetti topping
Smoothly shift subjects
Singing as one should
Shipbuilder's wood
Satellite of Earth
Prefix in this puzzle's title
Positive thing
Popular souvenirs
Playwright Chekhov
Paper towel thickness unit
One way to use a charge card
Old glovebox foldout
Negative thing
Needle pt.?
Music scale syllable
Moderate pace
Mined stuff
Metrical short-long foot
Member of the weasel family
Many wines
Many Christmas gifts
Mannerless, ill-bred person
Long-gone bird
Like some sentences
Laundry unit
Large flightless bird
Juvenile newts
Infamous loser to a tortoise
Hearing organs
Grinding tooth
Graceful and quick
Get out of bed
Geometric calculations
Gave a hand to
Frozen over
Former Russian royals
Final word at church
Eurasian mountains
Emperor when Rome burned
Deep bleu sea
Creative one's spark
Coolly detached
Common job for a temp
Circular film unit
Cat's weapon
Capital city on the Red River
Calligraphy instrument
Bringing about salvation
Boss on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Belonging to a female
Beach superstar?
Barnyard layer
Bank offering
Ancient kingdom of Asia Minor
Alpha's opposite
Adams or Madigan of films
'___ and the City'
'We want ___!' (baseball fans' chant)
'In what possible way?'

__ prof
York or Nottingham
Work hard to clean
What hectares measure
What "O" might mean
Veggie in V8
Uncredited, for short
Trunk splitter
Tent anchor
Sticks for blasts
Something hazarded
Slip in, in a way
Sleep study test
Size from a barista
Signify for the future
Shrinks away
Says 60 Across
Put asunder
Pretty complicated
Poor work, symbolically
Poetic direction
Petty quibbles
Part 4 of description
Part 3 of description
Part 2 of description
Org. with a "Speak Freely" blog
Niagara River source
Minor misstatement
Miniaturizing suffix
Mexican eateries
Metro regions
Maximally protracted
Many of the Crown Jewels
Make sound
Major to-do
Looney Tunes regular
It means "beyond"
Invader of old Rome
Internet ID
Initial drive
How Ron Luciano described his big-league job, part 1
His DC memorial opened in '97
Grow dim
Great balls of fire
Grammy category
Goal pair
Go out for goods
Frequent gas-station adjunct
Fire starters of a sort
Far from light
Evening in Naples
EU's longest river
End of description
Enclosed in
Disney's middle name
Disney's fifth feature film
Desired result
Cultural funding org
Coral chain
Color close to tan
Chat ender
Carrier with a three-leaf logo
Capital south of Helsinki
Bicolor beast
Berry in some yogurts
Be inattentive
2008 campaign issue
"Wizard of Oz" apple thrower
". . . do __ you"

___-loading (pre-marathon prep)
Word with bitter or dead
What's position, to Abbott and Costello
What FAQs offer
Welsh ___ (dog breed)
Unit represented by omega
Two-timing sort
Totally absorbed
Ticked off
The Big Green of college sports
Superman's birth name
Suffix with audio or biblio
Submit, as homework
So last year
Slapped the cuffs on
Secure again
Sch. publishing the Daily Bruin
Risky way to eat pork
Porcine tusker
Point the right way
Place to surf
Pies, in slapstick scenes
Payments at some booths
Part of BART
Part of a finished basement, perhaps
Org. headed by Bush 41
Orange jumpsuit, maybe
One told to 'git along,' in song
One of two needed to strike a coin
Often-discounted cost
Netman who wrote 'Days of Grace'
Musketeers' motto word
Musk of SpaceX
Mo. for picking apples
Lyft competitor
London's ___ Gardens
Like marbled meat
Letter carriers' organization
Keys with 15 Grammys
It'll cure what ails you
Is in need of a nasal strip
Insert coins into, as a meter
Horn-honking Marx
Hiker's route
Hang around for
Gas company, say
Game-stopping call
Fingerprinting need
Factor in golf club selection
Ethanol source
Dunsinane Hill denial
Drink with a scone
Door-busting tool
DiFranco of folk rock
Declared for the NFL draft, say
Cut one's choppers
Cowardly Lion player
Colin of 'The King's Speech'
Chopped up, as potatoes
Chaz (nee Chastity)
Blatant promotion
Bistro chalkboard list, perhaps
Big galoot
Be shy, in a way
Batting cage coin
Baseball's dead-ball ___
1/6 fl. oz
'You Are My Destiny' singer Paul
'Winner' in a 1948 headline
'Topaz' author Leon
'Thrilla in Manila' result, for short
'The Librarians' channel
'Primary residence' is a subcategory of this
'Piece of cake!'
'Open sesame!' speaker
'I'm game'
'Didn't need to know that!'
'A likely story!'

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