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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 07.06.2017

Watts of 'Mulholland Dr.'
Veterans Day event
Unofficial Caribbean currency equal to 5 gourdes
Union members until 1991: Abbr
Unclogging agent
Threw oneself into
Team victory cry
Stride at a track
Strengthen, as muscles
Story line
Stat for Clayton Kershaw
Start of the Boy Scout Oath and the Girl Scout Promise
Soda machine freebie
Snow structure
Smooths, as wood
Skin partner
Sharable digital docs
See 50-Down
Sardine container
Run-D.M.C.'s 'You Be __'
Put an __: stop
Price for part of a deck?
Possibilities of harm
Polishes, as a skill
Persistent noise
Panasonic acquisition of 2009
Pair in 'America'
Orchestra section
Operettist Franz
Only state which shares a time zone with Alaska
One doing sums
May birthstone
MAX rival
Mannerless sort
Make petty distinctions … and what 17-, 23- and 49-Across literally do?
Last car made by 66-Across
Lacking precipitation
Italian grandma
Italian article
How many TV shows air
Himalayan country
Handyman's maintenance field
Fountain of jazz
Filter out
Even now
Ensemble of ringers
Engineer who reinvented the wheel?
Dutch pottery city
Disneyland's Splash Mountain, e.g
Disconnect between generations
Cunning plan
Cough syrup cover
Complete a Monopoly circuit
Clothing industry, casually
Can cover
Bygone Apple laptop
Boxer Oscar __ Hoya
Bouncy rhythm
Botanist's study
Boiling with rage
Bailiff's bellow
Back-row bowling pin
At some point
Astaire footwear
Actress Gillan of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
Actress Fey
17th-century English poet John
'__ only me!'
'The Night Manager' actor Hiddleston
'Same here'
'(I've Got __ in) Kalamazoo' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-7-2017#sthash.dTR2WWXC.dpuf

Worthless mounds
Wolfe of crime fiction
Withdrawal charge
Wild way to run
Walk with an awkward gait
Wade noisily
University of Texas athlete
U.S. base in Cuba, informally
Text-displaying technology on Kindles
Take an ax to
Slimy outdoor pest
Second Amendment advocacy grp
Safely run down the clock, in football
Road-scraping custom car
Religious unorthodoxy
Reliable source of income
Old Testament paradise
Not allowing sales of alcohol
Nonalcoholic brew
Mediterranean volcano
Low-frequency stereo component
Lost all patience
Like antlers and pitchforks
Liane ___, longtime NPR host
Lake of daytime TV
Kind of renewable energy
Kick (out)
Jazzman Stan
Item in the lingerie department
Impossible chess ending with a king and knight versus a lone king
Home of the Norse gods
Hardy work shoe feature
Hailed from afar
Had as a customer
Granite ___ (New Hampshire resident)
French girlfriends
Flippers, scuba tank, etc., for a diver
Entreaty to Lassie
Enjoy heartily, as a banquet
Didn't get takeout
Diamond-patterned footwear
Determined to accomplish
Comfy sleepwear
Classic 1976 Ramones song that begins 'Hey! Ho! Let's go!'
Campus V.I.P
Butcher's scraps
Boxing decision, for short
Bay Area campus, in brief
Baseball boobird's target, often
Away from the office, say
At the apex of
Aquamarine or amethyst
Apple desktop
Announce loudly
Amorphous shapes
Actress Spacek
'___ Misérables'
'There ___ the neighborhood'
'The Fountainhead' author Rand
'Save yourself!,' e.g
'Moreover …'
'I've seen better' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-7-2017#sthash.QmY4CCQB.dpuf

World Court location, with 'The'
Wiped out, in slang
Volcano overlooking Suruga Bay
Visits a souk
Unleash invectives
Twit's place?
The Elder or the Younger of Rome
Stay on the sideline
Something people don't want to be on the house
Some Italian brandies
Sister brand of Crush
Signs up for some grunt work
Sign of neglect
Reef's place?
Reach 22, perhaps
Ransom of automakers
Punching tool
Price performance
Plants studied by Gregor Mendel
Phase between waxing gibbous and waning gibbous
Online annoyance
One Pillar Pagoda city
Ocular woe
NBC series shot at 30 Rock
MGM co-founder Marcus
Makes a first bid
Make a case
Lena of 'Enemies, A Love Story'
Lego brand for youngsters
Justice Dept. agency
Hired goon
Hero's place?
Goose egg
Goblet for brandy
Girl Scout cookies shaped like the Girl Scout logo
Former baseball commissioner Vincent
Flaubert heroine
Fit to ___
Do sported by Dr. J
Do some fixing up
Director often spotted at Knicks games
Copa's place?
Comment accompanied by an eye roll
Chevy SUV also sold as the GMC Yukon
Capital of Mauritius
Canon offering
Bumbler's cry
Brief bout of hedonism
Bill's partner
Barrier to entry?
Bar on a staff line
Audrey's 'Robin and Marian' co-star
Animal in the Chinese zodiac
Accessory for Doctor Doom
'You know what…'
'What happened was this…'
'This is a disaster!'
'That is sooooo cool!'
'Pays the rent'
'Let It Snow' lyricist
'Hacksaw Ridge' director
'Dachshund Doll' sculptor
'Charm City'
'America the Beautiful' pronoun – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-7-2017—Know-Your-Place#sthash.U13RcDB1.dpuf

Zodiac lion
Word with 'press' or 'mess'
Without anyone else
What a stickler is not
Welsh dog
Welcome respites in the desert
Watering device
Volcanic particle
Under the weather
Uber alternatives
U.S.S.R. successor
Therefore, in logic
T-bone or ribeye
Someone brings it up in a line
Some sharpshooters
Skin irritation
Shrink in fear
Shrek, for one
Shoddy, inferior merchandise
September bloom
Repast crumbs
Record spinner
Rebelled or elevated oneself
Pro wrestling locale
Poem of tribute
Physics unit that offers resistance
Pertaining to hearing
Pay no attention to
Out of fashion
NFL center's responsibility
Mishmash or medley
Milk dispensers?
Liquor personified
Like the Declaration of Independence
Like a sleeping guard
Lemon's quality
Large-scale movie
Joint for a jerky reaction?
Join together, as dots
Italian opera city
Isle of Man location
Is relative?
Herbal and green
Heavy metric unit
Get ___ a good thing
Fish eggs
Electric car maker
Ed.'s review pile
Easily snapped
Crazy ___ (card game)
Common conjunction
Club obligations
Climber of Mount Sinai
Cleo's Antony
Catch in a web
Cajun vegetable
Butter substitute
Butter square
Biscuitlike pastry
Bermuda veggie
Baseball or globe, e.g
Baby or pigeon sound
All alcoholic beverages
Ain't the right way?
Acid-using artists
'60s war zone, informally
'___ I say more?'
'Rumor ___ it …'
'Despite that …'
'Correct!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-7-2017#sthash.PSfasenQ.dpuf

___ Field (Brooklyn Dodgers' home)
Worn-down crayons
Words of denial
Word in an octagon
Word before beer or miss
Window cleaner's tool
Weather map feature
Up to the task
Turns on the waterworks
TSA agents' requests
Transfer by treaty
Totally bewildered
The big four-O, for one
Terhune title dog
Tampa Bay team, for short
Suffix with hard or soft
Strike-calling group
Spheroids from the sky
Some choirboys
Socialize online
Shutterbug's request
Short time, informally
Shirts named for their shapes
Seller of 'bling'
Scattered in a seedbed
Saloon servings
Ring-shaped ornamental headband
Pinball flub
Patrol found on the borders of 17-, 34-, 43- and 64-Across
NYC's Park or Lex
Needed a styptic pencil, perhaps
Muffs a grounder, e.g
Most comfy
Model airplane adornment
Moccasin's lack
Mental picture
Many knuckle-walking creatures
Let go, informally
Journal excerpt
Jannings, the first Oscar winner
Ill-fated whaler of literature
Hypnotic look
Head for the hills
Hardly any
Greased part of a car
Glassblowers and jewelry makers, e.g
Give a glowing review to
Gave the 42-Across to
Furry topper
Fumble in the dark
Forbidden-sounding fragrance
Flinches or blinks, say
Fit for drafting, until 1975
Feature of Frankenstein's monster
Expert, slangily
Everglades cousin of the elephant
Enabler of WWW access
Do a shift
Dinosaur rider Alley
Company with a 'Beauty for a Purpose' blog
Coiled garden implement
Chevy's destination, in 'American Pie'
Centers of cyclones
Canyon effects
Buffalo skater
Bryson who sang on 'Beauty and the Beast'
Bother, to the Bard
Betray inebriation, in a way
Bacon purchase
Attempt a dangerous task
Arrange, as a blind date
Any of the 'Scary Movie' movies
Alternative to buckets, in a car
A Mount Rushmore neighbor of Teddy
'You can keep your attitude!'
'The Miser' playwright
'Swan Lake' garb
'American Sniper' locale – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-7-2017#sthash.7uOAURjP.dpuf

White wading bird
What's missing from the set of longest answers
West Point sch
Up in __ (angry)
Triangular street sign
Train components
Too inquisitive
To the penny
Tiny flies
Tier of society
The ones here
Teeny bit
Technical sch
Some bout results
Slippery swimmer
Slanted typeface
Side dish with enchiladas
Short letter
Settle a debt
Rights grp
Pied Piper follower
Pie __ mode
Person easy to borrow from
Persian speaker
Passports and dog tags
Overflowing (in)
Opposite of neo-
Ones logging in
On a cruise
Of cities
Numbered musical work
Not trendy
Not fully shut
Mustard type
Moose cousin
Monarch's home
Minor impact
Military courtesy
Middle of the 11th century
Luau greeting
Less risky
Legendary Old West lawman
Lauder of cosmetics
Large stringed instrument
Lack of etiquette
It's n. of Texas
Impartial judicial proceeding
Hearty laugh
Greenish eye color
Gather, as crops
Form a link with
Elementary school org
Director Hitchcock
Deer males
Cookbook abbr
Church council
Choir platform
Chimps and gorillas
Candlelike in feel
Brownish photo tint
Band's sound booster
Ballpark snack
Baby beagle
Artist Salvador
Ants, to aardvarks
Airline ticket info
Actor Alda
About, date-wise
"¿Cómo __ usted?"
"Who's there?" reply
"Confound it!"

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