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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.09.2017

__ Jug: British Open trophy
__ Field: Brooklyn Dodgers' home
__ Alamos
Yale alum
Wood measure
Where Springsteen was born?
Uses too much
Tug __
Transp. group in the Loop
Traffic light symbol
Tennis legend who wrote 'Days of Grace'
Tennessee whiskey cocktail
Tattoo, in slang
Take a long bath
Swing voter: Abbr
Summer Games org
Sugar-free soft drink
Sty dweller
Stump speech
Squeeze (by)
Sort of
Screen writer?
Scale syllables
Question at a reunion
Pupil's place
President pro __
Prefix with caching
Pre-employment investigation
Palmolive's corporate partner
Outdoor gear retailer
One taken for a fool
One above criticism
Most GRE takers
MLB's Indians, on scoreboards
Magic Eraser spokesman
Lindros in the Hockey Hall of Fame
LAX posting
Jockey's wear
Iran, once
Influential pairing, and a hint to the circles in four puzzle answers
Hr. segment
Holy recess
Height: Pref
Hall of Fame Sixer, familiarly
Groundbreaking tool
Good opponent
Get by
Game show hosts
Fun time, in slang
Fruity dessert
Former Labor secretary Elaine
Done with one's career: Abbr
Course that makes you sweat, briefly?
Cooks, as broccoli
Con targets
Colorful songbird
Charlottesville sch
Camped in a trailer, for short
Blackens, as tuna
Aquatic plant
Angel dust, for short
Alter ego of 7-Down
Actor __ Baron Cohen
Actor Estevez
'Othello' antagonist
'My package has arrived!'
'How'm I doing?' New York mayor
'Darn it!'

___ Sea (body north of Australia)
___ America
Who said religion 'is the opium of the people'
Visit to the salon?
Trash hauler
These days
Texting format, in brief
Stir up
Soldiers in line formation?
Small amount
Significant qualification
Shirk one's responsibilities
Shade provider
Setting for many a joke about a priest, a rabbi and a minister
Senior's grandson
San ___, Calif
Rock's Brian
River forming part of the boundary between Europe and Asia
Rice-and-broth dish
Rhodes of the Rhodes scholarship
Result of a deadlocked jury
Rainbow flag letters
Pinza of 'South Pacific'
Piece of equipment for 29-Down
Part of a cruise itinerary
Pare a phrase?
One-named Swedish singer with the 1997 hit 'Show Me Love'
One traveling around Scandinavia?
Noted architect who turned 100 in 2017
Not made from scratch, say
Not for here
News site like the Drudge Report
New Zealand native
Muslim pilgrimage
Mojave plant
Metro area
Mendes and Longoria
Many a Labor Day event, for short
Many a charity golf tourney
Like early computer graphics
Late journalist Ifill
Kind of wave
Kind of history or hygiene
House speaker Ryan
Grammy and Tony nominee Bareilles
Give a charge to
Gig parts
Gelatin substitute
France's Pic de Rochebrune, e.g
Folklore fiend
Female singer with a hit album in every decade since the 1960s
End of the sentence 'Make like a drum and …'
Dangerous circus jobs
Course designer
Controversial argument
Confused state of mind
Comme ci, comme ça
Cesar who played the Joker on TV
Car speaker
Begin to enjoy
Be dependent
Authorize to
Argument that involves pointing?
Apple consumer
Ancient worshiper of Huitzilopochtli
Ana's aunt
'What's the ___?'
'South Park' kid
'Not so fast!'
'It's boiling in here!'

With 9-Across, high-rise feature
With 72-Across, roll to one side, e.g
With 57-Down, drift
With 45-Across, hurricane-prone area, and a clue to this puzzle's edges
With 32-Down, it's used in a rebound shot
Way around London
Very near
Valued strings
TV premiere of Oct. 11, 1975
Tubes in a studio
Tree exudation
Traveling through
Town on Long Island's southern shore
Tibia's place
Temporary suspensions
Stein and Hemingway in Paris, e.g
Soundly defeat
Skyping need
Shaman, e.g
See 71-Across
See 35-Across
See 17-Down
See 12-Down
See 1-Across
Sales team member
Resort near Park City
Puts up with
Puny pup
Potpie veggies
Pizza chain, informally
Pass over
Park place?
Music's Mahler
Lindy's hop?
Like some communities
Katharine Hepburn's acting gamut, according to Dorothy Parker
Jellyfish delivery
It's brought to order
It makes the bed
Hung in there
Hole in the head
High school dept
Heartsick one
Golf's 'Big Easy'
Goes downhill
Go back to square one
Franklin's belief
Foal's father
Firefly features
Extraction target
Drug trafficker
Disco guy on 'The Simpsons'
Dernier ___
DDE's 1942 command
Consumes conspicuously
Cologne divider
Christensen of TV's 'Parenthood'
Cherokee Landing State Pk. location
Bordeaux bestie
Big house
Beach shades
Barbershop item
Above, in odes
1994 Italian film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar
'The Racer's Edge'
'Starpeace' artist
'La Classe de Danse' artist
'Boola Boola' singer
'Beetle Bailey' dog

___ down (muted)
Young newt
Yoko of the avant-garde
Word with 'pressure' or 'group'
Word attached to 'land' or 'sea'
Within striking distance
What beef is to her royal highness?
Voting group
Variety show
Type of whale
To the left, at sea
The timid family lawyer was granted ..
Tackle box item
Swirl in the water
Start of a classic Yuletide verse
Spoke multiple times?
Some snake varieties
Some ship officers
Slow mover in the Suez Canal
Slippery sea creature
Sets in balance
Root number or root word
Rockslide debris
Question from a milk-loving phone purchaser?
Poorly insulated
One of the Rubbles
Off-white color
New Old World money
Manicurist's target
Male and female
Made bubbles, in a way
List contents
Line in clothing
Like vacant apartments
Like a drooling dog
Landlord's due
Lacks, briefly
Lab bottle (var.)
King toppers
Killed, as a dragon
Judging partiality
Item used in strokes
Iron, bauxite and copper
Indistinct, as vision
High-flying recruiters
Griffith of boxing
Got up
Framed stuff
First lady Truman
Feels sorry for
Feeling of uneasiness
Expression of relief
Exclusively or solely
Egg part
Dubbed men
Displace, as a plant
Dentist's tool
Dark purple
Corbeled bay window
City in Arizona
Certain cookie brand
Celeb's achievement
Candidate for rehab
Canal of song
Break in the action
Beehive State college athlete
'Dynamic' prefix
'Don't ___ little thing like that get you down!'
'Black Beauty' author Sewell

Yell 'Heads up!' to
Wage a war of words
Universally accepted statement
TSA agents check them
Trucker's unit
Treasure chest contents, perhaps
Televisions or stereos
Take orders from, in a way
Surface statistic
Succotash morsel
Steamed up
Statue-covering cloth
State Fair of Texas site
South of the border 'Bravo!'
Sound-boosting gear
Shoots nine or 18, say
Seabirds with pointed bills
Rustic renter of rooms
Rue Morgue's creator
Respond to an ump's bad call
Reader's high-tech option
Railroad bridge support
Raid-making govt. bureau
Quality measured in megapixels, briefly
One who encounters the last parts of 17-, 29- and 45-Across on a climb
One in need of salvation
Olympics glider
Obsession, as with a pop star
Not so green
Navigation software display
Movie vampire's hairline feature, often
More in need of a rubdown
Memorable Chaplin screen character
Like a shepherd's crook
Letters before an alias
Journalist Sawyer
Jessica of 'Fantastic Four' movies
Jerry's best friend on 'Seinfeld'
Insect's midsection
Houseflies' undoings
Host before Fallon
Home to Nikes, once
Hoisted item during Oktoberfest
Good guess in Battleship
Garlic-crushing gadget
Flock loser of rhyme
Fleecy pack animal
Figure at a December party, perhaps
Festive December twosome
Eventful spans
Enjoy Aspen
Ear flap
Drop the curtain on
Dozer's vision
Does a dressmaker's chore
Composition of tots' pies
Competed a la Joey Chestnut
Cod-catching net
Chairman portrayed in 'Nixon in China'
Burdensome task
Bucket go-with
Bruins great Bobby
Brings joy to
Award co-presented by the Village Voice
Aqueduct action
Alternative to 'Yours truly'
All skin and bones
Alaskan region near the Arctic Ocean
Actor Alan who is a Math-O-Vision judge
Acropolis Museum city
36 for nine holes, often
'What has hands but can't clap?' is one
'Raiders of the Lost Ark' slitherers
'It ___ the best of times . . .'
'Chiquitita' vocal group
'Chicago' director Bob
'Bagel and a schmear' shop

__ Paese (Italian cheese)
Yoga accessories
Withheld from, with "of"
With no decoration
Was in first place
Walking stick
Unnamed ones
Underwater diver's gear
Trip to the grocery, say
Transmitted verbally
They're over a buck in the woods
The badly misbehaving teens were __ . .
Tear (off)
Take a break
Studied hard, with "up"
Speedometer abbr
Source of shade
Small fly
Singer __ Amos
Sea, to Cousteau
Sailor's affirmative
Sagittarius or Scorpio
Rotation line
Pub beverage
Pronoun category of "it"
Praise highly
Post-workout soreness
Pay-__-view movie
Part of FDA
On the __ (out to sea)
NFL broadcaster
Mine resource
Metal in tubas
Manicotti shape
Make alterations to
Make a blunder
Like best
Lawyer's post-trial filing
Lamented loudly
Jack's beanstalk adversary
Informal language
Inflatable mattress
Huff and puff
High school math class
Golfer Mickelson
Golf peg
Go sightseeing
Garden bulb
Full moon or crescent
Fuel for some ranges
Fringe benefit, for short
Finance deg
Driving force
Dog show org
Definite article
Cultural, as cuisine
Brought on board
Bring about
Boot out
Banned pesticide
Bank charge
Bake-sale org
Avoided detection by
Actor Sean
. . . so their parents gave them a __ . .
. . . and as punishment, they were __
"It's c-c-cold!"

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