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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.08.2017

__ the finish
__ penguin
__ Gorge, near Buffalo
__ center
__ Baker, subject of 'Thirteen Reasons Why'
Yemen's Gulf of __
Workplace regulator: Abbr
Work unit
Work hard
Word processing menu
Windmill part
Weymouth of Talking Heads
Use a 112-Down
Urges to attack, with 'on'
Tree hugger
Toll rd
Third time, proverbially
They often affect performance
They may be tied around saddle horns
They may be anonymous
Telepathy, e.g
Talks back to
Surgeon general under Reagan
Stylish in dress
Start of a plan
Spelling song
Skirt feature
Singer Morissette
Simile middle
Sights from the Gateway Arch
Ship-to-ship greetings
Serve a sentence
Rugby formation
Rte. 66 state
Reprimand, with 'out'
Relief, spelled out?
Reason for turning on closed captioning
Pull in
Property transfer documents
Prefix with dynamic
Pool activity
Petits __: garden peas
Persia, now
Pakistani language
Oval-shaped instrument
Oscar __ Renta
Online social arrangement
One in a black suit
NYSE valuation measure
Nonsharing word
Mumbai hrs
More competent
Monument Valley feature
Mercury's Greek counterpart
Memo starter
Math sign
Made more baskets than
Lustful look
Louis XIV, par exemple
Like a dress back from the tailor
Lhasa __
Least meaningful, as compliments
Last Sunday, this Sunday
King Harald's father
Kentucky __, event before the Derby
June 6, 1944
It may call for an R rating
It can come before a sentence
Humorist Mort
Hosp. area
Honest with
Half a tot's train?
Great Smokies st
Great American Ball Park team
Grand Prix, e.g
Go wild
Glasses problem
Gets buff, with 'up'
Furtive graffiti guy
French four-time Formula One champ Prost
Food scrap
Florida tribe
Flora partner
Flight maintenance word
Fish playing on keys?
Fish on stage?
Fish duo's routine when something seems fishy?
First name in game shows
Fender problem
Fabric from Iraq
Einstein equation word
Easy to get into
Defensive structures
Dark crime films
Credit card introduced by Sears
Could hear __ drop
Cleveland __, OH
Carpet installer's step one
Bus sign word
Boater, for one
Blue fish, maybe?
Big shots
Big Island greetings
Beatty/Hoffman flop
Bar food?
Arles articles
Antioxidant food preservative
Alphabetically first dog in the AKC's Working Group
'__, SpaghettiOs!': Campbell's slogan
'You __ bother'
'Take whichever one you want for your fish and chips'?
'Stop imitating a pond fish'?
'Me, blab to flatfish? No way!'
'La Bohème' soprano

___ State (Alabama's nickname)
___ O's (chocolaty cereal brand)
___ Gold, chief of staff on 'The Good Wife'
X amount
Works on as a cobbler might
Women's Open org
Whiskey distiller's supply
Way out
Wares at fairs
Walk on the edge?
Vogue or Elle
Vichyssoise vegetables
Use scissors on
Under goer?
Uncreative creation
They hang around the rain forest
Tetris piece
Testing times
Surveillance aid
Star of 'Kinsey,' 2004
Staple of Shinto rituals
Split, e.g
Speaker on a car's dash
Smelter input
Second story?
Sailing vessels that Cap'n Crunch might commandeer?
Rub out
Roulette bet
Roll out
Rio maker
Revolver, in Roaring Twenties slang
Revival movement prefix
Return from a trip to the Alps?
Resells ruthlessly
Recreational vessel that's never left the harbor?
Rare craps roll
Quits, informally
Prep for a match
Pharma watchdog
P, to Pythagoras
Often-quoted chairman
Numbers on right-hand pages
Not needing a cane, maybe
Not mainstream
Nonsensical talk
Nonpermanent sculpture medium
Noninvasive medical procedures
No. of interest to some recruiters
Mown strips
Mideast monarchy
Mezzanine access
Messenger ___
Measure of purity
Matisse who painted 'La Danse'
Manhandles, with 'up'
Malodorous mammal
Luxury vessel with a pair of decks, both of which need swabbing?
Lookout point
Longtime retailer hurt by Amazon
Like the Gemini flights
Like soubise sauce
Libertarian pundit Neal
Kids' game in which small vessels attack each other?
Kick in
It may help remove a curse
It may end on a high note
It brings people together
Isaac Newton, e.g
Is downright terrible
Iridescent stone
Incapacitate, in a way
In place of
Holy Week follower
Hold an assembly
Hieroglyphic bird
Heavily armored vessels getting married?
Head honcho
Growth ring?
Governess at Thornfield
Go astray
Fruit mentioned in the 'Odyssey'
Forming spiral patterns
Flower with rays
Flood survivor
Flock female
Flashlight : U.S. :: ___ : U.K
Fishing vessel that can pull only half a net behind it?
Femme's title
Entry ticket
Elephant ___ (pastry)
Ehrich ___ a.k.a. Houdini
Dilapidated dwelling
Dialect of Arabic
Deadhead's hits?
D.C.'s National ___
Cuzco builders
Coverage provider?
Cool, in the '40s
Coffee holder
Coat of arms element
Coat in a cote
Clubs with strobes
Chops up
Choice for an online gamer
Chicago-based fraternal order
Cheer with an accent
Cargo vessel full of iPads?
Candy in collectible containers
Bruce of 'The Hateful Eight'
Brings up
Biathletes do it
Berkeley institution, briefly
Bad at one's job
Asian territory in the game Risk
Ambitiously sought
Addis ___
Actress Téa
Actor Stephen
A&M athlete
A large amount
1997 action film set on a plane
'___: A Love Story' (1998 George Burns book)
'You Send Me' singer, 1957
'What nonsense!'
'The plot thickens!'
'Game of Thrones,' e.g
'Cease!,' on the seas
'Around the World in 80 Days' protagonist

You might want to join your competition ..
Worker in a shaft
Word that's bee-fitting?
With a sassy mouth
Wine variety
What city dumps do
Whacked arcade critter
Tribute with cutting humor
Thing next to a snare
Successfully find a buyer
Stringed instrument
Street in the country
Stir from sleep
Some picnic or diner sides
Right this minute
Required bet in poker
Pithy saying
Pass out
Old-fashioned expressions of contempt
Office suck-up
Norse capital
Nitro's explosive relative
Narrow groove
Murmur fondly
Moving like a snail
Marine eagle
Major blood vessels
List-shortening abbr
Legendary dancer Kelly
Legendary city of gold
Landlord's moneymaker
Kashmir currency
Jack-in-the-pulpit family
Italian wine region
It's not good to have done something ..
Id's complement
Hindu princess (var.)
Heavy-headed hammer
Hanging on every word
Greenish hue
Glass framer
Furry aquatic mammal
Foreshadowing sign
Folder extensions
First husband of Bathsheba
Feudal vassal or lord
Ensign's positive answers
Energy cartel, in brief
Endings with 'shoo' or 'trade'
Emulate a cat burglar
Eastern potentate
Divided into districts, e.g
Damascus locale
Crime-fighting Fed
Cosmetics container
Color of an October sky
Civil War soldier
Church recess
Certain pitch
By order of
Buckshot and spitballs, briefly
Broad panoramas
Beat a path
Ball beauty
Attachment to 'where' or 'for'
Admiral's charge
A machine is officially dead when ..
'Venus de ___'
'Clothes make the man,' e.g
'Airplane!' star Robert

Winery dregs
Waffle maker
Violinist Mischa
Veg out
Vampire played by Tom Cruise
Unit pricing word
TV's Magnum et al
Toy soldier material
Toddler's glassful
Source of peat
Short, heavy rainstorm
Sampler of the forbidden fruit
Report 'fake news'
Question from a worried patient, perhaps
Prune center
Popular therapy dog
Play for a sap
Pester to no end
Period associated with a president, perhaps
Part of a lacrosse goal
Operate a Cessna, say
One in a laundromat array
Offensive or defensive gridder
Nyro who wrote 'Eli's Comin"
Naval burial place, perhaps
Mannerly man, briefly
Make sense of, in a way
Low isle
Like an alley cat
Lay blame upon
Kite snagger in 'Peanuts'
JFK-to-TLV carrier
J. Edgar Hoover's crew, for short
Irish Rose's beau
Inedible orange
In on, with 'to'
Hooverville dwellings
HOMES member
Hippie's adornment
Help the checkout person, perhaps
Have the flu, say
Have in mind
Guillotinelike office tool
Great Barrier Reef ray
Granola morsel
Ghostly glow
Fruit found in chutney
French capital, in a Porter song
Forensic science facility
Force from the premises
Fastener that's 'bucked up'
Extreme sorrow
Exact retribution for
Egyptian portrayed by Liz
Drudge of the Drudge Report
Drill team's arms
Dr. Phil's surname
Divisions of Wicca, e.g
Did the last leg of a triathlon
Cookies in some pie crusts
Classroom assistant
Cigar with a light-colored wrapper
Celestial diagrams
Canine visitor to the Emerald City
Bygone Manhattan trains
Buzzer ___ (last-second shot)
Bitter brew, perhaps
Bird on Australia's coat of arms
Best man's delivery
Beantown daily
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, for short
Andrew Carnegie's industry
All-in-one printer option
Absolute monarchy of the Mideast
'Not to mention . . .'
'Mm-mm good!'
'High Hopes' lyricist Sammy
'Animal Kingdom' channel

__ Jima
Z-zebra connection
Without help
Where a course begins
Wharton's sch
Weasel out of
Water with no endpoint
Ventricle outlet
Valhalla VIP
Tweeter in a tree
Tweak or overhaul
Transcript stat
Tons and tons
Thomas Hardy heroine
Tablet downloads
Sugar amt
Strong denial
Stir up
Steinway and __
State bordering three provinces
Spur (on)
Spa facility
Some Muslims
Some family members
Social finesse
Small brooks
Shore sound
Shelter org
Señora's title
Second word of "Gone With the Wind"
Sandy fairway spot
Samsung's headquarters
Rough metal edges
Roll out
Rock climber's gear
Rank reductions
Pull out all the stops
Pugilist's grp
Prefix for social
Practice at some resorts
Polish, as a paper
Pedicure focus
Peach __ (dessert serving)
Partakes of
Pair that surrounds the other six longest answers
Padre's brother
Overly adventurous
Oscar __ Renta
One's best work
Novelist Ferber
Not work out
Not so inane
Nile dam city
Musical talent
Mr. Gorbachev
Mira who directed "Amelia"
Military outfit
Make __ (be noisy)
Make hastily
Magazine illustrations
Love: Fr
Limerick's locale
Less distant
Legendary Yankee catcher
Kitten's coat
Jeeves' boss in Wodehouse stories
Italian Almighty
It's taken on Boston's Freedom Trail
Invitation to taste
Intern, for instance
In an envelope, perhaps
Illusory image
ICU staffers
HP rival
How frankfurters are typically sold
Homonym for "air"
Hoity-toity types
Higher than
Henry VIII's sixth
Henry Ford contemporary
Heated big-league battle
Hearth tool
Happen next
Great bargain
Garment attachment
Garfield's pink girlfriend
French article
Frank McCourt memoir
Force out
Foist, with "off"
Fencing weapon
Far from rare
Family car
Fade from sight
El Greco's birthplace
Eduardo's emphatic assent
Earth sci
Dwell (on)
Duchess of Cambridge
Cowpoke's colleague
Court statements
Court statement
Copy-room package
Contemporary witchcraft
Color close to turquoise
Certain military technician
Celebrity charisma
Cathedral seating
Carrying cargo
Cab fare calculator
Brush up on
Brit's "Bye!"
Blue Cross competitor
Birth announcement abbr
Big name in Western fiction
Biblical possessive
Barrel of laughs
Barnyard beasts
Atmospheric obscurer
Annoying fool
About to, informally
18 Down, for one
"__ live nephew of my Uncle Sam"
"Tight" situation
"The Name of the Rose" author
"The Martian" agcy
"Simpsons" bus driver
"Semper Fi" org
"Peter Pan" pirate
"One" on a dime
"Julius Caesar" conspirator
"Don't worry!"
"Don't mind __ do"
". . . __ iron bars a cage"

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