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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.07.2017

__ del Sol
Word with coat or shirt
Woods components
What the answers to three 'pair' clues share, both in this grid and in reality
Stand-up sort
Southwestern pair
Some earrings
Soldier of Fortune subject
Slow-cook, in a way
Shaggy Scandinavian rug
Robbins of Baskin-Robbins
Ring figure?
Ready followers?
Ration out
Queen __ lace
Puerto Rican pronoun
Protein-building molecule
Prepare for mailing
PC part?
Pancake-making aid
Out of the sack
On the less windy side
Northeastern pair
Mother of Pearl, in an 1850 novel
Morse clicks
Midwestern pair
Masonry support
Many opera villains
Many opera heroines
Mancinelli opera '__ e Leandro'
Lode load
Law-and-order gps
Jumper cable connection
Japanese prime minister since 2012
Italian headquarters of Maserati
Healing salve
Head of England?
Give a darn?
Georgia __
Galápagos locale: Abbr
Gaelic tongue
Frustrating roommate for a neatnik
French-speaking republic
Former African secessionist territory
Fly catchers
Fair-hiring letters
Escher and Hammer
Did lunch, say
D.C. Metro stops
D-sharp equivalent
Corp. money execs
Cold War weapons
Checklist item
Celestial explosion
Cantina quaff
Bunch of bits
Bos'n's boss
Bandleader's cry
Automobil route
Around, so to speak
Antioxidant-rich fruit in smoothies
'70s Israeli prime minister
'What __ could I say?'
'The Wind in the Willows' character
'I'll take that action'
'Crossroads of America' in Indiana, e.g

Wombat relative
Wintry mess
Tourist attraction
Took in
Timed event
Take in
Sup lavishly
Sponge hole
Spike, as a beverage
SpaceX collaborator
Source of sugar
Sledding spot
Singer Carly __ Jepsen
Silent signals
Seated strings star
San Marino surrounder
Run into
Reunion attendee
Relaxing exercise
Raised writing
Pro __ work
Polyhedron surface
Polite turndown
Plant firmly
Patron saint of Norway
Part of some hammers
One on an op
Olympic pool path
Of all time
Novelist Shaw
National Mall liners
Name preceder on some envs
Minute amount
Many an investment stat
Light brown
Knock it off
It's south of Wash
Initial venture
Inedible bar
In with
Great time
Fuel-yielding rock
Former Swedish auto
Family dog, for short
Essential __ acids
Emcee's ritual
Edible bar, say
Dish descriptions
Dig into
Cut short
Core belief
Computer model, for short
Civil War photographer
Carvey of comedy
Brit's balderdash
Black cattle
Bit of comedy
Be too syrupy
Be situated
Audible approval
Arabian land
Apology opener
Animated lion
Absorb intellectually
'90s tennis star
"Who __?"
"We trust you" philosophy
"Show me"
"Confidentially . . ."

Zoologist's study
World Cup cheer
Whence the Magi
What salmon do before dying
Walking speed, on a Fitbit
Visibly elated
UAE part
Tuned to, as a radio dial
Trinity member
Tries to sink, in a way
Trees used for archery bows
Times in Craigslist ads
Timely benefit
Ten Benjamins
Stretchy fabric
Stock up on
Soup with sushi
Smooth, like 007
River of Pisa
Protection for a pinto
Private dining area?
President with a Nobel
Pollutant found in transformers
Part of an egg
Out of kilter
Of great importance
Not slouching
Nail-biting NFL periods
More oppressive, as summer weather goes
Make a decision
Lye, e.g
Like the Battle of Midway
Like Stephen King novels
Leisurely gait
Lean against
Le Pew or Le Moko
It's pitched on farms
Israeli novelist Oz
IHOP order
Icky stuff
Heartland of America Park city
Headgear for a Ranger
Having a BAC of zero
Halloween vehicle
H+ or OH-
Give the thumbs-up
Give one's two cents
Gem from Australia
Frond bearer
Florist's trimming
Female Rhode Island Red
Fells with an axe
Evidence of decay
Easy-A class
Drink from a flask
Dept. of Labor division
D.C. influence wielder
Country singer who achieved stardom at 13
Cause of careless mistakes
Burning the midnight oil
Burn, as myrrh
Brewery supply
Boxing refs' calls
Benjamin Moore offering
Bar order, with 'the'
Attack from Casca or Brutus
Atomic waste-monitoring org
ATM part
Additive in some shampoos
Act like a lunatic
Aardvark fare
'We're toast!'
'Told you so!'
'The Highwayman' poet
'Some ___ born great . . .'
'In that case . . .'
'Good buddy' on the air, once

Yarn quantity
Work a pattern
Word with 'residential' or 'restricted'
Will Ferrell Christmas film
What a finely tuned engine does
Use a light beam on
Unlikely to move
UNCF word
Type of tube
Type of surgical implant
Try, as food
Toys that work with a flick of the wrist
Squeals on bosses
Source of electricity
Some art subjects
Small drum
Slight bites or drinks
Secluded, quiet valleys
Sculpted body section, sometimes
Scale deduction
Room at the top
River in Pittsburgh
Revealing skirt
Reunion group
Recipe amt
Put cargo away
Politician Gingrich
Pig's digs
Noted shipbuilder
Not dirty
News one can use
Never quit
Multi-country defense group
Minute particle
Love and then some
Like fresh paint
Leaves in, in editor-speak
Lack of worldliness (var.)
Increases the payroll
In one's old armchair, e.g
Hamlet or village of yore
Half ___ (dive type)
Guide through the mountains
Good buddy
Garden dwarf
Fill with fuel
Fed, e.g
Emulate a ghost
Door's handle
Do the wrong thing
Cubs, on scoreboards
Cuban currency
Creator of Winnie the Pooh
Comic's many
Certain Bulgarian, e.g
Broadcasting live
Bridal veil material, sometimes
Belief in one causal principle
Be exalting?
Ball game with a rich outcome?
Back muscle, informally
Angel's topper
ABC rival
20 years, e.g
'That' partner
'King' or 'carte' preceder
'Beware the ___ of March'

Wows ’em at Caroline's
Without exception
Without a partner
Water bearer
Viscous stuff
Try to hit
Tiropita ingredient
They're often dedicated
Tea variety
Song-and-dance show
Some flow into el mar
Silky goat
Shower package
Seek help from, in a way
Seat at a hootenanny
Sacramento-to-L.A. heading
Rug, so to speak
Ring star
Recklessly paid out
Reach, as an age
Punch ingredients?
Place to get clean
Pinkish Crayola color
Pass slowly
Paid out
Opera set in Egypt
Off the wind
Object of Lady Macbeth's hygienic efforts
Norman native, informally
No pro
Mesoamerican group
Like a new dad
Like a good travel mug
It takes hops
It can give you an edge
Irish euro coin image
Heep of fiction
Floor space, e.g
Falstaff's young friend
Expedition VIP
Eves' opposite
Equally profound
Don's dominion
Domestic disturbance
Diva's hallmark
Dins from dens
Denounce abusively
Chanel's home
Business card abbr
Bus. sch. course
Brand for boxers
Boundaries, and a hint to the puzzle's starred answers
Book containing 150 poems
Bone up
Big name in lenses
Begin, e.g
Balinese or Burmese
Aussie gal
1979 Robert Duvall miniseries
*Undercarriage rust?
*Coat closet array?
*Chair or stool, say?
*Cause of some drunken brawls?
*Bill from a kennel?
*Bellicose speech?
'___ perpetua' (Idaho motto)
'___ deal!'
'The flavor says butter' brand

___ Xtra (soda)
___ fides
[Ask me what's wrong]
Will Smith's co-star in 1995's 'Bad Boys'
Where one might be marooned
Unsuccessful draft picks, in sports lingo
Two-nation peninsula: Abbr
Two-legged stands
Tropical houseplant
Traffic cone
There's one, as the expression goes, in 5- and 27-Down
There are two, as the expression goes, in each of 16- and 55-Across
Sports category prefix
Source of Manchego cheese
Some airport times: Abbr
Second letter before iota
Scannable symbols on store items, for short
Say 'Yeah, I can make it,' say
S.F. winter clock setting
Remove ID from, as a Facebook picture
Question asked in befuddlement
Prepare to pin the tail on the donkey, say
Popular ice cream flavor
Pitt of 'The Big Short'
Physicist who won a 2009 Presidential Medal of Freedom
Performance that requires a lot of upper body strength
Part of a Whopper
Part of a phone plan
Part of a golf cup
One way to stand
Nursery item
Movers and shakers
Mark's replacement
Madrid's country, on Olympic scoreboards
Lots of
Look stunned
Little extra poundage
Little annoyance
Line of Japanese smartphones
Like the Nikkei and Hang Seng indexes
Like most clown wigs
Like a rainbow
Last word of a fairy tale
It uses clicks in lieu of paddles
It often occurs following a car wash, seemingly
Hon, modern-style
Have the tiller
Half of a two-volume directory
Golf ___
Frustrated exclamation
Fish ladder site
First word of a fairy tale
Figure whose wings melt in the sun
Decorates with some rolls, for short
Decepticons, in the Transformers universe
Collection of highlights or bloopers
Classic Britcom
Chest protector
Betamaxes, e.g
Be in development
Band whose name sounds like a vegetable
Approach quickly
Animal lovers' program
2017 Best Play winner
13th, maybe
'You can't have that!'
'The Two Fridas' artist
'The Matrix' hero
'Help me, ___-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope

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