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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.06.2017

Workout spot
What Bo Peep lost
Was jealous of
Utopian sites
Triangular river formation
Suffix with billion
Suffix for natives
Starts of typical workweeks
St. Francis' birthplace
Sports venues
Santa __, California
Round caramel candy
Roma is its capital
Position paper
Pic next to a screen name
Photographer's stand
Part of AAA: Abbr
One-named body-image advocate
Norse god of war
Mother of Cain and Abel
Made on a loom
Madame, in Tijuana
Livestock identifier
Linguistic suffix
Like some Chardonnay
Kingdom given to Esau
Internet location
Hybrid garments
Huge, to a poet
How oysters are often served
Houston baseballers, briefly
Historic period
Helps out
Hanging deli meat
Grape soda brand
Go off the high board
Get Mad again?
Gaucho's rope
Feature of Vegas 'bandits'
Even trade
Eisenhower's nickname
Dieter's sandwich spec
Dental exam pictures
Crowd cheer
Confer holy orders upon
Commandments pronoun
Chilled with cubes
Chain of hills
Cathedral recess
Catcher's glove
Burst of gunshots
Burden-bearing beasts
Breeds, as cattle
Best place to be, slangily … and, when divided in four parts, what the answers to starred clues are?
Beaver creations
Bear's home
Atlanta-based cable channel
Ad __ committee
Abrasive sand bits
1914-'18 conflict, briefly
*Treaded combat vehicle
*Lighthouse landmark in Honolulu
*Club batting first, in baseball
*Capital that's home to Lady Bird Lake
'Us, too!'
'That's using your head!'
'I'm Lovin' It' or 'Just Do It,' e.g
'How __ Your Mother'
'E,' on dashboards – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-6-2017#sthash.XKgslwLF.dpuf

___ de gallo (Mexican salsa)
Workhouse porridge
Witch craft
What a toady strokes
Vessel for twosomes
Two-time British Open champion
Tulsa sch. founded by an evangelist
Trial venue?
Tip jar bills
Tennis garb worn in four Grand Slam tournaments?
Strauss's '___ Nacht in Venedig'
Squirrel's treat
Soup base
Sorry state
Site of the Luxor and the Bellagio
Root veggie
Puff piece?
Puff on a 2-Down
Promotion result
Predatory mammal
Pre-October Revolution rulers
Portal with a butterfly logo
Pop's pop
Play ___ (perform with the band)
Pandora offering
Pandora offering
Numbered hwy
Nude-colored acrobatic wear?
Nomination day slights
Neighborhood of Lower Manhattan
Narcotics unit
MLB team honchos
Mediterranean island known for its party scene
McCartney and McKellen, for two
Links activity
Just a single time
Image on Utah license plates
Illusionist Geller
Heist haul
Hard pineapple part
Gym wear that sells poorly?
Flowers akin to buttercups
Fix, in a way
Fit to be tied
Excessively proper sort
Evil figure
Enemy of Popeye
Enchilada filler
Decision-making aid, at times
Cross seen in hieroglyphics
Cracker with seven holes
Cowboy hats
Claim that your biggest weakness is being a perfectionist, e.g
Cat in an alley
Cafeteria stack
Buzzing cloud
Bugs bugs him
British sports cars
Blues great James
Birdhouse occupant
Battlefield yell
Auntie, to Mom
Arthur of 'The Golden Girls'
Arboretum sights
Alternative facts
Acted as a guide
A way to be underdressed
'The Muppet Show' eagle
'That can't be good'
'Survivor' groups
'Letters From ___ Jima'
'Get your pants off the floor!'?
'Full Metal Jacket' grp
'Agreed!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-6-2017—In-Pairs#sthash.kIrzWdNH.dpuf

Wrinkly fruit
Worked a lasso
Well or pool measurement
Victory for a dieter
Uncooked, as meat
Turn a frown upside down
Title for Gandhi
Tequila plant
Take a sledgehammer to fine china, e.g
Straight up, at a bar
Stalk near water
Some census numbers
Small island in the Thames
Skier's transport
Sir's counterpart
Sharp pain
Send forth
Sealed places for plants
Scholar's accomplishment
Rodent turned informer?
Rant and ___
Ran in a relaxed manner
Prestigious school of England
Prepared to putt or fire
Popular sandwich cookie
Play a guitar
Package sealer
Overused, as a saying
One of eight in a massive birth
Norway's capital
Nirvana-attaining Buddhist
Mythological ship sailed by Jason
Mess up
Maryland and Pennsylvania, in D.C
Many bills
Like rubberneckers
Like a certain office
Jack's foe
It may be corny or stubbed
Invisible energy source
Indian garment
Humming toy
Historic crime-buster Eliot
High-grade cotton
Heavy weight
Half gainer, for one
Gain deservedly
Friend, in Mexico
Forgo, as one's rights
Foreboding sign
Features of masquerade balls
Feature of extreme anxiety
Family car type
Essential flower oil
Egg as a germ cell
Eagerness and enthusiasm
Did a fall yard chore
Depression for a body shop
College period
Cleaned a floor
Chews up and spits out?
Certainly not old-school
Asian desert
Asian belt
Any network broadcaster
'___ we all?'
'You can't be serious!'
'Squad' after gamblers
'It follows that …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-6-2017#sthash.ScFLBWvm.dpuf

Yield to gravity
Wray of 'King Kong'
Words on many an animal shelter
Word on a genealogy chart
Withdrew, as an accusation
With the bow, musically
Visibly stunned
Use a peeler on
Tureen go-with
Traffic woe
Tool with a bubble
Took a match to
Thumbs-up replies
The whole enchilada
Tennis or golf coup
Tailors' measurements
Stanley Cup game locale
Sports bar array
Sounded, as sonar
Select invitees
Routing word
Roulette bet
Rock's Cream was one
Red Bordeaux wine
Reactor safety org
Proceed rapidly
Place for tulips
Place for an AirPod
Person's spiritual 33-Down
Part of MoMA
Part of many a driving test
Part of a Swiss skyline
Object of Indiana Jones' quest
Nolan Ryan's spanned 27 years
New England catch
Neruda wrote one to wine
Nehi offerings
Mystical glow
Monopoly quartet (Abbr.)
Model T starters
Mass of wax in a lava lamp, e.g
Man or girl Friday
Make repairs to
Londoner's 'bitter'
Little shavers
Like Swiss cheese
Like Solomon or Yoda
Las Vegas events
Ingredient in spinach salad dressing
In the past
Headquarters to London detectives
Harmless prank
Halloween haul
Group from which Pluto was demoted
Garment for Dracula
Freeloading sort
Fields of expertise
Far from congenial
Exuberant feeling
Either of two on a defensive line
Does a flip-flop
Croc's cousin
Creator of Eeyore
Commander of the PT-109
Color chart components
Chemical in Drano
Charge that may be split
Chain with the Never Ending Pasta Bowl
Both parents, in some families
Big name in appliances
Bathtub drain phenomenon
Barely detectable amount
Baldwin of 'It's Complicated'
Ancestry.com diagram
All-you-can-eat buffet charge, e.g
'Old' bloke
'Furthermore . . .'
'Cross my heart' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-6-2017#sthash.qDhc0J5s.dpuf

__ Angeles
Willy-__ (haphazardly)
When summer starts
Vote into office
Very small
Typical kilt wearer
Tripod's trio
Tiny tree branch
Tiger or tabby
Terrier or poodle
Temporary peace
Tel __, Israel
Task agenda
Tapers off
Supposedly 42 Across beast
Stretch out
Stop up
Spanish friend
Small and weak
Shade trees
Settle a debt
Second to __ (the best)
Saucer-shaped instrument
Sandwich shop
Prefix for scope or vision
Poor, as an excuse
Pirates' treasure holders
Old-school cheer
Office mail holder
Of ships and sailors
Ocean's motions
Neighbor of Earth
Needing deciphering
Mom's sister
Make a meal
Leave speechless
Just perfect
Is able to
Internet hotspot service
Instinctive, as a feeling
In addition
Horse's hair
Heroic tales
Guy in Eden
Good at sports
Go on __ (try to lose weight)
First-place medal
Engrossed in fun
Engrossed in fun
Engrossed in fun
Elbow jabs
Eagles' relatives
Doc for pets
Did the backstroke
Diarist __ Frank
Caribbean and Adriatic
Capital of Peru
Capital of Norway
Cabbagelike veggie
Burglar's haul
Bump on a toad
Building for tools
Biblical wise men
Attacks, as a fly
Ark builder
A great distance
"__ la vie!"
"Gloomy" guy

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