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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.05.2017

Yeats' yet
Wrestling hold
Without delay
Willing subjects?
What may be seen before long
They were in it but didn't win it
Team builders
Surfing need, briefly
Supper, say
Somme time
Somme co
Silly question starter?
Pudding starch
Prepare for a transplant
Pizza Hut's Texas headquarters
Palate cleansers
One of the Ivies
One may be thrown in anger
Mohawk's confederacy
Mil. VIP
Metal precioso
Licorice-flavored brew
Letters after Sen. Schumer's name
Leaves alone
Language that gave us 'galore'
Jonquil and daffodil
It, in Italy
It replaced 'Court' in a TV channel name
It may be spontaneous
Hot skillet sound
Harem rooms
Greeting carrier
Gets moving
Flat-screen predecessors
Extra-wide spec
Eleanor Roosevelt's real first name
Diner owner __ Lee on '2 Broke Girls'
Crossing the keel
Crime author Cornwell
Con __: briskly, on scores
Commercial word after 'open,' perhaps
Cloud __
Chocolate __
Challenge for srs
Call out
British prime minister during two millennia
Bon Ami competitor
Blueblood, informally
Bit of mischief
Big Macks
Beneficial berry
Band letters
Attack from above
Anne Frank's father
Ancient mariners
Amp setting
Abruzzi town in a Longfellow poem
1967 self-titled folk album
1962 John Wayne film set in Africa
1924 novel set during the British Raj
'Way to go!'
'Peaky Blinders' network, with 'the' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-6-2017#sthash.lTYYQoof.dpuf

___ school
With 51-Across, two steps away from AA, informally
Winner of the 1998 Masters and British Open
Who said 'Politics is war without bloodshed'
What's more in Madrid?
Urban lab transporter, maybe
They're not complex numbers
Suggestive transmission
Sticks in the water?
Stick back in the water?
Start of a sequel, sometimes
Some sorority women
Sly depiction, often
Setting for Red Sox games: Abbr
See 52-Across
Rapper with the debut album 'Hard Core'
President Peres
Prefix with -genous
Play and movie about a noted 1977 series of interviews
Partners in many lesbian couples
Overnight letter?
One who's gotten good marks?
One who won't give kids a shot?
One asking for Ahmed Adoudi, say
Old switch extension
Noah's predecessor
Moves unpredictably
Marine fish related to the cod
Lost all patience
Long stretch
Like some chest pain
Jurist's seat
John in a suit?
Japanese import that debuted in 1982
Italian bread that's become toast?
It's often picked up in bars
It may be just a bit
It disappears after rising
Isn't resolute
Intifada locale
Insect, e.g
Hinge (upon)
Herb of PBS's 'Ciao Italia'
Former home of the Colts
Feature of only two letters
Eloise creator Thompson
Currently into something
Center of a blowout, maybe
Camp sight
Breakout of a sort
Beginnings of life
Be on K.P., in a way
Acoustics unit
1988 Olympics locale
1983 7x platinum Billy Joel album, with 'An'
1981 and 1988 World Series-winning manager
'___ Sleeps Over' (classic children's book)
'Star Trek: T.N.G.' counselor
'Doktor Faust' composer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-6-2017#sthash.Ok2QKToy.dpuf

Zone that may be restricted
Work out
Work crew
With 56-Across, 'Full speed ahead!'
Winter Olympics racers
Winter Olympics racers
Wee worker
Weather formation over a mountain
Wear the crown
Waterbird that delivers Amazon orders?
Was affected by gravity, in a way
Unlikely to change
Turned white
Trucker's surroundings
TriBeCa neighbor
Tony winner Hagen
Time and again
They may stop at the red carpet
The Congressional Record?
The Big Apple
Switchblade ancestor
Subject of a seat belt tryout?
Stock characters?
Spy org. of 1960s TV
Specialist in fixing escalators?
Site of many drug dens?
Site for a scammer's skimmer
Silky singer Lou
Seek an opening?
See 27-Across
Screw up
Sarandon's co-star in 'Lorenzo's Oil'
Rubbed the wrong way
Rubbed the wrong way
Rub the wrong way
Round-the-world trip
Right at the start
Readied for renovation
Rays slugger Longoria
Puzzler's cry
Purity measure
Pulls in
Product that works in every copier?
Priority Mail org
Printer spec no
Pretax line on a receipt
Player in plaid
Pilot lic. issuer
Phone user, once
Oxford VIP
Oscar winner Mahershala
Origami creations
Ordinary people
Oinker enclosure
NYU Stern course
NPR's Hansen
Noted two-person home
Northeast Corridor speedster
Newly weaned pig
New grandparent, typically
Name in a Big Apple borough
More active
MIT courses
Missionary's handout
Minimalist stargazing tool
Mined find
Map dot
Maiden name label
List-shortening letters
Lingua di Livorno
Leaves in
Laurey Williams's aunt
Last remaining bit of a gingerbread man?
Labored (over)
Khrushchev's predecessor
It's about 100 miles south of Portland
It can help you look better
Hockey player's feint
Highlander, e.g
Hearts, e.g
Guest on Drake's song 'Pop Style'
Gave a boost to
Francesco Rinaldi rival
Formalwear designed to look good at the table?
Feature of rough seas
Father of Lies
Fabled flyer
Eschewed the restaurant
Electronic music genre
Eclipse, once
Do one's civic duty
Developmental point of reference
Crunchy snack
Country south of Sicily
Country club worker
Couldn't not
Continue with intensity
Collection of wands, swords, cups and pentacles
Clue room with a secret passage to the kitchen
Chinese zodiac animal
Chase away
Cathedral site of southwest England
Catching spot
Canine command
Bring about
Breaks, say
Bosox rivals
Blue, on the Amer. map
Big Easy team
Berkshire boarding school
Beautiful people
Batiking supply
Barrel piece
Bad cholesterol letters
Baby shower gift
Avian activity
Arrowhead Stadium team
Agent's cut, perhaps
Ace's stat
Aardwolf's cousin
A group of them is called a romp
2015 World Series losers
1953 AL MVP Al
'Stalag 17' Oscar winner
'My stars!'
'Doggone it!'
'Cherry Wine' rapper
'Baseball Tonight' carrier
'A Visit from St. Nicholas' poet – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-6-2017—Cut-and-Try#sthash.KZdziSbn.dpuf

___ Zedong
___ Paulo, Brazil
Winter cap flap
Where milk comes from
Venice financial institution
Valuable poker hand
Utterances from Homer Simpson
Type of African antelope
The eye is one
That girl
Test type
Super weak, as an excuse
Suffix for maximizers
Stuff to the gills
Star on a Wild West sheriff
Sports result that isn't close
Smithsonian, for one (abbr.)
Small crumbs from any meal
Sharpened, as a dull blade
Santa ___
Reaches a conclusion
Put new turf on
Play divisions
Phenomenal star
One of many in a movie
Offed, as a dragon
Nabisco cookie
Mixed liquids together
Mechanical person
Makes mistakes
Mafia family leader
Little units of work
Like thrift store merchandise
Like some paintings
Like Erik the Red, e.g
Like cracked-dry land
Italian erupter
It can color commentary
Hunters of the 'Most Wanted'
Historic periods
Historic city of India
Header for 'while'
Gas additive of yore
Formal wear item
Flower part
Floral necklace
Eyelid affliction
Domed church recess
Dirt road grooves
Definite lack of variety
Deep, sincere compassion
Deep sleep
Danson of TV
Creative thought
Computer storage device
Cincinnati players
Charged particle
Bunch of bills
Big name in the candy biz
Berra and a cartoon bear
Barrett of Pink Floyd
Auction off
Any young boy
Any tech thingy
Anastasia's father's title
Alp cryptid
365.25 days
'World travelers' whose 'gait' has 'decay'
'Sick' linked by a 'common article' with a 'guy' inside
'Sent again' with a 'catcher' in a 'music note'
'Narrow thinking' that's 'not big' with 'everybody'
'Benz' suffix
'And ___ what happened?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-6-2017#sthash.pmHMYF2c.dpuf

Words on a sale tag
Wetlands terrain
Wet-behind-the-ears sort
Unlikely to 15-Across
Tungsten, by another name
Toque or kepi
Thimblerig object (and a link to 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 29-Down)
Therefore, to Descartes
The O'Hara estate
Tex-Mex seafood item in a 39-Across
Tear to pieces
Superstar's radiance
Stable division
Sought information
Some pricey gowns
Skimpy swimsuit brand
Silkscreened garment, perhaps
Seismograph detection
Santa ___ winds
River of Rome
Retort to 'You are too!'
Reduces the word count of, say
Reason for a small craft advisory
Reacted to a tearjerker
Rat on the Mafia
President pro ___
Ponzi scheme, e.g
Pompeii's undoing
Play duckpins, say
Place for rakes and hoes
Overgrown, as a tree trunk
One of the Ponderosa boys
One of a Monopoly pair
On the wing
Move two pieces at once, in chess
Molasses-based spirits
Mireille of 'The Catch'
Military pilots, e.g
Midsummer Classic player
Mercenary's work
Matthews of 'Hardball'
Many prom tuxes
Madison Avenue award
Lure into a crime
Like some rebates
It often has a metal head, ironically
Insect with a burning sting
Group that competes in a 39-Across
Grain farmer's headache
Golden calf, e.g
Gilpin of 'Frasier'
Fey of '30 Rock'
Falco of 'The Sopranos'
Erie Canal mule of song
Elon Musk's car company
Doily material
Cuzco native of old
Crustacean that adopts a 39-Across
Counselor's workplace
Corp. brass
Command after 'sit,' perhaps
By and by, poetically
Blanc of many voices
Black Flag or d-CON target
Bit of livestock feed found in a 39-Across
Becomes threadbare
Be nuts about
Basket made on a rebound
Bakery utensils
Bakery allure
Apple of Discord thrower
American Leaguer since 2013
Altar promise
Air pump letters
AFL merger partner
'___ Bulba' (Gogol novel)
'That was close!'
'Call it!' call – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-6-2017#sthash.ny4Ww2EP.dpuf

__ beans
Ziti and rigatoni
Word from the Greek for "six-months long"
Word associated with March
Woodstock band, for short
Wish for
Where leaves are gathered
Where Burgoyne surrendered
What Rihanna sometimes wears
What Ares ate
Water-purifying machine
Wake up
Undergo ion exchange, e.g
Two of the top-five American-made cars
Start of some picture dictionaries' fifth pages
Some vegetarian fare
Shelter fan
RNA reconnection
Result of excess heat
Prepares to catch
Part of some paper trails
Overseer of the Muppets
One of a cerebral quartet
Note promising notes
New UN head
Narrow box on an application
Morse code-transcription machine
Mineral fact sheet details
Likely to split
Leather products
Kept away from
It's north of Dar es Salaam
It's designed for evening wear
It might be found around a tree
Intercom component
Insurance policy procedure
Il est ignoré dans l'alphabétisation
How ears are arranged
Home-repair hemisphere
Global commerce pact, 1948-1994
Get along
First probe to encounter Venus
First "Jeopardy!" announcer
Fender protector
Fade away
Extended event
Exclamation of frustration
Early __
Dutch Mill Dance product
Directory entry
Digs deeply
Didn't go away quietly
Cookbook stats
Catch accidentally
Catalan-speaking island
Brief assignment
Blew a fuse
Beast with water-repellent fur
Apt name for a barber
Apply with intensity
Antonym for "undercover"
Alimentos exportados de Tailandia
"What Time Is It? You Mean Now?" author
"Garden of Earthly Delights" depiction
"Catch-22" descriptor
"Alice" singer in Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

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