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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.03.2017

__ Wednesday
__ juice: milk
Word after greater or less
What muzzled dogs can't do
Uncle's mate
Tiny six-footer
Test version
Taps instrument
Storage solution for Disney?
Skylab org
Singer Edith known as 'The Little Sparrow'
Sidewalk eatery
Sides of an issue
Problem during sleep
Pole tossed in Highlands competitions
Place for a haircut and a whiskey?
Pago Pago's place
Numbered musical works
Mountain climber
Losing casino roll
Leftover morsel
Landlocked African country
José's 8-Down
James Watt, by birth
James Bond is one
I problem?
How to ask journalist Roberts if she'd like an Oreo?
How experts do their jobs
Hockey great Bobby
High-tech rte. finder
Hawaiian strings
Hawaiian food staple
Gym units
Folder identifier
Final notice?
Fertilizer ingredient
Farmer's wake-up duty list?
Eye sores
Eye rudely
Eve's mate
Equitably divided
Electric eye, e.g
Egg cells
Dust __: tiny house critter
Cry hard
Canceled at 6-Down
Brings forward for inspection
Blacksmith's block
Be itinerant
Barber's razor targets, at times
Back talk
Ann __, Michigan
Airport luggage checker
Again and again, to bards
2016 Olympics city
'__ I care!'
'You're it!' game
'The __ of the Ancient Mariner'
'Laugh-In' segment
'Lady and the __'
'Just __ moment'
'Ho ho ho' holiday guy
'Haste makes waste,' e.g
'Gotcha' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-6-2017#sthash.JNZGW4Wt.dpuf

___-rock (music genre)
___ lily
___ Harbour, Fla
Witch's laugh
Wine barrel
What the 'Gras' of Mardi Gras means
Warm greeting
Unappetizing food that might be served with a ladle
Too many of them 'spoil the broth'
Thinks, thinks, thinks (about)
Thicken, as blood
Some computer picture files
Small ammo
Shorebird with a distinctive shriek
Retired jet, for short
Removes the rind from
Rat or roach
Rambunctious little kids
Rainbow shape
Quick look
Potato chips, to Brits
Paving goo
Painters' touches
Opera melody
No. after a main telephone no
Nile viper
Newspapers, collectively
N.F.L. three-pointers: Abbr
Middle of Arizona?
Memory unit
Medicine-approving org
Mary ___ cosmetics
Madrid Mrs
Lee who directed 'Life of Pi'
Leave full
Kilmer of 'Top Gun'
Justice Sotomayor
Honeycomb product
Holders of some music collections
Headgear for a drizzly day
Having a ho-hum attitude
Gold standards
Fond du ___, Wis
Faintest idea
Entree that may be slathered in barbecue sauce
Easter Island locale
Done: Fr
Descriptive language
Crop up
Count with fangs
Component of a science course
Common weather phenomenon in San Francisco
Command to a dog
Command spoken while pulling the reins
Classic muscle car
Circus tumbler
Chinese leader with a Little Red Book
Carpet variety
Caged talker
Bunny's movement
Bit from a movie
Bird that gives a hoot
Belgrade native
Awards in the ad biz
Auction grouping
Article of outerwear for an urbanite?
Article of outerwear for a housekeeper?
Article of outerwear for a General Motors employee?
Article of outerwear for a champagne drinker?
Article of outerwear for a candy lover?
Ankle-high work shoe
Alternative to FedEx
200- or 400-meter run, e.g
'Grand' women – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-6-2017#sthash.mwRXHyDF.dpuf

Yogurt utensils
Wyatt of the Old West
Works in a gallery
Workout wear
Vitamin C source
Vice squad operation
Uno plus due
Univ. offering
Ultimatum words
Technical sch
Solo often sung in Italian
Singer Stefani
Shark feature
Set out
Samantha Bee's network
Salary bumps
Run a fever, say
Rowboat mover
Psychic power, for short
Practice for a bout
Playoff spot
Planting medium
Place to float your boat
Picnic drink
Optimistic feeling
Olympics jersey letters
Old Italian currency
Oahu greeting
Noted period
Mag. workers
Love to pieces
Long story
Lift with a crane
Kin of 'Shazam!'
Kaplan course for coll.-bound students
Jubilant cry
It's tapped from trees
Israel's Golda
Invaders of ancient Rome
In the lead
In favor of
ID on a dust jacket
Groundskeeper's machine
Foldable bed
Fish in fish tacos, often
Exploitative type
Eve's partner
Doctor for whom a military medical center is named
Days gone by
Courtroom outburst
Concert blaster
Clod buster
Clock setting in Colo
Civil rights pioneer Parks
Campaign button spot
Cabbage concoction
Business transactions
Burger topper
Bitterly pungent
Big name in Cuba
Biden's successor
Barnum's circus partner
Ask earnestly
Air marshal's org
Abel, to Eve
1968 Steppenwolf song
'___ making myself clear?'
'You bet!'
'The Lord of the Rings' hero
'Oh, behave yourself!'
'Of course!'
'It slices! It dices!' brand
'Good buddy' in a big rig – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-6-2017—R&D-Department#sthash.UbKX7I36.dpuf

___ gin fizz
Zilch in Mexico
WWII flying group
Winter hazard
Where the wise men came from
Way off base
Use, as coupons
TV award
Thin decorative layers
The Bard of ___ (Shakespeare)
Television listings abbr
Surgery reminders
Sounds of good cheer?
Smaller sofa
Shoemaker's puncher
Sentence part
Secured, as a sneaker
Said twice, an island near Tahiti
Relinquish, as land
Purple flower
Polynesian food staple
Poem with quotations
Place to moor
Pigmented eye layer
Orate passionately
One with a run-on sentence?
Newton's fruit?
Much more than some
Morning moisture
Lucy's sitcom partner
Love to pieces
Loudness units
Loud summer bug
Like pretentious museumgoers
Like many kitchen appliances
Let it all out, in a way
Lawrence's place
Kind of pasta
Jet type
It's the crime center?
Inuit's domed home
Internet message
Home for a British super, perhaps
Hail Mary
Growth near the tonsil
Gothenburg native
Good's opposite
Genetic letters
Gain ___ on (lead but good)
Famous canal
factor for players in big games
Especially cruel boss
Eric of 'Monty Python'
Easy scapegoat
Drink, kitty-style
Dell or Lenovo rival
Dam or president
Daffy Duck has one
Certain sax
Cause of ruin
Card of ownership, in Monopoly
Bulky grayish-brown eagle
Bird bills
Baby's nurse, in China
Baby zebras
Audible, unhealthy chest sound
Angel's outfit?
Ancient Cuzco citizen
Allergic outbreak, sometimes
Accounting or sales, e.g. (Abbr.)
Accept as one's own
'60s war site, informally
'The Black Prince' writer Murdoch – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-6-2017#sthash.J3O9P3Qe.dpuf

Winter Olympics leap
Where buffalo roam
Vodka brand, familiarly
Vegas hotel attraction
UGGs bottom
Tiny bit
Tense moment at Wimbledon
Swearing-in statement
Stock up on
Sort of
Soccer fan's cheer
Sign at a packed theater
Sean Connery, by birth
Rule enforced by some landlords
Relieves (of)
Politico lampooned by Fey
Playful swimmer
Petal-plucker's pronoun
Peruvian empire builder
Passionate about
Part of MHz
Parade groups
Pageant entrant's wear
Off the track
No longer sporting fleece
Neighbor of Niger
Nap briefly
Mushroom parts
Monroe's place among presidents
Moneyed one
Modify, as a law
Many microbrews
Mail carriers in Rowling tales
Lecturers' platforms
Knight's partner on a board
Kirk's 'final frontier'
Initial phase
Inherited item, of a sort
In a scabbard
In a frenzy
Harvard or Hogwarts
Go bargain-hunting
Gave voice to
Gaucho's weapon
Fish-catching raptor
Expert on IRS codes
Every hurricane has one
Enviable trait
Email status
Eats like a bird
Earthquake's production
Did some canoodling
Desirable traits
Cubicle furnishings
Crammer's concern
Concave navels
Collision consequence
Club sandwich slice
Clear of typos
Catcher's posture
Cain's exile locale
Bit of Ogden Nash wordplay
Best of ___ worlds
Become an ex-smoker
Be an accomplice to
Apple Store offering
Apia's land
Any of the Beatles, at times
All squared up
Alan of 'The Aviator'
Afghan or basset
Abbr. on some file drawers
'Wicked Game' singer Chris
'That was no joke!'
'Terrible' time
'Fight Club' weapon
'Cake Boss' appliance – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-6-2017#sthash.X2nYQrtr.dpuf

__ so (nevertheless)
__ dish (potatoes or rice)
Young woman
Young Scottish woman
Write with block letters
Where rainbows are seen
What a baby calls Pop
Weighing device
Walks like a peacock
Volcano outflow
Very hard to find
Varieties of pears
Try to hit a baseball
Top-billed performer
Throat-clearing sound
Talk back to
Stretchable cord with hooks
Street-smart, informally
Standard of perfection
Splinter groups
Spanish cheer
Sounds from a hen
Sound-boosting boxes
Sound from a frog
Smartly dressed
Slanted type: Abbr
Scarlett of "Gone with the Wind"
Ryder truck-rental rival
Rusted-out ships
Room's small carpet
Reebok competitor
Puts frosting on
Public-opinion surveys
Pub drinks
Org. for motorists
Orange-flavored toast spread
Online auction site
One's clan
Of no help at all
Observant one
More sensible
Matures, as wine
Make a mistake
Mail away
Luau dance
Lounges around
Leaves town
Leaf-gathering tool
Kangaroos and koalas
Is durable
In tatters
Heavy mists
Gooey hair products
Goes to much trouble
Fill the fuel tank
Explorer __ the Red
Expense reductions
Dots of dust
Cost for some S&L withdrawals
Cheerily energetic
Capital of Vietnam
Butter servings
Business TV channel
Black-and-yellow pastry
Biblical fallen angel
Be in possession of
Backyard barbecue spot
Atlantic or Pacific
Annual New Orleans celebration
Amusingly eccentric
Altitudes: Abbr
Actor Baldwin
"This won't hurt __!"
". . . happily __ after"

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