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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 06.02.2017

__ Mason: investment giant
Young Darth's nickname
Words spoken by a sweater?
Wine prefix
Wharton's Frome
Virtually zero, and where the ends of 20-, 32- and 43-Across are literally situated
Titanic rear end
Thin citrus peels
Start to faceted or purpose
Start of a Poitier film title
Songwriter Kristofferson
Sitarist Shankar
Sharp as a tack
Share the same opinion
Set fire to
Seek ambitiously
Seattle football pro
Save for binge-watching, say
River of Hades
R&B's __ Hill
Poem of rustic life
Player who shoots par regularly
Plant responsible for much itching
O. Henry works
Moved stealthily
Most musicals have two
Modern organizers, for short
Michelangelo statue
Mexican dip
Malted relative
Magnolia State school, familiarly
Locomotive furnace
Leftover bits
La. or Dak., once
Jokes and such
Joint commonly replaced
In front
High side
Heroic exploits
Former 'formerly'
Forest official
Football with scrums
Floppy disk backup device
Fishing line holders
First chip in the poker pot
Fabric flaws
Egg: Pref
Easy-peasy task
Dressed in
Distress signal at sea
Disaster relief org
Dark clouds, perhaps
Critters hunted with a hugely popular 2016 mobile app
Classic sports cars
Chihuahua citrus fruit
Changes gears
Cereal coveted by a silly rabbit
Calendar page
Boring lecture, for example
Baseball misplays
Barcelona babies
Ballad for a valentine
Artist Chagall
Aroma detector
Aquarium fish
Angsty rock genre
Accumulate, as a fortune
'50s nuclear trial
'So what' shoulder gesture
'Nah' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017#sthash.E37fCRWy.dpuf

___ v. Wade
___ Grande
Words at the altar
What Marie Antoinette supposedly said to 'let them' do
Weighed down (with)
TV procedural set in the Big Apple
Transport for Huck Finn
Ticked off
Swiss capital
Summer hours in Denver: Abbr
Spanish eight
Something to look for in an emergency
Send to hell
Santa ___ (one of Columbus's ships)
Rolling Stones album 'Get Yer ___ Out!'
Recurrent theme
Prefix with skeleton
Place to wear one's heart, in a phrase
Philosopher and social activist West
Out on the ocean
Nay's opposite
National ___, bygone humor magazine
Mil. training academy
Means of getaway
Many a reggae musician, informally
Make amends (for)
Loudly lamenting
Kick out of school
Jock's antithesis
Iris's place in the eye
Indian variety of 17-Across
Inauguration recitation
Heading on a list of errands
Graph line
Gabriel García Márquez novel 'Love in the Time of ___'
Food grown in a paddy
First satellite to orbit Earth
Exercise area for convicts
Employee at a perfumery
Edible mushroom
Dictator ___ Amin
Dentist's tool
Days of the week in a calendar heading
Common security device … or a feature of 20-, 33- or 38-Across
Color shade
Coin flipper at the Super Bowl, informally
Church recess
Chunk of ice in the ocean
Chilled jelly dishes
Brockovich and Burnett
Book between Matthew and Luke
Bobby who played 10 seasons with the Boston Bruins
Biblical son of Isaac
Attaches by rope, as a ball to a pole
Appears after being lost
Actor Estrada and others
Aardvark's morsel
2011 Oscar-nominated picture set in 1960s Mississippi
1930s British P.M. Chamberlain
'___ small world after all'
'Keeping my fingers crossed'
'Iliad' and 'Odyssey,' for two – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017#sthash.ooM8S7iU.dpuf

___ Sketch (drawing toy)
___ Gay (famed bomber)
Zero, in scores
Words to avert bad luck
Witches' group
Wedding words
Tune for two
Take a tally
Sugar suffix
Sue Grafton's '___ for Evidence'
Small bill
Singer DiFranco
Singapore sling ingredient
Sing in the Alps, say
Signals to the auctioneer
Sea of Tranquillity setting
Roof features
Put two and two together
Pitcher Saberhagen
Paramount, for example
Overhead railways
Ordinary people, with 'the'
Not new
Not just rent
Needed a massage
Mystical practices
Mrs., to Michel
Mechanics work on them
Many-layered snack
Make slow progress
Make mistakes
Mailed off
Madison's successor
Long, involved story
Long in the tooth
London lang
Like bass voices
Letter before omega
Lennon's wife
Kind of boom or barrier
It breaks on the beach
Inquire (into)
In the past
Greek ruse in the Trojan War
Greek marketplace
Garden shed sight
Fr. holy woman
Four-legged Oz visitor
Fleece stuff
Fireplace item
Extremely popular
Edinburgh residents
Does a maid's job
Did some carpentry
Cumin or cardamom
Corrosive liquids
Conductor Solti
Chain offering meals in buckets
Castaway's place
Carrie of 'Star Wars'
Call out
California's Big ___
Brand for beagles
Blue-green hue
Black, to poets
Best buds
'Time heals all wounds,' for example
'If only!'
'How disgusting!'
'Divergent' star
'(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay' singer Redding – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017—Catch-My-Drift?#sthash.Bat1t35I.dpuf

Yielded (with 'in')
Where you draw the line in negotiations
Way out amidst the waves
Watch bearer
Unit to plow, often
Tuscan city
Things for the choir
The late Castro
Sub ___ (in confidence)
Stamp-selling org
Split hairs
Shake off
River flowing to the Caspian Sea
Required bet, in poker
Quick cut with scissors
Pig's meal
Permanent setting?
Performing couple
Part of an antler
Not shallow
Not quite stereo
Not even a little hazy
New member of society, informally
Neutral possessive
Mousy or timid
More like the driven snow
Model wood
Mingling with
Military order (with 'at')
Mane places?
Make unkempt
Luau root
Love handles, e.g
Like some houses or offices
Kunis of TV and film
Hawaiian dance
Garage job completed in a Jiffy?
Flared-out dress style
Evaluated and graded
Enjoying Muzak, often
England-inspired house style
Electrical capacitance measure
Drop by order of an editor
Double-digit display of peace?
Do-gooder's goal
Digital watch components
Developed, as racehorses
David Bowie hit
Course that features weaving?
Countess's counterpart
Common tackle box item
Circular rubber gaskets
Carpet choice
Bring joy to
Bobbsey girl
Billy Preston wore one
Big-time criminal
Better but barely?
Belted hunter of the sky
Beautiful thing in a setting
Be the worst kind of sentry
Art ___ (architecture style)
Arm bones
After-bath wear
Adam's garden
'___ port in a storm'
'Rules-rules' link
'Poison' shrub
'Null' companion
'Humble' residence
'Come ___ me, all ye that labor …' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017#sthash.B4MZeBe0.dpuf

YouTube transmission, e.g
Wild party
Uber alternative
Try for a role
Trot or canter
Tree of Life locale
Tilter's weapon
Things to cure
Takes charge of
Take to the cleaners, so to speak
States bluntly
Spending limit
Spaghetti drainer
Sorority members, in old lingo
Skatepark jump
Six-sided state
Shout to a TV camera
Set, as a price
Sentry's shout
Sacred choral piece
Road with a median strip
Result of a completed pass, usually
Prop for Figaro
Prom night wheels, briefly
Popular date night option
Pond gunk
Pledge drive gift, often
Piano key material, once
Pay to play
Parasite's home
Offered, as a farewell
Novelist Neale Hurston
No mere duffer
No longer outstanding
Nile bird
Musical inspired by T.S. Eliot
Modern Japanese martial art
Mineral that can be cleaved
Milk of magnesia target
Many betrayals
Like some rumors
Like most Turks
Learning with flashcards, say
Lawyers' org
Land of Hispaniola
Kazan who directed 'On the Waterfront'
Instill fear in
Hormel product since 1937
Home with staggered floors
High-quality, as beef
Grant an audience to
Grand Canyon, e.g
Grain used in some beer
First name on 'Jeopardy!'
Feeder filler
ESPN's Courage Award is named for him
ERA part
Equiangular quadrilateral
Easy to attach, as a patch
Drive forward
Defeated by a whisker
Dash lengths
Dallas hoopsters, informally
Church recess
Chemical ___ (skin treatment)
Ceremonial splendor
Bishop of Rome
Beauty who loved the Beast
Batteries in mice
Batista's 1952 takeover, e.g
Baseball card pack insert, once
Barnyard bird
Baltic Sea port
Auctioneer's prop
Administered drugs to
'All kidding ___ . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017#sthash.ThBEycL1.dpuf

__ Dane (large dog)
Work-related spending fund
Woman's shirt
Wise advisor
When a subscription runs out
War's opposite
Turn topsy-turvy
Toward sunrise
Top poker card
Tiresome people
Take a breather
Start __ scratch (do it over)
Stare at
Slender and long-limbed
Slangy refusal
Skillet or wok
Singing threesome
Signal "OK" silently
Sesame bit
Salary hike
Rocks from a mine
Ripped up
Private's superior, informally
Playful aquatic mammal
Place a bet
Performs on stage
Performer's part
Online video-chat device
One of the Great Lakes
Not very friendly
Not as strict
Not as expensive
Mouse-catching device
Morning lawn moisture
Monotonous routine
Military no-show, for short
Mahogany or elm
Low-effort school course
Lawn material
Isn't feeling well
How much '90s music was sold
Historical periods
High-calorie cakes
Had on
Groups of experts
Get married
Fraction of a pound
Foreign pupil studying here
Football throw
Food on a cob
Flow slowly
Flat-topped hill
Fairy tale meanie
Extreme anger
Explosive initials
Eiffel Tower's country
Does some keyboarding
Des Moines' state
Dental exam image
Criminal, to a cop
Creates, as beer
Coffee lightener
Clumsy person
Chowder morsel
Casual short-sleeve shirts
Burn slightly
Beer mug alloy
Be abundant
Adam and Eve's home
12th graders: Abbr
"__ the night before . . ."
"You __ kidding!"
"That's icky!"
"I __ vacation!" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-6-2017#sthash.x86pqOAh.dpuf

___ Pan Alley
___ kwon do
What a model may strike
West, to Juan
Web portal that features Outlook
Units of resistance
Tube trophy
Thoroughfare with upset investors?
That and that
Tennis official, briefly
Team-boosting bellow
Specialized meteorologist?
Sculptors' subjects
Rodent that hangs around post offices?
Rickman of Harry Potter films
Rest stop facilities
Recipe quantities
Range above tenor
Put together
Petticoat, of a sort
Parts of parkas
Oktoberfest beverage
More than dislike
Miles from Hollywood
Matched, as socks
Marseilles Mrs
Luau bowlful
Like many salsas
Large serving dishes
Kin of a 401(k)
Jet ___ (traveler's woe)
It's often at the door
It means nothing in soccer
Hosp. facilities
Greek philosopher who founded Stoicism
Granola grain
Gotham City searchlight symbol
Get wise with
German steel center
Genetic strands
Full of oneself
Fragrant climbing plant
Formerly, old-style
Form 1040 org
Fencer's blade
Exemplar of wisdom
Episodic TV show
Dating stars, perhaps
D.C. legislator
Cousins of Wranglers
Confederate wear
Chit for a court payment?
Cards with photos
Capitol Hill fig
Candidate list
Burglary target
Blow one's stack
Be a lousy couturier?
Bartender to Homer
Barnyard brayer
Average guy?
Attorney Gloria
Attends (to)
Atomizer amount
Asimov or Newton
Approx. leaving hour
180 degrees from WSW
'That's ___ quit!'
'Lido Shuffle' singer Boz


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