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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.09.2017

Wrigley Field team
Word with safe or out
Wipes out
Vamoose, to Shakespeare
Ungentlemanly sort
Type of tax
Tiny bit
Tiny bit
That is, in Latin
Taste that's not sweet, sour, bitter or salty
Superman, as a reporter
Suffix with Israel or Jacob
Snappy dresser
Smartly dressed
Shower bar brand
Senate positions
Sci-fi radar blip
Sch. in Columbus
SASE, say
RR depot
Red Seal record label company
Razor brand
Ravel classic used in the film '10'
Public tantrum
Plush teddy with a heart for a nose
Pickled-pepper picker
Petunia part
Petroleum nickname
Paintings in the Prado, por ejemplo
Out on a cruise
Online periodical
Old Ford subcompact named for a horse
Not yet eliminated from the contest
More sedate
Molars and incisors
Mideast chieftain
Marker marketer
Long, slippery fish
Like some waves
Like so
Like Disneyland at night
Last Olds model
Justice Sotomayor
Jacob's first wife
In jeopardy … and where the first words of the answers to starred clues can be found
Hungarian sheepdog
Historic British prep school
Greenish-yellow pear
Glasgow native
First track circuit in a race
Farmland measure
Dryly humorous
Double-reed woodwind
Course of action
Copy editor's 'Leave it in'
Common soccer result
Chili __ carne
Boob __: TV
Back in the day
Allowed by law
1983 taxi comedy starring Mr. T
*Site of many face-offs
*Sentry's job
*Fishing gear holder
*Final part of a chess match
'60s sci-fi series created by Gene Roddenberry
'¿Cómo __ usted?'
'__ missing something?'
'__ Abner'
'Night Moves' singer Bob
'Avatar' actress Saldana

___ Paulo, Brazil
___ long way
Word before 'wrong' or 'welcome'
What some castles are made of
Utmost, informally
Unwavering, as a friend
Tree whose leaves appear in many Chinese fossils
Trail Blazers' org
Tony Stark's alter ego in comics and movies
They're heard but not seen
Their maximum scores are 1600
Supportive of cultivation
String quartet member
Stops from slipping
Staying power
Special ___ (unconventional missions)
Something to build on
Serious rift
Says 'You and I are done,' e.g
Rose petal oil
Played some tunes, say
Piece of pottery featuring Achilles, say
Perch for a ball
Paleo diet staple
One may attend a class on parenting
Old salt
Not quite ready for full release
Nickname formed by three consecutive letters of the alphabet
Mythical figure who flew too close to the sun
Money owed
Military bottoms, informally
Meter or liter
McKellen of 'The Hobbit'
Made snappy comments
Like caves with streams running through them
Japanese figure skater Midori
Interoffice notes
In the thick of
Ike's monogram
Humble response to a compliment
How you can shop without leaving home
Honolulu-based carrier, informally
Goaded (on)
Gives the nod
Getting close, in a guessing game
Fooled (around)
Firecracker that goes pfft
Fashion designer Gernreich
Enrique Peña ___, Mexican president beginning in 2012
Emphatic rejection
El ___ (Spanish hero)
Early Uber policy unpopular with drivers
Desert refuge
Cut (off)
Corp. money managers
Clock setting for an alarm
Clifford who wrote 'Golden Boy'
Certain Ivy Leaguer
Certain crime boss
Bruin hockey legend
Break … such as at the middle of 18-, 27-, 50- or 58-Across?
Baseball pitch that suddenly drops
Bar mitzvah, e.g
Antismuggling org
Actress ___ Rachel Wood
2015 'Rocky' sequel
'___ be my pleasure'
'There's something else you should know …'
'O.K., you got me'
'Fresh Off the Boat' network
'Fine then!'
'Cross my heart and hope to die!'
'Coke is it!' or 'Say 'Pepsi, please"
'Big Blue'

___ concern (unimportant)
Wrote bad checks
Workplace watchdog org
With 11-Down, area between the Azores and the Caribbean
Vivacious style
Unrestrained outing
Tribe symbol
The yoke's on them
Terrific time
Tattoo artist's canvas
Supermarket section
State Department worker
Split base
Social environment
Six-legged worker
See 4-Down
Scott Turow book
Psychology subject
Prayer ender
Powerful speakers
Pot boosters
Pocketknives, humorously
Places for plugs
Pizzeria serving
Pillow fill
Out of the wind, nautically
On the edge of one's seat
Old Italian coin
Not as remote
Niels Bohr and Tycho Brahe, for two
Manipulative person
Makes muddy
Lusty look
Liner stop
Lieutenant's subordinate
Leisurely pedestrian
Kojak's first name
Join the regatta
Is inconspicuous
Identifiable DNA sequences
House, to Javier
Hot room at the spa
Gun owners' org
German emperors
General assemblies?
Flight part
End for ethyl or methyl
Dutch beer brewer
Donald Trump's second son
Dismiss ruthlessly
Cuba's Castro
Course activity
Corp. abbr
Cold shower?
Circuit board setting
Catch sight of
Butler at Wayne Manor
Burner setting
Bounding stride
Bottle part
Boggy areas
Big Ben sound
Band booster
'Citizen Kane' prop

___-Contra affair
___ a one (none)
ZZ Top hit
Word before Scratch or Nick
Word before a sale price
With 30-Across, seven-time Wimbledon winner
What a prospective buyer may tender
Way over yonder
Type of watch face, for short
Try to win over
The lyrical Gershwin
Takes a breather
Surveyor's calculation
Sourball flavor
Some English nobles
Soda bottle size
So last week
Singer James or Jones
See 5-Down
Sacred scroll
Reply to 'Shall we?'
Reject as false
Rand who created John Galt
Pull down, so to speak
Pugilistic friend of Cosell
Postponed one's bedtime
Piccolo's cousin
Oscar-winning Irene Cara song
Orderly arrangement
Nursery-rhyme pocketful
New Mexico's state flower
Natural gas, e.g
Nasal spray brand
Mugger subduer
Mpg rating group
Motherless calf
Most rappers don't use them
Missile trajectories
Marksman's sport
Lyricist or composer
Left in the dust
JFK-to-TLV carrier
Japanese Expo city
James with a posthumous Pulitzer
Israeli city near Mount Carmel
Instrument played by Karen Carpenter
I, on a frat house
Hoi ___
Ground level, usually
Greek alphabet ender
Gives zero stars to
Galley notation
Fur trade pioneer
Frolicking mammals
Friends of Tarzan
French textiles city
Freed or Turing
Ford product with a 'horse collar' grille
Enjoy a hot bath
Deceptive appearance
Comedian Louis of early TV
Chaka who sang with Rufus
Carangi who was played by Angelina Jolie
Black gunk
Bible book after Jonah
Basketball box-score abbr
As a rule
Artistic theme
Angelic instrument
Algerian city mentioned in 'Casablanca'
Admiral nicknamed 'Bull'
400-meter loop, perhaps
1997 Jim Carrey movie
'Survey says . . .' game show
'Street Scene' playwright Rice
'Now . . . ___ was I?'
'No way!'
'123456' is a weak one

__ the line (obeyed)
Young hoodlum
Worship from __
Woman on a wedding cake
Wishes undone
Wine sediment
Whodunit excuse
West Point freshman
Very uncommon
Turnover or Danish
Top-left PC key
Took illegally
Throws into turmoil
Teheran's nation
Stomach-soothing remedies
Spinning toy
Soft attention-getter
Sandwich fish
Round geometric figure: Abbr
Right-angle shape
Reviews of financial accounts
Prefix for vision or phone
Pet protection org
Party beverage containers
Parcel of land
On a cruise
Oil cartel initials
Office assistant
Not barefoot
Mystical glow
Mr. and __
Moral principle
Metal-bearing rock
Medical remedy
Male deer
Lavish attention (on)
Lamp's light source
Karate blow
Inverted sixes
Initial poker stake
Hunter's weapon
Home documents
Highs' opposites
Gator kin
First words of a prohibition
Falls behind
Exact double
Embassy worker
Driver's about-face
Dairy beverage containers
Cry of dismay
Convertible, for one
Convertible, for one
Complained, as a kitten
Comes down in flakes
Clock radio letters
Carbonated beverage containers
Brought in the harvest
Breakfast beverage containers
Bird that hoots
Beast often seen on 24 Down
Beach bucket
Any Olympics competitor
A bit damp
"__ Off to See the Wizard"
"__ it going?"
"__ get it!" ("Aha!")
"Guided" vacation
"Buy now, pay later" plan

___ Hall University
Words with 'mode' or 'king'
Word with 'code'
Word with 'black' or 'photo'
Wise 'Star Wars' character
Wanted-poster datum
Things 'of approval'
Thin incision
Terrier variety
Stage item
Spotty facial problem
Some body fluids
Slather on, as jam
Short remarks of disgust
Relaxing place
Quick meal to grab at a deli
Provides money for
Prefix with 'data' or 'physical'
Potent pub quaffs
Palindromic conjunction
Oxen joiners
Oscar winner Wiest
Opera highlight
Old-fashioned garland
Nutmeg coat
Nome home
Nicknames for fathers
Most inclement, as weather
Mike who boxed
Meal that might involve crumbling
Like the taste of vinegar
Like some colognes
Leg part
Lack of societal moral standards
Jane Austen classic
Inappropriate backtalk
Impoverished and then some
Huge in scale
Hotel necessities
Hit for Mr. Mister
Hinged fasteners
High or low cards
Genetic stuff
Former NYC mayor Ed
Finds a purpose for
Dream-sleep acronym
Did a firefighter's job
Deep craving
Composer Stravinsky
Common potluck dinner
Coloring agents
Cinderella's horses, once
Chump or sap
Capable of being debated
Bubbles at sea
Book's right-hand page
Bible book before Job
Bahamas vacation mecca
After-shower sprinkle
Active one
Acrobat's precaution
Accountant, briefly
A lot of it is filtered
'Where' starter
'Gone With the Wind' estate

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