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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.08.2017

Words shouted out an open window
Words of self-pity
Word with front or pocket
Word whose meaning can be the same when read backward
Word in many degrees
Winter Olympics maneuver
Water carriers
Vermouth name
Triangle relationship
To the same degree
Tangerine or peach
Take the wrong way?
Stick in a cage
Stereotypical techie
Shade providers at golf clubs
Sees only one person
Rooney and Griffith
Rising spot
Removed a cylinder from, maybe
Reacted to a call at home, maybe
Part of the back forty
Outdoor gear giant
One of Israel's 12 tribes
One heading for the cape?
Off the mark
Notable feature of Africa
Not relevant to
Martial arts move
Like throwbacks
Like some combat
Like 'The Age of Reason' doctrine
Layoff order?
Law school course
Kurylenko of 'Quantum of Solace'
Head rest?
Harlem Renaissance writer Locke
Hamilton, to General Washington
Go south
Go after, as flies
Giving up the ball after a fake punt, say, in football lingo
Georgia's __ Mountain
Genghis Khan subject
Father's changing room
Factory regs
Exec's extras
Elite military member
Dog follower
Does a kitchen job
Cronus and Rhea, e.g
Compilation publication since 1984
Competitor of Helena
Came together
Calligraphy problems
Breaks down
Bath additive
Baby newt
Author born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum
Area between highlands
ADHD drug
Acura MDX relative
30% of essentials
'What are you waitin' for?'
'Haven't the foggiest'

Z-shaped mark from Zorro
Word that can precede the first parts of 16- and 59-Across and 10- and 27-Down
Word before market or media
William in an overture title
What an aspiring J.D. seeks admission to
Weakens, as support
Watch pocket or chain
Warm and comfy
Waker-upper of sorts
Trespassing or slander
Track and field projectile
The first Mrs. Trump
Texter's 'I think'
Terrier or top hat, in Monopoly
Tack on
Start-up capital
Spins, rolls or draws
Socially inept sort
Six-pack units, perhaps
Shoe covering of yore
Shepard in space
Scratch target
Scratch sheet listing
Pull up stakes, slangily
Pro ___ (in proportion)
Positive response to 'You OK?'
Point a finger at
Plead not guilty to
Place for a dinette set
Piano keys, slangily
Perry who sang 'It's Impossible'
Perch for a ventriloquist's dummy
Penny in a pot, perhaps
PC support pro
Ono of 'Double Fantasy'
Offer through Airbnb
Net profit or loss
Needed liniment
Mystical decks
Muscat's land
Metronome sounds
Many pledge drive gifts
Like Maine Sen. Angus King
Left-leaning GOPer
KP utensils
Klutzy sort
Key above Caps Lock, on a PC
Kate's sitcom pal
It's typed in the ABO system
Island nation near Sicily
Haunted house sounds
Hangs in there
Golden Rule word
Go on a tirade
Give one's two cents' worth
Garr of 'Tootsie'
French naval port
Flinch or blink, e.g
Flapper's neckwear
Evidence of a bite
Emblem on a pole
Easy-to-spread cheese
East ___ (nation since 2002)
Coop female
Cline who sang 'Crazy'
Carved gemstone
Beverage store buy
Beverage 'for two'
Barely detectable amount
Backless shoe
Arrange numerically, say
Alternative to wall-to-wall carpet
Alger who created Ragged Dick
19th ___ (post-round hangout)
'The Biggest Loser' regimen
'Jaws' setting
'8 Mile' rapper

Word on une bouteille de vin
Winter coat
Who wrote 'We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are'
Unembellished type
Toward el sol naciente
Title for Queen Isabella: Abbr
Third-longest river in Africa
Things studied by pogonologists
Spider producer
Smartphone home screen option
Skip the lines, say
Silent dramatic performance, to Brits
See 20-Across
San Francisco's ___ Valley
Rumble in the night
Relative of a skunk
Put away
Position in Quidditch
Picking things up?
Pharma supply
Party animal?
On-line jerks?
Old stars
Number of sides on a loonie
Not thought out
Not paying attention
National beverage of 10-Across
Mushroom added to udon soup
Monopoly token since 2013
Make a difference to
Mace-wielding DC Comics superhero
Lacking dexterity
Kind of cell
It's a matter of taste
High degree of proof?
Good name for a personal trainer?
Get through lines quickly
Expert on the drums?
Enemy captain in 2009's 'Star Trek' film
Eight-year presidencies, e.g
Draft picks?
Double-digit figure?
Dance with strong percussion
Cult follower?
Covers for locks
Colosseum greeting
Collection of favorites, of a sort
Cause of an explosion
Bullet point
Brisk pace
Branching-out points
Bit of Disneyana
Apple field
Actress Ortiz
1966 album ranked #2 on Rolling Stone's '500 Greatest Albums of All Time'
0, for 0 degrees
'You don't have to tell me twice!'
'Now see here …'
'Interested in one of my tickets?'
'Don't worry about me'
'Darn it!'

Youngest sister in 'Little Women'
Yanks' foes
Yank's foe
Video chat choice
Utility bicycle part
Under water
Triangular snack
Travis of country music
Tornado Alley city
Tierney of 'The Affair'
Tic-tac-toe win
Thin down
Theater statuettes
Thailand, once
Tennessee footballer
Tend tots
Talking point?
Take the part of
Support group formed in 1951
Stub info
Stressful event
Some Musee d'Orsay art
Some factory workers
Skiing specialty
Short moments
She played Maude
Selfish hoarders of flood-prevention units?
San Francisco gridder
Rwanda's capital
Routing letters
Ronald and Estee
Rocker Glenn
Red Cross offering
Quiet partner?
Pulitzer-winning novelist Tyler
Proverbial nonlearner
Present period?
Portuguese greeting
Pendulum weight
Opportunity to swing
Open with incredulity
Nitwit's lack
Neither Rep. nor Dem
Morticia's uncle
Mischievous elf
Minnesota's state fish
Meditation goal
Meat accompanier, to a Brit
Many a reggae fan
Makeup artist's advice for glamorous campers?
Loyalty slogan for a metrosexual accessory company?
London covering
Liquid part of blood
Limo window feature
Like some Pride Parade participants
Like a fresh coat
Letters before an alias
Lebanese trees
Knighted John
Kirkuk native
Justice Dept. raiders
Joe of 'NCIS'
Jerry's pursuer
Jazz legend Stan
IV adjusters, often
Ishmael's descendants
Intrepid initials
Indian honorific
IHOP serving
Haughty sort
Hard-rock bridge
Greek vowels
Grade school basics
Gourd-shaped rattle
Go on the hunt
Get stuck, via bequest, with a big talker?
Gershwin musical
Food Network show hosted by a loudmouth?
Fluffy-eared tree dweller
Female hip-hop dancer
Felon's flight
Fail at a comedy club
Email dupes
Electron stream
Ecstasy's opposite
Economic fig
Eats nothing
Discover things?
Diamond's '___ Said'
Dental woe
Crunch targets
Cross pieces
Course for problem solvers
Compass dir
Coming into being
Comeback bid for squishy seating?
Chop ___
Charlotte setting
Campaign components
Busy hosp. areas
Bubbly choice
Bubble tea ingredient
Bill Withers hit of 1972
Bearer of a cost
Assisi's region
Arrests made in flophouses?
Applications for spiky hair
Antifur org
Ant.'s ant
Angelina's raider role
A bunch
'___ Tok' (2010 #1 hit for Kesha)
'___ Go On Singing' (Judy Garland song)
'That makes me happy!'
'Tess' star
'Scorpion' network
'Rockaria!' band
'My guess is…'
'Look at me, ___ helpless…' ('Misty' start)
'It's the ___' ('I've changed')
'13th' director DuVernay
'…in ___ tree'

__ money
Word from Middle French for "light brown"
Without hysteria
Wins big, with "up"
Weed source of pollen for honeybees
Wakefulness indicator on EEGs
Venerable beer brewer
Unbelted attire
Traditional hula-skirt material
Trade in the "Daily Mail"
They're often said with raised hands
They're bound to be refined
Surname that sounds like a newspaper
Super charge
Subjects of much nutritional research
Stubborn pair in a Seuss story
Stop quibbling
Spark good feelings
Southwestern Queso brand
Something seen from Milan
Some external adipose tissue
Sign based on a Herculean labor
Side of a case
Sardine cousin
Roulette table transaction
Rhapsodizes over
Response to a skeptic
Regular in tanks
Postgame report of a sort
Pick up somehow
Particulate collection
Obstetric aide
Not cool
Northern Irish city
No nag
No longer benched
Nebulous rumor source
Mideast capital
Made like trundle beds
Logical gap
Least flashy
Last long
Jelly spread with hors d'oeuvres
Introducer of 1-800-COLLECT
Home to five national parks
Hardboiled novel stock character
Focus of many cities' spring festivals
Fixes (into)
Far from bountiful
Errant, as some drives
Entertaining, often
Device much used in "Huckleberry Finn"
Date-night destinations, perhaps
Conceptual framework
Collar attachment
City where Pasteur was a college dean
Bunches of bees and blackbirds
Billy Graham, by birth
Big name in Lincoln Continental history
Aid offer
Ability to work
43 Down genre
"__ pity scarce can wish it less!": Byron
"The English Patient" nurse
"Orbital battleship" video game
"Ad majorem __ gloriam" (Jesuit motto)

Word with 'firma'
With whiskers
Vampire's bane
Type of staircase
Type of drum
Type of bear
Twitch or tic
Tropical talking bird
Tower in the Bible
Thumbs-down verbal vote
Things that need healing
Things dispersed haphazardly
The Heat's org
Spiritual mentors
Sown over a wide area
Some undergraduate degrees
Some French clergymen
Sesame Street regular
Reddening makeup
Put emphasis on
Played one's part
Plastic ___ Band
Pitcher's foe
Part of a hedge
Parenthetical comments
Opposite of none
Number representing total magazines sold
Not in
Niagara River source
More likely to cause controversy
Many musical chords
Lynx, e.g
Lingerie item
Lily variety
Like a used fire pit
Least tanned
Las Vegas football player
It's loaded with money
Imaginary monster
How some things are noted
Hoped-for proposal word
Gradually decay
Get ___ of (discard)
Easy as 1-2-3
Distributions according to a plan
Dinner for a sow
Didn't lose
Destroys, as books
Currency for an online buyer
CPA's recommendation
Cold geologic period
Clean fish, in a way
Cheap cigar
Cattle group
Card game or tonic complement
Carb-rich Italian fare
Captured, as cattle
Brownish pigments
Breezed through, as a test
Belong naturally
Answer testily
Active start?
'Little Mermaid' of film
'Fear of Flying' author Jong
'Arabian Nights' creature

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