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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.07.2017

Work at it
Two-masted boat
Trains over the street
Tetra- times two
Tarzan player Ron
Steal, for slate: Abbr
Starbucks flavor
Sport for the supersized
Some email attachments
Society page word
Sibilant 'Yo!'
Ship storage areas
Set one's sights on, with 'at'
Send (to) for a second opinion
Root often pickled
Robinson Crusoe, notably
Road incline
River to the Rhine
Reuters, for one
Pioneer Day celebrant
Pindar work
Physicians' org
Periodic pay
Pained cry
Overindulge (someone) at birthday time
Not up to par … or, aptly, what this puzzle's circled letters are
New Age composer
Nessie and Bigfoot, by most accounts
Nabisco snack brand
Music and dance, e.g
Mobster Siegel
Mine, in Metz
Made into a bundle
Longest sentence
Like ogres
Like many floors
Last-ditch gridiron pass
King or Bird
Kate's TV sidekick
Join forces
Ironically, they might be even
Head honcho
Had __: imbibed modestly
Go straight to the top?
Go sour
Get red in the face
Germany's von Bismarck
Freudian focus
Folk's Kingston __
Flynn of film
Egyptian capital
Draft designation
Designation for batteries, bonds or baseball teams
Dept. concerned with rural development
Crumpets companion
Crawling carpenters
Country Style Steak Fries maker
Couch kin
Circular power tool
Charlotte __: creamy dessert
Cattle collection
Bluesy James
Avant-garde jazzman who named himself after an Egyptian god
And so on: Abbr
Aloha State bird
African lake in four countries
'__ we all?'
'Unfaithful' co-star Richard
'So Sick' R&B singer
'So long!'
'I'm Moving On' country singer
'I can't believe it!'

___ Burov, K.G.B. officer on 'The Americans'
Young fellows
Woes on toes
Window-closing key
Wax sculptor Marie
Wanda of 'Snatched'
Very whale-known performer?
Travel edition of a classic board game?
Travel edition of a classic board game?
Travel edition of a classic board game?
Travel edition of a classic board game?
Subjects of a Roswell museum
Songwriters' org
Some cosmetic surgeries, for short
Slangy form of 60-Across
Singer Mann
Rats' places
Quaint commercial suffix
Providing a better grip
Prefix with directional
Place to grab a bite in Mexico
People in an H. G. Wells novella
Peace activist Yoko
Part of the Dept. of Homeland Security
Part of b.p.m
Opposite of caliente
Onetime M&M's color
One's nearest and dearest, informally
One way to fall
One of a dozen in un frigidaire
Not the usual spelling: Abbr
Nonproliferation treaty subjects, informally
Nongay, typically
Neckwear with dress whites
Mrs. Albert Einstein
Mexican money
Many an internet meme
Jar top
It might appear after an etym
Instrument that an orchestra tunes to
Hydrophobic substances
Honorific that becomes another honorific if you reverse its last two letters
Have as a customer
Greet with acclaim
Gift from heaven
Get by
French filmdom
Fails to be
Factory, to its owner, e.g
Done, in Verdun
Crawl (along)
Cooking class?
Consciously join
Channel 2?
Boudoir wear
Boing, for a spring
Barbecue serving
Badly injures
Attire for a Druid
Atlanta-based health org
At a distance
'___, I'm so scared! (not really)'
'Sad is my lot!'
'I'm ___' ('Whatever you suggest')

With 9-Down, certain doorbell ringer
Wise up
Westernmost American territory
Vase with a base
Unreturnable shot
Turn-of-the-century style
Trade show presentation
Throws in
Take five
Suffix with cigar
Spoil, maybe
Shake insert
Series components
See 12-Down
Savannah's 'Today' co-host
Rx writers
Rock's Cobain
Read quickly
Partnership, slangily
Online shopping icon
Nose-thumbing gesture
Niger neighbor
Nick of 'Lorenzo's Oil'
Mentioned earlier on the page
Loses it
Like a proverbial calf
Like a neat lawn
Like a 58-Across
Legendary sea monster
Jersey call
Jack Worthing's pseudonym in a Wilde play
It may be fake
Invites for dinner, perhaps
International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee
Intentionally ignorant of
Handful, maybe
Green Hornet's sidekick
Great work
Genre for G-Unit
Genesis brother
Genesis brother
Founder of Stoicism
Flying start?
Firefighter's tool
Edge on a highway, e.g
Early 20th-century style
Drive nuts
Dream state acronym
Dominate, informally
City southeast of Lake Titicaca
CFO, e.g
Capital VIP, and a clue to what's hidden in three letters in each starred answer
Cap's partner
Bygone days
Bit of info
Apple or pear
American assignment
A pop
2014 TV retiree
1976 horror film with three sequels and a 2006 remake
*Pedal-to-the-metal sort
*Montana's 16, e.g
*Intimidating look
*Generous bar order
'Town Called Malice' punk rockers
'Don't think so'

___ Park (L.A. neighborhood)
WWII prison camp
What a polygraph will disclose
Watermelon-hitting-pavement sound
Walesa of Poland
Very gradual
Verb sometimes with 'thou'
Type of violin stroke
Type of bargain
Total creep
Toss about, as seeds
Three clean words
Three clean words
Things a world apart?
The loneliest number
The big blue
That alternative?
Talks like a stereotypical gangster
Sound of a heavy sitting
Some gems
Some angles
Smart-alecky know-it-all
Skirts of the South Pacific
Sing one's praises
Showroom sample
Show affection, in a way
Scream from a pirate?
Santa's helper
Risque or titillating
Resolute about
Really long?
Pub kin
Prefix with 'China'
Port in Brazil
Plane reservation
Place for two peas?
Piece of cake
Perched upon
Part of a spreadsheet
Painting style that teases the eyeballs
On the 20-Across
Maze creatures
Mayberry's heavy drinker
Margin of freedom or space
Mandolin relatives, briefly
Mail org
Like the most effective knife
Large flightless bird
Knight's address
It can be shot on a range
Hole card, sometimes
Hawaiian shindig
Have on
Former Communist country
Fashionable Calvin
El ___ (Spanish artist)
Drug cop, briefly
Doily material
Divisions of joules
Creditor's legal claims
Condensed, memorable saying
Cheer sound
Challenge for a speech coach
Carvey or Delany
Brief rounds?
Behind everyone else
Be a good recycler
Ballpark figs.?
'___ number one!'
'___ better believe it!'
'Clean' phrase and word

___ culpa
Zener cards test for it
XING users
Whitman of 'Parenthood'
Where Coach K coaches
What Leary tripped on
Wax's opposite
Used a whetstone on
Two-syllable metric feet
Twist the arm of
Treated with Clairol
Tilter's wear
Thrifty fast-food order
Threw wildly, say
Third or nth follower
The last word?
Tex-Mex treat
Team for whom Rose was player-manager
Surveyor's calculation
Stooge before and after Curly
Steam up
Spherical 'do
Spear carriers' milieux
Some dress shoes
Shade of green
Raconteur's offering
Propelled, as a punt
Preceder of peace talks, often
Place constraints on a year-end worker at Arizona State?
Pilates target
Opponent in Risk or Stratego
Online broker since 1991
Not very many
Not booked
Neuwirth of 'Frasier'
Mark's successor
Many univ. lab instructors
Many '-ite' minerals
Major maker of ammunition
Luxury hotel chain
Lowest prime
Like the ibis, in ancient Egypt
Like some signature lines
KP implement
It may show a break
It may be drawn in the evening
Instrument played by Orpheus
Homie's home turf
Head start, e.g
Gridiron 'Pick 6' results (Abbr.)
Govt. fiscal agency
Fuller's geodesic creation
Fiber source from 'The Godfather' actor's product line?
Done to death
Dominate, in sports lingo
Decorated in terra cotta, say
Commodore Perry victory site
Choice word
Cathedral recess
Carrier for an OPEC bistro menu?
Cafeteria stack
Bulldog on a Mack truck, e.g
Bossy remark?
Bit of potpourri
Bee or tea
Bar pickups
Available without an Rx
Assent at sea
Angst-filled music genre
Alternatives to sunroofs
Ab ___ (from the start)
'___-haw!' (rodeo yell)
'The Blue Danube' composer
'God' singer Tori

__ Baba
Would-be lawyers' hurdles
Wolf Blitzer's channel
Witch's spell
What dressing might top
What a wife may be called
Weekly program
Water parted in Exodus
Voice-mail sound
TV aerials of old
Triumphant shout
Toward the stern
Totally confused
Topping for 26 Down
Taken __ (surprised)
Suffix for consist
Strong point
Spiny houseplant
Source of solar energy
Snake charmer's snake
Shredded cabbage
Short-tailed wildcat
Scandinavian capital
Say "no" to
Salary limits
S&L device
Roof timber
Ranch beasts
Put on apparel
Prepares to be knighted
Preoccupy greatly
Passports, for example
Park orator's platform
Mongolian desert
Mineral deposit
Mexican fast food
Medicine-testing agcy
Large coffee brewer
Ivy League school in Philly
Import tax
Husbands and wives
Houston baseballers
Hound's trail
Historical period
High-ranking naval personnel
Hairdresser's shop
Greek cheeses
Golf reservation
Gain access to the Web
Frigidaire rival
Fragrant fir tree
Fashion designer Christian
Every last one
Dole out
Diarist Frank
Creative pursuits
Composer Johann Sebastian
Clear the board
Cathedral topper
Casual shirts
Castaway's dwelling
Canine comment
Big family
Be a nag
Baseball great Ripken
Bahamian capital
Arctic dome home
Actor Baldwin
"In other words . . ."
"Hey, you!"

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