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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 05.05.2017

__ name
Writing a 'Dear John' letter, say
Wrinkly hybrid
Without a sound
Upbringing involving unhip oldies?
Typically five-armed marine invertebrates
Try to strike
Track runner
Suffix for 'leader'
Suffered from neglect, in a way
Stopped to think
Slowly exuded
Sleazy gaze
Sitcom character who dated baseball's Keith Hernandez
She played Mia in 'Pulp Fiction'
See 5-Down
Reserved box, maybe
Part of a dazzling duo?
Muse of memory
Milwaukee schoolteacher who went on to lead Israel
Lose focus, with 'out'
Locks removed at night?
Limo destination
Land of Freud: Abbr
L.A. or N.Y. publishing equipment?
Jazz improvisations
It's quite a mess
It's little when it's white
It requires a 24-Across
It doesn't add up … except as a hint to 17-, 25-, 37- and 49-Across
Insert neighbor, on PCs
Ike, in the '50s
Hood of folklore
Historic name in India
Hightail it
Hardly hale
Go whole hog on Thanksgiving
Fundraising sch. group
Franciscan leader?
Flush, in Tijuana
First female attorney general
Figs. that are never intentionally reused
Fester, e.g
Feminine article in Italy
Eyelike openings
Enter furtively
Ending for many schools
Egyptian sky god
Eclair filling
Do quite well
Destructive algal bloom
DC-to-AC electronic device
Cue from the wings?
Cheeky tykes
Bizarre entr'acte?
Biblical collection
Beatle for two years
Animal in una arena
Accord, for one
A or B, for the record
'Open wide!'
'Millennium' trilogy author Larsson
'It's go time' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-5-2017#sthash.BdWGJc7v.dpuf

___ soup
___ boots
World's oldest currency still in use
Word of agreement that sounds like a pronoun
Withdraws, with 'out'
Who said 'I'm so mean I make medicine sick'
White notes in Monopoly
Title role for Bryan Cranston in a 2015 biopic
Things that take guts?
Things mailed without a label?
They meet at a summit
Surname of TV's 'Hot Lips'
Substance used in Egyptian mummification
Squad cmdr
Song whose opening lyric translates to 'What a beautiful thing is a sunny day'
Shut out
Seven ___ (Civil War battle site)
Sea that Homer called 'wine-dark'
Scoopers for taramasalata
Ruler's role
Road map abbr
River bisecting Orsk
Restless sort
Reports of gunfire?
Radisson rival
Pole topper
Performing for an audience
Part of an armada
Opportunity's on it
Neologism coined by Cole Porter
Musical group with 'energy domes'
Missionaries' targets
Make a hash of
Lively wit
LeBron James, by birth
Lay-by : England :: ___ : America
Instructions on where to go?
Grate catches?
Golf cart foursome
Gefilte fish option
France's patron saint
Follows the game?
Firth of 'The King's Speech'
End of a cause?
Emancipation proclamation
Earthworm trappers
Early automotive pioneer
De facto
Crown cover
Conversation piece?
Cathedral feature
Cantina offerings
Banded metamorphic rock
Agricultural outfit
1962 Organization of American States expellee
'She understands her business better than we do,' per Montaigne
'No need to trouble yourself' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-5-2017#sthash.IQtPEtug.dpuf

___ tube (TV set, in slang)
Wrinkly skinned fruit
Work shifts or tours of duty
Words you sing
Word with 'covert' or 'photo'
Why the world is not all good
Weekend warriors
Was a big drinker?
Volcanic discharge
Vital part of a sting operation?
Vehicle in 'Call of the Wild'
Type of cash in a business
Time to hit the coffin, for a vampire
Throw a party
Thought process in which ideas suggest other ideas
Strategic success
Sound from a certain house pet
Some dinner meats
Some Asian sauces
Ski lodge beverage
Shop power cutter
Sentry stations
Romantic bloom
Pupil's location
Proofer's notation remark
Praying father
Port of Yemen
Popular cookie brand
Operate with a beam
Opera highlight
Much more patriotic
Longish English assignment
Letters of pressure on tires
Latin list shortener
John with the tractors
How a bug might settle into a rug?
Homer's war epic
Hole-punching tool
Hog, as a landline phone
Has birthday after birthday
Fit of annoyance
First set of wheels, often
Famous boat builder
Faint from joy
Extremely attractive one, per Donna Summer
English church land
Emulate a lion
Elevator man
Drop that's sorrowful
Door's swinger
Disgusted and not taking it anymore
Curvaceous thing on Superman
Consecutive executions of computer programs
Common test answer
Chimney duct
Captain's 'to the left'
Butter units
Boy in the family
Black-and-white sea creatures
Beast like Shrek
Be the subject of a 'fail' video
Bad thing to give away in a theater
As such
Anglers' gear
Angler's account
Adlai's 1956 running mate
A form of 'goodbye'
'The Three Tenors,' obviously
'The Fresh Prince of ___-Air'
'Snowy' bird
'Oui' and 'si,' for two
'I couldn't care less' feeling
'For Your Eyes ___' (James Bond film) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-5-2017#sthash.gnh33EfH.dpuf

___ of Christ (the pope)
Wife of Ned Flanders, on 'The Simpsons'
Wield great influence
Whirlpool subsidiary
Where the buffalo roam, in song
What 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 33-Down are each 'bundled up' in
Upheavals that result in juntas
Tuna sold by StarKist
Tramp's attire
Trace of color
They're first, in a phrase
Texter's 'I think'
Symbol of immunity, on 'Survivor'
Suggested subtly
Submit, as an application
Striker's bane
Stone ___ (cavemen)
Stamp out
Spot for a dozing cat, maybe
South Seas wraps
Serve from a tap
Rubbernecker's look
Roll-call call
Roberts in the Romance Writers Hall of Fame
River of Leeds
Response to a punch, in comics
Predominant language in Miami
Pre-dinner twinge, perhaps
Operates a seeder
Nile Valley menace
Muffin option
Much of North Africa
Mountain goat's perch
Mounds made by workers
More shrewd
Miles per gallon, e.g
Medieval war clubs
Many Eng. degrees
Line dancer's topper
Like the runt of the litter
Like a stick-in-the-mud
Keeps out of harm's way
Itinerary word
Invoice line
In seclusion
Have a bug
Hand-wringer's word
Grub or maggot
Go-go dancers' skirts
Gate hardware item
From square one
Fear-induced reaction
Europe's most active volcano
Driller's paydirt
Does a slow burn
Diva's chance to shine
Deliver a keynote, say
Danger signal
Cry from a crib
Creme's place, in an Oreo
Cheerleading routine
Center of local government
Campbell's unit
Brief time, briefly
Border-crossing card, e.g
Beauty marks
Be dishonest with
Bavaria-based carmaker
Bank statement no
Bachelor's last words
Awaiting scheduling, briefly
Alan of 'The Blacklist'
Affectionate sound
'Who'll volunteer?'
'Walking in Memphis' singer Marc
'Not to mention . . .'
'LA Ink' creations, for short – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-5-2017#sthash.xNFkMdVc.dpuf

Wright brothers' home
What a podiatrist may analyze
Wear down
Voice of Gill in "Finding Dory"
Ultimate source
Two-time Triple Crown jockey
Talk the talk
Sports equipment
Southern side dish
Some polos
Solitaire stone
Slightly improper
Site serving stacks
Shorter than a maxi
Sharp comment
Shape of many a 58 Down
Seller of American Eagles
Sambuca relative
Ritz Cracker alternative
Ringo's All-__ Band
Result of nuking a Nestlé
Regulatory honcho
Postproduction VIP
Polliwog's home
Pest in some swarms
Metered service: Abbr
Magic charm
Luau fare
Looney Tunes regular
London-born singing star
Lemmon, in "The Odd Couple"
LBJ in-law
King Salman subject
It means "same"
Iowa senator Ernst
Invite in, perhaps
Improve, as skills
Illegal-sounding perfume
Gym bag
Guy who worked for Ness
Gives a nickname to
Giant of the Reformation
Former German film maker
Firmly fixed
Finch creator
Extracted, as sap
Emoción romántica
Emeritus: Abbr
DKNY rival
Craft financed by Ferdinand
Clinique seller
Cabs' competitors
British sculptor
Bring up to speed
Both Begleys
Block-removing game
Begin a mutiny
Be discontented
Barstool descriptor
Arduous activity
Algerian port
African source of "gumbo"
Adriatic port
100 centavos
"Picnic" playwright
"Jabberwocky" creatures
"It ain't over . . ." opiner

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