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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.08.2017

__ spring
Why St. Peter owns darning needles?
What a shepherd sees after a snowstorm?
Verne voyager
Straighten, as one's legs
Speed meas
Southeast Asian tongue
Sol preceder
Red-coated security force: Abbr
Put up
Projecting architectural features
Prefix in makeup product names
Pointer's cry
Pharmacist's concern
Perfumer's ingredient
Peanut product
Paramecium movers
Org. concerned with ladder safety
Old Roman poet
O or Jay
Not as good-looking?
Naturally lit indoor spaces
Museum of Home Security exhibits?
Move it, quaintly
Minimalist beachwear
McDonald's founder
Like a motormouth
It's in the bag
High point of Hillary's career
GPS datum
Gives the heave-ho
Get to work, with 'down'
Future D.A.'s hurdle
Frigga portrayer in 'Thor'
Fresno-to-L.A. dir
Fraser or Douglas
Feel sorry about
Enjoy deeply
Diplomacy result
Diet doctor
Didn't rise
Devonshire dandy
Dental procedure, for short
CV inclusion
Cutlass, e.g
Controversial political cartoonist
Consumer reactions to big price hikes for brownies?
Conquistador's treasure
Composer Stravinsky
Comics villain since 1940
Coastal raptors
City on the Ruhr
Capital NE of Bogotá
Campus hangout
Bit of suspended decoration
Big hat
Author Calvino
Appreciative cry
Ancient prophet
Actor Idris __
'__ bodkins!': old oath
'Things are never quite as scary when you've got __ friend': Bill Watterson
'The Raven' verb
'Take this'
'Once more __ the breach': Shak
'Now it's clear!'
'Not possible'
'Chopped' array
'Born Free' lioness
'An ill-defined and disreputable literary banana republic': Stephen King
'Ah, Wilderness!' mother

___ number
Who said 'All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl'
White of the eye
White Cloud competitor
What fish or chicken can be, but not turkey
They're light-years away
The ___ School (Manhattan dance institution)
The N.I.H. is based in it
Teammate of Hammerin' Hank in 22 All-Star Games, with 'the'
Sour, fermented milk drink
Some undergrad degs
Some old fire trucks
Quaint evening reading material
Point guard, e.g
Playground rejoinder
Plans nefariously
Object of a scout's search
Nova Scotia's Grand ___ National Historic Site
N.Y.C. racetrack, informally
Modern travelers' marketplace
Many a sub
Maker of the iComfort line
Low-level computer work
Love letters
Longtime TV procedural
Like pawns and puppets
Like many indie films
Like ingrates
Labor market short on long-term work
It appears at the top of a page
Horse or gazelle, at times
Historic 'restructuring'
Gunn of 'Breaking Bad'
Grp. with the 1976 platinum album 'A New World Record'
Go crazy with, in a way
Food figs
Fendi rival
Ellipsis alternative, maybe
Eliciting a 'meh'
Datum for a secy
City near Pyramid Lake
Chinese tennis star who has won both the French and Australian Opens
Cantatrice's delivery
C.F.O., e.g
Brooklyn art institute
Bone involved in pronation
Bass part
Band featured in the mockumentary 'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle'
Autocrat known as 'the Liberator'
At attention
Ahead of, old-style
3-year-old in 2015 sports news
'___ do'
'The Daily Show' correspondent Chieng
'That's a shocker'
'Modern Family' rating
'Burnt Norton' poet

Zambian neighbors
Writing implement
Words of acceptance
When Mr. Boone daydreams, he is ..
Valuable heart
Unpleasant responsibility
The stringed instruments Mr. Boone plays are ..
Table tennis obstacle
Stop color
Some military groups
Some facial beauty marks
Quick nosh
Prior to, of old poetry
Prevent the occurrence of
Oslo native
One of the Seven Dwarfs
On Halloween, Mr. Boone enjoys eating..
Old horse
Numbers for a home
Not of sound mind
Not forthcoming
Nostalgic tune
Mr. Boone's favorite ice cream flavor is..
Mr. Boone calls egging his neighbor's house ..
More critical or pressing
Member of a wind quartet
Mafia heads
Loaf about
Literary collection
Like some angles
Like many air fresheners
Like a desert
Jump the tracks
Judo shops
Japanese currency
Imam's holy book
Home of Christ the Redeemer, briefly
Home of a famous boys choir
Historical period
Hill of Loch Lomond
Heavy British weight
Hard to see clearly
Goody two-shoes
God of love
Goatlike antelope
Give it a go
Get older
Free of
Floral neckwear
Fertilizer source
Feisty verbal comebacks
Euphoric way to walk
Endings for 'West'
Donkey or burro relative
Description for Abner
Delicious dishes
Dazzling success
Cast off from one's body
Cara famous for 'Fame'
Came closer to
Bridal shop offering
Black-and-white cookies
Bird that said 'Nevermore'
Bendable joint
Beans rich in proteins (var.)
Beach, in Baja
Attach again, as a brooch
Aspiring doctors
Animal park
'___ in turkey' (elementary lesson)
'___ complicated'
'The ___ Book' (Medieval land survey)

___ Sea (shrinking body of water)
___ avis (unusual sort)
Yoked pair
x or y, in plane geometry
Word before club or mail
Wired on caffeine, perhaps
Windshield option
Wild party
Victim of the Pied Piper
Vertical segment of a spreadsheet
Treats like dirt
Texter's 'That's hilarious!'
Tear into pieces
Swishes and airballs miss this
Swahili term of respect
Supernova remnant in Taurus
Styptic stuff
Styled after
Sniper's outfit, for short
Site of two Alan Shepard golf shots in 1971
Seller of Billy bookcases
Select, with 'for'
Rotary phone part
Rank below Lt. Col
Raggedy doll
Raggedy doll
Put down, slangily
Priests, ministers et al
Pile high
Pickling need
Pasta recipe direction
Parcel, with 'out'
Online mortgage, e.g
One with a forked tongue, so to speak
Nuclear energy source
Not tricked by
Nation seeking territorial expansion
Much binary code
Mixer with rum
Luau souvenirs
Lord High Everything ___
Like messed-up mascara, say
Kix or Trix
Ibsen's 'Hedda ___'
Homer king before Bonds
Hieroglyphics bird
Handler of 'Sex and the City'
Guys' partners at square dances
Gridiron penalty indicator
Grant money, essentially
German city on the Danube
Garment for the 22-Across
Election Day list
Doing a takeoff on
Devil's designer label, in a 2006 movie
Dentist's front-lawn display, perhaps
D.C. lobby orgs
Creator of Lilliputians and Yahoos
Composer Blake
Common guard dog breed
Cause to lose heart
Broadway 'Auntie'
BOGOF event
Boggy area
BMOC's, CEO's et al
Big bash
Bhutan's locale
Babe in the woods
Area of London or Manhattan
Aquafina competitor
A Deadly Sin
2012 Ang Lee survival drama
(see other side)
'Rocky III' villain Clubber
'Less filling' beer brand

Works for two
Whom Homer has often "borrowed" stuff from
Where Cervantes wrote "Don Quixote"
Watery lowland
Unenviable mark
Trusted advisors
Trash bag accessory
The "Over There" era
Synonym of "crack"; antonym of "hack"
Speaker before Boehner
Some arteries
Short Shakespearean quote
San Diego to Crescent City
Samsung's headquarters
Road-trip observance
Poetic adverb
Place to walk
Piano string
Person in learning mode
Outbursts of energy
Only speaker in "Silent Movie"
Nothing at all
Northwest Oregon city
Nonstandard dialect
Newly silent, perhaps
Mardi Gras city's Amtrak code
Maine to Florida
Look for
Less-than-fast pace
Ken Jennings' book on trivia buffs
Keep going
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, etc
Inched up on
Head covering
GPS reading
Got a feeling
Give as a bonus
Frequent whistle blower
Former forensic franchise
First sign
Filled with disdain
Excise surgically
Esposas de España
Engraving instrument
Eighth of a cup
Cuisine with green curry
Component of crude
Cause friction
Bovine mouthful
Begin impulsively
Barcode scanner part
Arab League member
Apt rhyme for "secure"
Approaches perfection
Analogous nature
Alpaca herder of yore
Advance one's career
"Sopranos" restaurateur
"If there's no other choice"
"Icy" expressions

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