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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.07.2017

__ sanctum
__ Park: San Diego Padres' home
Waste maker, per a proverb
Vodka brand with flying birds on the bottle
Tristan's beloved
Take the plunge, in a way
Symbol of absolute rule
Suffix with percent or project
Subscription period
Sports data
Small plateaus
Shape, as dough
Second rock from the sun
Schoolyard playtime
Santa __, Calif
Rocket, for one
Road Runner's pursuer
Rearward, on board
Racing bike
One whose star has faded
One 'there on the sand,' in a 1974 hit by The First Class
On the water
Olive product
Nepal neighbor
Muse of comedy
Mrs., to Claude
Movie SFX
Midnight rider Paul
Man-mouse connector
Maker of the first electric sports car
Link with
Learn about
Latched (onto)
L.A. Galaxy's org
Journalist Huffington
Jazz great Shaw
Jason of 'How I Met Your Mother'
Jar Jar Binks' planet
Irish playwright Sean
Illegal, like movies on file-sharing sites
Hawaiian-style pizza topping
Hawaiian veranda
Has a bite
Half a dance
Groucho's smoke
Fight ender, briefly
Fat meas
Dress fancily, with 'up'
Dol. parts
Dodge City's state
Disagree … or, literally, what the last words of 18-, 23-, 35-, and 49-Across can be
Dallas home of the NCAA's Mustangs
Crowd noises
Covered decoratively, as walls
Complex patterns
Comm. for the hearing-impaired
Cell reception aid
Barrister's practice
Art exhibition site
Apt 'it's' anagram
Aid in crime
Actress Dickinson
A Musketeer
7 Series automaker
'__ Breaky Heart'
'Water Lilies' painter Claude
'Pop goes' critters
'Piece of cake'
'No more seats' Broadway sign
'Melrose __'
'Let 'er __!': 'Fire away!'
'It seems to me … '
'Is that __?': 'No kidding?'

___ Mahal
___ Grey tea
___ code (discount provider)
Works hard
White-plumed marsh dweller
What the beginnings of 17-, 25-, 40- and 52-Across are each a fourth of, phonetically
Very loud
Tough job for a dry cleaner
Title bootlegger in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel
Thumbs-down responses
The Hindu 'Ramayana' and others
The Great Tempter
Tennis star nicknamed 'The King of Clay'
Stage, as a play
Song for a coloratura
Skirt that stops at the ankles
Sends unwanted email
São ___ and Príncipe
Russian for 'peace'
Real beauty
Quaker pronoun
Printing cartridge
President, at times
President who launched the war on drugs
Popular sneakers
Pet welfare org
Persian leader
Pastoral verse
Org. that gives out Image Awards and Spingarn Medals
Ore stratum
Ones jumping up Down Under, for short
Model with the most Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition covers
London football club nicknamed 'The Gunners'
Land celebrated on March 17
Justice Gorsuch
Jane who falls for Edward Rochester
Its first flight went from Geneva to Tel Aviv
In addition
Highchair surface
Hairstyle that might have a lot of spray
Gardening tool
Fry in a small amount of fat
Firefighter's tool
Fancy stone
Édouard who painted 'Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe'
Drops a few G's, say?
Directional word, for short
Curving billiards shot
Crawling, say
Covering for leftovers
Country singer Tillis
Common ingredient in pasta sauce
Chopper in the Vietnam War
Cheese from cow's milk
Captain's record
Big name in camera film
Big bang letters
Backwoods sort
Attempt to copy
Appears to be
Anago, at a sushi restaurant
Amusement park water ride
'What's the use?'
'Julius Caesar' costume
'I'm here, too'
'Calm down!'

___ of Avon (Shakespeare)
Wriggling fish
Word with 'letter' or 'can'
Word of fake innocence
White lie
Wet, weatherwise
Weirdly remarkable
Voice in a singing trio
Valuable violin, briefly
Unleash the waterworks
Topic du ___
To Mr. Franklin, the adult population consists of ..
They're groovy in carpentry
The religion Mr. Franklin founded is ..
The position Mr. Franklin plays in baseball is ..
Tennis great Chris and family
Surpass in cleverness
Starsky's TV partner
Springing up
Shipping container
Russo of films
Regular visitor
Psychology 101 topic
President William McKinley's wife
Possible nickname for America's bird?
Partner of 'neither'
Palindromic time of day
Oslo native
One way to get a business contract
One of the deadly sins
One just twiddling his thumbs
Not quite love
Not ill
New Mexico-to-Maine dir
Mr.'s complement
Mr. Franklin matches his jeans with a ..
Miscalculate, e.g
Michael or Monte of sports legend
Lower in rank
In a matter-of-fact way
Huge Midwest airport
Horn material
Good-sized land unit
Furthest point from Omega
Former Spanish coin
Fodder for the paparazzi
Engagement item
Deli creation
Cooked in hot water
Concert venue
Common title word
Common household chore
Comic Bruce
Comfort or console
Colorado skiing site
Charming in a naive way
Certain Ivy League inst
Celery by another name
Cash dispenser
Carriage puller
Call off a spaceflight
Bikini part
Big name in sports gaming
Big Aussie bird
Beer maker, e.g
Attachment to 'kid' and 'cat'
Adult insect
Absolutely detest
'___ your head!'
'___ Mia!' (Abba musical)
'To ___ his own'
'Oh, incidentally …'
'And now, without further ___'

Y-sporting collegian
Wrapped up
Where a rubber duck might ice skate?
Variety of squash
Treat like a pariah
Superman, to Reeve or Reeves
Succeed big-time
Stumbles over
Street fleet
Sotheby's offering
Song of lament
Some splinter groups
Series with Lea Michele
Screeners at JFK
Sci-fi phaser setting
Redcap or skycap, at times
Quidditch, to Harry Potter
Put into solitary, say
Prison that never changes?
Portfolio holding, for short
Pitch the first inning
Pearl Jam's genre
Participants in soft-drink 'wars'
Parker or Cross
Papal bull, e.g
Origami bird
Needs a bath badly
Natural, as lighting
Mrs. Andy Capp
Moved stealthily
Morley of '60 Minutes'
Modify to fit
Miner's or guitarist's need
Marshmallow chick or bunny
Like physicals, for many
Like krypton or radon
Lacking a tenant
Kleenex layers
JPEG and GIF files, e.g
Issue that one may 49-Down
Invites to dinner, say
In the style of
In pieces
Harder to climb, perhaps
Game with colorful cards
Fitbit calculation
Fit of pique
Filly, in time
Favorable trend on Wall Street
Fast-food menu option
Dressed to kill
Downing Street VIPs
Discovered by chance
Depress, with 'out'
Davis of 'Jungle Fever'
Cryptographer's aid
Commotion at a precinct house?
Capital on the Gulf of Guinea
Bronze medalist's place
BP merger partner
Bovine flirtation?
Bond player after Connery
Biopic about Ritchie Valens
Alibi, perhaps
Aesopian finale
Adherent's suffix
A dress size smaller, maybe
A Bobbsey twin
'___ too shabby!'
'___ to Joy'
'___ Buttermilk Sky'
'Hunger Games' field of battle
'Have some'
'For shame!'
'Draft Dodger Rag' singer Phil
'Animal Farm' animal
'Aladdin' prince
'. . . and children of all ___!'

__ and void (no longer valid)
__ and aahed
Written promise to pay
Winter coaster
Windowpane sealer
Whitish gem
Weed-removal implement
Wallpaper adhesive
Typical fire engine color
Two-__ paper towels
Triple-decker cookie
Tiny land in the sea
Swiss peak
Sow's newborn
Shape of home plate
Sgt., for example
School kid transportation
Sch. near Beverly Hills
Rugged rock
Produce again
President pro __
Place to park
Pet welfare org
Participate in an auction
Open space
Occupies the throne
Nickname for a physician
Musician's engagement
Much sought-after
Like a twinkly night sky
Kurt who wrote "Cat's Cradle"
Israeli airline
Hosting a show
Hold spellbound
Highest poker card
Hammer's target
Guys on honeymoons
Great disruption
Give comfort to
Fruit of an oak
France's capital, humorously
Flying mammal
First full mo. of spring
Film players before DVDs
Feels sore
Extra payment
Down and out
Double-curve letter
Declines to consent
County fair game with air rifles
County fair game with a scale
County fair game with a mallet
Cork-removal sound
Complete collection
Clog, as a drain
Choose, with "for"
Cereal holder
Cake frosting
Butter portions
Belly muscles
Aviation prefix
Attentive treatment, for short
Acted like
"Steady as __ goes"
"Now it's clear"

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