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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 04.06.2017

__ Rabbit
__ port
__ Peninsula
__ button
Writing implement company's expansion into jewelry?
Work out
Work newbie
Word before wave or pool
Woody's boy
What goes around
Went snooping
Wee one
Victimized by bad spelling?
Unrelenting annoyance
Unlike spring chickens?
U.S. Army rank qualifier
Trip provider
Tribute in verse
Tijuana restaurant staples
Thurman of film
They often have quotas
Target, for one
T. __
Supermodel Sastre
Studio amendment
Story line
Stereotypical pocket protector wearers
Stella __ cookies
Slurred in pronunciation
Singer Horne
Shelley's Muse
Shell lining
Sends a fly flying
Selling spot in Sparta
Second-easternmost U.S. state capital
Sea cow
Saint Kitts' island partner
Route shower
Rouse to action
Rooms in a casa
Respond to defamation, say
Repeat annoyingly
Racy message
Prosecutor's field
Prefix with -pus
Political group
Piece maker
Party gifts
Part of TGIF
Pack away
One usually crouching
One of two zygote producers
Older Obama daughter
Nice summers
NATO, for one
Museum pieces
Move periodically
Montevideo Mrs
Milk container
Mil. address
Metric wts
Med. diagnostic procedure
Many an Omani
Louvre displays
Like some twins
Like car carburetors, for the most part
Latin trio part
Lamb by another name
Kitchen supplies company's expansion into security?
Jewelry company's expansion into fishing for delicacies?
It may quash dreams of a musical career
Iraq's main port
Icy coating
Holding area
Him, to Henri
High grounds
Heroine in the 'Divergent' films
Held to account
Gothic novel pioneer Radcliffe
Fore relative?
Forbes competitor
Final financials
Figure (out)
Farm sound
Fan sounds
Emphatic type: Abbr
Ed's title
Drink container company's expansion into bakery products?
Draft category
Down with, in Dunkirk
Dizzy's jazz
Cosmo competitor
Corkscrews, essentially
Comic book artist
Co. that merged into Verizon
Clergy abode
Cleaning products company's expansion into arena seating?
Classical start
Castro, for one
Candy company's expansion into exercise equipment?
Byron's 'before'
Bud in Baja
Bucky Beaver's toothpaste
Broadcast format: Abbr
Brief time pd
Bodega patron
Blue map area
Behavioral oddity
Beatle Paul's title
Be in a red state?
Ballpark rallying cry based on a 1950s hit
Automaker's expansion into music?
Ancient Syrian trade center
Anaphylaxis treatment
Air-escape sound
Agree to, in a way
Actress Suvari
'__ You Babe': 1965 #1 hit
'__ Called Wanda'
'The Purple People Eater' singer Wooley
'SNL' parody Baba __
'Route 66' co-star
'How silly __!'
'Family' actress Thompson
'Are you __ out?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-4-2017#sthash.wbzKTzS3.dpuf

___ group (structure found in proteins)
___ Day (June event, informally)
Yearn for
Writing tip #7
Writing tip #6
Writing tip #5
Writing tip #4
Writing tip #3
Writing tip #2
Writing tip #1
Where to find some very wet sponges
When repeated, an old sitcom catchphrase
What fan fiction is not
W.W. II danger
Visibly awed
Vice President John ___ Garner
Up to
Unruly hair, metaphorically
Unlike the wind
Turn on
Train part
They go from town to town: Abbr
That, in Tijuana
Templeton from 'Charlotte's Web,' e.g
Syria's Bashar al-___
Stroke of luck?
Stayed on the shelf
Something tacky to hang on the wall?
Shoot the breeze
Santa ___, Calif
RR stop
Ron of the Dodgers
Romance writer Roberts
Ring bearers, maybe
Restaurant chain with a flag in its logo
Relating to an eye layer
Relating to a major vessel
Refuse to talk, with 'up'
Prefix with liberal
Poem of homage
Plant anew
Person of note?
Peace signs
Patella site
One not acting alone
Old English letter
Not needing a cane, say
Much of W.Va
Military stints
Mike's confectionery partner
Make suitable for indoors, as a plant
Lo ___
Literally, 'great O'
Like William Carlos Williams's wheelbarrow
Like the movies 'Brian's Song' and 'Sharknado'
Like some audiobooks
Like a good proof
Less watertight
Leave in
Lead-in to guess or game
Large Hadron Collider org
Knocked to the ground
Knights' needs
Jungian inner self
Jacob's twin
It's mined, all mined!
It uses the PageRank algorithm
It 'knits up the ravell'd sleave of care,' per Macbeth
Homework lover, maybe
Home of Ithaca, Athens and Olympia
Hoity-toity sort
Hexagonal state
Graph parts
Got up there
Gosling of 'La La Land'
Goes in
Gives in confidence
Give the ax
German auto co
Gently towel
Flew off the handle
Fee-free spot, briefly
Energetic pooch
Ed.'s request
Early days
Dungeons & Dragons piece
Drawing tool
Digitize, in a way
Cylinder-shaped pasta
Course part
Conveyor part
Contractor's guidelines
Conductance quantities
Composer of many patriotic tunes
Classic camera brand
Character that goes 'waka, waka, waka …'
Cell parts
Cape ___
Bring in
Bounce along, in a way
Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, informally
Bill Clinton or Barack Obama
Bi- and bi-?
Became adept in
Band aids
Balneotherapy site
Atop, poetically
Anticipatory days
Andean tuber
Actress Peeples
Ackbar's rank, in 'Star Wars' films
4,840 square yards
2005, to Cato
1983 Michael Keaton title role
'Me neither,' formally
'Makes sense'
'17 and '18 – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-4-2017#sthash.svanlDkh.dpuf

Whine and whimper
Vital things in fertility labs
Unkind and nasty, as a remark
Turned sharply
Train-catching place
Throws a party for
Throw away (with 'of')
Theater line?
The fronts of pigs' trains will feature..
Swimming attire
Summoned the presence of
Stovetop appliance
Snack between meals
Sippy-cup sippers
Short closing passages (var.)
Sheepshank, granny or half-hitch
Senseless and ridiculous
Runs competitively
Roast item
Rightmost sundial figure
Relative term?
Ratchet wheel's hinged catches
Printer's need
Politely remove, as a hat
Platforms for public speakers
Places where embryos develop
Place for linens
Pigs' pianos will be adjusted with ..
Pigs toast marshmallows over a ..
Pig bluffers play their hands ..
Pharmaceuticals overseer
Ox-connecting collars
One of a baker's dozen?
New England catch
New Delhi princess
Multi-speaker systems
Mountain lion shade
Mountain feature, often
Mata Hari, i.e
Makes long faces
Make sense
Major French river
Like an egg
Like a fleabag hotel
Leg joint
It's washed daily
Is for many?
Human thing to do
Hockey legend Bobby
Greek P
Girder material
French-speaking nation of Africa
Football stand
Fish tank buildup
Female prophet
Extreme worrywart
Drug-yielding South American shrubs
Downs' opposites
Don, as clothing
Distinctive character of a group
Dark purplish-red color
Common hot beverage
Coat supplied by an animal
Capacitance unit
Bustling activity
Boxing legend Muhammad
Big seller before Easter
Arctic coat
A Disney Dalmatian
'See you later, amigo'
'Oh, all right already!'
'Method' end
'Just this ___!'
'Gift' of a yakker – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-4-2017#sthash.8oiWrROS.dpuf

Word before devil or dog
Web crawlers, e.g
Wane, as support
Unsettled issues
Twain's Calaveras County jumper
Trader Joe's or Whole Foods worker
They make you appear taller
Texter's 'I didn't need to know that'
Surrealist Magritte
Sound that may be heaved
Snakes in hieroglyphs
Sleuth played by Lorre
Showy flower, for short
Shaving gel additive
Robusto! sauce brand
Regatta competitor
Ralph who bashed the Corvair
Proofer's catch
Problem for Pauline
Pre-delivery period
Populous area, for short
Part of a doorframe
Parallel biographies?
Over half the world's coffee
One of the north 40
One buying meat after the 'sell by' date?
Old-style 'Phooey!'
Noah of 'ER'
Nescafe rival
Maxwell Smart, e.g
Major financial burden, say
Luau strings, for short
Lou who sang 'Walk on the Wild Side'
Like Mr. Hyde
Like crudites
Like an otter's feet
Kitchen rack item
Joe of early talk TV
Jason's craft
James Brown's genre
Interval from C to D, musically
Icy treat
HO or O, for model trains
Have an extremely short day?
Harper of 'Tender Mercies'
Hand on deck
Guys, slangily
Guesstimate words
Granny Smith throwaway
Given to jesting
Ghostly apparitions
German sausage, for short
French clog
Fleece-lined boots
Firm up, as muscles
Figure in apartment ads
Cushioned footstool
Consider, as options
Chicago airport code
Chariot race locale
Card game named for an Egyptian ruler
Car radio selection
Bob Cousy, for most of his career
Bird on a Canadian dollar
Be nuts about
Barely defeat
Bagels, topologically
Artist's studio, perhaps
Arid part of Israel
Anita, 'The Jezebel of Jazz'
All worked up
A brother of Donald Jr
1970s-'80s sitcom planet
'___ we having fun yet?'
'What did I tell you?'
'The Gift of the Magi' plot device
'Iron Chef America' vessel
'Ciao!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-4-2017#sthash.KbMF1U6b.dpuf

WWII turning point
Wrap up
Word on all US currency
With agility
Will Smith biopic
Where cocktails don't cost
Well-behaved kid
Weightless state, briefly
Voice quality
Village leader
Under-the-sink container
Type of tuber, familiarly
Triathlete's asset
Trial boss
Treat with contempt
Touches a base, then runs
Thinks logically
The one here
Table supports
Strong point
Strong adhesive
Stephen __ Sondheim
Steer sounds
Starter for violet
Speaker's pointer
Sort of
Something in the air
Some watch displays
Skin openings
Sketcher's buy
Sketcher's buy
Sitting on
Site of the first Six Flags theme park
Set of chromosomes
Seller's disclaimer
Satchmo collaborator
Salon specialist
Sailboat pole
Road's slope
Ring-shaped reef
Rib-eye alternative
React with mirth
Quick learner, informally
Quaint complaint
Prized possessions
Prefix for van
Possessive pronoun
Point of entry
Plumber's targets
Pear or apple
Part of many hotel names
Pac-12 team
One of the Three Bears
On __ with (equal to)
Old Testament vessel
Nürnberg negative
Not very exciting
Nickname for the Dallas-Fort Worth region
Nickel, for example
Newspaper descriptor
Narrow strip of land
Musical talent
Muscular strength
More hostile
Mint julep ingredient
Military outfit
Military mandate
Material for roofing or flooring
Major League's first roofed stadium
Magna cum __
Made an appearance
Mad Hatter's guest
Lone Star State symbol
Latin music
Lasting mark
Knock about
Kentucky Derby garland
Jelly flavor
Jargon suffix
Jai __
It's east of Oregon
It means "beyond"
Inactive state
Icky stuff
HUD agency
High-tech circuits invented in Dallas
Girder fastener
French 101 verb
Fort Worth-based airline
Florida bay city
Film trailer, e.g
Fender flaws
Far from edgy
Fairy tale fiends
Expand, as a home
Elizabethan poet
Easter candy shape
Easier to grasp
Dryer's capture
Drive-up lodging
Diva's solo
Data storage device
Danish block brand
D.C. baseballers
Cushy course
Curve in a river
Crime lab evidence
Corn-crop holders
Con __ (quickly, in music)
Composer Stravinsky
Come-from-behind charge
Colonel's insignia
College major, for short
Clumsy mistake
City on historic Route 66
City near Gibraltar
City bordering Berlin
Chair's list
Cake decorator
Big bucks, briefly
Be concerned
Ashe Stadium org
Arithmetic answer
Arid terrain
Anagram and antonym of "unites"
Alternate title of the puzzle
Allow access to
A member of
87 Down roles
18 Down et al
"Montagnes" of France
"Garfield" canine
"Dallas Buyers Club" Oscar winner

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