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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.09.2017

__ Trophy: annual PGA honor for lowest scoring average
__ on the side of caution
__ Mae: Whoopi's 'Ghost' role
Yielding to gravity
Wyo. neighbor
Wish Tree artist
Willie Mays won 12 in 12 consecutive years
Whirlpool brand
Way to step
Von Trapp girl who sings 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen' with Rolf
Vineyard grape
Venue for free discussion
USNA part: Abbr
Trade org
Totally absorbed
Tech gadget review site
Tea party attendee
Tapped image
Take the stage
Tablecloth material
Succeed in
Subject for Keats
Stout quantities
Stonehenge worshiper
Stinging rebuke
Stay fresh
Sound near a 'Beware of Dog' sign
Sonata finale, perhaps
Some old notebooks
Slowing, to an orch
Signs off on
Shelter chorus
Settles, as a debt
Sanction, as a college
Roulette bet
Rival of Tesla
Reuters rival
Putin's former org
Push-up top
Purify, as whiskey
Protect from hackers, hopefully
Prospector's target
Printer output
Praline nut
Pot growth from overwatering
Polite addresses
Pocket for falafel
Pitt of 'The Big Short'
Pioneering fast food name
Philly cagers
Pessimist's words
Part of TBS: Abbr
Org. created in a 1949 sports merger
Numerical prefix
Minnesota's state bird
Lyft offer
London trash cans
Like acid in some disinfectants
Letter-shaped bolt holder
Left hanging
Language that gave us 'galore'
Korean carmaker
Kite trailer
Kept out of sight
John Wayne types
James of jazz
Jack in the deck
Its legislature is the Oireachtas
It's 1 on the Mohs scale
Island in a computer game
Inner: Pref
Inlaid design
In the offing
Hunter with a belt
Hotel convenience
Home to the first collegiate business sch
Heir and heiress
Hard rain?
Gulf State native
Groan elicitor
Golf-friendly forecast
Go toe-to-toe
Glasgow's river
GI bill?
German exclamation
Fuzzy image
Fullback on the NFL's 1960s All-Decade Team
Fraternity O's
Fascinated by
Farm swarm
Eye twinkle
Exotic vacation, maybe
Eponymous store founder
Enter the pool, in a way
Ed with Emmys
East, to Goethe
Early '60s group that included John Glenn
DVR button
Dog attractor
Doesn't fade
Diving bird
Decorative metalwork
Daphnis and Echo, e.g
Crossing sign?
Cries of dismay
Component of hair bleach
Colt .45s, since 1965
Cleaning cloths
Citrus hybrids
Certain group leader
Captain's post
Capri or Elba, locally
Canada's most populous province
Came up short
Brewery named for a Dutch river
Brake components
Brahms' 'Variations on a __ of Paganini'
Big name in denim
As such
Annual fact book
1990 movie with a muscular teacher
1967 Spencer Davis Group hit
'__ Kapital'
'Rip Van Winkle' author
'No worries'
'Mad Men' actress
'I __ differ'
'And there you have it!'
'99 Luftballons' singer

___ Jorge (part of the Azores)
___ Jahan, leader who commissioned the Taj Mahal
___ Elise Goldsberry, 37-Across winner for 'Hamilton'
___ Bo (workout system)
You might pass one in a race
Word with crime or bar
What the Tower of London was for over 850 years
What the last letter of 107-Down stands for
Western city bisected by I-80
Washington newsmaker of 1980
War on Poverty prez
Wacky tobacky, in part
Very puzzled
Very long spans
Utter, as a sound
Unit of petrol
U.S.S. Missouri's resting site
U.N. workers' grp
TV's NBA on ___
TV producer Michaels
Tribe that gave its name to a state
Tow truck
Tie up quickly?
Things displayed by mannequins
Ten or twenty
Take responsibility for something
Start to call
Soviet ___
Some patterned floors
Solar system model
Site of biblical destruction
Sex appeal … or a hint to the answers to the six starred clues
Seep through
Safari sighting
Rooster displays
Record collection?
Really happening
Publisher of the magazine America's 1st Freedom, for short
Prince of ___
Presidents Taft, Ford, Clinton and both Bushes
Prefix with system
Poly- follower
Pokémon card transaction
Plays performed in shozoku robes
Plants with bell-shaped blooms
Place for stars
Pillow covers
Person who's dreaded?
Penn State symbol
Onetime Yankee nickname
One-third of a B-52 cocktail
One suffering from numbness, maybe
One put in bed?
One in 100: Abbr
Old Pontiac
Ocasek of the Cars
O.R. figures
Nat ___ Wild (cable channel)
More decisive
Mastered, British-style
Many a late-night cable show
Main force
Low-quality bank offerings whose acronym suggests stealthiness
Little sucker?
Little bits
Like a bogey
It helps keep things straight
Island nation that was once part of the Spanish East Indies
International fusion restaurant chain
In a mischievous manner
Hoppy quaff, briefly
Home testing kit target
Hebrew name meaning 62-Down
Heat center of old?
Happy event after a split?
Handle in the entertainment industry
Hall-of-Fame Bruin
Gynecologist's concern
Grp. of people puttering around?
Golf's Slammin' Sammy
Fox Islands dweller
First sign of spring
First phase
Eleanor Roosevelt ___ Roosevelt
Educator Montessori
Early seventh-century year
Draft status?
Dot on a screen
Do make-up work?
Diamond figures
Davis of 'Thelma & Louise'
Crystal jewelry company with a swan in its logo
Crooner with the autobiography 'It Wasn't All Velvet'
Conversation fillers
Constellation next to Corona Australis
Company known for combining expertise?
Common Korean surname
Cleveland athlete, familiarly
Cheese often served with olives
Call with a charge?
Buffet heater
Browning vessels
Bring to a full amount
Bowfishing need
Big seller of outdoor gear
Big instrument in electronic music, informally
Big bang creator
B'way buy
Adhere (to)
Actress Woodard
Acronym for an acting/singing awards sweep
A little teary
*Philosopher who wrote 'Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made'
*Law enforcer with the Coast Guard
*It passes on some bits of information
*Certain photo poster
*Celebrities working for the U.N., perhaps
*Business bigwigs
'___ we lucky?'
'___ me?'
'___ iacta est' ('The die is cast')
'Works for me'
'The Lady of the Camellias' author, 1848
'Don Juan' girl

___ vera
Type of trance
Trait carrier
Timetable abbr
The Emerald Isle, i.e
Tail movement
Stereotypical picnic crashers
Sign up
Shapes with clay again
Scottish throwing pole
Rose up, as spring water
Ring around Washington, D.C
Right-hand person
Repeat word-for-word
Record to broadcast later
Practice for a boxing match
Powders for baby
Populous continent
Picone of fashion
Pen fill
Painter's surface
One who follows orders
Of noble bearing
Not yet repaid
Not there
Not illuminated
Not awake
Minute amount
Mighty swing or pants embarrassment
Mexican shawl (var.)
Mexican lady
Merriman or Goldin
Make angry
Loud, wild commotion
Longoria of TV
Lincoln's nickname
Like shoes
Knock over illegally?
Item on a lab slide
Italian night
Irish language
Historical periods
Highway behemoth
Hat type
German auto
Genus of tropical trees
Former NBA competitor
Feelings of dread
Farmer's sowing machine
Executive negation
Elaborate burial place
Delighted or satisfied
Daniel of Nicaragua
Dads and pops
Crude dwelling
Chess finale
Certain shade of green
Caustic stuff
Born as
Bit of sediment
Big name in gasoline, once
Big Bang theory. God spoke and bang! ..
Because?%82? of that
Be a good planner. It wasn't raining when ..
Bar mitzvah official
As long as there are tests, there will be ..
Academic retirees
Abbreviation on a toothpaste tube
14-year-old, e.g
'The Confessions of ___ Turner'
'So therefore'

___ Eight (March Madness round)
___ Act (anti-organized-crime law)
Wisdom tooth, e.g
Weight-loss ad photo caption
Ukulele neck feature
Two fins
Trig is a branch of it
Trendy berry in smoothies
Tough nuts to crack
Toss about, as confetti
Tiny arachnid
The Twins of the zodiac
Take a stab at
Sudoku entries (Abbr.)
Stereotypical boxcar rider
Stereotypical 25-Down fare
Start the kitty
Sparkling fielding plays
Sincere, as an apology
Showed again
Really tick off
Quitter's words
Put-___ (pranks)
Pointing a finger at
Picked up on
Phoenician seaport
Phantom portrayer Herbert
Patisserie appliance
Partner of proper
Org. that endorses 7-Down
Obama health initiative (Abbr.)
Nixon's first vice president
NCO part
Moth's attractor
Monk's superior
Milk or eggs, to cake
McKellen of 'Gods and Monsters'
Mall cop's weapon
Lily pad occupants
Like spoiled bread
Like dental hygienists' exams
Like a sourball
Lavatory door sign
Jeans adornment
Jazz jobs
Hatcher who was a Bond girl
Grown-up cygnet
Greetings from friendly dogs
Grace ender
Golda of Israel
Future attorney's major
Fundraising party
Frequent NFL Pro Bowl state
Fraternity initiations, e.g
Flat, as paint
Finger-lickin' good
Figure of concern to a job applicant
Fig. boosted by an easy A
Fateful day for Caesar
Eyeglass lens option
Expensively decorated
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, for one
Dish served in a corn husk
Defeats in a squeaker
Dane of 'Grey's Anatomy'
Daly of 'Judging Amy'
Concluding segment
Chew like a beaver
Change for a 20-Across
Cadmium or zinc
Broken mirror, to some
Boys Town, Nebraska, is a suburb of it
Bit of aerobics gear
Bigeye or yellowfin tuna
Bear with too-hot porridge
'Time!' hand signal
'It wasn't me!'

__ podrida (Spanish stew)
Work assignment
Violent weather
Very, very well
USAF truant
Urban voting districts
Travel website info
Touched down
Throw in
Tex-Mex dip
Tea holder
Tattered and torn
Tarzan movie sound effect
Tailor's supply
Supped in style
Sunblock letters
Stat on canned food
Squirrel, for one
Spiral-horned antelope
Speak from a lectern
Sounds of shock
Sites for outdoor Christmas lights
Share a story with
Shamrock land
Shakespearean fairy king
Sam Spade creator
Romantic role
Roast beef specification
Research facilities
Relaxed gait
Puts frosting on
Puny poker pair
Puccini genre
Pita filling
Philly-area sandwich
Permit to enter
Passing fancy
Pampering treatment, for short
Paid players
Off-road transport, for short
Not fractional
Not at all eager
Not as prevalent
Navigational reference
Much of the time
Most fitting
More out of practice
Molten matter
Miscalculate or misspeak
Military proceeding
Microsoft's virtual assistant
Medicinal plant
Medicinal fluids
Mars alias
Marriage agent
Map in a map
Many profs.' degrees
Mail away
Long-nosed fish
Lift with effort
Letters in crime 100 Across
Leave speechless
Layered pastry
Laugh heartily
Knock down some
Justice Kagan
Juliet's guy
Interstate adjunct
Interior design
In bundles
Impolite look
Human dynamo
High-pressure pitch
Helping hand
Have a taste of
Have a hunch
Grate on
Gems from Australia
Flout the rules
Fling a fishing line
Figure skating leap
Female rabbit
Emphatic affirmation
Elastic wrap
E-tail icon
Divided Asian peninsula
Days of __ (long ago)
Day-care handful
Cultivation, in brand names
Crumbly salad topper
Croquet implement
Creative flashes
Country singer Travis
Country club crowd
Corn crop
Conversation subject
Composer Stravinsky
Comic Rudner
Cloth goods
Chill in the air
Chalet backdrop
Central Florida city
Cedar Rapids college
Casual top
Carpentry tool
Brunch fare
Brunch fare
Be unable to decide
Author Jong
Audible repetition
At that time
Arbor Day planting
App clientele
Anointed successor
American artist/inventor
All wrapped up
All fired up
Airport rental fleet
Actress Watson
Actor Cronyn
Active one
Academic hurdles
128 ozs. of milk
"__ to the Future" (Alaska's motto)
"You've got mail" ISP
"Whatever makes you happy"
"The Zoo Story" playwright
"One more thing . . ."
"Iliad" warrior
"Honest" prez

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