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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.06.2017

__ wind
Wichita-based aviation company
View from Tokyo, on clear days
Updike title character
Tyra Banks reality show, familiarly
Title for 25-Down: Abbr
Thing to bash at a bash
They have their pride
Thefts, e.g
Tag line?
Stumping sites
Strong six-pack
Starbucks order
Some European women
So-called 'Nobel Prize of Mathematics'
Showy shrubs
Rx amt
Rouen Cathedral series painter
Ring material
QB's stat
Put forth
Pulitzer-winning film critic
Physics Nobelist Steven in Obama's Cabinet
Pay to play
Part of a chorus line?
Online entertainment
Once called
Off the mark
Obsolescent book alternatives
Not sharp
Not like in any way
Necklace holders
Mil. decoration
Like the title girl in a 2014 David Fincher film
Like some promises
Lead on a horse?
Israel's Iron Lady
Indian bread
Include covertly, briefly
Hold (back), as tears
Govt. leaders
GATT successor
Further south of the border?
For Mideast unity
First name in mystery
Fashion VIP
Fact and fiction and flora and fauna, e.g
Event for disabled athletes
Crossword legend Reagle
Conforming phrase
Coal sources
Clouds from the Latin for 'curls'
Calvary inscription
Cabinet mem
Burn the midnight oil
Before Phelps, he held the record for most golds in a single Olympics
Bar array
1969 World Series MVP Clendenon
'No joke!'
'Is it safe to talk?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-3-2017#sthash.zSs2Ia1a.dpuf

Weaver of Greek mythology
Unwelcome comeback
Turpentine is distilled from it
To the point
Things you must choose, it's said
Thickening agent in cookery
Team that last won the World Series in 1979
Spanish muralist José María ___
Some farm machinery
Singer Clark
Sign of age
Sides of blocks
Shooter's target in soccer
Seriously hurt
Saucy name?
Recipient of a Mailer-Daemon notice
Puerto Rican home to the Western Hemisphere's largest radio telescope
Places where black-eyed Susans grow
Philippine strongman ___ Duterte
Personae non gratae
Passage between buildings
Part of a watch that holds the face's glass cover
Overlook, as a fault
Open-sided shelters
Open to everyone
Often-repeated line
Not wasted
Must pay
More severe
Mississippi River explorer
Like hippies, by nature
Kind of roast
It may be a write-off
Infrequent ending for URLs
Horizontal pieces covering joints, in architecture
Heraldic emblem of Scotland
Gives meaning to
Gets in on the game
Gather with difficulty
Distracted, maybe
Décor features
Cup holders
Corpus Christi, e.g
Bleachers blaster
Become slippery, in a way
Baja bears
Athlete among athletes
Ancient Greek land that fought Sparta
Amazon rodent
1975 Best Musical, with 'The'
'L'Arlésienne' suite composer, 1872
'Evita' lyricist – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-3-2017#sthash.xKHgMf0x.dpuf

___ visit to (call on)
Young fellow
Yellow quality
Woody's worry
Wine-preserving doodad
Whack job
Western howler
Versailles 'va-va-voom!'
Vases with bases
Tuscan river
Tried to steal the basketball
Traffic delay
This puzzle's theme
That lady
Texter's 'carpe diem'
Temporary fix
Sun. talk
Strong hold
Storyboard component
Stock holders?
Stem-to-stern beams
Speaker's output
Soothing juice
Smart alecks
Small pouch
Small denomination
Sleep lab study
Shape of 96-Across suggested by this puzzle's special squares
Sentence to hell
Secluded valleys
Scraped (out)
Sch. for youngsters
Sailor's agreement
Runners on runs
Runner's ticker
Red Cross supply
Race car, in Monopoly
PX customer
Primatologist Fossey
Playbill snippet
Place to retire?
Physiologist Pavlov
PC picture
On the same page
Nirvana for shopaholics
New Zealand native
Network that aired 'Dawson's Creek'
Nearly all
Mykonos surrounder
Much of the Smithsonian's collection
Mrs. Addams, to Mr. Addams
Mr. Peanut accessory
Middle daughter on 'Downton Abbey'
Mayo men
Mata ___
Malibu rental
Mahershala of 'Moonlight'
Made red, in a way
Long to see
License plates
Lavinia's brother in 'Mourning Becomes Electra'
Jones who caught the final out of the Miracle Mets Series win
Ivanka's younger brother
It may be wedge-shaped
Hyde, to Jekyll
Horn honker of film
Hippy performances
Hebrew alphabet ender
Head exam readout, briefly
Harbor arrival
Halt hastily
Golden roll with a hole
Global superlative
Get smart
Forging aid
Fleetwood Mac single of 1977
Fit for taking home from the animal shelter
Firms up
Fill completely
Entertaining types
Element that glows in the dark
Eight-time All-Star Tony
DMV worker in 'Zootopia'
Derek Jeter, notably
Dawdlers may be warned to pick it up
Crafts marketplace
Court legend Nastase
Convenient, as some shops
Continental cash
Chocolaty desserts
Chili powder ingredient
Cathedral Gorge State Pk. setting
Castle and others
Casino array
Carries out
Cameo shape
Calls on
Cajun stew staple
Business partner, at times
Buddhist buildings
Brushy wasteland
Brilliant, in a way
Brief campaign appearance
Brandy label abbr
Book, to Balzac
Bad outlook
Away from NNW
Autonomous software program
Apollo vehicle
Anka's '___ Beso'
Agree with, tacitly
Add for free
Acknowledge the judge's entrance
2014 Liam Neeson thriller
1956 Marilyn Monroe movie
'___ big deal!'
'You're in the library!'
'You bet!'
'Well done!'
'The sickness gets ___ the liquor dies out': Kipling
'The Real Thing' playwright
'Hamilton' actor Leslie
'Dead Souls' author
'Casablanca' role
'Can't stay!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-3-2017—Braking-Points#sthash.dKXAyhLj.dpuf

___ of transportation
Wooden pins for hat holding
Very hard wood
Valley known for wine
Urge to action
Troubadour's song
To no ___ (pointlessly)
Tide variety
The Christmas season
Suffixes with 'West'
State confidently
Small pitted scar
Short-tailed field rodent
Shipwreck site, sometimes
Seed case
Rotten egg's emanation
Ravel's 'Daphnis and ___'
Pub pints
Place for dribbling
Perfume feature
Olive-green 10-Across
Objects of an English/Argentinean war
Nickels and dimes, e.g
Neighborhood places are in this
More contemptible or immoral
Month on the Hebrew calendar
McClure or Flutie
Lubricant or fuel for a furnace
Like many well buckets
Like a burning building
Lets go of
Leave out a vowel when speaking
Largest city of Cuba
John of pop
Inquisitive ones, essentially
In a little while, a long while ago
Home's overhang
Hockey legend Gordie
Hectic hustle and bustle
Hawk or dove, e.g
Gulf War missile
Grave robber of legend
Funny Chappelle
Find new tenants
Film with a huge cast
Fills roles
Fairy-tale creature
Establishes, as a new organization
Egyptian snake
Editor's mark, sometimes
Edible tropical root
Edgar Poe's middle name
Dream loudly?
Depict unfairly, as data
Connect, as a child's safety seat
Click, as fingers
Church recess
Chairperson's itemized outline
Capital of Ghana
Campus greeneries
Body's largest organ
Backyard storage structure
Any grown-up
'___ & Stitch' (animated film)
'Look ___ ye leap'
'For ___ a jolly good fellow'
'Am ___ time?' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-3-2017#sthash.TyVA7GSF.dpuf

___-mutuel betting
___ Lingus
___ Grey tea
Wrinkle-resistant synthetic
Weekend rancher
Use a swizzle stick
Trolley, e.g
Tourist office handout
Took the reins
The Cartwright patriarch
Soft tennis shots
Six-foot sandwich, maybe
Sign of a short circuit
Sideshow lady's growth
Ship in a 2014 Russell Crowe epic
Sets, as a price
Seer's 'gift,' for short
Scandal-ridden energy firm of the early 2000s
Rifle's recoil
Relinquishes, as land
Reaction to poison sumac
Place to graze
Passe opening for a letter
Paper or steel producer
Opens on Christmas, say
Odes, sonnets et al
O'Hare, for United Airlines
Moves gingerly
Machine-gunned from above
Long of 'Soul Food'
Line with a Star of David logo
Like the majority of the world's population
Like some wine or wit
Like some takeovers or witnesses
Like Santa's cheeks
Letter-shaped structural beam
Last part of the Titanic above water
Lash out at
Kudrow of 'Friends'
Johnny who always wore black
Jimi Hendrix hairdo
Instrument with a zebra design?
In need of Bengay, maybe
Hybrid Chevys
Gooey treat at a cookout
Game with four pawns per player
Freshen, as a stamp pad
Four-part harmony part
First to stab Caesar
Feast at which 'Dayenu' is sung
Faux ___ (misstep)
Fad disc of the 1990s
Encyclopedia of gumbo thickeners?
Elia, to Lamb
Domestic squabble?
Diploma word meaning 'highest'
Digitize, as a photo
Destiny's ___ (Beyonce's former group)
Dandelion, to most
Clue regarding a missing writing implement?
Clear off
CBer's moniker
Calligrapher's collection
Boris, foe of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Boot camp, to many
Blake who composed 'Memories of You'
Belle's man
B'way sellout sign
Another attempt to start a watch?
3D diagnostic machine
1954 movie starring Brando as Napoleon
'Take two' drug
'I Am ___' (Jenner reality show)
'Go on . . .'
'Genius' channel, for short
'For shame!' sound
'Dude,' in Jamaica – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-3-2017#sthash.kZrREf0y.dpuf

__.com (website touting DIRECTV)
Whiz at Wizard's Chess
Web searcher's frustration
Weatherbeater paint purveyor
Ways to run
Vent with one's voice
Tool in cognitive science
Soyuzplodoimport wheat/rye brand
Scrapbooking staple
Satellite stat
Release into the air
Quite soon
Prove one's memorization of
Poached, but not scrambled
Part between tread and rim
Opry member since 1992
One of the thrushes
Numerical prefix
Not-so-long limousine
Name on "Sweet Breakfast" boxes
Name in the news, March 1945
Microstate since 1278
Materially detract from
Many diction experts
Luxury's child, per Cicero
Lower than before
Leave at sea
Laugh and a half
Kiev's river
It counts for nothing in baccarat
Invitation to be impressed
Harpo imitates him at the start of "A Night at the Opera"
Half of the "Tea for Two" duo
Goes (for)
GM __
Frequent 40 Across partner
Former part of Colombia
First verb in "Rebecca"
Expression of enthusiastic emotion
European-origin prefix
Escape aider Benny in ". . . Roger Rabbit"
Elevate for a swing
Domino, Alcoa, etc
Doesn't stay current
Danger for Indy in "Raiders . . ."
Curious surrounders
Crushed, perhaps
Cosmic radiation studier
Corn-holder creation
Corn holder
Common job interview subject
Cold, e.g
Bold venture
Being trained, say
Archetype of attractiveness
Aptly named cooler brand
Apostle's original name
Alchemist's preparation
2017 exhibitor of Sir Elton's photos
2017 "world-saving" Netflix host
"U.S. Banker," "PrintWeek," etc
"Tennis Is My Racket" author
"Master of fun" honorary Oscar winner
"Je vous rends grâces"

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