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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.05.2017

__ of hands
With allure
Wetland plant
Westernmost Mexican state, familiarly
Western border lake
Tony-winning actress for 'Miss Saigon'
Sussex stable area
Superlative suffix
Start to fall?
Split fruit?
Spanish hero El __
Sommelier's prefix
Soccer penalty card color
Small plateau
Small deer
Short sock
Run up, as debts
River crossed by Charon
Rep. group
Really stink
Prefix with pass or plus
Pacific Rim continent
One may be fetching
Old or Wild follower
Mozart's '__ fan tutte'
MGM motto word
Melville novel set on Tahiti
Mario who won IndyCar races in four different decades
Make more time for hobbies, say
Less, musically
Lacking, and what can go with each word in the answers to starred clues
Kids' racing vehicles
Jupiter or Mars
Japanese sash
Iraq's __ City
Inn postings
Harbor protectors
Greek played by Anthony Quinn
Gold diggers' objectives
Get an __: ace
Game console letters
First in a line of Russian princes
EPA pollution std
Edinburgh native
Eastern spiritual path
Director De Sica
Cultural funding org
Cosmopolitan rival
Common sports injury
Chicken __ king
Channel showing many games
Cathedral areas
Casino gratuity
Capri suffix
Blanket that's often hand-sewn
Bit of wordplay
Bank statement listings: Abbr
Bad spell
Aviation stat
Anka's '__ Beso'
Agree (with)
Afrikaans speakers
*Unobstructed view
*Singing skill that enables good phrasing
*Number after a circled 'c'
*Cubicle, e.g
'Vitruvian Man' artist
'The Purloined Letter' writer
'That is to say … '
'Not a chance!'
'Here we go again' feeling
'Flags of Our Fathers' setting
'Do __ once!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-3-2017#sthash.wdN54D8f.dpuf

Yale of Yale University
Words of approximation
Word on a candy heart
What a rejection may crush
Wayne Gretzky, for about half of his playing career
Walk in wooden shoes, say
Vogue competitor
Virgo/Libra mo
Vintner's vessel
U-turn from SSW
TV sked letters
Three-dimensional fig
The Sun Devils' sch
The 'one' in a one-two
Tailwind for eastbound flights
Sunni and Shia, for two
Stick that's chalked
Start of a punny quip about two professionals
Stars and Bars org
Stands at funerals
Six-Day War weapon
Shelter accommodation
Served à la cherries jubilee
Russian newspaper founded in 1912
Quip, part 4
Quip, part 3
Quip, part 2
Prefix with angular or lateral
Pre-Easter purchase
Poor dog's portion, in rhyme
Particle with a + or –
Parisian parent
Parcel out
Pacific greeting
One with a high bar to reach
Olympic blades
Note in a kitty, perhaps
Month after juillet
Month after diciembre
Mohawk sporter on 'The A-Team'
Many a first-time voter
Luxury hotel amenity
Look that says 'I'm not happy'
La Salle of 'ER'
La Española, for one
Kosovo native
James with a posthumous Pulitzer
Iowa birthplace of Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren
Hydroelectric project
Horse with a reddish-brown body
Give an epidural, e.g
Formerly, in old times
Floater in a flume
Euro forerunner in Spain
End of the quip
Drink with ambrosia
Davis of 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries'
Crosses off
Counterfeiter-catching Feds
Cornell of Cornell University
Comment made while sweating
Comic Silverman
Chinese revolutionary Sun ___
Burnett of CNN
Bother persistently
Bit of burlesque
Billiard ball with a blue stripe
Beethoven's German birthplace
Ballpark gate employee
Ballpark figures?
Almost any 'Li'l Abner' character
'You're a regular ___!' (Kramden cry)
'Them' author Joyce Carol ___
'Kidnapped' monogram
'I've got this one'
'First, do no ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-3-2017#sthash.HfiIFEQ3.dpuf

___ mater (brain membrane)
Yank's foe
Wolfish look
White Rabbit chaser
Water resistance?
W-4 figs
They have teeth
Technicians' place
Superhero film of 2015
Squeeze (out)
Something to champion
Shake option
Set sibling
Service centers?
Salary ceiling
Rockers Burdon and Clapton
Roadies' documents
Rhine Valley whine
Preface place, perhaps
Pewter component
Person with a clothes line
Pec pic
Move off in different directions
Method: Abbr
Maui music makers
Mass producer?
Many bridesmaids
Mail, in Marseille
Lox-curing need
Lover of Aphrodite
Leonardo's weapon of choice
Leisurely run
Lace tip
Jousting feint?
Jessica of 'Sin City'
It's totally not gross
It has a blade
It comes in black, white, green and red varieties
Hot room
Hex- halved
Hauler's unit
Hammerin' Hank
Gull's cousin
God's messenger
Funny fellows
Frozen food brand
Fourteen-line work
Foundation figure
Fish-and-chips fish
FaceTime device
Enthusiast's pub
Emulated a Roman senator?
Dressy-casual sportswear company
Dep.'s counterpart
CDC fear
Brolin's 'Life in Pieces' co-star
Bring out
Brief siesta
Barista's creation
Band booking
Arthur's foster brother
Area full of illegally parked cars?
Alaska Territory capital until 1906
Al Gore, e.g
Air head?
Africa's most populous country
'Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven' writer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—May-3-2017—Preposition-Players#sthash.upI3NDgv.dpuf

Whiter shade of pale?
What a nut gets screwy on
Weapons for some fencers
Wasn't relative?
Wails in mourning
Verbal give-and-take
Urban pest
Traveler's place named after John Wayne
Three on a grandfather clock
Team wear, in slang
Take cover
Sure thing to a sailor?
Straight up and down, nautically
Start a voyage
Standout opera performance
Some prickly plants (var.)
Some beasts at 20-Across
Small bit of rootless flora
River of Thailand or a literary twin
Result of a nice pat on the back?
Region, as of a town
Red-hot flower?
Quite angry
Pub serving
Prepare for impact
Place with a mob of meerkats
Place of many boardings
Outward curvature of a lower limb
Opposed to, hillbilly style
One putting butts in movie seats
On the briny
Omega's opposite
Old-style 'Good grief!'
Ohio tire metropolis
Not well
Not at all trusting
More than just villainous
More friendly
Massive range of South America
Maker of tablets and monitors
Machado's third?
Loch with a monster
Like much horse feed
John the farm machinery giant
Jackson Hole bugler
Jackie Stewart, famously
Intensely enthusiastic
Insulin-producing glandular organ
Inner desire
Improves naturally, as wine
Happily-after link
Great Lake or canal
Former Southwest transport system
Forgo, as one's rights
Flowers that bloom in the fall
Fix a knotty situation
First-aid kit wrap
Extermination acid
Disloyal 'rat'
Continental cash
Completely submerged
Common model wood
Certain Balkan
Carriage with two wheels
By mouth
Be 28-Across
Bambi's father was one
Badland feature
Animated film's titular fish
Achieved by chance, not skill
'Too bad!'
'That hurt!'
'Speed' vehicle
'Just the opposite' gesture – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-3-2017#sthash.rXwo5TlK.dpuf

Word before eclipse or cycle
What a bark or meow may mean
Weapon on an Oscar statuette
Wassailer's tune
Was overfond of, with 'on'
Uses a wrecking ball on
Tweeter's output, in a stereo
TV-silencing button
Tim Kaine, in 2016
They're made after being used
Tended to, as a hedge
Tackle shop buy
Survey question option
Structure with a keystone
Stitched border
Slathered frosting on
Skateboarder's leap
Secluded valleys
Richard of 'Chicago'
Repair item for torn jeans, perhaps
Reference book section
Pulls the plug on
Prehistoric predator, briefly
Plod through mud
Pack of 50 pennies, say
Outranked by
One on a bed of nails, perhaps
One of Mayberry's Taylors
Numeric keypad symbol
Not conned by
No longer around
Mr. Clean target
Mountain climber's lifeline
More than sufficient
McKellen who played Gandalf
Lounge lizard's look
Like Lex Luthor
Lawn pest
Lady of Camelot
Keyboard shortcut
Japanese cartoon genre
iPhone assistant
In the pink
In days past
Idle talk, slangily
High-speed transport
Hawaii's spot in an atlas, often
Hamper contents
Haley, a claimed descendent of Kunta Kinte
Granola bit
Go at a snail's pace
Garlic quality
Game in which Mr. Boddy is a victim
Gadget with an iron rooster
From square one
First-stringers do it
First razor with a pivoting head
Factions of faiths
Evaluated, with 'up'
Elsa's sister in 'Frozen'
Did a ditty
Creator of Roo and Rabbit
Copier paper size
Cockatoo topper
Charlton who headed the NRA
Buffalo skater
Bleep out
Barbershop call
Attire for Marc Antony
Anesthetic of yore
America's Cup vessel
All U.S. Open golf champions since 1934
A whole bunch
'The ___' (bar order, perhaps)
'Homeland' actress Danes
'Friends' character Geller – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-3-2017#sthash.uVkNAXGI.dpuf

__ cotta vase
Wood-chopping tools
Vowel sequence
Trumpet muffler
Takes a chair
Student's grade list
Strauss of jeans
Sports defeat
Spanish gold
Source of poi
Single payment in full
Short distance
Scissors sound
Scarlett O'Hara's home
Roman censor
Rich soil
Religious offshoot
Proofreader's mark
Plant with fronds
PC bail key
Opinion piece
One's relatives
Native Alaskan
Museum display
Military group
Mideastern flat bread
Mexican Mrs
Measure of circuit resistance
Make ready, for short
Make jubilant
Made chick sounds
Light brown
Jewelers' magnifiers
iPhone voice
Honey factory
Home of Disneyland
Historical time
High-tech pet identifiers
Have a snack
Get there
Flavor enhancer initials
Flat-bottom boats
Fancy-dressed guys
Factual statement
Explorer __ the Red
Embassy employee
Do harvesting
Difficult struggle
Declare with confidence
Czech or Serb
Creme-filled cookie
Cow's comments
Corn harvest
Computer repairers
Computer clicker
Closely related
Church council
Christopher of "Superman"
Capital of Idaho
Cake morsel
Business card info
Breakfast fare
Black tea of India
Baseball arbiters
Attention-getting sound
Ankle-length skirt
Accumulated, as a tab
A Four Corners state
"Easy as pie!"

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