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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.03.2017

__-rock music
When repeated, an 'Animal House' chant
V-J __
Trapezoid measure
Tiptoes, say
Taiwanese tea drink
Tag Heuer competitor
Spiner of 'Star Trek: T.N.G.'
Spat ending
Some heels
So far
Snowboard feature
Sea follower?
Sandwich and Salisbury VIPs
Rob Roy, for one
Riksbank currency
Raphael or Leonardo, in fiction
Quicken product
Prefix with scope
Poet inspired by the Battle of Baltimore
Plot device?
Play grounds?
Play about Capote
Periods of growth
No Clue
No Clue
No Clue
No Clue
No Clue
Most Rwandans
Mongol sovereign
Money in Miyazaki
Latin trio word
Lake straddling a Western border
Judge's address
Joie de vivre
Jazz pianist Evans
Its debut Apr. 1971 broadcast covered Senate hearings on the Vietnam War
Infantry equipment carrier
Increase, with 'up'
Home of the 'All-Natural Burger'
Hebrew God
Friction reducer
Free org. for law students
Flower from the Greek for 'rainbow'
Family name in Jane Austen's 'Persuasion'
Explosive stuff
Ethically indifferent
Epoch when modern mammals emerged
Dead-ball __: early baseball period
Color on le drapeau français
Cheese go-with
Buenos __
Brooklyn pro
Brass band sounds
Bobby who lost to Billie Jean in the Battle of the Sexes
Bit of baby talk
Benin neighbor
Backseat driver, e.g
Bachelor pad, perhaps
As company
Area 51 phenomena … or what five puzzle answers are?
Animated film primarily set in Radiator Springs
'Lenore' poet
'Happy Valley' airer
'ER' setting
'Entourage' agent Gold – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-3-2017#sthash.JK16YLeo.dpuf?

___ Simbel (Egyptian landmark)
___ Island ('Jaws' locale)
Whole bunch
Where Alice is asked 'Why is a raven like a writing-desk?'
Was first to go
Visited unexpectedly, as a town
Tree known scientifically as Populus tremuloides
Tip of a wingtip
There's a point to it
Talladega event
Takes the edge off?
Take the wheel?
State of emergency
Sometime in the future
Sobriquet for the woman who said 'Only the little people pay taxes'
Sir in the Ruhr
Shift in one's seat, perhaps
Sharp club
Rock groups that are far out?
Residents of the world's richest country per capita
Recipe instruction
Pull down
Prefix meaning 'extreme'
Place whose population was 1, then 2, then 0
Orthographic competition
Office supply brand
Ocean floor burrower
Mortal sister of the immortal Stheno and Euryale
Lose intensity
Left port
Jumpsuit-wearing music group
Jerry's ex on TV
Indian bread?
Hold up
Her albums include 'Cuchi-Cuchi' and 'Olé, Olé'
Heady stuff
He's taken
Has everything?
Global support?
Flickering light
First name in 2016 presidential politics
Doing time
De Niro's 'Raging Bull' co-star
Daredevil's highlight
Dachshund, colloquially
Cuisine that includes trout meunière
Chosen one
Champagne grape
Center of activity
Casino correction
Cap holder
Bucks on a horse, e.g
Brings down
Boardwalk treats
Biblical polygamist
Be critical of?
Attack ad tactic
Attack ad accusations
1958 hit song that begins 'I'm a-gonna raise a fuss, I'm a-gonna raise a holler'
100% aluminum coin
'The Greatest' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-3-2017#sthash.BDVf4k7M.dpuf

Works and then some
Where to find a designer's name
Wet blankets, figuratively
Villain's melodramatic 'curses'
Variety show VIP
Useless and impractical
Type of lily
Turkish currency
Tried to outrace the police
Trees that many people like?
Things found around auto repair shops
They stay green all winter
They prevent prison escapes
They don't mind being on a slippery slope
They can hold their wine
Tall quadruped
Sudden variation in voltage
Some seafood selections
Some degrees
Small jazz group
Shed skin flakes
Severely overweight
Rural lodging for the night
Run out, as a subscription
Rockin' Winter
Repair rips, in a way
Relative of a karate belt
Reason to beef?
Preceding in time
Place where business is growing
Personal data, briefly
Part of Neil Peart's gear
Paquin and Nicole Smith
Paddle relative
One way to cook meat
Negative linking word
Mushroom 'seed'
Mangy dogs
Make peace with
Letters from your parents?
Lands that have never been cultivated
Lamb mamas
It's heavier than a mist
It can provide a nice buzz
Howard who narrated 'Arrested Development'
Hindu title of respect
High point of a wintry landscape
Gun of Israel
Goof up
Goes up against
Gets rid of unwanted plants
Fury or anger
Fruit blemish
Free of five o'clock stubble
Frantic way to run
Figure in a dressing room?
Expected to arrive
Donations to those in need
Dirtied from garden work, e.g
Common fruit
Colony of northern New Mexico
Clunky and ungraceful
Certain util
Bring chuckles to
Brat's talk
Backspace through
Arcing, lofty tennis shots
Any large reference book
Added liquor to fruit punch, e.g
Accused one's need
'80s self-help program
'___ in vanilla' (grade-school lesson) – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-3-2017#sthash.TM3QlwMM.dpuf

___ two-shoes
Worth an F
Without peer
Without a ___ (broke)
Wingtip's tip
Wild 3-Down, e.g
Viral video, e.g
TV host after and before Jay
Truck with a bulldog symbol
Trapped in a corner, say
Toy train sound
Touched down
Tom of the Miracle Mets
Times to call, in ads
Thomas who drew the Tammany Tiger
Tech support caller
Surpasser of Ruth in 1961
Suave in manner
Spot where the spine curves inward
Sporty Mazda
Spiral-cut entrees
Sow's mate
Skid-preventing, as auto brakes
Singles bar delivery
Sidestepped the bouncer, say
Shelter beds
Scout's discovery
Scored, as a free throw
Scheming group
Rummy cakes
River of Caen
Remove to a MASH, for short
Rebuke to Brutus
Pothook shape
Of two minds
North 40 unit
Ms. Boleyn
Moves carefully
Mosque official
Meat-flavored bits at salad bars
Many intro-level class instructors, for short
Magi count
Lorelei's river
Lion tamer's accessory
Korean Peninsula locale
Kitchen appliance brand
In concert
Have a longing
Hard to rattle
Gem from Australia
Frames of mind
Elephant's strong suit, it's said
Eight minutes per mile, say
Doughnuts, geometrically
Disney cap features
Discovers accidentally
Cyber-commerce site
Cornell or Columbia's league
Convergence points
Clobber, old-style
Channel for political junkies
Centaur, in part
Cause for a lawsuit
Bugling beast
Board game with pie wedges
Bartlett's abbr
Bad to the bone
Automobile trunk, to a Brit
Assess, as a tax
Albatross, symbolically
Affair of the heart
ACL's joint
'That hurts!'
'Follow me!'
'Batman' fight sound – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-3-2017#sthash.HEADAXtt.dpuf

Written promise of a sort
With wonderment
With a skewed view
What flakes can turn to
What a vial may hold
Wall bracket shape
Tool partner
Telescopist's sightings
Symbol of toughness
Stewed bits
Stew bit
Steinbeck title ender
Spills over
Southern casino city
Sitcom stock character
Shows displeasure
Shapes of some wall clocks
Reporter, for example
Renée, in "Chicago"
Radar reading
Puts back in place
Present from birth
Plane's turn control
Pence and predecessors
Part of an Austin Powers costume
Orange-and-white title toon of film
Noisy quarrel
Museum pieces
Mind a Maltese, maybe
Measures smaller than joules
Marketing concern
Many war-zone reporters
Little guy
Legislative center
Laver contemporary
Knight rides
Indian royal of yore
Home for squealers
He made 11 films with Matthau
Has the rights to
Get some seasoning
Furthers in wrong
Frequent film noir protagonist
Frat-bound, possibly
France's patron
Foam pillow purveyor
filmratings.org org
Fail to use
Expressed displeasure in writing
Endearing one
Egg-laying mammal
Drum technician on tour
Do a hack job
Davidson brothers' partner
Collect in quantity
Chill order
Certain quartet member
Candlestick socket
Becomes compost
Antarctic utterance
Anakin Solo's mom
24 Across contemporary
19th president
"South Pacific" bass
"Meet the Press" host
"Fudge" series author
"Atmosphere" starter 

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