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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.02.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 03.02.2017

Word with hole or holder
Wagner's '__ Rheingold'
Uses Blue Apron, say
Uses a 22-Across on, as tears
Unable to increase
U.S. intelligence org
Two of the three founders of the Distilleria Nazionale di Spirito di Vino
Thickening agent
Suggests, with 'of'
Space bar neighbor
Shanghai-born ex-NBA center
Shag, e.g
SEC powerhouse, familiarly
Scary flier
Runner's woe
Red __
Put out
Presidential nickname
Polynesian catch
Picks a fight (with)
Physics units
Part of Q.E.D
Pantry stack
One unlikely to experiment
One may be broken
Northwest Passage explorer
Natural resource
Nation SE of Cyprus
Nasser's successor
Mozart's birthplace, now: Abbr
Mo. hours
Makeup remover
Like some court motions
Like some cheddar
Lady Gaga's '__ It Happens to You'
Item on a chain, perhaps
In a way, in a way
Iconic Rio carnival activity
Goes around
German : Kopf :: French : __
Food buyers' concerns
Fight cause
English hunters
Electrical backup supplies
Does really well
Década division
Deborah's 'The King and I' co-star
Common animal kingdom tattoo subject
Come-hither quality
Clearly presented
Civil rights icon Parks
Christchurch native
Chip shot path
Cashbox feature
Cakes go-with
Brown family shade
Bridge action
Bowler, e.g
Bit of Christmas morning detritus
Baseball family name
Afghanistan's national airline
'__ serious?'
'I'm on board'
'I don't believe a word!' … or, the truth about this puzzle's circles
'Ghostbusters' actor
'Feel the __': 2016 campaign slogan
'Epic fail!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017#sthash.rs0Ac308.dpuf

[I can't believe that just happened!]
Wreck locale
Whole bunch
Whole bunch
What's exited in Brexit
Warren with the 1978 platinum album 'Excitable Boy'
Warm and cozy
Twitter titter
Tumbling equipment
Town where 'Parks and Recreation' is set
They come before deals
Tear into
Superhero with the foe Professor Von Gimmick
Spill (over)
Something cold from Mars
She played Odin's wife in 'Thor'
Served whoppers?
Sci-fi shocker
Salad dressing brand
Roman-Parthian War figure
Road rage sound
Real shocker
Put on the line
Pre-euro money
Power line?
Pickup line?
Piano parts
Penguin's perch
Part of a circulatory system
Onetime label for the Beatles
Not straight
Newman, to Seinfeld
Ned's adoptive son on 'Game of Thrones'
Measured (up)
Marcel Marceau moniker
Many a Taylor Swift fan
Lout's lack
Lead-in to Luddite
Key ingredient?
Juan Perón's third wife
Juan Perón's second wife
Jazz devotee, most likely
Is no longer good
Guy's sling swimsuit
Game in which jokers and twos are wild
Features of some city streets
Fast-food empire builder
Easy to walk all over
Disconnect, as a trailer
Crying for attention?
Creep out?
Check out quickly
Caregivers' org
Call from a bar, maybe
Break down in school
Blue prints
Best Actress winner for 'Monster'
Bastes, e.g
Arm muscles, in bodybuilding lingo
App with an envelope icon
Alternatives to chimichangas
Allied (with)
1965 hit for the Yardbirds
'Your Movie ___' (Roger Ebert book)
'The Black Tulip' novelist, 1850
'Specifically …'
'Since you weren't listening …'
'Riders in the Sky' singer, 1949
'Keep your pants on!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017#sthash.3xMDJseU.dpuf

Whole bunch
Western prop
Wellingtonians and Aucklanders, casually
Up to the point that
Units of force
Turns (from)
They're spent in airports
They live on doorknobs
That is, to Cato
That girl
Textile factory liquids
Temple mascot
Take flight to take the plunge
Soft drink once pitched by Bing Crosby and Bob Hope
Social trend
Set aside
Sent a reminder to
Secret digits
Ricola rival
Punch-to-the-gut response
Pop star Minaj
Plant in a government office, maybe
Peruvian river
Paula who sang 'Straight Up'
Paul's 'Exodus' role
Org. that awards merit badges
Order out
One of the Medicis
Old men
Noted dunker
Not 'mal'
Noon, on grandfather clocks
Most emotional
Mon. follower
Magazine since 1945
Low-risk investments
Loses moisture
Lid issue
Late newscaster Ifill
Land of Lincoln
Kiosk worker
Invite to the penthouse
Indian bread
Hooded killers
He resigned on October 10, 1973
He often took a bow
Guessed-at fig
Green or Rogen
Fundraiser at an elem. school
Form twos
Doone of literature
Doesn't pronounce clearly
Cristoforo Colombo, per esempio
Cream or ginger follower
Cork folk
Commemorative lines
Come together
Clip-___ (some ties)
Caustic stuff
Cat-loving poet's initials
Bother persistently
Ben of 'Roots'
About 454 grams
65 on Rte. 66, say
*What some binoculars provide
*Took a load off
*Payless, say
*JPEG or TIFF, often
*Cherish every moment
'Hey!' to Jose – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017—Fraternal-Twins#sthash.kXrN6zdJ.dpuf

___ firma
Word that frequently follows me?
Vital port of Yemen
Victorian, historically
Victims of many triple slaps
Type of committee
Travolta musical
Toothpaste container
Tank type
Swelling on an eyelid
Soft, moist parts of fruit
Sleeping accommodations
Serve papers on
Scrabble piece
Run away to marry
Put a pharaoh on layaway?
Place for pigs
Participate in Darwin's theory?
Part of a Breathalyzer
Pamphlet relative
One with top billing
One of the first to inhabit Eden
Naval lockup
Mosquito relative
Misery resulting from affliction
Meaty thing at a barbecue
Mask of death
Made a choice
Love at the foot of Mount Etna
Like rationing candidates
Like one cracking knuckles before playing the piano?
Leg entangler of cattle
Laze on deck
Large coffee container
Joplin piece 'Maple Leaf ___'
It's in a pina colada
It can be electric
It beats an ace high
Irish poet William Butler
How the worst pros play?
Hiding places for wild game
Having scruples
Good for tilling
Fix firmly in concrete
Does more than whimpers
Definitely not as nice
Danson of TV
Covered with greenery, as some walls
Clothing or textiles merchandise
Christmas quaffs
Certain bridge players
Certain astrological sign
Capital city on the Aare (var.)
Butcher's garbage
Brought the curtain down on
British beer with a little sugar?
Breakfast staple
Bonnie's partner in crime
Be human, according to a saying
Bat mitzvah reading source
Barber's job?
Asian tie
Arranges into various piles
Area or throw, e.g
Appraisal determination
An authoritative command
A little gob
'___ only a game'
'Seinfeld' character Braun
'Now, without further ___ …'
'Not only that …'
'Horton Hears a ___' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017#sthash.DBZJrGVU.dpuf

___ de vie (brandy)
Wrapped up
Work on a loom
Word in 12/8/41 headlines
Within shouting distance, say
Wander here and there
The Thinker sculptor
Stuff, as into a suitcase
Special Forces unit
Speak of slightingly
Sonny & Cher were one
Skirt with a flare
Skid row denizen
Side with a sandwich
Sets one's sights
Sensational, tabloid-style
Scored 100 on
River also known as the Zaire
Removed from the freezer
Relatives of skates and sawfishes
Rank below sgt
Put into pigeonholes
Plane measure
Photo-sharing app
Partner of Crackle and Pop
Newlywed's acquisition
Musk's electric car company
Music originating in Cuba
Mob squealer
Means of securing 270 electoral votes, say
Many psych degrees
Make less harsh
Like Oscar Madison
Like Felix Ungar
In the know, in old slang
Illusion-creating works
Hot off the press
Holiday Inn offering
Hobby farm denizen
Hibachi buildup
Had to fork over
Grad students' grillings
Gets the better of
Fruit packaging unit
Frozen waffle brand
Friend in the barrio
Feel remorse for
Exam for H.S. juniors
Dot follower on campus
Does a fairway chore
Destine to oblivion
Delhi dress
Creative notion
Corrida 'bravo!'
Cop's nonlethal weapon
Cookies 'n cream cookies
Concert or game locale
Collection of Shakespeare's plays, e.g
Busy mo. for a CPA
Breakfast chain founded in 1958
Bill of Rights defender (Abbr.)
Auto shop supply
Almost always
AKA part
Add a clause to, e.g
Accept, as a competitor's coupon
2014 Winter Games host city
1980s series about an earthbound angel
1942 Hope/Crosby comedy
17th-century diarist Samuel
'___ Town' (Wilder play)
'Solve for x' subj
'Science Friday' airer
'In ___ of flowers . . .'
'Give ___ rest!'
'Arrival' star Adams – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017#sthash.IavNNTFd.dpuf

Working for
With elaborate intrigue
What's usual
What hems may tickle
Was rotten
Wall fixture
Verizon subsidiary
Trash-handling toon
Transportation Dept. agency
Tell-__ (candid stories)
Telegraph key
Taking time, in brand names
Syncopated pieces
Star of the "Ghostbusters" remake
Speaker's stalling word
Sound of a smooch
Something to make a point with
S&L offering
Requested thing, informally
Region of Israel
Rats' home of kid lit
Range near Salt Lake City
Put one's foot down
Proofs of age
Prefix for diversity
Poor excuse for an apology
Part 3 of sign
Part 2 of sign
Part 1 of a department store sign
On toast, in diners
More or less
Military persuasion, for short
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor
Lean (on)
Knocks over
Kernels' home
Kellogg School offerings
Juliet's attendant
Job-title suffix
Fontanne's stage partner
Financial buy-back agreement
Fictional prisoner's locale
Europop superstar group
Enjoyed greatly
End of sign
Elite Eight org
Early ed. setting
Doctorow's first name
Do pull-ups
Do a parody of
Didn't come through
Daughter of Lear
Country music star's memoirs
Clearwater neighbor
Cleared out
Certain Pulitzer Prize recipient
Calf, in Cannes
Brown shade
Brewers Hall of Famer
Berkshire Hathaway headquarters
Be a no-show
Alarm status
A pushover
87 or so
'30s workplace for Astaire
"Pure Reason" philosopher
"Danny Boy" locale
"Ain't gonna happen" – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-3-2017#sthash.BqFtQaUq.dpuf

___ Prize (award for a 'bold wish to spark global change')
Writer Zora ___ Hurston
Where the Met Gala is held, for short
When a tense NBA situation might occur
Way out there
Veer off
Title often gained at an altar
The old heave-ho
Tesla or watt
Target for 69-Across
Take down a notch
Swears to
Super-G gear
State with a panhandle
Stat important to many websites
Spark of energy
Sound of lament
Some presidential appointees
Soapmaking solution
Saunter (along)
Put in the crosshairs
Purchase at an antique shop
Potpourri containers
Places that might transfer people to CCUs
Periods of anticipation
Patriots' org
Palindromic exclamation
One of a 'Macbeth' trio
Noted Spanish muralist
Negative conjunction
NCAA basketball powerhouse
Musician in some Fourth of July parades
Midriff protuberance
Mel who voiced Yosemite Sam
Math's four color ___ theorem
Many Geek Squad employees
Maker of toy dump trucks
Like an old pro
It's hot stuff
It might be raised in a bar
Ingredient in some 'meatless meats'
Hotfoot it
High hit
Greek known for his paradoxes
Forty winks
Flash ___ (sudden gathering)
First, middle, or last name of a 'Catch-22' character
Field day event for pairs (miss!)
Dominate, in slang
Do a smash and grab, for example
Dickens title name
Decided in a random manner
Davis who played the US President on TV
Cry from some camo-wearing toons
College picnic?
Cheer squad cheer
Brow-wiping occasion (miss!)
Brazil or cashew
Big family name in baseball
Beethoven's birthplace
Astronomical bursts
Archer whose third shot in this puzzle hit his target
AP Bio subject
Alternate universe for Superman (hit!)
'You might just have a point …'
'Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer' speaker
'Rebel Yell' singer
'Mon ___!' (French exclamation)
'Mind … blown!'
'It's not too late / To whip it / Whip it good' singers
'Ghostbusters' costar
'Darn it'
'And … voila!'

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