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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.09.2017

__ zoo
Where many have gone on vacation
U.K.-based personal organizer brand
Twelve __: neighbor of Tara
Tina's '30 Rock' role
Takes advantage of
Take responsibility for
Take responsibility for
Storage spot
Stood for
Steinbeck protagonist
Scrolls successor
Repeated phrase in Ecclesiastes
Quick thinking
Prominent periods
Pre-fax communication
Polynesian people
Place frequented by John Jasper in Dickens' 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'
Pickup hr
Persian king
Oscillating curve
Online biz
One who isn't a pro
Old TV host with an accordion
Nile reptile
Night sch. staple
Most massive of all known elementary particles
Most dreary, in Dublin
Mexican title
Medieval clubs
Lucille Ball, e.g
Like the Jefferson Memorial's columns
Kit maker
In the capacity of
Home Run Derby competitor
Hiker's shelter
High school gp
Gets down, in a way
Get going
Game item made of cow leather, actually
Game console with a Mini version
First or second, say
Fidget __
Extended period
Eastern way
Decision maker
Counts while working out
Cough syrup alternative
California city mentioned after Kingman in the song 'Route 66'
Cactus spine source
Body part
Bird of baseball
Ballpark figures
Bach work
Areas of interest
Aptly named heavy-footed bird
Anybody's guess
Animal house
Aficionados' creations that may infringe on copyrights, for short
2000s 'SNL' alum
'That comes as no surprise'
'Nice try!'

Word after safe or side
With 38-Down, Diana, e.g
Winning QB in the first N.F.L. playoff game to go into sudden-death overtime
Wailers' sound
Volkswagen coupe
Viperidae family member
Uplifting literature
This is an issue
They might be used in making hops
They leave carbon footprints
Their heads and feet are usually the same distance from the ground
Targets of a 1932 'war' in Australia
Superior stadium spot
See 46-Down
Room with a Vue, perhaps
Removable locks
Relative of sake
Quit using
Put a backup copy on
President's annual delivery to Cong
Prepares to weed, perhaps
Points of contact?
Pieces of furniture with many shelves
Person who came out of the blue?
P.R. piece?
Option for a roll
Oprah Winfrey Network show about a family farm
Onomatopoeic mint name
Neighbor of an Ethiopian
Movie lot?
Like derby entrants
Lead-in to folk or soul
Jedi knight's rival
It has tiny tines
Home to shooting Stars
Focal point: Abbr
Fix, in a way
Female singer with the second video ever shown on MTV
Fair play
Enemy of CONTROL on 'Get Smart'
Eat with no enthusiasm
Eagle constellation
Dungeons & Dragons or Final Fantasy, for short
Deg. for a jurist
Creek language
Course participant
Convened anew
Comic's concern
Closing bit of music
Cleared for landing?
Check out rudely
Calif. school near the Mexican border
Bugged for money
Big name in talks
Barely relevant
Band that really rocks, appropriately?
Actress London of TV's 'The Game'
32 men are found in it

___ Diego
___ Bator
Writer Oakley
Words with 'a good thing'
Where Noriega once ruled
What Simon does in a children's game
Violent way to run
Type of dictatorship
Tide variety
They fly between lovebirds?
The 24 of 24/7's combo
Tablecloths, e.g
Syllable of good cheer?
Spiral-horned antelope
Small sailboat
Singer DiFranco
Rickman or Hale
Religious offshoot
Pilotless spy vehicle
Peddled successfully
One of the Ryder Cup teams
Ocular woe
Not stereo
Newish voters
Museum contents
More than ask for
Love to bits
Like some concerts
Like Gabriel and Michael
Like a very wide grin
Legendary lost City of Gold
Laughter sound
It's looked up to often
Humidor fillers
Hotel charge
Horse command
Hoopster's org
Having a natural fragrance
Good with tools and repairs
Ghana's capital
Get the show on the road
Get started
Gall wasp's lump
Firth or fjord, e.g
Faux ___ (blunder)
Excessively high, price-wise
England, in poetry
Dress ___ (resemble)
Dom, Eiger or Eisenhut, e.g
Diane in 'The Godfather'
Cord cutter?
Cookware combo
Contraction involving a thing
Combo of things to communicate with
Combo game for a chaser or dodger
Click open
Car's heart
Brinker on skates
Brightly colored deep-sea fish
Boxing legend
Biology class topic
Baker, Ekberg or Bryant
Aviation tower
Arctic jacket
A landlord of classic TV
'___ you looking for trouble?'
'Winnie the Pooh' character
'Over the Rainbow' writer Harold
'Laughing' creature
'I can put that to ___'
'Hallow' suffix
'Go ahead' gesture

___-aging cream
Zapped while resisting arrest, maybe
Urban vermin
Unwitting dupe
Tubular pasta
Took the initiative
Tippy watercraft
Taqueria order
Tandem's pair
Super bargain
Summon via P.A
Sorvino of 'Human Trafficking'
Shepherd's pie spheroid
Sans-serif typeface
Saintly aura
Running a temperature
Rode the bench
Producer of PC pop-ups
Plumb tuckered out
Place to make a wish
Period of unspecified duration
Pastry sometimes called 'fried dough'
Part of a palette
Paint using small dots
Outcome of many NHL games, once
Not as distinct
Name in soft balls
McMuffin ingredients
Makes a 54-Across of
Lot measure
Logician's 'therefore'
Like some tough meat
Leaders of flocks
LAX or JFK approximation
Kuwaiti currency
Knock off
Killer serves
Italian hero ingredient
Insect in an Aesop tale
Hold to a .000 average
Heyday of Benny Goodman
Go hither and yon
Gasoline additive
Garlic-and-olive-oil sauce
Galena, to lead
Follow tenaciously
Final stage, in chess
Farthest orbital point
Fairway selection
Executive, slangily
Estonia or Latvia, once (Abbr.)
Engage in debate
Emotion in emo music
Dragon's home
Didn't pass or hand off
Dele undoer
Daredevil's seeming lack
Code of belief
Charles who was played by Jamie Foxx
Carnival worker's guess
Brother of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe
Brightest star in Orion
Bombard with four-letter words
Bill-signing souvenirs
Atlas enlargement, often
Applies, as fingerpaint
Alphabetically first former Crown colony
Accordion bellows feature
'___ tuned!'
'Ulalume' poet
'The Crying Game' actor
'Put 'er there!'
'King James' of the NBA
'From my cold, dead hands' org
'Fancy' rapper Azalea
'Be quiet,' on a score

__ aside
Word on the European flag-carrier list
Williams play collection
Victorian-era sitting room
Try for
Trinity concept
Title that eluded Sam Snead
Thoroughly absorbs
Surname meaning "doorkeeper"
Subject of a meter reading
Stock __
Specialty, so to speak
Some Texas topography
Slog (through)
Slathered portion
Shrew cousin
Show solidarity
Scientific calculator function
Ramen ingredient
Put through a certain cycle
Precedential reference
Pint-sized pianist of the papers
Picked up somehow
Percussion partner of Prince
Percussion in Gershwin's "Cuban Overture"
Pay (for)
Particular partridge
Owner of The Body Shop
Networking technology
Most wanted
Longfellow alma mater
Loads and loads
It might be a bomb
Is far from freezing
How some take courses
Got justifiably
Gift shop near Universal's Simpsons Ride
German mathematical giant
Frat letters
Form a fork
First steps
Finished off
Finish line
Fabric favored at Colonial Williamsburg
Exotic bug-bite treatment
Entangles in a predicament
Dramatic deliveries
Dove descriptor
Debacle follower
Copies before photocopies
Commodore Perry, on the Ohio Turnpike
Closed (out)
Circle, to geometricians
Break down
Bread spread since 1965
Billing details
Big hit
Big eaters of plankton
Begins bit-by-bit
Before all is done
Agreement to participate
"Worcestershire" or "onomatopoeia"
"The wise man knows himself to __ fool": Shak
"The Cookie Never Crumbles" autobiographer
"I'm besieged right now"
"I Love Lucy" lament
"Chers collègues . . ."
"Animal House" director

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