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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.08.2017

Word with cut or crust
Vichyssoise veggies
Trees with ovate leaves
Track competition
Tough spots
Topples (over)
Tiny amount
Test for a future atty
Spitballs, to class clowns
Smallest bills
Slob's opposite
Self-important sort
Reusable grocery bag
Put out
Purple shade
Prepare to travel
Pointed a finger at
Playing with a full deck
Pago Pago resident
Padre's hermana
One-named 'Tik Tok' singer
Mining hauls
Massive landmass inhabited by masses
Makes a decision
Logician's word
Like overly graphic tabloid stories
Kid around with
Keystone State univ
Keystone State Ivy
Japanese soybean paste
Jamaican genre
Jackie's predecessor
It's put on heirs
Ineffectual exec
Ian Fleming's alma mater (and the school that expelled James Bond)
Himalayan legends
Hanker (for)
Get into the pool?
Full of chutzpah
Former French capital
Flightless birds
Fish often smoked
Final check?
Filming site
Fifth Avenue landmark
End of Oktober?
Elementary bit
Crock-Pot concoction
Coming-clean declaration
Cold shoulder
Chinese side dish
Chain whose website has a 'Find a Colonel Near You' feature
Breaks in the action
Bond category, for short
Big, clumsy type
Bagel flavor
Await with trepidation
Archaeological treasure
Ancient fortress overlooking the Dead Sea
A time to dye
'The Addams Family' actor John
'Red' nuisance
'Live at __': The Who album
'Just watch me!'
'If you would be so kind'
'Fantine's Arrest' B'way show

___ system (car option that may speak to you)
___ Sutra
Work well together
Word from a hat tipper, perhaps
Withstand … or deteriorate
Wine: Prefix
Wii user, e.g
Welles who narrated an 'invasion'
Watchful care … or careless mistake
The Big Easy, by another nickname
Support … or impede
Suffix in many pasta names
Subdue with a stun gun
Some postings at 44-Across, for short
Sneaky little snickers
Skirt once often worn with go-go boots
Sitcom track sound
Simon & Garfunkel, e.g
Sets of points, in math
Request to be excused
Quit … or agree to keep going
Pre-1917 despot
Place to apply eye makeup
Pique, as curiosity
Pickoff throw into the outfield, e.g
Part of a slalom path
Pale with fright
Orbiter until 2001
One way to read or think
Offer for consideration … or remove from consideration
Neocon, e.g
Natural bath sponge
Nabisco's answer to Hydrox
Muscular Japanese dog
Many Club Med locales
Manual reader
Like the novels 'Frankenstein' and 'Dracula'
Like Parmesan on baked chicken, typically
Like nosebleed-section seats, usually
Like Elvis's blue shoes
Introduced, as a new product
In a blue funk
Ice cream thickeners
Go to battle alongside … or struggle against
Go on with … or postpone
Give medication to
Give approval to … or express disapproval of
Garments in summer storage, perhaps
Fidgeting in one's seat, say
Fading star
Factor in a restaurant review
Employee at a fine restaurant
Dead duck
Cpl. or sgt
Competitor of Acer and HP
Co-owner of the Pequod
Chuck of 'Walker, Texas Ranger'
Card catalog ID
Bring forward, with 'out'
Bright side, in Chinese philosophy
Big ___, Calif
Before, to a bard
Bay Area airport code
Backyard pond dweller
'___ you nuts?'
'Zip it!'
'Well, sor-r-ry!'
'That was close!'
'Spy vs. Spy' magazine
'Regrettably …'
'Push-up' garment
'No hard feelings, man, right?'
'Most decidedly so!'
'For the Boys' support grp
'Double talk' is one
'Count me as a maybe'
'And how!'

___ on (put trust in)
Yields or surrenders
Words heard while golfing
Word with 'mark' or 'muff'
With far less tread
Wish never happened
Winter hrs. in Colorado
Veal serving, often
Unpaid athlete
Type of ballroom dance
Two that make nine
Twin of Bert Bobbsey
Tiny minute pts
Tease or rib
Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
Small concession to 'throw'
Silvery fish
Sign on a music staff
Shoe parts
Seek help from
Quiet 'Quiet'
Professional's charge
Predator in the ocean
Possible response to 'Where are you?'
Pay the piper
Paul who played 'Ant-Man'
Orange part
Of short duration
Neutral possessive
More certain
Medicinal quantities
Many Maine trees
Majestic horses
Louisiana cooking style
Like some wedding cakes
Jockey, essentially
Incredibly easy undertaking
How many gumdrops great-grandad could get
Holmes, Columbo and Moto
Hit that could have you slide into Machado
Headed toward the stern
Gump on film
Guadalajara gentleman
Gasoline choice (Abbr.)
Garfield's presidential predecessor
Garden intruders
Former airline
Followed orders
Ending for 'absorb'
Editor's correction cancellations
Duke's city
Drinks hard regularly
Director Lee
Certain cereal grain
California river
Black pit substance
Barnyard clucker
Banes for car drivers
ATM maker
Assembly of church officials
Arrange for display
Arizona's neighbor
Acute feeling of anxiety
'___ we forget …'
'The Wizard of Menlo Park'
'Make ___ double' (bar request)
'Enough!' cry

Word before group or pressure
When the ghost of Old Hamlet appears
What off-color humor might provide
Watering hole, so to speak
Warty hopper
Walk onstage
Vlasic offering
Vaulter's need
Unagi, at a sushi bar
Tribute bands' songs
Triathlons and 10Ks
Took a tumble
Throws wildly, say
Tate Modern display
Summon from a distance
Stenciled container, perhaps
Stands the test of time
Speaks Dixie-style
Spaghetti-slurping Disney dog
Sound from Big Ben
Socked away
Side with a melt, perhaps
Rush job letters
Quote as a reference
Programmable worker
Poor dog's portion, in rhyme
Petco purchase, perhaps
Patriot in a Longfellow poem
Password creator
Parts on the silver screen
Part of a ring's boundary
Overcharge, slangily
OTC part
Orchestra section
One on vacation, perhaps
Old Fords
Off-road transport, for short
Off the premises
Not-very-passionate kisses
Not worth arguing about
Muscle attached to the Achilles tendon
Longest river in France
Lo-cal, in ads
Little fellows
Lightbulb, in comics
Landlocked South American country
Lacking a point
Kicks the tires of, so to speak
Kickoffs to holidays
Invites, as attention
Hold ’em fee
Hobby farm denizen
Having what it takes
Happen upon
Give the once-over to
Game of Native American origin
Flexible Flyer, e.g
First score in a tennis game
Fill-ins, informally
Fighting it out
Feeling ho-hum
Fare with chips
Entrees not listed on the menu
Enjoys the boardwalk
Eco-friendly tile material
Dole out
Crime scene find
Change, as a crossword diagram
Category for many Emmys
Capris and clamdiggers
Brings to a close
Berry touted as a superfood
Barn nestling, perhaps
Ahi, at sushi bars
Additive sold at Napa
Actress Polo of 'The West Wing'
'Leading With My Chin' autobiographer

__-serif typeface
__ out (withdraws)
__ one's time (waits)
__ Aviv
Zodiac ram
Zodiac feline
Wild guess
Wedding cake figures
Was in last place
Walked onstage
Trumpet mufflers
Toys __ (retail chain)
Toward dawn
Totally destroy
Top-billed performer
Those folks
Thor and Zeus
Takes advantage of
T. Rex, e.g
Synthetic shirt fiber
Sushi stuffing
Suffix for kitchen
Sudden strong fear
Standard golf score
St. Louis landmark
Spheroid hairdo
Spark plugs, wipers, etc
Soft metal
Smile broadly
Sleep sound
Singer __ Amos
Singer Menzel
Signs, as a contract
River with notable falls
Reward for toil
Read a bar code
Pundit's essay
Poetic tribute
Pain in the neck
Out of danger
Not moving
Nickname for a southpaw
Network for Ken Burns series
Neither here __ there
Mineral in spinach
Low number
Life story, for short
Legal wrongs
Italian omelets
Is unwell
Hunters' grp
Household skills class, for short
Helped out
Health insurance giant
Give the slip to
Give in to a demand
Gallery display
Fully understandable
Faucet annoyance
Didn't give enough to
D.C. ballplayers
Creative spark
Computer clickers
Coin of India
Charity's URL ender, often
Calendar square
Burrowing rodent
Boxing match venue
Be worthy of
Be wild about
Air-rifle ammo
007's first film foe
"__ seeing things?"

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