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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.07.2017

__ Martin: Bond's car
Zero-star meal
Wrinkle-resistant fiber
Worry word
Worked up
Workable wood
Words on the street?
Woodworking supply
Window treatment
Willamette University home
Western actor who taught Harrison Ford how to use a bullwhip
Went off the deep end
Wedding reception eye-catcher
Waterproofs, perhaps
Was perfectly tailored
Volvo competitor
Up till now
Unpaid bill
Turn right
Turn over
Trueheart of the comics
Third James Bond novel
They're rarely good dance partners
Tertiary Period stones
Swiffer WetJet, e.g
Support source
Stupefied state
Storm harbinger
State with confidence
Square dance milieu
Spender of rials
Spanish pronoun
Span. title
Sorbonne student
Something to learn
Some library volumes
Snappy dresser
Sitarist Shankar
Sister of Rachel
Sister of Calliope
Sherlock's adversary Adler
Seek office
Seasonal worker?
Scary biter
Scandinavian capital
Scand. land
Samba relative
Rorem and Beatty
Religious recluse
Rather nasty
Qantas hub letters
Puts in order
Puts in another roll of film
Problem with a line
Polishes, as prose
Police protector
Plumed birds
Plant studied by Mendel
Picked a ticket, perhaps
Peruvian volcano El __
Nut under a tree
Not sharp or flat
Nocturnal tree dweller
NBC weekend staple
Name on the column 'At Wit's End'
More pretentious
More hard-up
Middle of dinner?
Memorable line from Berlin's 'Cheek to Cheek'
Marsh bird
Lyrical poetic form
Lowly worker
Like some riots
Like italics
Like hiss or boom
Lennon classic covered by Pentatonix
Job listing ltrs
Ivy in Ithaca
It may have a swivel top
Intestine sections
Hungarian city known for red wine
Hostile force
Hastings hearth
Hard finish?
Hamlet's homeland
Grain bane
Govt. issue
Glass component
Get together with old classmates, say
Gemini rocket stage
Garage job
French 101 infinitive
Fisherman with pots
First word in Dante's 'Inferno'
Firmly affixed
Filmdom's Thompson and Watson
Fictional wolf's disguise
Energy bits
Employ to excess
Dr. Brown's classic
DOL watchdog
Cynical Bierce who defined 'sweater' as 'Garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly'
Coral Sea sight
Circle's lack
Christmas symbol
China __: showy bloom
Cartesian conclusion
Caribbean sorcery
Cargo unit
Capa attacker
Brush fire op
Broad assortment
British actor who played Algy Longworth in 1930s Bulldog Drummond movies
Book sheet
Big Island port
Big fight
Bausch + Lomb brand
Bacon and eggs, say
Back biter?
Baby bug
Arabian peninsula capital
Ancient Japanese capital
Ancient home of Irish kings
Ancient German
Algonquian chief
Academic specialty
Aborted operation
A lot more than a little mistake
1961 Literature Nobelist Andric
'Titanic' theme vocalist
'Power Hits' series record label
'Enigma Variations' composer
'Barbara __': Beach Boys hit

___ teeth
___ dish
Zombie or flaming volcano
Zigs or zags
What T.S.A. Precheck helps people avoid
Wealthy: Sp
Twin Cities suburb
Turner of 'Peyton Place'
Try out
Triumphant cry
Tommy Hilfiger alternative
Tiki bar cocktail
They go in locks
Theater sections
Theater drop
The highest form of flattery?
Talk, talk, talk
Structure used in extreme sports
Strongly worded attack
Spanish letter between ka and eme
Something you might lose a little sleep over?: Abbr
Some Japanese watches
Solvers' shouts
Slowly fade away
Slangy greeting
Silverwork city in southern Mexico
Shade of black
Riga resident
Résumé listing
Record shop stock
Raised a ruckus
Pommes frites seasoning
Piece org.?
Penny, mostly
Pastoral poem
Part of U.N.L.V
Part of an old-fashioned swing
Panther or puma
Pacific ___
Onetime J.F.K. sight
One side of a vote
One of seven in the Book of Revelation
Olive ___
Old movie theater lead-ins
Officially go (for)
Napoleon's partner on 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'
Move quickly
Most watchful
Monastery head's jurisdiction
Message from the Red Cross, maybe
Merchandise: Abbr
Melted mess
Meditation leader
Major tenant of Rockefeller Center
Lose it
Living thing
Link studied at Ancestry.com
Like names on trophies, often
Like a good scout
Les ___-Unis
Latin 101 word
Last Hebrew letter
Ladies' men, in older usage
Lacquer, e.g
Kitchen shortening
Its state quarter has a lighthouse
It used to be made of lead
It might help you get to Carnegie Hall, for short
Indy 500 winner Bobby
In all seriousness
Houdini feat
Harrison's successor
Hair-razing name?
Gulf state: Abbr
Grade school subj
George of 'Star Trek'
Gen ___
Garden party?
Footwear for a run
Filmmaker Guy
Fifth qtrs
End of a shift
Emulated the tortoise and hare
Edgar in 'King Lear,' e.g
Disc jockey Freed
Delany or Carvey
Contents of some envelopes: Abbr
Congers and morays
Circulatory block
Cinematic composer André
Charge, in a way
Certain tribute
CBS's 'Kate & ___'
Capital bombed in 1972
Cape Horn, for one
Came (from)
Bus. need that most lemonade stands don't have
Bob or weave
Black as night
Bigger than big
Big ___ (some sandwiches)
Beans, e.g
Bad thing to bring one's family
Audio problem
Altar exchange
African antelope
1977 Warhol subject
1968 movie based on 'Flowers for Algernon'
1943 penny material
'___ roll!'
'___ first you don't succeed …'
'___ a wrap'
'___ & the Women' (2000 Altman film)
'Young Frankenstein' role
'Wonder Woman' star ___ Gadot
'With the Beatles' song written by Smokey Robinson
'With the Beatles' song playing in the E.R. when Lennon died
'The Time Machine' race
'The Gold-Bug' author
'Strangers and Brothers' novelist
'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' song whose title is followed by 'where the rain gets in'
'Revolver' song that Paul McCartney described as 'an ode to pot'
'Let's go!,' in Baja
'I can't he-e-ear you!'
'Hey Jude' song that mentions every day of the week but Saturday
'A Hard Day's Night' song that Lennon called McCartney's 'first 'Yesterday"

Update, as land charts
Ultimatum ender
Ukrainian city
Type of writer with no credit
Type of shoe or sweater
Trousers or britches
Totally makes sense
Tea variety
Take up as one's own again
Supermarket section
Superman's metal?
State of testiness
Start to form, as a storm
Stadium feature, sometimes
Simple bands
Shop with the eyes only
Retreat as a tide
Quite refined
Quite calm
Quip of possibility (Part 3)
Quip of possibility (Part 2)
Quip of possibility (Part 1)
Prompted on stage
Prepare, as new students
Political platform?
Pole or Bulgar
Plucked instrument, briefly
Plant part
Patchy horse
One way to deepen a channel
Omega preceder
Nope relative
Native American tent (var.)
Miss no more?
Minor soon to reach adulthood
Magnum ___ (master work)
Long-time Susan Lucci role
Literary misprints
Like a completed contract
Lay waste to
Jimmy with the sausages
Hose down
Hairy imitator?
Give a gentle elbow to
French military cap
Formicary dweller
Fish with a charge
Fish eggs
Far from sacred
Equestrian's 'right'
Encroachment or intrusion
Easy letters?
Duffer's cry
Drumkit part
Dispatch boat
Denmark's capital?
De-bubbles bubble wrap
Colorful textile worker?
Closeup in an atlas
Bench rider
Be right up against
Battle-ending agreements
Basketry twig
Banned pesticide
Arizona city
Apiary insect
Agenda listing
'___ on a true story'
'Look ___ ye leap'
'Before' follower (with 'and')

___ moment (epiphany)
___ 51 (secretive site)
Yuletide drinks
Yearly journey for Earth
Words of approximation
Word before poll or interview
With 41-Down, 'ER' star
Wet behind the ears
Waters in Exodus
Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C
Toon skunk Le Pew
Thing to confess
Squandered, as a lead
Spread gossip
Showing no fear
Shoulder-fired weapon, for short
Ship sunk in 1898
Setting for TV's 'Newhart'
See 46-Down
Scopes Trial org
Salamander that metamorphoses
Runner-up to Maris in 1961
Red sky, to some
Record label for Cream
Reason to use Retin-A
Pursuer of Capone
Prop for Mr. Peanut
Proctored event
Pro-___ (some tourneys)
POTUS office shape
Poster holder
Place for a marina
Pesky kid in 'Blondie'
People of Peru's Sacred Valley
PC key near Shift
Patronize Spago, say
Part of a witch costume, perhaps
Pan's opposite
Pageant entrant's asset
Opportunities, figuratively
Napa Valley sight
Nabisco's answer to the Hydrox
Musical based on the songs of ABBA
Leader of rock's Detroit Wheels
John Wayne moniker
In the proverbial cellar
In a bit, to bards
Hits the road
Himalayan sources of butter
Halloween deeds
Greek vowel resembling an English consonant
Get mileage from
First word of 'Jabberwocky'
Fill to the gills
Exec's 'Now!'
Email folder heading
Divvy up
Device on which an Apple Pencil may be used
Deuce topper
Cut and paste, say
Count, as votes
Common wear at a Jimmy Buffett concert
Coin-in-a-fountain sound
Bullwinkle, for one
Bowery denizens, before gentrification
Big name in crafts and fabrics
Aunt Bee's charge
Anti-sub weapon, slangily
Andre who won all four tennis majors
Alternative to 'Gesundheit!'
Adams who draws 'Dilbert'
2013 Heisman Trophy winner
1.1-ounce iPod
'Splitsville, USA,' once
'Odds ___ . . .'
'Dr. Livingstone, I presume?' speaker
'Commander in Chief' star
'A likely story!'

__-chef (restaurant assistant)
__ out (not consistent)
Wonderland dessert
Within the rules
Within the rules
White Rabbit's lament
What the ten longest answers have in common
What an opt-outer takes
Walk offstage
Very strange
Versatile employees
Upward journey
Ulla in "The Producers"
Tylenol rival
Traveling bags
Toy racer
Think positively
Things learned first
The first action figure
Telltale sign
Summer Games org
Speak highly of
Sound effects, in film talk
Sort of sea current
Something sold in bars
Some Civil War soldiers
Some Autobahn autos
Soda shop drinks
Slightly ahead
Sits down with
Seven, in Sicily
Sensible safeguards
Rolling cube
Return mail encs
Renoir contemporary
Rat in "Ratatouille"
Presidential nickname
Playful stunt
Perception faculty
Part of a long play
Parrot's pad
Outer limits
One in class
On sale
Old Testament prophet
Old Testament prophet
NZ or US money
Numbered work
Nonstandard negative
Nevada neighbor
NBA great known for his "Attaq"
Navigational reference
Navigational hazards
Nation divided in 2011
Musical comedy precursor
Mopey comment
Meryl Streep alma mater
Merry Men refreshments
Many a Paris tourist attraction
Low-pH liquids
Letters at the end of "Rebel Without a Cause"
Lefty boxer
Knocked for __
Irish actor Stephen
Injection adjective
Icicle locale
Hold dear
Hangs out to dry
Guru's retreat
Griffin of game shows
Glaswegians, e.g
Gilbert Stuart specialty
Generic dog
French wine valley
French fashion mag
Former NBC owner
Foot, so to speak
Fill the bill
Farm pens
Family member
Fail to utilize
Executive department VIP
Evidence of debts
Environmentalists' excursions
Ending for glob
Encouraging words
Encampment setup
Encamped, as an army
Emoción romántica
Element #106
Duly obtained
Dull discomforts
Drives up the wall
Disney head
Discussion group
Dirty dog
Devoid of moisture
Desert near Las Vegas
Descriptor for Dalí
Den device
Defensive ditches
Crustless quiche
Creamy cheese
Comics Viking
Comes into
Colorado resort
Cities with piers
Chills out
Caterpillar, for instance
Cape Town coins
Broccoli's close kin
Big name in rap
Basic belief
Base 12
Banquet ritual
Apple music players
Antonym of 34 Across
A Bolivian capital
74 Down wear
"What do __ like, your butler?"
"Rolling" or "bowling" things
"Otello" premiered there
"Life __ a dream"
"Holy cow!"
"Even __ speak"
"Daily Show" host

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