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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.06.2017

__ choy
Wombat relatives
With 47-Across, in a drop-dead gorgeous outfit
Whiting cousin
White wine apéritifs
TV screen type
Ton, for one
Time to prepare
Ties surgically
Thoughtful guys?
The Eagle, briefly
Sushi kitchen supply
Source of support
Soft tissue
Sensitive subject, to some
See 20-Down
School gp
Sandra who was the first to play 'Gidget'
Retired flier
Put another way
Protein that allows skin to stretch or contract
Protein producer
Prince Valiant's son
Prickly case
Pittsburgh-to-Scranton dir
Nautical pole
Musical Apple
McKellen of 'X-Men'
Marienbad, for one
Lively French dance
Let free
LAX posting
Ivory Coast neighbor
In shape
Hard to pin down
Group that's mostly secretaries
Govt. enforcers
Get into
From the top
Fluffy accessory
Fall, as into a chair
Extinct New Zealanders
Dorm room seat
Court call
Course for Crusoe?: Abbr
Communiqué segue
CEO's degree
Census datum
Blows away
Bleacher feature
Big bovines
Big bear
Beethoven's __
Albanian coin
81-yr.-old ID
*Maestro's signals
*Athlete's time-out on a hot day
'South Park' boy
'Nice' expression … and a hint to the answers to starred clues
'Malcolm X' director
'Holy cow'
'Hannity' airer
'Go on … '
'Eldorado' rockers
'Catch-22' pilot
'Amadeus' director Forman – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-2-2017#sthash.Lz0iFu5J.dpuf

Worker always seen with a beard
Words after 'Stuck' or 'High' in hit song titles
What Willy Loman was in
Wendy's burger for 'discerning carnivores'
Vacancy sign?
Unwaveringly committed to
Unleash upon
Uber app abbr
Title role player in 2013's 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'
Stingers from a gun
Sound in a storm
Some execs
So-called 'battery acid'
Smallest infinite cardinal number
Simple, simple, simple
Shakespeare's Shylock, for one
Sandy islet
Sally Field's role in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'
Relative of 'die'
Queen's 'We Are the Champions,' vis-à-vis 'We Will Rock You'
Probate figure
Plasma, for one
Pity party cry
Palmlike tropical plant
Opposite of narrow
Ones up in arms?
One who might target four minutes
One to one, say
One devoted to Mary?
Not the movable type
Many a dweller along the Euphrates
Main villain in 'The Phantom Menace'
Its logo features a flaming ball
It'll give a chip zip
He joined the 52-Across in 2004
Guitarist Hendrix
Group of horses?
Gorgeous, to Giorgio
Go down
Get rid of
Get at
Follower of fire or bombs
Eldest of the Pleiades
Easily disgusted
Dry out
Dressage concern
Do some plot work
Dazzling figure skating feat
Cousin of a polecat
Court finales
Control tower projection, for short
Constantly wanting more
Company once named Socony-Vacuum
Close attention, in brief
Churchill Downs, to horse racing fans
Cher or Adele, e.g
Boston ___
Bit by bit
Be short
Assigned, as to do charity work, in modern lingo
Abbr. for Lucasfilm
'This is gonna be amazing!'
'Pain at another's good,' per Plutarch
'No clue'
'Dream on!' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-2-2017#sthash.h3cpzIXi.dpuf

___ Wednesday (religious observance)
___ Major (Big Dipper constellation)
Words of agreement, in church
VP who resigned
Unfashionable, dowdy woman
Type of yellow finch
Two 'new' things dropping
Two 'new' things dropping
Trunk of a tree
Title of respect in Turkey
Three 'new' things dropping
Stunted pencils
Starches resembling sago
Sounds heard when getting milk
Sound from a slithery reptile
Sorvino the actress
Some track officials
Sierra ___ (Freetown's country)
Shaving wound
Rough file
Resident of 14-Across
Quiz relative
Purposely avoid eating
Poem of praise
Pie-mode filling
Picked gold?
Photographic film coating
Perfect garden
Paving unit
Opposite of anonymity
Oil-rich country
O. Henry specialty
Never existed
More than merely guesses
Luridly looks
Longest human bones
List sometimes written in chalk
Least outgoing
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
It features downhill runners
Island where Napoleon was exiled
Ingredient in many lotions
Infamous fiddler
If it fits, wear it
Head monk
Head demonic angel
Grille protector
Go back over a check total
Gal or Guy Friday
Faint, fuzzy memory
Extremely valuable vase
Expensive, fishy spread
Ending for 'who' or 'where'
Elevated abode
Elaborate bash
Dunne or Cara
Dispatch boat
Dick of the comics
Cookie man who became 'Famous'
Contributions for the poor
Compassionate sort
Chemistry class models
Boundary line
Bootlicker or sycophant
Baseball legend Ty
Bad thing to walk into
Astronaut's drink
Aces, sometimes
A Rose by another name?
A few bucks?
'Hello' or 'goodbye' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-2-2017#sthash.ESSs84TR.dpuf

Word after physical or final
Word after Keogh or Marshall
WD-40 Company soap brand
Understand, as a joke
Unable to pay
They may be garnished or frozen
Support, as a Kickstarter project
Story that may span generations
Spock's prominent pair
Source of irritation
Some house rodents
Shag carpet feature
Scuba gear item
Scammer's victim
Result of a governor's signature
Reduces, as expenses
Ramshackle digs
Puts a whammy on
Provo's place
Proposer's offering
PowerPoint picture, perhaps
Plant used to make tequila
Peak visible from Taormina
Party balloon material
Panera Bread fixture
National Hot Dog Month
Monster or Rockstar
Miss greatly
Like much folklore
Like a moonscape
Like a Merino
Leaving nothing out
Jughead, to Archie
John Deere logo creature
It has 32 men
Initiation or confirmation
Inadvisable acts
Horton or Babar
Held dear
Head into battle
Hard-to-resist impulse
Hard thing to kick, maybe
H, on a fraternity house
Groove left by a Conestoga
Get clouded, as a windshield
Gauchos' boot attachments
Front part of a gun, say
Festival de Cannes highlights
Feature of a Pythagorean theorem figure
Far from stuffy
Far from rosy
Fail to list
Elemental unit
Dry mop's target
Dispose of on 'Pawn Stars,' perhaps
Couple gone kaput
Colosseum center
Collection of pixels
Civil defense sirens, e.g
Citizen of the Eternal City
Bridge measure
Body part exposed by a flip-flops wearer
Bit of folklore
Bills that will soon honor women's suffrage
Backyard structure
Avoid socially
Arsonist's obsession
App-based car service
Animals employing bio sonar
Alternative to 7-Down
Ab ___ (from the beginning)
'Timber!' yeller's tool
'That's gross!'
'Sit tight!'
'Poker Face' singer, casually
'In that case . . .'
'Gravity' setting
'Gilligan's Island' shelter – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-2-2017#sthash.5FDk6QdZ.dpuf

__ back (rises, so to speak)
Woeful word
When most are sleeping
West Yorkshire city
View as
Upscale leisure center
Unwieldy ship
Undergo __ of endurance
Superhero's foe
State since 1896
Squeezes together
Sources of iron
Source of sour grapes
Sketch out
Sched. placeholder
Satisfactory, to NASA
Runway center of attention
Run up
Rodeo snarer
Roadside assistance
Relative standing
Rapper's rep
Pod for pickling
Particle in protons
Org. offering e-filing
Needing airing
Mr. Potato Head piece
More than gratify
Major seller of bookcases
Letters on "Skyfall" posters
It means "beyond"
Hyphenated IDs
Hot-pot handler
Great divide
Grad school major
God who inspired Gandalf
Glows of a sort
Farm hookup
Ending for buck
End of numerous UN members' names
Emend errata
Early PC platform
Diamonds, long ago
Deep-fried fare at fairs
Common Russian male name
Cleared tables
City near Sacramento
Circus venue
Chinchilla habitat
Casserole staple
Car-care ritual
Bowling-ball material
Begin in earnest
Beat it
Award for an ad
Annoying attendees
Altoid alternative
Airline with an Oslo hub
Abundant source
'50s first lady
"Zuppa" morsels
"Shall we?" reply
"Beat it!'

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