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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.05.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 02.05.2017

__ Rico
Wind warning indicated by two red flags
Washroom bowls
Volkswagen Routan, for one
Tuckered out
Tall and lean
Take care of
Still in the sack
Sport with silk-clad referees called gyoji
Spew lava and ash
Shoot the breeze
Shoot back
Scorpion's poison
Saudi's neighbor
Rock's __ Speedwagon
Revealing rock genre
Relaxed gait
Rare Hawaiian goose
Put into words
Pilates class need
Picnic side dish
Online live-stream lecture
Onion or shallot
One of a golfer's pocketful
Off-road rides: Abbr
Note from the boss
Neeson of the 'Taken' films
Museum with a Goya Gate
Mountain climber's need
Mex. ladies
Many man caves
Male with a thick mane
Love, to Casanova
Loosen, as laces
Leave high and dry … or, when divided into three parts, what the answers to starred clues are encompassed by
Jessica of 'Good Luck Chuck'
Huff Post owner
Have a good cry
Gary's st
Gallery showing
Former NBA forward Lamar
Fixes, as Fido
Data storage media
Country south of Georgia
Cookie fruit
Coal holder
Circus performances
Chowder ingredient
Bluesy James
Bitty biter
Bitty bit
Believe, as a story
Belgrade native
Ballet knee bend
Audited, as a class
Andes animal
Accessory for Supergirl
Academic URL ending
*Book that's been shortened
*Bath towel material
*Bart and Lisa's grandpa
*'Falcon Crest' actress
'Yes and no'
'The Voice' network
'Porgy and __'
'People are saying … '
'It's __': 'Nobody wins'
'In memoriam' piece
'Haven't the foggiest'
'Everything's fine' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—May-2-2017#sthash.C4gtghdf.dpuf

___ crossroads
Winds down in a pit?
Wig, e.g
Variety of pool [1982]
Used as the surface for a meal
TV's 'Maverick' or 'Gunsmoke'
They're related
They may be strapless or padded
Tennis call
Teen woe
Superloyal employee [1971]
Stew morsel
Slangy turndown
Site of two French banks
Series ender: Abbr
Search (through)
Run out of power
Ring on a string
Rapidly spreading over the internet
Rallying cry?
President pro ___
Prepares to be knighted
Prefix with tourism
Prefix with center
Pearl Buck heroine
Oscar winner for 'Hannah and Her Sisters'
Oscar winner for 'Hannah and Her Sisters'
Opposite of a gulp
Noted colonial silversmith
Nita of silent films
Mushroom or balloon
Means of avoiding an uphill climb
Massage target?
Markswoman dubbed 'Little Sure Shot' [1977]
Male swan
Luxury hotel chain
Like some basketball shots and unwanted calls
Law man
Landlord's register [1996]
Hunters' org
High lines
Group that takes pledges, informally
Get a good look at
Geraint's wife, in Arthurian legend
Free from
Follows orders
Eurasian duck
Deadbeat, e.g
Courageously persistent
Country north of Latvia
Columbia, for one
Clay character in old 'S.N.L.' sketches
Caste member
Capital city with only about 1,000 residents [2016]
Boise's home
Blankets for open-air travelers
Bank jobs
Award won by the starts of 17-, 25-, 39- and 52-Across and 11- and 29-Down
Antihistamine target
70-Across, e.g., formerly: Abbr
400 meters, for an Olympic track [2012]
2017 N.C.A.A. basketball champs
1996 Foo Fighters hit
'That's awful!'
'Right away!'
'Gloria in Excelsis ___' (hymn)
'… fish ___ fowl' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—May-2-2017#sthash.aMZNdzG4.dpuf

Word after 'living,' 'tight' or 'dead'
Where the NHL's Sharks play
Where the center is the tallest?
Very small child
Tractor trailer, in slang
Tips off a proposal
The 'forbidden dance' of the early '90s
Suffix with 'high' or 'quick'
Southwest calculation
Some berths or dentures
Pseudopod organism
Pop the question
Places for dips
Peace Prize name
Pay what's due
Part of a tennis court
One pill before bed, e.g
One of the title kids in an '80s film
Oil company's role
Oil cartel letters
Offended God
Much-mocked hairstyle
Mournful poem
Mascara target
Make ready
Lassie's breed
Kind of salad
Jackson Five member
In a creepy, macabre way
Huxley, Lamb or Bacon, e.g
Hit the slopes
Highest country in the world
Grapefruit relative
Governing org. for lawyers
Gooey road surface
Go from border to border
Give the go-ahead
Giant's word in a fairy tale
Get ___ of (purge)
Geological epoch
Frequently, old-style
Free throw score
Fire-related crime
Feminine pronoun
Feeling of extreme nervousness
Feeling of alarm or dread
Feeling at a haunted house's front door
Edible tropical root
Earth's big belt
Dublin's land
Dedicated poems
D.C. pol
Crackers, nuts or bananas
Connected to the Internet
Component of a basketball
Common forest insect
Colorful prefix with 'marine' or 'lung'
Christmas mainstay
Chowed down
Brazilian city, familiarly
Block or outlaw
Big goofy, clumsy guy
Big game swine
Baby newt
ATM 'code'
Acted sheepish?
60 sec
4:1, e.g
'The Call of the Wild' author Jack
'So that's what you're up to!'
'Kama ___' (love manual)
'Hallow' ender
'For heaven's ___!'
'Approximately' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—May-2-2017#sthash.13xFSadR.dpuf

Within walking distance
Use TurboTax, say
Took cover
Tom Sawyer's aunt
Thorn in one's side
The Whiffenpoofs, e.g
The life of Riley
Texas city on the Chisholm Trail
Takes in or lets out
Takes charge
Tailor's implement
Sword material
Superior in rank to
Stands in a studio
Some wings or joints
Smartphone buy
Service with hotspots
Scout outings
Schnitzel meat
Rock climbers' needs
River to the Caspian Sea
Reach for the stars
Pub offerings
Poor dog's portion, in rhyme
Places to wear scrubs, for short
Place to hibernate
Place for washing instructions
Pester incessantly
Part of a smokehouse rack
Pants part
Monk's superior
Like Spago, as restaurants go
Like much testimony
Like italics
Like a poor loser
Latin Kings or MS-13
Knowledge, it's said
Knock the socks off
Jobs for a combo
Jazz guitarist Montgomery
Item to recycle
Instrument played by Clint Eastwood
Herb in saltimbocca
Have a thing for
Hall of TV talk
Guthrie at Woodstock
Great Seal creature
Grace word
Fisher-Price offering
Fires off
Finishing nails' smaller cousins
Financially secure
Fez feature
Euro predecessor
Eric of 'Munich'
Dinghy implement
Determine the value of
Cruise ship attractions
Cries from a litter
Clothes line
Cheesy chip
Charmin layer
Central spot
CD forerunners
Burgoo and ragout
Bucks the system
Broadcast studio sign
Batteries in optical mice
Auction offering
Alpaca kin
Air excursion of a sort
2015 award for 'Hamilton'
1969 role for Robert Redford
'You're something ___!'
'Ray' or 'Ali'
'I'm ___ human'
'Bull' event
'Argo' setting – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—May-2-2017#sthash.Q7QpI8AB.dpufWorry (about)
Women's links org
West Florida city
Well qualified
Wedding ceremony exchanges
Walgreens competitor
Vietnam neighbor
Uses a shovel
Urban rds
Trees with cones
Tot's "little piggy"
Topper on an "i"
Ticket remnant
Tennis great Chris
Take a show on the road
Strong anger
Sports cable channel
Source of ancient fables
Soprano solo
Small hailstone
Shade trees
Sgts., for instance
Serving at upscale trattorias
Sales-floor samples
Pronto, for short
Prayer-ending word
Pointed at a target
Pizza order
Paint phony art
Opposite of fem
Not as much
News article
Natural balm
Most convenient
Mortgage ad boast
More than enough
Mineral springs
Maze-running rodent
Man or boy
Made on a loom
Lowly chess pieces
Lose one's footing
Looks good on
Long-running CBS police series
Labor group
Kids' building blocks
James Bond creator Fleming
Island near Oahu
Infamous Roman emperor
Horse's hair
Having natural ability
Guys who write jingles
French friends
Food plan
Espionage org
End-of-workweek cry
Egyptian snake
Dalmatian marking
CPR experts
Chowder morsels
Casts a ballot
Carved Indian pole
Build, as a building
Break into pieces
And so on
Admired one
AC/DC converters
"Vanity Fair" annual compilation
"The Wizard of Oz" dog
"Sidewalk" eatery
"It was someone else"

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