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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.09.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.09.2017

__ Cruces
With 63-Across, 'Is there more?'
With 61-Across, 'Yer darn tootin'!'
While lead-in
What happens at the end of a Manilow concert?
Wet blanket
Vince Gill's 'Look __'
Unpaid stack for scofflaw Aaron?
Union title?
Thing with rings
The Auld Sod
Swellhead's problem
Something to stretch out on
Simple sign holder
See 30-Across
See 29-Down
Seaweed for sushi
Religious subgroup
Really bad béchamel?
Puts down
Prefix with metric
One of composer John Williams' five
Mother's whistler?
Most closely related
More fitting
Mitchell protagonist
Misspoke, say
Many years
Major thoroughfare
Made tracks
Letters with Arizona or Maine
Letters facilitating sorting
It's other than hither
It requires some effort
Iraqi port
Hot spots
Harlem Renaissance writer Zora __ Hurston
Half of sechs
Furry creature that isn't cool?
Fashionista's concern
Familiar fivesome
Erato's instrument
Educational period
Dunked snack
Does some lawn maintenance
Defunct space station
Decimated sea
Dazzling style
Convicted hastily and unfairly … or, in a way, like the four other longest puzzle answers?
Confucius, by reputation
Conan, for one
Comedian dubbed 'Mr. Television'
City about 150 miles east of San Diego
Cite, with 'to'
Certain quadrilateral: Abbr
Bone holders
Big name in luxury retailing
Bee in Mayberry, e.g
Barista's offering
Assigns work (for), as students
Advisory group
Accumulated, with 'up'
About 30% of Earth's land area
'The Bourne Supremacy,' e.g
'So that's your game!'
'SNL' castmate of Gilda and Chevy
'Over the Rainbow' composer
'Norma __'
'NCIS' airer

Work without accomplishing much
Word of resignation
Without wasting a word
What the earliest cars used as antifreeze
What the ancient Greeks called the Hyrcanian Ocean
What a theater's grand tier is divided into
Weapon with a bell guard
Very cool
Verified the count of
Unlikely winner at the Masters
Took unfair advantage of
The seller takes no interest in it
Soft-headed writer?
Show that goes on
Shaggy mammal
Put away
Presidential nickname
Player in Washington, familiarly
Place to dock
Pick on
Period ushered in by Augustus
Passed slowly
Party platter tidbit
Pacific island Magellan visited in 1521
Ones trembling not out of fear
Object at the center of St. Peter's Square
Nothing but
Nonstandard negative
Newspaper columnist who wrote the book 'Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball'
Native of the Southwest
Name of England's Nine Days Queen
Math puzzle
Little swine
Like étouffée
Lengua with the word 'lengua'
John Deere creation
Joey's portrayer on 'Friends'
It may go up in winter
Huck's pal
Howard Hughes acquisition of 1939
Hold out
Hit makers?
Hangs loose
Great deal
GPS guess
Format too big for conventional reels
Feel sorry for oneself
Easy marks
Distinguishes oneself
Depicts misleadingly
Dappled horse
Court org
Clytemnestra's half sister
Clothes closet fixture
Choice meal?
Certain Caribbean islander, informally
Cable channel for cinephiles
Big name in sparkling wine
Become tangled
Another name for a horizontal ladder
Alistair ___, 'The Guns of Navarone' novelist
'___ Enchanted,' 1998 Newbery Honor book

Writing implement
Wing it
Weighty horns
Type of attack for a burglar?
To whom thy will be done?
Take away
Sprint distance unit
Sports venue
Something to grow from
Some fraternity letters
Snooty one
Singular work detail
Sandwich's title
Rocky deposit
Ran competitively
Quite charitable
Provider of grants
Prayer for divine protection
Pea container
Part of a teapot
Old-style 'before'
Old Italian bills
Not suitable
Not ordinary
Nostalgic time
Nest of a squirrel
Mysterious baffler
Movie attraction
More reliable
More like a lion's shade
Moray or electric
Masseuse's employer
Marine eagle
Lump in a Christmas stocking
Love, Paris-style
Literary collection
Like Chicago
Less wordy
Kill a bill
Keats offering
Jumpin' joints
It's for suckers
Initial software version
How things should be done
Honor, as a coupon
Go ___ (lose it)
Gardeners, frequently
Frozen home
From that time
Free ___ (without restraint)
Fork part
Flower of Holland
Female relative
Crude container
Come apart at the seams?
Chilling, as champagne
Canton of central Switzerland
Cafe order, on occasion
Bushels, piles and mountains
Bird's claw
Big diamond?
Ben Franklin's belief
Beat soundly
Ball or sphere
Attachment to 'nay' or 'sooth'
Attachment to 'he' or 'work'
Any record from 1952
Air-pressure measure
Actress Watts
90-degree-turn shape
'___ further reflection …'
'My Dinner with ___'

___ Clemente (Nixon retreat)
Where 64-Across and antelope play, in song
Unicycle shaft
Ultimatum ender
Tokyo, to the 2020 Olympics
The Huskies of the NCAA
The Clinton years, say
The 'Father of Geometry'
Tended to, as a sprain
Supporters of the arts
Striker's fill-in
Stone of 'The Help'
Status ___
St. ___ (Caribbean nation)
Solo in a libretto
Social goofball
Slow period for a salesman
Sighed word
Show at a convention center
Sheep's vocal output?
Score perfectly on
Sawyer's chronicler
Salt lick visitor
River through Pisa
Prom night ride
Posted in a web diary
Polar bear's resting place
Poker table, at times?
Place for a roast
Place for a piercing
Pitchfork part
Persian Gulf monarchy
Penn's expressionless partner?
Peephole's place
Patronize Dollar
Outdoes in competition
One with top billing
Needed a bandage
Muppet on some baby blankets
MP's quarry
More than just reduce
Miner's helmet attachment
Merry tune
Male buddy
Make a hasty exit
London Magazine essayist
Japanese subcompact since 2001
In excellent condition
Icky fare
Grins from ear to ear
Greenish-blue hue
Gift-wrapping day, perhaps
Fish that's big enough
Fashion magazine since 1945
Ernie of the PGA
Elevator music player's need?
Dead duck
Criticize harshly
Corrida cheer
Connect, as riverbanks
Button, on Frosty the Snowman
Bungee jumper's requirement
Brewery offerings
Barroom melee
Antique-shop purchase
Antelope sighted on safaris
Airport carousel item
Adjust, as a car's front end
Accommodate an autograph hound
'___ seriously, folks . . .'
'Werewolves of London' singer Warren
'Pokemon' cartoon genre
'My Fair Lady' lyricist Alan Jay ___
'I'd like to see that!'
'Garfield' waitress
'Angry Birds' aficionado, e.g
'Aloha Oe' strings, for short

__ Rancho, NM
Zappos offering
When both hands are up
What the recipe is for
What Ms. Carson criticized
What many Founding Fathers wore
Trifle (with)
Treat too tenderly
Traditional recipe, part 1: Combine equal amounts of __ . .
To be filled soon
Thinks big
Team on some farms
Take full responsibility for
Sweet sound
SPECTRE scientist
Some frozen desserts
Sent an overseas telegram to
Second Constitution adjective
Search and destroy, perhaps
Port Said's region
Part 2 of recipe
Ozark Foothills city
Overwhelming feeling
Overnight annoyance
One whom Sam played for
Off the mark
Novelist Patchett
Metal precioso
Major artery
Lighting fuel of old
Italian word for "shrimp"
It's spotted throughout Mexico
It's northeast of Fort Wayne
Issue forth
Intangible vibe
Insincere "Sorry!"
Informal affirmation
Heifer hangout
Frat letter
Frat letter
Files for flies, maybe
Far from certain
Ensembles of cells
Eisenhower Library city
Drops at dawn
Disposed (to)
Culinary category
Cry like "Bingo!"
Crude quarters
Crime of combustion
Contributor to ambiance
Command, as a cutter
Chooses, as a chophouse
Cask material
Cardinals, on NFL scoreboards
Buyback contract, for short
Billion years, in astronomy
Bench order
Bed __ Box (mattress brand)
Backpack burden
Aural receptor
Anchorage locale
Aesopian saver
A, as in Aachen
"__ de vie" (French brandy)
"Snow White" witch's shout
"Holidays in Heck" humorist

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