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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.08.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.08.2017

Yemen port
Wide assortment
Went under
Wall St. index
Virus of concern at the Rio Olympics
Upper body
Tiny toymaker
Take the __: risk it
Surrealist Joan
South African city where Mandela was inaugurated
Soap units
Santa __ winds
Rower's blade
Resort island near Venezuela
Refuses to
Really excited
Raindrop sound
Pose in yoga studios
Portion out
Pocahontas' husband John
Picnic critters
Personal histories
Part of LGBTQ
October birthstone
Not proficient in
New Year's Day floral procession
Molecule part
Math with x's
Madrid art museum
Macaroni side dish
Longtime first name in morning talk shows
Little women
Like sealed medical supplies
Like hunks and knockouts
In a snit
Hollywood's crème de la crème … and where to find the ends of the answers to starred clues?
High-__ graphics
High-end chocolatier
Heavy weight
Govt. workplace watchdog
Gobbled up
Forest-scented cleaning product
Flowering shrubs associated with Augusta National Golf Club
Federal humanitarian org
Eyed wolfishly
Ease up
Dollar bill
Desert plant used to make tequila
Curved bone
Cellphone downloads
Bus stop
Brass or bronze
Boxcar hopper
Beaver's creation
Bearded grassland grazer
Bear, in Barcelona
Bathroom fixture
Attention from Dr. Mom
Asian noodle soup
Actress Ullmann
Actress Lindsay
Actress Kunis of 'Bad Moms'
*Wedding gown attachment
*Social networking site with a math sign in its logo
*Quick checkout choice
*'Want to try it?'
'The Talk' co-host Gilbert
'The African Queen' screenwriter James
'Sure thing!'
'I figured it out!'
'Honest, it's true!'

Zin alternative
Yet to be delivered
With 6-Down, 'Dancing Queen' musical
White wine aperitif
What some shoulders and pants do
Uno + due
To the center
Teachers' org
Tail end
Stimpy's TV pal
Start of a manual
Sounds from a stable
Something to watch on the telly, with 'the'
Some lab tests
Smooth, in music
Sloth, for one
See 4-Across
Secures, as an area, with 'off'
Racetrack sound
Racetrack has-been
Quiet place to pray
Primitive fishing tool
Pommes frites seasoning
Part of a pinball machine
Onetime Ron Howard role
One of the Three Musketeers
One may be rolling or skipped
Net that netted Dory in 'Finding Nemo'
Multivolume ref
Mine finds
Marijuana, slangily
Mandel of 'America's Got Talent'
Make sure something gets done
Make a case (for)
Main impact
Mag heads
Lingua di Luigi
Jurassic Park inhabitants, for short
It's usually not erasable
Hid out, with 'down'
Got rid of the munchies
Gen ___
Followed instructions
Entirety of a composer's works
Enjoying Fleet Week, say
English head
Ending with teen
End in ___
Duracell designation
Cincinnati sitcom station
Childish comeback
Chicago-to-Indianapolis dir
Car that's hardly a peach
Camping craft
Boehner's predecessor as House leader
Bleach brand
Bit of campaign nastiness
Big letters in home security
Be in the red
Baton Rouge sch
Atomic ___
At any time, to poets
24 horas
'The Goldbergs' network
'Strange Magic' band, for short
'Slow and steady wins the race,' e.g
'Shocking!,' to an Ohio tourist?
'Shocking!,' to an astronomer?
'Shocking!,' to a Thanksgiving guest?
'Shocking!,' to a teetotaler?
'Shocking!,' to a seamstress?
'See you!'
'Nothing runs like a ___' (ad slogan)
'I can't f-f-feel my f-f-feet!'
'By all means'

Wire measure
West or Jemison
Weigh-station deduction
Uppercut target
Unsolved, as a crime case
Unit of gene activity
Type of plant or failure
Turtledove's sound
They're smaller than minis
They sort your stuff before you get it
There's no place like it
The whole time
The Three Stooges, e.g
The five in this crossword (including this one)
Suddenly beamed
Spiritless examinations?
Something a commercial printer might suggest
Soldier material?
Social creature in a colony
Social breakdown
Santa ___ winds
Powdery lichen
Pig cuisine
Pack down
One-on-one knowledge recipient
One place to be buried 'at'
One mode of transport
Old traveler's check?
Not against
No-gas car brand
Nevada city
Neighbor with prying eyes
Medieval clubs
Mason's trough
Lunchtime, often
Little Bighorn general
Like psychedelic music
John of pop
Jai alai or its ball
Houdini and some desperate cons
Hotel offering
Hearty dish cooked in water
Hard-to-please grumblers
Guy in a pub
Group of seven
Gifts bestowed
Foot digit
Food crumb
Foil's kin
Flight school final event
Fancy violin, briefly
Exxon rival, once
Disinfectant brand
Digs of ice
Concealed via sleight of hand
Common sci-fi figures
Circle piece
Bustle or fuss
British conservative
Borden's cow
Bike part
Big feature for the vain
Attentive reading
Art stands
'With ___ in sight'
'Silent Night,' for one
'Glad I could help you out!'

___ firma (dry land)
Word with horse or soap
Witty sort
With money at stake
When repeated, a trumpet effect
Warning mark on a tachometer
Volcano that devastated Martinique
Unpaid TV spots
Uber worker's need
Try for a role
Toy with, cat-style
Toothpaste option
There are two in a qt
Tennyson princess
Takes away for good
Swelled head
Strings for Orpheus
Squirrel's construction
Spot on a peacock's tail
Sport in which a mawashi is worn
Sources of some beef cuts
Sheer linen or cotton fabric
SASE part
Puff ___ (venomous snake)
Producer of kerosene or diesel
Prankster's projectile
Possible tennis score after deuce
Pole or Czech
Pen or razor brand
Pacify with concessions
Out of gas, so to speak
Name on a tractor
Musk, to SpaceX and Tesla
Many WWII noncombatants
Many a John Wayne movie
Manned kite, of sorts
Loveseat, e.g
Like sudden-death overtime
Like carbonated drinks
Like Aesop's grapes
Legendary Broncos quarterback John
Lea female
Jellyfish attack
Indicate a later time, as on a check
In the loop
Idol worshipper, e.g
Ice cream parlor order
Hackman of 'The French Connection'
Green with the hit 'Forget You'
Grass grown on farms
Gracefully slender
Dresden's river
Dogpatch's Li'l ___
Defeat, barely
Deck chair part
D.C. ballplayer
Contents of jewel cases
Clarinet or oboe
Characteristic of many a duffer's drive
Blue Angels service branch
Bit of ownership in a corporation
Become unnavigable in winter
Banned apple spray
Any of 12 at the Last Supper
Adjusts to fit
Additions to ltrs
'___ 'er rip!'
'Sir Duke' singer Wonder
'NCIS' production co
'Losing My Religion' band
'Loneliest number' of song
'It ain't over till it's over' speaker
'Green' prefix
'Exodus' hero ___ Ben Canaan
'Be prepared' org

__-friendly software
__ the line (obeyed)
__ the air (uncertain)
Yale students
White heron
Wheel rod
Wedding vow
Typical Saudi
Tots' batting game
Toad relative
Taper off
Taking little time
Springs in the desert
Spiral shape
Spew forth
Southwestern tableland
Snaky letters
Repeated slogan
Ready for harvesting
Practice boxing
Pointed at a target
Plod along
Plant with fronds
One of Columbus' ships
Obscuring, as a bathroom mirror
Not doing anything
Minuscule amount
Minor mistakes
Lone Star State resident
Loch of a Scottish "monster"
Island nation near Sicily
Install, as curtains
Indisputable evidence
In __ of (instead of)
Hung on to
How drive-thru orders are made
Honolulu's island
Go by, as time
Glossy paint
Gen. __ E. Lee
Fractions of a pound
Forget to include
Failing spectacularly
Eden resident
Draw back in fear
Distracted greeting
Cupcake topping
Creme-filled cookie
Cookware coating
Change for a $5 bill
Camper's shelter
Brief brawl
Bread with a pocket
Bit of dialogue
Big fuss
Bart Simpson's sister
Back talk
AM/FM device
5,280 feet
24-hr. cash dispensers
"Beware the __ of March"
"Because I __!" (parent's reply)

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