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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.07.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.07.2017

Yusufislam.com musician
Winglike parts
Unisex nickname
Twizzlers pieces
This, that or the other
Thinking indicator
They may be excuses
Supermarket count
Spicy meatless dish
Some Australian carvings
Shoulder protection
Sentence ender
Rights org
Plant-ruining genus
Palindromic fellow
Palindromic bread
Out of order
Old Andorran currency
Not soaked yet
Netanyahu's predecessor
Mover of many
Memorable time
Many a Balkan
Make believable
Lunch holder
Like home, say
Legacy Hartsfield-Jackson tenant
Learners, hopefully
It helps you focus
It flies off store shelves
In most mammals, the upper one has a groove called a philtrum
Imaging company once big in film
Home Depot work apparel
Head turner
Having a short cut
Hang (around)
Get out of Dodge
Friend of Homer
Former senator Specter
Elaborate sci-fi costume component
Do a favor for
Didn't miss, as a bus
Dickensian denouncement
Centuries-old Asian wool sources
CBer's punctuation
Catch from the pier
Brie who played Trudy on 'Mad Men'
Beardie, for one
Australian Stock Horses, perhaps
Artist Picasso
Annual July 1 celebration marking the 1867 signing of the British North America Act
Ancient history adjective
Ancient French region
4/8/74 record breaker
'Harold and Maude' co-star Bud
'Gr8 joke!'

___ latte
What's the matter?
What seeds often have
Western tribe
University department, for short
Unit of work
Typical Snapchatter
Turned into
Time out?
The opposing side
Study of the atmosphere
Strong recommendation
Source of sodium in the wild
Some inheritances
Some hard rock
Soap-making equipment?
Sexennial event
Place to celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival
Optimist's mantra
Noodle house noodles
Mozart's 'Il Re Pastore,' e.g
Mother in 'Hairspray'
Mini maker, originally
Master of strings
Kind of deposit
It 'will find a way,' according to Virgil
Is closefisted
Investments often associated with CDs
Help for users
Guru residences
German toast
Freelancers' enclosures, for short
Fraternité fellows
Foo Fighters founder Dave
Estée Lauder fragrance for men
Economist who shared a Daytime Emmy with Jimmy Kimmel in 1999
Easternmost of fashion's 'Big Four' cities
Early showings
Disney queen voiced by Idina Menzel
Cultural leader?
Classic Stanislaw Lem sci-fi novel
City and county of central California
Checkout counter option
Certain two-wheeler
Capital that's home to Last Chance Gulch
Cable channel that once won a Four Freedoms Award for freedom of speech
Becomes well known
Ballet move
Baba ghanouj ingredient
A new computer program may be in it
48-Down subgroup
'___ Dinka Doo' (theme song of Jimmy Durante)
'Yikes!,' quaintly
'Uh-huh … ri-i-i-ght'
'The Simpsons' sycophant
'Take THAT, sucka!'
'Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself ___': Mark Twain
'Kiss Me Deadly' rocker
'Kanthapura' novelist Raja ___
'A ___ should not mean / But be': Archibald MacLeish

___ impulse
You may be followed by it
Work on a wall
Wear on
Wall St. maneuver
Virtual directory
Underhanded schemer
Troubadour by the side of a highway exit?
Topped with volutes
Tim McGraw's 'The Cowboy ___'
The Beatles' '___ Love Her'
Take in
Surgical tool
Summer sign
Some academic diagnostics
Soldier of fortune
Sockeye that's a knockout?
Shaw with a clarinet
Sharp, in a way
Sensitive spots
Scrubbed launch
Santa Fe and Tahoe, e.g
Safe from hackers
Sad news
Run amok
Remains unresolved
Put-down artist
Purpose of a pet post
Pull gently
Prickly flora
Pricey cracker topper
Popular health info source
Plaza de Toros cry
Plane seat part for use only by passport holders?
Piedmont wine region
Penultimate letter
Peanut, informally
Particle composed of a quark and an antiquark
Pack tightly
One way to graduate or to be convicted
Not absolute
National Railroad Passenger Corporation, familiarly
Myrtle or mock orange
Mules' fathers
MRI orderers
Mountaineering goal
Mountain crag
Mother's command
Motel meeting
Most sound
Moment of realization
Mock tribute
Mobius strip's lack
Mix in the movies
Misshapen citrus fruit
Miss Hannigan's spunky charge
Miniature albino citrus fruit?
Milwaukee Braves rookie of 1954
Mighty bit
Metal's Motley ___
Metal marble
Measure for Noah
Mass of tangled hair
Martinmas mo
Mamie's mate
Makeshift housing
Makes finer
Makes duds
Maitre's domain
Main event setting
Magic workplace
Mafioso foes
Ludwig ___ van der Rohe
Lion's pride
Like prayer wheels
Like four-leaf clovers
Like argon
Licorice candies
Letters on Cardinal caps
Keep house?
It's held in London banks
Hooch producer
Highway shoulders
Highlight of a zoo's Instagram page?
Hasidic leaders
Half of hex-
Gutters' spots
Gives a hoot
G.P.'s gp
Friendly talks
Foe of MI6 in Bond novels
Foe in the NCAA basketball tourney?
Floppy topper
Floppy topper
Fishing in Falmouth and trainspotting in Truro?
Expedia listing
Exhibit audacity
Drive-thru side
Drag club accessories
Docket makeup
Diner menu section
Diapers printed with jokes?
Debate premises
Cuts off
Cruel fellow
Coney Island coaster
Committee in charge of plans to fight Gargamel?
Comfortably warm
Cockatoo feature
Co-star of Bolger and Haley
Brother of 76-Across
Brother of 52-Across
Between visible and microwave
Bean variety
Basketball's 'King James'
Bank job
Bakery come-on
As a friend, in French
Arson aftermath
Apply for
Aid for intricate cutting
Ahmed of 'Rogue One'
Ace's stat
'When We Were Very Young' writer
'Veni, vidi, vici,' for one
'The Immoralist' author
'Sad to say…'
'Give it ___!'
'Dirty Dancing' dance
'…___ a lender be'

___ Carlo
Yemen neighbor
Without doubt
Winter tool
Willy's favorite Neil Simon play is ..
Willy searched for God and became a ..
When Willy feels goofy, he's seen..
Walked heavily
Treaded shoe part
Ticket part
Three famous wise men
Thick cord
Supper scrap
Stop kneeling
State of calmness
Speaker's platform
Spanish couple?
Something to wish upon
Some bills
Sleep site
Scrub, as pots
Scissors sound
Schematic detail, briefly
Reddish rash
Rabbit relative
Prez Lincoln
Prepare presents again, e.g
Place for cranberries
Pitching stat
Picnic pest
Perlman of 'Cheers'
Pasta sauce
One-celled organism
One who is far from tidy
Ohio pros
Office-set comic strip
Not of the clergy
No longer fresh, as venison
Musician Kristofferson
More slender
Loved excessively (with 'on')
Like some agreements
Like a wild dog
Knight's titles
Kind of wrench
It may be toxic
Id's complement
Henna, for one
Greek letter
Give off, as sweat
Farm female
Estimate words
Emulate a dog in a pool
Crowning headgear
Cremation keepsake
Creature that gives a hoot
Creates an instant lawn
Corn unit
Bullets, briefly
British actor-playwright Peter
Blinds type
Became close
Atlanta university
Ambulance letters
Airport abbr
Actors' negotiators
'Platoon' setting, briefly
'Otherwise known as' name

___ rigueur (literally)
___ Paese cheese
___ Flynn Boyle of 'The Practice'
Young ___ (small fry)
Word before map or rug
Woodwind with nearly a three-octave range
Website where you can do the first parts of 17-, 26- and 44-Across
Tough nut to crack
Target of some kicks
Talk like Don Corleone
Taking one's cuts
Swap identities, perhaps
Slalom paths
Skype necessity, for short
Shakespeare's ___ Theatre
Saintly quality
Ruffle the feathers of
Refuse to grant
Red socks, to the Red Sox
Red Hots or Atomic Fireballs
Put pressure on
Provoke, as to anger
President lampooned by Chevy Chase
Play for a patsy
Planets, to poets
Per ___ (salary phrase)
Peak near Messina
Online application, for short
One on your side
Number on a foam finger
No later than
Menlo Park monogram
Many an October birth
London's ___ End
Like much of Chicago in October 1871
Like many dorms, now
Like a squid's discharge
Like 1913 Liberty Head nickels, vis-a-vis 1913 Buffalo nickels
Lhasa ___ (dog breed)
Lava, prior to surfacing
Inauguration Day event
Impress at an interview, say
Important stat in Cy Young balloting
Iberian Peninsula river
Hobby farm denizens
Have a hunch
GOP part
Get into a difficult spot
Fashionista's concern
Essen's region
Element named for a two-time Nobelist
Drummer replaced by Starr
Destinations of some errant tee shots
Crude-producing org
Completed a stolen-base attempt, say
Comedy cohort of Howard and Howard
Colored part of the eye
Club in a Manilow song
Clear of data
City near Lake Tahoe
Center of Napoleon's palindrome
Boston Marathon wreath makeup
Bombards with expletives
Blair of 'The Exorcist'
Award refused by Brando
Attempts to secure
Astronauts' beverage
Any of Jim Morrison's bandmates
Airline seat attachment
Affectedly cultured
Act the bellyacher
Abdul of pop
2015 nuke deal signatory
'___ It' (1983 Cruise movie)
'Summertime,' e.g
'See ya!'
'Messenger' material

__ wear (sign of tire underinflation)
__ California (What Utah was once part of)
Will Smith client in "Hitch"
What some colas once contained
What Brits call "hydros"
Voicing of post-heroic humility
Utopia creator
Uses up
U.S. News rates their programs
They display two Miss Liberty torches
Takes down
Strategic phases
Snapple or Pepsi product
Sign after the Archer
Rolling Stone's #14 drummer
Rod + pointer
Render strongly disposed
Ready for takeoff, perhaps
Quasi-opposite of "nun"
Potato's hairy look-alike
Plane wing's airfoil
Personal appearances
Part of Apple Records' logo
P&L records
Of theatrical talents
Not seriously
Ne contenant pas
National Library __
Nation with the most natural-gas reserves
Name from the Hebrew for "princess"
Much of some workbenches
Metaphor for mirth
Metal in window glass
Makes lighter
Jeb in-law
It's developed in the film "The Founder"
It premiered "Star Trek: Voyager"
Is vocal, in a way
Insurance trigger, to insurers
Innkeeper, on some menus
Indiana University campus
Head Start offering
He swore in JFK
Hawk or hawker
Handled serving dish
Green curry's cuisine
Freshness of the spoiled
Four-note tune
Focus of University of Pittsburgh research, 1948-1955
Fawn (on)
End of 12 Deuteronomy verses
Editorial references
Dynasty ending in 1644
Do-it-yourself learner
Didn't play in
Designation for some bistro specials
Data used by V-chips
Coin with national sides
Causing confusion
Blu-ray's former rival
Bit of Latin, or Greek, or Hawaiian, etc
Back-to-School Kit users
Arrived, as Tonto
Apt rhyme for "praise"
About 1/11 of the globe
"The King of Clay"

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