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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.06.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.06.2017

Wines that can be white or red
Widely recognized
What narcs may do … or what can literally be found in three pairs of puzzle answers
Vicious of the Sex Pistols
Truckee Meadows city
Traveling from gig to gig
The Rams of the Atlantic 10 Conf
Takes care of
Southwestern lizards
Sought office
Some Croatians
Sleep on it
Skinny sort
Singer DiFranco
Show up
Short movie?
Seeking exoneration, in a way
Secret Service title
Score keeper?
Rome, once
Result of a big hit
Quebec Winter Carnival race vehicle
Quarterback Roethlisberger
Procedures involving suction, familiarly
Popular tablets
Pioneering PCs
Pioneering computer
Old PC component
Not moving
Nice and easy
Natural sci
Little pitchers have big ones, per an old maxim
Like some workers in an open shop
Lighthouse view
Levels of society
Insect stage
In the past
Immediate caregiver, briefly
Howe of hockey
Horace's '__ Poetica'
Highlighted publication part
Halves of some master-servant relationships
Given as homework
Fish-eating duck
Fighter Holly who ended Ronda Rousey's undefeated streak
FDR agency
Diplomatic HQ
Degree for Dr. Oz
Deer fellow
Creamy quaff
Composer Schifrin
Circle div
Chiropractor's concern
Capital on the Danube
British counties
Bridge, e.g
Brest bestie
Boss of fashion
Blues-rocker Chris
Ballpark fare
African capital named for an American president
'Where the Wild Things Are' author
'Oh, be quiet!'
'Microsoft sound' composer
'I found the place!'
'How nice!'
'Copy that'
'All Things Considered' airer – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Jun-1-2017#sthash.Ve0c8rLt.dpuf

___ Gong (Chinese spiritual practice)
Words after 'Here' and 'Away'
Universal life force
Towheaded comics boy
Ticked off
They may come with silver or gold
The Magi, e.g
The Liberty Tree, for one
Squalid places
Something bad to come down with
Snow blower brand
Seldom-reviewed TV show
Rubber ducky, e.g
Roll at a counter
Pretty good grades
Place for a poker
Pitiful sorts
Part of the escape route in 'Casablanca'
Org. with the Calder Cup
Opposite of covers
One eating you out of house and home?
Of an arm bone
Occupied, as a table
Nos in Novosibirsk
Movie theater pioneer Marcus
Most svelte
Minneapolis-to-Milwaukee dir
Midge, for one
Middle of the road?
Med. insurance plans
Makes sound
Little of children's literature
Like one-star puzzles
Letters of approval
Left a burning impression?
Leave nothing behind?
Lead-in to right or rock
Kind of sleep
Jan. honoree
Jack of 'Barney Miller'
How one may be loved
Home addition?
Hearty entree
Female issue
Fashion photographer Herb
El Orinoco, e.g
Diner purchases, for short
Detective whose first name is Kentaro
Density symbol
Cut off
Cowboys may ride off into it
Composer Copland
Cinque + cinque
Brought on
Bottled up
Ancient region of central Italy
Actress Barbeau of the cult classic 'Swamp Thing'
A whole bunch
A whole bunch
'___ folly to be wise'
'___ Buttermilk Sky'
'Do the ___' (beverage slogan)
'Ain't ___ Sweet' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Jun-1-2017#sthash.UgH3BBQP.dpuf

Yields to wanderlust
With a lot to lose
Where the Indus flows
What you're looking at
Village leader
Versatile vehicles, for short
Valued strings
Track figures
The 'band' in 'The Adventure of the Speckled Band'
Test setting
Tedious doings
Tannin-rich nut
Take each of the starred answers with a grain of it
Suffered a humiliating defeat
Sudden course correction
Show stopper, of a sort
Show shifter
See 1-Across
Rhythmically splash against
Rev.'s bailiwick
Rap entourage
Prime minister between Churchill and Macmillan
Place for mil. mail
Patient's portion
Outlook button
Orthodontist's org
One way to reach the Pentagon
One might need massaging
Olympus Mons location
Musician behind Beats headphones
Moisten, in a way
Metal in Montana's motto
MBA prerequisite
Many a campus visitor
Line of work
Like Nobel Prize medals
Like balsamic vinegar
Lands like heavy rain
Kuwait was one of its founding members
Italian prime minister Gentiloni
It means nothing
Issuer of double-dashed IDs
Huckleberry Hound attribute
GPA booster
Funny Foxx
Dunham and Headey
Drudgery doer
Digital communication method: Abbr
Cries of discovery
Computational fodder
Calypso's father
Bubbly from Catalonia
Boxer biter
Bolt on the track
Bob Dylan's 'The Man ___'
Big stories
Base balancers
Banned spray
*Spaghettified, grammatically speaking?
*Justice with a shredded side?
*Jackson Pollock's favorite dessert?
*Baroque masterpiece inspired by rye and semolina?
'___ say…' ('Alas…')
'You made that up!'
'What ___ for Love' ('A Chorus Line' song)
'What business is ___ yours?'
'The Thunderer' composer
'In that case…' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-1-2017—In-a-Pinch#sthash.jRsUQKUx.dpuf

___ of a kind
Young men
Writing with a wry twist
Worrisome engine sound
Word that raises a grammarian's eyebrows
Where Rich Mitch keeps his canned goods?
Wheel shaft
Wealthy muckety-muck
Walking sticks like Moses'
Viscous, sticky substances
Vast areas for grazing
Valuable possession
Urban newspaper section, sometimes
Type of depression
Twist around an axis
Tumbler in a nursery rhyme
Tractor trailers
Tote board listings
Top brass, briefly
Tokyo, once
They come out at the seams?
The color of money
Symbol of patriotism
Start for 'wife' or 'way'
Special time or event
South Pacific island group
Small piece of paper
Shorten, as a photo
Root for poi
Roasting rods
River known for its length
Rides a bike
Rich Mitch's favorite director?
Reindeer kin
Put a stake in a poker pot
Provide with guns, cannons and such
Performances for one
Neutral hosiery shade
Movie marked by a certain mood
Mountain climber's aid
List-ending abbr
Light type on Broadway
Let go
Kind of position
Itsy-bitsy amount
It provides the kick in coffee
It channels water for Rich Mitch?
Hydrox rival
Hotel kin
Heady pests?
George behind The Force
Footnote citation
Fairly harmless swords
Eye impolitely
Emulate a snake
Do a blacksmith's job
Devine or Flanders
Daring and fearless
Company that's rich in chips
Command to an attack dog
Close of Hollywood
Certain Alaskan
Box office dud
Black mark of disgrace
Biblical prophet
Before, in palindromes
A new one is a sign of spring
1,000 kilograms
'Nah, I don't think so'
'Moonlight ___' (Beethoven masterwork)
'In the ___ of the Night' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Jun-1-2017#sthash.u9uAjVdp.dpuf

Yodeler's peak
Worked with Microsoft Word, say
Western string tie
Venus and Serena Williams, e.g
Utter nonsense
Tribal history
Trees with split-resistant wood
Tourist stop on the Arno
Took a five-finger discount
Title for Connery
Thick soup
They were lowercase L's, on old Underwoods
Theocracy since 1979
The San Diego Chicken, e.g
Tarzan's friend Cheeta, for one
Take shameless advantage of
Strainer in a sink
Stand in for
Sprouting 'pet'
Skater's leap
Sign of decay
Sewing machine pioneer Howe
Self-storage compartment
Sci-fi escape vehicle
Sam's instrument in 'Casablanca'
Relief for agita, informally
Relative of two-hand touch
Reason to reboot or recalculate
Puts the kibosh on
Puppy's bark
Prompt for an email recipient's address
Probate concerns
Potentially disastrous
Physique, informally
Philosopher Immanuel
Petty quarrel
No-win situation?
New Orleans protector
Neiman Marcus competitor
Needle's place, in an idiom
Muffler attachment
Moth-___ (worn out)
MASH shelter
Marinara or pesto
Many coll. lab instructors
Letter before tau
Lashed out at
Inca Trail land
In the thick of
Homeowners' documents
Having a bug
Grass grown on farms
Grace word
Give as a reference
Final suit bid, in bridge
Fathers of III's
Fallon's predecessor
Exact revenge on
Election Day list
Deli order, for short
Curbs, with 'in'
City near Giza
Cardiologist's insert
Capitol Hill staffers
Capital city for which a trail was named
Bummed out
Bollix up
Big name in printers
Bet first
Bard's 'before'
Air pump figure
'___ to Joy'
'___ Rae' (Sally Field movie)
'Star Wars' warrior
'Now I remember'
'GoGreen!' org – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Jun-1-2017#sthash.cJ7rqZ0q.dpuf

Zodiac animal
Two sevens, e.g
Trapeze artist's workplace
Tied up in knots
Take the bark off, say
Summer games org
Stove vent
Special delights
Spa garment
Smart somewhat
Small tune carrier
Sicily's highest point
Shut (up)
Shown to the exit
Sheets and such
Set of beliefs
Resistance measures
Remove sticky stuff from
Reference chart
Radio switch
Professionals' org
Poet Pound
Penicillin's origin
Part of TNT
Onetime Tower of London surrounder
Niger neighbor
Move slightly
Mauna __
Loses steam
Inert gas
HS exam
Handel contemporary
Hall of Fame NFL coach Levy
Great significance
Grass clump
GPS reading
Genesis hunter
Gandhi spoke it
French couturier
Frat letter
Formal orders
Flask filler
Fallen angel
Exploit twice
End-of-week sentiment
Emmy winner as Carmen and Jackie
Email folder
Distracted greeting
Debtors' letters
Comic Rudner
Clinic program
Choose formally
Checked for fingerprints
British Columbia neighbor
Batter's successes
Adds fizz to
7'1" NBA great
18 Down downloads
13th-century explorer
. . . on the Susquehanna
. . . on the Mississippi
. . . on the Mississippi
. . . on the Delaware
. . . on the Cumberland
. . . on the Charles
. . . on the Missouri
"Titanic" star, in headlines
"2 Broke Girls" broadcaster

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