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Crossword Quiz Answers | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.03.2017

Crossword Quiz Answers  | Crossword Puzzle Answers 01.03.2017

__ pole
__ McMuffin
Words on a candy heart
What may be charged for books?
Website pop-ups, e.g
Wealthy campaign donor
Wanted poster initials
Twisting force
Twinings product
Turn a deaf ear to
Took off
Talus or radius
Sprain support
Spinal column part
Something frowned upon
Some celebs have delicate ones
Small bay
Sleep acronym
Sixth __
Singer Warwick
Simile words
Serious injustice
Roofer's supply
Racetrack equipment
Played mixes at mixers, briefly
Picture framing materials
Pickett's Charge soldier
Peas, for shooters
Orch. section
On the open deck
Nightmare loc. of film
Newton fruit
Newspaper VIPs
New York brewery known for its cream ale
Most cheerful
Military action toys
MetLife's business: Abbr
Matriarchal nickname
Like Parmesan cheese
Jane Austen novel
Humor for a select few
Graphic introduction?
French possessive
Explorer Vespucci for whom the New World was named
Dove's call
Die down
Crèche figure
College choices
Clothing chain … or what the answers to starred clues comprise?
Cleaver nickname
Classic music synthesizers
Central points
Cause of calamity
Cast out
Bordeaux buddy
Bird on Australia's coat of arms
All together
AAA handout
*U.S. Steel co-founder
*Retail chain founder
*Peter Pan creator
*'Whiplash' Best Supporting Actor
*'Lost' co-creator
'Pardon me,' in Palermo
'It's not too early to call'
'Imagine so'
'Didn't I tell you?'
'CHiPs' co-star Erik
'August: __ County': Meryl Streep film
'Almost ready' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Mar-1-2017#sthash.azTYbLgD.dpuf

Yoga position
What crossword clues with question marks often are
Warrior on Mount Olympus
Unlikely to defect
Unlawful behavior in strict Muslim countries, for short
Travels in high style
Three of Abba's members, by birth
Thought, to Pascal
The Supreme Court's Sotomayor
Tex-Mex dips
Take a chance on a work of poetry?
Stable sounds
Small slice of one's workday?
Sitcom extraterrestrial
Shooters through rapids
Richard who founded Virgin Atlantic
Read up on a woman, old-fashionedly?
Quick on the uptake
Québec place name abbr
Prepare for a struggle
Place to follow the M.L.B
One way to stand
Obscenity-monitoring org
Needs a bath badly
Naval subordinate: Abbr
Naval burial site, maybe
More discerning
Monster beheaded by Perseus
Messages with hashtags
Lunchbox sandwich, informally
Loses rigidity
Join forces
It's right in the Pythagorean theorem
Insect that builds a papery nest
Home of the Heat
Heroin, slangily
Gucci of fashion
Go beyond
Gives the go-ahead
Getting even with
Get by intimidation
French 38-Down
Figurehead's place
FaceTime device
Ecstasy's opposite
Dirty digs
Delhi wraps
Dagger's partner
Cousin of a cravat
Coax a lost dog to follow you?
Cite a chap for speeding?
Check the aroma of a few beers?
Carded, for short
Captain's command
Camera-moving technique
Big name in small planes
Big name in chocolates
Barely manage, with 'out'
Autos with charging stations
Attack from the air
Ascap counterpart
Al Capp diminutive
'You ___ kiddin'!'
'We ___ Young' (2012 Song of the Year)
'Sex and the City' quartet, e.g
'No kidding!'
'Hulk' director Lee
'Hip Hop Is Dead' rapper
'Battlestar Galactica' commander – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Mar-1-2017#sthash.zA4VPyo8.dpuf

Wound's protective cover
Window treatment parts
Where modern-day Vikings explored
When Nugent rocks in the sewer, he changes the lyrics to ..
Uses a microwave
Unit to plow
Type of service or war
Topmost position
Tibetan priest
Thing to do after a shampoo, sometimes
Store below decks
Stable particle with a positive charge
Sounded, as a large bell
Sheepish meadow
Seniors, one year later
Ryan Gosling film '___ Land'
Rubber band in the gutter?
Relatively flat highland
Places for lions
Part of, as a plan
Paint-application option
Opposite of enjoyed
Opening for 'while,' a long while ago
Not long from now
New Testament's final word
Needed a shower in the worst way
Need painkillers
Mountain in Sicily
Mexican food order, sometimes
Mentally quick
Makes wagers
Make a mess in the tub
Long-time Yugoslav leader
Likely to be hosed?
Like the Beatles in their heyday
Like many breakfast cereals
Letters studied in biochemistry
Large section of an atlas
Large batting cages are needed in the sewer because sluggers need ..
King, to his subjects
It runs when broken
It may occur pretrial
If you're this, you suck
Huge stringed instrument
Hindu dress
Herb oft-used in Indian food
Hearty swigs
Give off
Frigid water hazards
Eye part
Exciting hot-rod event
Entree served in a bowl
Disinfectant brand
Difficult burden
Cubic cordwood measure
Covert ___ (spy missions)
Composition for an orchestra plus soloist
Colossal, film-wise
Chinese fruits with brittle coverings (var.)
Camel's cousin
Big fusses over trivial things
Bar mitzvah VIP
Approximation from the cockpit
Any group of nine
Ambience feature
A sewer activity with pursuits, captures, escapes, etc. is a ..
A fit of shivering or shaking
36-Down maker
'___ you ashamed of yourself?'
'Where ___ should I look?'
'It's ___ cry from …'
'Fall' header
'Days of ___ Lives' – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Mar-1-2017#sthash.tA8VYcDn.dpuf

Word before printer or pointer
Witchy woman
Victims of kitchen traps
Tubular pasta
Tube top?
Trendy fleece-lined boots
Transcript figure
Texter's 'r'
Starbucks vessel
Speak like Cicero
Small Oreo size
Securely closed
Sea nymph of Greek myth
Santa ___ winds
River of Dresden
Rainbow ___ (food fish)
Pyramid scheme, e.g
Places for picnics
Piece in the game Battleship
Packed away
Oscar-winning Roberto Benigni movie of 1997
One can be found at the starts of 17-, 29- and 45-Across
Off-the-backboard 2-pointers
Obedience school command
Not yet filled (Abbr.)
New Year's projectile, maybe
More than suggest
More 'out there'
Monotonous in cadence
Meat in many gyros
Marina del ___, Calif
Lower in rank
Longtime rival of Sampras
Locket shapes
Lip balm additive
Like Thor and Loki
Like lemon juice
Justin Timberlake's label
Hydropower structure
Howard Cosell, notably
Hotel freebie
Home to 177 canals
Handouts to the poor
Halves of diameters
Hair-raising stuff
Got completely correct
Full of energy
Dire Straits hit with the lyrics 'I want my MTV'
Diana of 'The Avengers'
Defoe's titular castaway
Concert setting
Concerning, in law
Component of a Skype call
Collegiate Bulldog
Call off, at Canaveral
Brazilian soccer legend
Boxing's 'Louisville Lip'
Bleacherites, e.g
Bearded zoo animal
Barely-passing 52-Across
Barely sufficient
Bake sale-sponsoring org
Artist's cap, stereotypically
Amazon.com cart unit
AFB part
Achilles or Ajax
A drawbridge may span it
12/24 or 12/31
'___ goes nothing!'
'___ big to fail'
'___ a good one!'
'LOL,' verbalized
'Law & Order: ___'
'I think,' in texts
'Deck the Halls' syllables
'Cat' or 'hat' sound
'Be right with you!'
'Amazing Grace,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordssolver.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Mar-1-2017#sthash.SJxg4NKs.dpuf

Yuletide tune
Yuletide tune
Women's patriotic org
Winter driving mishap
Winter coaster
West Point student
Well-mannered guys
Underground water sources
Top of the head
Title for a knight
Sufficient room
Stand by for
Speak ill of
Smartphone message
Smallest of a litter
Slow tempo
Sign of healing
Sharp blow
Said "Not guilty," perhaps
Reykjavik resident
Render a verdict
Remind too much
Project's objective
Prof's deg., often
Prescribed amount
Place to bowl
PC rival of Dell
Parcels out
Oxygen or neon
Oscar actress Hathaway
Operatic solo
Obstruct, as a river
Nursery rhyme dieter
Muscle twitch
Mountain chain
Mosque leader
Modify, as legislation
Makes a blunder
Make up (for)
Leaky faucet sound
Korean cars
Italian resort isle
Impressionist painter Claude
Horse's hair
Hole for a shoelace
Group for D.A.'s
Greek philosopher
From then until now
Finance deg
Final or midterm
Farmland measure
End of the Greek alphabet
Electrified fish
Drop __ to (write to)
Dress of India
Drained of color
Details to be debated
Daytime TV drama
Crustacean with edible claws
Cornmeal bread
Cookbook amt
Chimps and gorillas
Change the color of
Celebrity roster
Capital of Ghana
Bundled, as hay
British nobles
Bakery array
Assists in wrongdoing
"¿Cómo ___ usted?"
"We gotta go!"
"That smarts!"
"Peanuts" bird
"Beauty and the __"

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