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Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 09.03.2017

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 09.03.2017

Herbal flavor similar to licorice 
Co. with brown trucks 
Wrinkled-nose cause 
Sugar craving, say 
Tech news site 
Alternative to de Gaulle 
Bury the hatchet 
Get the canoe going 
Run out of gas 
Canadian Alice with a Nobel Prize 
Case for Scully 
citato: in the work cited 
Like football passes 
Have a jones for 
Indian music style 
North Sea feeder 
Tigers Hall of Famer Al 
Annual Macy’s tradition 
British school test 
Lockup, in slang 
System of connected PCs 
Atty.-to-be’s hurdle 
Part of a chain 
Intervene, with "in" 
"It follows that … " 
Out in a classic sports car? 
The White Stripes, e.g. 
Book with tablets 
Impressionist’s métier 
Done in a comprehensive plan? 
Gamer’s game face 
Word with candy or sugar 
To a greater degree 
IBM’s chess-playing computer 
Suez Canal ship 
Fairy tale heavy 
Useful Scrabble tile 
Tied up in a government program? 
Target of annual shots 
Pit-__: heart sound 
Darth, before he turned to the Dark Side 
Emailed a dupe to 
Duffers’ dreams 
"__ Theme": "Doctor Zhivago" song 
Bat mitzvah dance 
Mount between Pelion and Olympus 

Walk all over
Factor in the cosmetics business
Online chuckle
Sharply criticize
Show one's emotions
Added on
WWII conference site
Having plenty of chutzpah
Stuck it out
Fitbit event of 2015
Some period
Length to width, e.g.
Grog vessel
Ventimiglia of 'This Is Us'
I, to Augustus
Green prefix
Thanksgiving monstrosity
Ethan's 'Gattaca' co-star
Tiara component
Understand viscerally
Partner in crime?
All-encompassing prefix
Ad trailer?
Mobile homes?
Hanging by a thread
It may be sheltered
Autumn Harvest Uprising leader
Pacific phenomenon
Missile guidance aid
Treasury Dept. division
Blotter initials
Slow-tempo dance
Drink noisily
Potato processor
Savannah's co-host
You can bank on it
Let go
It may be within your grasp
GE purchase of the 1980s
Waxy chemical
Tuition bill, in Dallas?
Boxcars, essentially
Headed for the fence, perhaps
Gun holder
Student loan terms, in Provo?
Dressy affair
___ Lama
Modernize, say
Boston Garden great
Cuban patriot-poet Jose
Minor player
Culinary professional, in Cambridge?
Dashing bird
Share one's thoughts
Formerly called
The fifth element
Long throw
When the home team scores, in Troy?
Y wearer
Land, in Lyon
Domina ___ (title for the Virgin Mary)
Sophistication, in Fort Worth?
Send up
Mucilaginous vegetable
Be bedridden, say
Provide some relief?
Leave unceremoniously
Title checkbox choice - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Wall-Street-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-March-9th-2017-#sthash.VUtp3A55.dpuf

Some football players
Did some math
Rectangular paving stone with a curved top
Kind of year
Makers of a big V
Certain sporting sword
'Bright' thing from one's mind
Divvy up accordingly
Brahman's prominent feature
Employing sympathy
Alpha's opposite
Alaskan native
Piece of luggage carried by hand
Quiet sound that can mean 'Look here!'
Word with 'Dutch' or 'toaster'
Make someone do a spit take
Farm tool
Including everything
Young boy
Bake eggs in their shells
Native of Bangkok
Larger-life link
Steer clear of
Like bad winters 
'Spare the rod, ___ the child'
Honesty, politeness, charm, etc.
Big-time launcher
Enjoy, as a chef's meal
Europe's largest volcano
Combat outfit
Midwestern metropolis
Awkward, uncouth person
Bald spot coverings
'Mini' selling places
'Martial' follower
Runs at the mouth
The periodic table's Pb
First inhabited place
It glides across snow
Long, drawn-out tale
Squirrel's partner, in cartoons
Actor M. ___ Walsh of over 200 films
It makes gems appear larger
Pains in the neck
Turkish lord (var.)
Let off steam, literally or figuratively
Marionette relative
Apt to go into a rage
Bad 'accidental' letters?
One associated with dreadlocks
Bit of force?
Some British beverages
Name on many jeans' labels
Chiffons oldie '___ So Fine'
Ruth's 714 or a day's 24
Fork prong
Showed up
Dismiss a flying pest
Carve into crystal, e.g.
Entertainer Lewis, with a lamb 43-Down
Beast that imitates
Secret supply
Old floppies
Walking ___ (euphoric)
If you simply bask for it, you'll get it
Common garment of India
One of the Marvel superheroes
'Bolero' composer
Stradivarius' teacher
Russian capital
TV's Enterprise, e.g.
Casserole type
IRA type
Waugh or Guinness - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/Universal-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-March-9th-2017-#sthash.rSkfIlW9.dpuf

Top-five baby girl name
Light touch
Sounds delighted
Glance over
Organic barrier
Architectural spaces
Get going
Hairdos in ”Hair”
Gauguin hangout
Vague feeling
Apron catch
Take the helm
Gridiron positions
Rude look
Clipper complements
Large amount
”Car Talk” theme instrument
Show anger
Jefferson, by belief
Less candid
Show anger
In reserve
Terrier type
Empty space
Nursery purchase
Gets to, as a gift
Be defined as
Careful plan
Moved like a ballerina
Part of some guacamole
Sushi bar beverage
Prefix for virus
Mattress size
Tasting like rhubarb
Massive mayhem
Palm tree berry
D.C. Historic Site
Day of rest
Cheaper for a while
Up to, informally
Chatter at length
Adder or asp
Government-benefit precursor
”Femme” friend
Notre Dame neighbor
__-foot (reservoir measure)
Page One piece
Ball-rolling game
Business card no.
Apron catch
UN's home
Circumvent a sentry
Most prestigious exemplar
Shows woe
Florentine farewell
Landlocked Asian land
State firmly
Utility bill stat
Pack (down)
Marina tenant - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/News-Day-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-March-9th-2017-#sthash.8J7do65q.dpuf

Place to plant
Co. with brown trucks
Wrinkled-nose cause
Sugar craving, say
Tech news site
Alternative to de Gaulle
Cross off
Young newts
Tight-knit group
Bury the hatchet
Get the canoe going
Run out of gas
Lunchtime tryst
Tell it to the judge
Canadian Alice with a Nobel Prize
Leafy healers
Case for Scully
__ citato: in the work cited
Herbal flavor similar to licorice
'Scrubs' extra
Like football passes
Have a jones for
1% alternative
Move out
Tigers Hall of Famer Al
North Sea feeder
Indian music style
Q.E.D. word
Annual Macy's tradition
British school test
Kung __ chicken
'Warcraft' killers
Carved symbol
Lockup, in slang
System of connected PCs
Atty.-to-be's hurdle
Part of a chain
Some game
Intervene, with 'in'
Lid woes
'It follows that … '
Bolivia neighbor
Veil material
Out in a classic sports car?
The White Stripes, e.g.
Candle holder
Book with tablets
Word with candy or sugar
Singer India.__
To a greater degree
IBM's chess-playing computer
Suez Canal ship
Fairy tale heavy
Useful Scrabble tile
Tied up in a government program?
Target of annual shots
Pit-__: heart sound
Postgrad challenge
Darth, before he turned to the Dark Side
Emailed a dupe to
Criticize harshly
Gamer's game face
Duffers' dreams
Done in a comprehensive plan?
'__ Theme': 'Doctor Zhivago' song
Bat mitzvah dance
Mount between Pelion and Olympus
Impressionist's métier
Sporty sunroof
Fish feature - See more at: http://crosswordpuzzlehelps.com/clue/La-Times-Crossword-Puzzle-Solutions-March-9th-2017-#sthash.zqk5F4O8.dpuf

Documentarian Burns
Man-mouse link
Urban carrier
Harvard rival
Club in a Manilow song
Slanted type (Abbr.)
Fill up
Thin cookie
Art props
Wee dollop
JFK's veep
Dairy deliverers
Play area
Glee club handout
Gun lobby org.
Sigma follower
Jazzy Fitzgerald
Cartoonist Chast
White wine cocktail
Waffle brand
Tropical tuber
GI entertainers
Tin-lead alloy
Oprah's reading group
Lennon's lady
Neb. neighbor
Soldiers in gray
Metal source
Mideast airline
Carton sealer
Zuckerberg's company
Teensy bit
Ship's hospital
Sharply uneven
'Fresh Air' airer
Copper head?
Maja painter
Internet address
Reunion attendee
Right angle
D.C. figure
Under wraps
Thornton Wilder drama
DIY buy
Curved molding
Library lover
Jacob's brother
Year in Cancún
Hotel furniture
Plunks (down)

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