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crosswords puzzle answers 25/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 25/11/2016

Venerated vessel
Two-number stats
Three "down" followers
Three "down" followers
Three "down" followers
Three "down" followers
Taste with a bite
Takes after
Sustainability prefix
Subtle airs
Subject of Margrethe II
Stadium store buy
Spot far from the field
Slangy send-offs
Setter signal
Second sight
Scratch (out)
Pipes up
Part of a zipper
On the calendar
Mystery writing award
Major 5 Across brand
Long-term tiff
Korean cuisine staple
Kind of big hair
Jag alternative
Individual efforts
Identification lead-in
Idaho nickname
How Romans spelled a spewer
How do you like them apples?
Home receiver
Home of Universal Studios Japan
Hieroglyphics beasts
Haydn genre
Hardly a short spell
Goya subject
Global specks
Frat letter
Flow blocker
Find a purpose for
Escapes from
Equine strides
English channel
Either Apple founder
Dramatist Stoppard
Doctor's directive, perhaps
Doctor's directive
Disney leader
Diamond semifinal
Dance that named a dot
D-Backs, on scoreboards
Compass reading
Cobble together
Citizen competitor
Cheese category
Bygone kiwi cousin
Businesspersons' org
Big name in tortellini topping
Bar accounts
Asian land suffix
Aphid cousin
Animal park rings
46th state
"Friends" guy – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-25-2016#sthash.BAuZ0aDf.dpuf

Zero, in soccer scores
Wrinkle remover
Winter forecast, at times
Wheel-supporting shaft
Washington State airport named for two cities
Warring Olympian
Wait awhile
Uno plus due
Unit of work
Threw, as mud
Their homes are on the range
Synagogue leader
Suffix with switch
Start again
Stage direction
Soup server
Some nest eggs, briefly
Show off one's biceps
Shot up
Saying yes
Recycling device
Really, really tough
Persia, today
Ostrich's cousin
Occupied the throne
No more than
Medieval drudge
Marilyn Monroe's real first name
Lizzie Borden, allegedly
Like many collectible coins
Kimono sash
Jackie's second hubby
It might be secondhand
Inquire after
How the euphoric may walk
He released a dove in Genesis
Having perfect pitch?
Gallery display
Fractions of mins
Four score
Former Spanish monetary unit
Figure skating feat
Fictional sleuth Wolfe
Exam that can't be answered quickly
Die down
Competition that involves hopping
Clogs' cousins
Cleopatra's feller?
Ceremonial rod
Canadian pop singer Lavigne
British blue blood
Bread or booze type
Bouquet holder
Big name in plastic?
Big name in elevators
Bellyacher's utterance
Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue ___ minor'
Baby bird's sound
Aware of
Author Zola
Athletes with poles
Apartment building safety feature
Alpha's opposite
Accumulated, as a tab
'___ Sue Got Married' (Kathleen Turner film)
'___ better be good!'
'The Simpsons' news anchor Brockman
'Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-___'
'Maude' actress Arthur
'Ghostbusters' goo
'60s hallucinogen – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-25-2016#sthash.fC3vEbgA.dpuf

Wind-related nautical adverb
Where conceited Jill gets her gas?
What Conceited Jill will do when listening?
What conceited Jill gives for two 20s and a 10?
Type of wrench
Two-masted sailing vessel
Significant parts of history
Shakespeare's balcony climber
Sam the Muppet is one
Rummy laydown
Responses that sometimes disappoint
Prince in India
Plane or saw, e.g
Place for gambling
Needing nourishment
Nat or Natalie
Muslim pilgrimage
Music scale's fifth notes
Middle ear bone
Many PCs
Making unattractive
Make fine, as flour
Machu Picchu builder
Like 8-Down
Lengthy writing assignment
Leaf cultivated in the Andes
Judo sites
Judicial directive
It's heard in an opera
It has a place for a pupil
Infomercials, e.g
Hypochondriac's fear
Gut feeling
Group of two
Friendship destroyer, sometimes
Freud contemporary
Fix once and for all?
First vice president of America
Feminine pronoun
Enveloping, invisible glow
Edible for Jack Sprat
Crime that involves lighting?
Complete a flight
Common cosmetics ingredient
Cobblers' tools
City scavengers
City or lake near Buffalo
Certain conifers
Central American republic
Burnout consequence
Bread amount
Boat stabilizer
Blue and new things
Bearing a heavy load
Ball-___ hammer
Arm bone
Amazing server, in tennis
All males
Airport info (abbr.)
'___ be an honor'
'What's gotten ___ you?'
'What are the ___?'
'Real' attachment
'Immediately,' in office memos
'Four' before a word
'Buona ___' (Italian greeting) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-25-2016#sthash.7svDJN3v.dpuf

Where ospreys hang out
Tom's 'Jerry Maguire' co-star
The moon, e.g
That aunt
Starchy staple of the Pacific
Spotify subgenre
Sit in on
Search tools
Safe from prying eyes
Runway models?
Robotic memorization
Refrain from disturbing
Pugilist Laila
Plymouth colonist Standish
Pigeon perch, often
Physicist's quantity
Papers and such
Pancake rarely eaten with syrup
Old PC screen
Nose parts that may deviate
No GOP voter
Nights before
Mower moniker
Military installation
Maine college
Little hill builder
Lingua di Livorno
Light lunches
Its currency is the gourde
It may be amber
It lost Best Picture to 'Gandhi'
In the way of
Identify, as a person in a Facebook pic
Hungarians' neighbors
Horseman's hat
Grilled, on Mexican menus
Get tangled
Frequent 'Far Side' figures
Fish often pan-fried
Firm finish
Filing ID
Event where sculptures move?
End of a sentence?
Egyptian leader?
Education fad of the 1960s
Destructive group
Croc part
Constellation cat
Command to a collie
Carrie character
Brown with a pan
BHO predecessor
BBC auto show
Archaic 'Agreed!'
Appears to be
Americans who love 'Cabaret' actor Michael?
Americans who live in trees?
Americans who like to perform a 'doble' dance?
Americans who are jealous of Cleopatra?
Americans who are always bragging about their wealth?
Aleppo people
'Where ___ At' (Beck song)
'Oh, gotcha'
'Frasier' role
'Enough said, please'
'Don't think so!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-25-2016—City-Folk#sthash.ahKm8SI1.dpuf

Unlooked-for results
Unconvincing response to 'Why?'
Top motion
Thanksgiving side dish, informally
Teacher's homework
Take stock?
Stuff sold in squeeze bottles
Strongly disparage
Special fondness
Speaker of the line in 40-Down
Sore muscle treatment
Showgirl prop
Show piece?
Sewer's edge
Selfishly eager cry
Prepared statement
Play containing the line 'Good night, sweet prince'
Person who's getting bigger
Pentathlete's need
Pax ___ (century preceding W.W. I)
Paul or Simon
Orlando Bloom's 'The Lord of the Rings' role
Open hostilities
Nursery purchase
Numbered vehicle
Necktie material
Mutual understanding
Meter user
Marathon runner's bane
Make it
Like most of Mauritania
Like many an emergency door
Landing gear?
Land beyond the tree line
It lets you see what you missed
In need of orientation, say
Immersive experience
Has every right to do
Hairy one in a Bible story
Gunpowder containers
Future reporter
Fairy tale cacklers
Early Nintendo competitor
Dubai, for one
Dramatic dance moves
Drag out of a bed?
Difficult situations
Creamy cocktails
Contract stipulation
College building
Class with a flexible schedule?
Cello attachment near the bridge
Car buyer's option
Arriving at just the right moment
Archaeological find of 1974
Affronted shout
Actress Raines of 'Tall in the Saddle'
4×4, e.g
1958 Chevrolet debut
'___ West Lips Sofa' (Dalí piece)
'I'm impressed!'
'Genghis Khan' star, 1965

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