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crosswords puzzle answers 24/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 24/12/2016

Understood by few
Try to elude 'it'
Trojan War classic
Treadmill unit
Totally confused
To any extent
To a ship's rear
Times to call, in classifieds
The Bruins of the NCAA
Suffix with moon or sea
Submitted by mail
Start-up's financing
Stare slack-jawed
Squad car sound
Spine component
Spanish stuffed turnover
Shoot like Chris Kyle
Shoe material in an Elvis song
Send off
Self-referential, informally
Seconds at the coffeehouse
Schedule vacancy
Salon worker, at times
Salon sound
Rudely abrupt
Reverse, on an edit menu
Religious offshoot
Racquet feature
Quiche maker's need
Prius and Volt
Postcard photo, perhaps
Places to hibernate
Places for pews
Place for solar panels
Pit stop supply
Peevish mood
Peacock tail markings
Part of 34-Down (Abbr.)
Opponent of 'us'
Opera set in Egypt
On the endangered list, most likely
On the ball
Not so tan
Motion-supporting votes
Likely to talk back
Like some winks or grins
Like 37-Down
Kipling classic
Jiggle one's rear
Italian auto, for short
Ill-mannered sort
Hunky young man
Highly skilled
Hanger material
Ham it up
Greek K's
Euros, e.g
Don't waste
Cut and paste, say
Cross-shaped letters
Criminally converted funds
Cranks up, as an engine
Church of England official
Centers of activity
Car loan fig
Capital of Ghana
Boy in a Johnny Cash song
BFGoodrich offering
Best possible
Beach house support
Bana of 'Lone Survivor'
Balaam's mount
A way to read or think
'Beer here!' caller – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016#sthash.aNogypoh.dpuf

Worms and such
Wing covering
What's usually about 12 people?
Tesla competitor
Temperamental type
Sushi bar selection
Stuff to mine
Strike while the iron is hot?
State publicly
Starting point of many a red-eye
Something fracked in fracking
Slacker's opposite, in modern lingo
Say yes or no, say
Sandwich often served with Dijon mustard
Saint often depicted with a lamb
Projecting point
Prohibitionists' target
Prefix whose last two letters are a prefix meaning the same thing
Palindromic 1976 greatest hits album
Order setting
Observation satellites, so to speak
Not out
Navy ___
Navy ___
Mr. T vehicle
Mission group
Many a cabaret performer
Make tough to make out
Let up
Kind of car commonly seen in cities
Japan's ___ Castle
Italian 'dear'
Ill will
HSN competitor
How Stephen Colbert sometimes speaks
He wrote 'Venus favors the bold'
Harmless shooter
Fruta that's sour
Fragrant dressing
Form W-2 abbr
Firm backing?
Fifth player to hit 600 homers
Evil spirits
Essential principle of Hinduism
Date night choice
Danish shoe maker with more than 1,000 global stores
Connection site?
Company that owns Paramount
City of 150,000+ between Raleigh and Durham
Chorus syllable
Celebration that coincided with Truman turning 61
Cattle herder
Cassis cocktail
Capability of whales and dolphins
Bomb with wheels
Attractive young woman, in rap slang
Astronomer who coined the term 'nova'
Arboreal sci-fi creature
2006 Justin Timberlake #1 hit
'My ___!'
'Like' relative – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016#sthash.jVmuLolV.dpuf

___ a time
You, to Juergen
Works in a teddy bear factory
Work a caramel
Word with candy or drum
Where Hillary and Bill met
Warts and wens
Warren's wife since 1992
Walk-___ (nonspeaking roles)
Vernal mo
Veep's boss
Used 79-Down
Upstairs window designed to catch burglars?
Thin layer
The sun?
Textile factory sights
Syrup sources
Surfeit with sweetness
Stubbornly espousing
Starchy plant
Source of bucks
Small flap
Slanted in a newspaper: Abbr
Sixths of an inch
Silver place
Showed extreme disrespect toward
Sharp change of direction
Security guard in a packing plant?
Scottish estate owners
Santa descriptor
Salty solution
Sales receipts
Sales force
Roger of 'Cheers'
Refrain bit
Rangers goalie Lundqvist
Range extending through seven countries
Protective wall
Programmer's creation, for short
Price of opera performances
Pretty good grade
Ping producer
Person shooting footage for a real estate ad?
Person attacking where the castle walls meet?
Particular time
Parti-colored puss
Part of a Santa suit
Parallel action
Pal of Jerry and George
Overdue amount
Of the gland that secretes epinephrine
Nation smaller than Albuquerque
Name on a famed B-29
Muse often depicted holding a globe
Modernizes, as a factory
Menacing words
Matador motivator
Mariah Carey's 'Christmas Time Is in the ___ Again'
Makes a bow
Make wider
Lowly laborers
Lions and Tigers and Bears
Like many vaudeville comics
Like hush puppies
Letters for a sellout
Knight's backers
Kicks off
Kanye creation
Jam sound
Item for Cupid
It may be about a foot
Isn't in the sticks?
Island west of Mykonos
In the dark
Hitching goal
Hide evidence of peeking at a gift, perhaps
Hen or heifer
Have some chips, say
Hail fellow?
Had a bite, perhaps
Go by
Gingerbread bit
Gift of the Magi, added phonetically to the theme answers
Gets clean
Gets a homer
Get a better car, perhaps
Future fish
Friend of Picasso and Hemingway
Flower for a fleet admiral?
Fit for a noble
Fearsome fate
End of the line, often
Descartes conclusion
Declares void
Cruel practice
Cooks' covers
Chain with MinuteClinic facilities
Canadian cagers
Busy co. in the pre-Christmas season
Bustling activity
Bruno Mars song that reached #1 in 2011
Broadway illuminator
Brentwood neighbor
Blues great John Lee
Bits of mistletoe
Big bone of a hide-and-seek player?
Becomes chronic
Ballpark figure
Ballpark figure
Ballpark figure
Ayatollah Khamenei, e.g
Alley ___
A soil scientist may measure it
'___ the blazing Yule before us…'
'The Gift of the Magi' feature
'Strike the ___ and join the chorus…'
'My shooter isn't pewter, it's really a steelie' writer?
'London Fields' author Martin
'If you ask me,' online
'Get a move on!'
'East of Eden' brother
'Don't ask me' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016—Gift-Tags#sthash.qZHsDFc6.dpuf

Where Napoleon was exiled to
When many return to work after a huge party
Wedding figure
Watch over, as a store
Univ. teachers
Unit of force
Type of crossing
Type of bath salts
Transmissions via Internet
Town on the English Channel
Too cute, in a smart-alecky type of way
Time when much gets done
The very best of the best
Teenage facial bane
Started, as prolonged inclement weather
Sought-after countertop marble
Some small noses
Some party favorites
Some music signs
Some gel containers
Slimming twins?
Shipping co
Sharpen, as a sword edge
Second-stringer in the game
Said 'Same here!'
Ring's shining glory
Response from the tickled
Put in logical order
Put a squeegee to work
Pub potable
Proceed with gusto
Prisoner's home
Pleasant smell
Place at the table
One-on-one instructor
One place to worship from
One not expecting a great reception?
Needed stitches
Ms. Brockovich
Movie projectionist's unit
Molten rock
Mid-sized sofa
Marge's relative in a tub?
Male offspring
Make like a banana and split
Lively country dance
Latin abbreviation for 'and others'
Ladies' bags for small articles
Job location
Jigsaw puzzle unit
Hawaiian food staple
Graph line X or Y
Govt.-certified, as patents
Gaping mouths
Gallant horse
Flat tableland
Embraces as one's own
Distinct clothing
Crunch time, in many sporting events
Common cleansing agent
Coatings on hearths
Camp bed, often
Call someplace home
Beaming expression
Awarded stars to, e.g
Aspiring doctor
Arm bone
Angels slugger Mike
'You are performing badly'
'The Greatest' of boxing
'My king'
'Dynamic' prefix
'Beetle Bailey' superior – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016#sthash.wPfw0mTY.dpuf

Where "crop" is often found
What poppies usually are
Verse-reading event
Unable to get away
TV officer introduced in 1966
They're often cited on newscasts
Tesla, by birth
Talker in "Tik-Tok of Oz"
Taking after
Take the place of
Tablet accessory
Symbol of stubbornness
Supreme Soviet successor
Street thief in the Bard's era
Strange to say
Space taken up
Some Vonnegut characters
Smooth, as tap-water flow
Sing in trills
She's billed after Bill in "Groundhog Day"
Samsung offering
Ringlings, on posters
Recorded history
Puts to shame
Product broken before bagging
Phone for fare
Party-tray department
Narrow escape
Name that means "beloved"
Metaphor for purity
Make fun of, maybe
Little crawler
Lack of audio/video synchronicity
It might be working
Inhabitant of modern-day Sheba
His Hampstead home is now his museum
Gull cousin
Great-grandson of Marc Antony
Fully rehearsed
Fried-rice morsel
Finger food of a sort
Fiery feedback
Experiences minimally
Discount-cruise rarities
Delivery person
Decide what's fair or not
Correct conclusion
Condensation-prone, perhaps
Comes out with
Chops, drops, or lops
Certain palm fruit
Certain 66 Across
Cell-phone satellites, essentially
Carriage designed to impress
Brokerage in the S&P 500
Best Actress Oscar role for 1939
Baggage handler
APB responder
Apart (from)
Antonym of "happies"
Address with amity
"The Instrument of the Immortals"
"Tell me another one"
"Save the date" message
"Over the Rainbow" is first sung near one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016#sthash.vo24Lm6f.dpuf

Wicked offspring
Trojan ally, in the 'Iliad'
Teri of 'Tootsie'
Suitable for the stage
Star, for short
Something from the oven
Smallville family
Short sock
Score before a rubber game, perhaps
San Juan street
Salad crunchy
Possible response to 'How are you?'
PC port
Online connection
One after another?
Olympian's quest
Often turned down, in a way
Newspaper piece
Milk dispensers?
Mexican resort destination, familiarly
Message in a bottle?
Leak slowly
Lawn mower brand
Land of leprechauns
James Clavell book set in Japan
It's positive
Intro drawing class
Instrument in a wind quintet
Horse opera
Gut feeling?
Go wild
Get cozy
Ending with switch
Elvis ___ Presley
Early computer language
Dynamic start?
D.C. interest groups
Colorful fish
Cartoonist Keane
Canterbury can
Camp sack
Buzz off
Buy in a hurry
Building additions
Brontë heroine
Brit. decorations
Brewer Frederick
Birthplace of St. Francis
Back at sea?
As one
Arnold with a beverage named after him
Apple store purchase
Aggressive election buy
A smattering of
A Bobbsey twin
1993 standoff site
'___ boy!'
'The Nutcracker' lead
'A Death in the Family' author – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-24-2016#sthash.U7KjdO5V.dpuf

__ camera
Where to hear a lot of talk
Where there may be no room
Warp, e.g
Typographical symbol
Two-part British academic exam
Turn preceder, in Texas Hold ’em
Truce emblem source
Tried to make it home
They're usually kept
Subjects of family disputes
Sounded like a flute duet?
Small distance
Sinusitis-treating MD
Singer Lovato
Significant supply
Sights from la mer
Shares, with 'out'
Revealing garb
Renée Fleming et al
Rayed flowers
Popular store opening?
Pollutant banned by Cong. in 1979
Place to meet
Phone accessory banned at Disney parks
Periodo de tiempo
Paquete de __: cerveza purchase
Opera originally titled 'Violetta'
One of Donald's pair
One facing charges?
Noted 2013 resignee
NFL stats
Moviefone owner
Mouthed off at
Modern, in a way
Minneapolis suburb
John Paul's successor
It's commonly read by waiters
It can get you in
Iceberg topper
Holt's detective partner in '80s TV
Hip-hop group at Live Aid's 1985 Philadelphia concert
Higher than you might have hoped
Hawthorne cover image
Great extent
Font choice
Fed. assistance program
Extreme pair
Enterprise enterprise
E major scale note
Durango demonstrative
Cork holder
Conniving, with 'in'
Chicago-based professional org
Charlie McCarthy feature
Cartoon award eponym
Call to a line
Bond choice
Board game spots with nine sqs. between them
Ben, to Jerry
1993 'Ethan Frome' star
1992 Mamet play
1976 Sports Illustrated Sportswoman of the Year awardee
1852 literary villain
'That's __ haven't heard'
'Doing that right now!' 

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