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crosswords puzzle answers 24/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 24/11/2016

___ bran
Woodworkers' tools
With 59-Across, necessary substitutions, phonetically, for understanding the answers to the starred clues
Winery output
What superheroes battle
Washstand accompanier
Viking character
Victim of murder one
Tons of, informally
Thoroughbred farm employee
The Jetsons' boy
Successfully brings around
Stylized Tesla logo
Stephen Colbert and Conan O'Brien
Starbucks units: Abbr
Spanish dramatist ___ de Vega
Some locks
Some investigators, informally
Some classic computers
Sleep study diagnosis
Silk dress, maybe
See 38-Across
Rock-___, classic jukebox
Rock's Kings of ___
Ricelike pasta
Red-carpet looks
Really have at it
Piece of legislation
Piece of legislation
One going on foot?
On edge
Mrs., abroad
Montréal's Île ___ Soeurs
Martini's partner
Male hedgehogs
Listing on an athletic schedule
Like some mattresses and batter
Johnny Reb's org
In theory
How some stocks are sold
Historical group of 15, for short
Happy as a clam
Food that's cured
First tribe encountered by Lewis and Clark
Film for which Gregory Peck had the highest-paid performance of his career, with 'The'
Federal investigative grp
Electrical units
Derisive laugh
Cry on the street
Commercial lead-in to group
Cheats, euphemistically
Cartoon title character adapted from a Felix Salten novel
Black ___
Biz bigs
Baskets made from beyond the arc, informally
Basic scrutiny
Baseball feature
Authoritarian's reason
Apple platform
Allele, e.g
All-around Canadian put-down
1978 Peace co-Nobelist
*Place where kids aren't found now
*Air passenger's request, maybe
'Sharknado' actress Reid
'My Orcha'd in Linden ___' (classic poem)
'More than I needed to know!'
'I've got this'
'Ended, ___ it begun' (Emily Dickinson poem)
'As if!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-24-2016#sthash.2lphJk56.dpuf

___ of transportation
___ mater
___ Major (Big Dipper locale)
___ de plume (pen names)
What starts today?
What all coaches prepare beforehand
Vowel-rich cookie
Type of nonviolent protest
Thinner, as air
The two to a loaf
The life of Riley
Tennis match starter
Talent show judges, essentially
Taking a dive
Taken advantage of
Take part in a rebellion
Symbol of disgrace
State of chaos
Some party times
Skilled at painting, e.g
Schnoz or honker
Render unusable
Radar dot
Pub pours
Pie part
Patriotic monogram
Open-handed blows
Not ersatz
Moshe of Israel
Misspell a word, e.g
Military bathroom
Member of the highest class?
Medium size (abbr.)
Like worn radials
Like a fox
Landscaper's item
Keyboard button
Jacob's biblical brother
It's a long way from being good
Indian flatbreads
Household animals
Horror film feature
Honors with a party
Having been spotted
Have a few too many
Govt. cosmetics overseer
Give a green light to
Furtive ones
Fruit with yellow flesh
First-quarter lunar phenomenon
Fire, in slang
Ferry's destination
Engage in melodramatics
Delta, for one
Corralled creature
Corporate icon, e.g
Cornfield unit
Condo for a condor
Completely confused
College football reward
Cleopatra's snakes
Certain song for one
Causing an overtime situation
Caulk on a wooden ship
Caffeine-bearing tree
Bunches of bills
Beep with a beeper
Alms receiver
Adjust space between letters
40-day observance, roughly
'___ your disposal'
'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' writer
'My heavens!'
'In a while'
'… and make it snappy!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-24-2016#sthash.AMbsIov3.dpuf

___-fatty acid
___ on (be overfond of)
Yogi or Smokey
X-rated literature
Wood-shaping tool
What an 'X' may mark
Umlaut's two
Trains like 37-Across
Top Untouchable
Three-time foe of Frazier
Think the world of
Taylor of Mayberry
Stated further
Some roll call votes
Sign on a pet-unfriendly motel
Rolling ___ (wealthy)
Road reversals, slangily
Port of southern Italy
Poland Spring competitor
Plays for a sap
Place for a BLT
Period when forging began
Palm yield
On the links
Old stringed instrument
Off-the-wall effect
No longer dozing
Ness or Lomond
Mushroom's reproductive cell
Miner's strike
Milky Way units
Memory problem
Many Shelley poems
Make holy
London pollution problem
Like watches with hands
Like most early TV
Lecher's look
Judge's attention-getter
Joan who sang at Woodstock
Italian-American restaurant chain
Is afflicted with
Informal, as conversation
In the cooler
Hunk of bacon
Horse with some white hairs
Harry Potter's school
Gumbo vegetable
Grouchy Muppet
Greet from a distance
Goya's 'The Duchess of ___'
Gin or bourbon cocktail
Fleet-footed Aussie avians
FDR successor
Ella Fitzgerald specialty
Early Jesse Jackson hairdo
Dunaway of 'Network'
Does in, mob-style
Cyberspace 'I think'
Cud chewer
Covered with 29-Down
Corleone patriarch
Common pay period
Coffee variety
Coffee or vanilla
Certain underclassman, for short
California roll, e.g
Brief tussle
Bit of parsley
Bird at 9-Down
Attacked by jellyfish
Area covered with decomposing leaves and branches
Apple pie maker's utensil
Anita who sang with Gene Krupa
2016 Olympics site, for short – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-24-2016#sthash.AqLZ1XPw.dpuf

With precision
Vision correction acronym
Urban howlers
University teacher
Turned out badly
Track assignment
Tigers' habitat
Things worn
Take too much of
Suffix for towel
Stick that works in water
Steve Carell's "Noah" role
Stay-at-home dad
Spongy ball brand
Spice from nutmeg
Sky holder of myth
Shoreline feature
Sheet music symbol
Shade close to turquoise
Regular haunt
Ready to serve
Pro vote
Predatory seabird
Old toy-train maker
Merest amount
Malaprop's title
Little one
Knock it off
Jupiter, to Saturn
It may follow yoo
In a lather
Grown-up silkworm
Golden Spike locale
Funny ones
Former PayPal owner
Fitzgerald hero
Fertile Crescent land
Father figures
Family nickname
Erie Canal city
Disney subsidiary
Directing family surname
Dept. of Labor division
Current choices
Coral isle
Consult with
College athletics channel
Caviar source
Buy and sell
Brown and simmer
Biting insect
Big name in westerns
Big galoot
Barely managing, with "out"
Animated film F/X
All finished
2008 bailout beneficiary
. . . in Munich
. . . in Milwaukee
. . . in Marseilles
. . . in Madrid
"That's not very nice!"
"Leading with My Chin" autobiographer
"Gypsy" composer
"Ghost Hunters" airer
"Familia" member – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-24-2016#sthash.mGmYsWof.dpuf

Words at the top of a chore list
Word on a large keyboard key
With a high mass-to-volume ratio
Whoopi Goldberg's character Shenzi in 'The Lion King'
Violin stroke
Uniform-wearing pooch in the 'Beetle Bailey' comic strip
Title shared by Bob Hope, Patrick Stewart, and Charlie Chaplin
The Rolling ___
The law has a long one
Team VIP
Table clearer
Symbolic figure in a 1971 Don McLean rock anthem
Stern's opposite
Speedier alternative to dial-up
Shelled out
Push aggressively
Pull a prank on, barely?
Publicist's handouts
Ooze that can be hotter than 1,600ºF
Oldest of the Baldwin brothers
Offered, as a greeting
Nosh for an aardvark
Militant Muslim authority in the Gaza Strip
Marty Baron in 'Spotlight' and Perry White in 'Superman'
Loonies and pandas
Look at lustfully
Like the green territories on a standard Risk board
Like smoke from a burning tire
Like a judge, according to a saying
Kite part
It starts when the overture's over
It might be in the closet
It matters, say some
iPad platform
Innocent ones 'in the woods'
Immense in scope
Goes downhill fast?
From the top
Frittata's stovetop relative
Flowers that symbolize the warrior spirit, in Japanese iconography
Filled to the max
Fabric sometimes utilized for soft-focus photography
ER doctor's '… and step on it!'
Elder of the Bobbsey sisters
Droplet, as of perspiration
Do many a pundit's job
Didn't budge
Der ___ (Konrad Adenauer nickname)
Convent clothing
Clichéd guy in a white hat
Cilium upon which superstitious folks make a wish
Char the surface of
Catchphrase of Popeye the Sailor Man
Cardinal number in the Pledge of Allegiance
Capital that is home to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
Campus protest org. that led the Ten Days of Resistance
Brinker who gave up his chance to win the silver skates
Berry touted for its antioxidants
Belonging to that fellow over there
Athletes formerly prohibited from competing in the Olympics
Arp's art movement
Approximation words
'The Maltese Falcon' private dick
'Norma ___' (Sally Field movie) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-24-2016#sthash.owOxaWro.dpuf

Williams of 'Happy Days'
Trait transmitter
Traditional Jerusalem site of the Last Supper
Title teen in a '90s-'00s sitcom
They have many arms
Spring festival
Sign gas
Sch. with a Shreveport campus
Samoan port
Ref. to a prior ref
Put one over on
Prom rental
Places to unwind
Penultimate Greek letters
Outback bird
Olympian's blade
Oater settings
Not close at all
New England's only National Park
Michigan State's Sparty, e.g
Make a pretrial determination
Longtime Richard Petty sponsor
Like ballerinas
Kingston Trio hit with the line 'He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston'
Key letter
Including everything
Iberian coastal city
How a couple might go for dinner?
High ick factor reaction
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
Giving __
General __ chicken
Flying statistic
Evil end?
Eggs from the sea
East-west Mass. artery
Difference in a close race
Dial on old TVs
Decorator's suggestion
Coveted award
Congo River area denizen
Cold mold
Clock radio toggle
Chad neighbor
Center opening
Can opener
Call-day link
Brief game deciders?
Bookie's spread units: Abbr
Believer's suffix
Afternoon refresher
Actor who gave up wearing his trademark gold jewelry after Hurricane Katrina
A lot
'60s-'70s protest subject
'__ said earlier … '
'So that's your game!'
'Morning Edition' airer
'Misery' co-star
'It's next on my list'
'Hold on!'
'Battle Cry' author 

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