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crosswords puzzle answers 23/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 23/12/2016

___ Sea, now four lakes
___ metabolism
___ DeVos, noted school choice advocate
Warm spot in the snow
Visa option
Tree that can survive forest fires
Toy car driver?
Tony winner Rivera
Thread part
Swim ___
Suffix indicating a double bond
Subject preceder
Strong fiber
Stereotypical man bun sporters
Square things
Social group?
Shelters for sheep
Shakespearean forest
Sappho dedicated one to Aphrodite
Robin's refuge
Remain stationary while facing the wind, in nautical lingo
Rama's wife, in Hinduism
Pre-Columbian civilization
Plot elements?
One may hold a ship in place
Official records
Northeast nickname, with 'the'
Network initials
National park sights
More caustic
Many a listicle
Man buns, e.g
Little jerks
Like moderates, politically
Like a watchful driver
Life partners?
Keep score, say
Jones for
It resembles an 'n' when lowercase
Impoverished state
Immune system component
Hospital lines, briefly
Hercules slew it
Harrison's vice president
Game for the gifted?
Francis II dissolved it in 1806: Abbr
Fixes badly?
Filled again, as a flat
Eponymous Paris suburb
Disney toon often pictured eating spaghetti
Crop, e.g
Copernicus, for one
Contact, say
Common film background
Circus Maximus, e.g
Circle of friends at a party, perhaps
Boulder setting: Abbr
Bass organ
Actress Headey of 'Game of Thrones'
A.C.T. subj
'Let's see what you've got' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016#sthash.BaSQtcgl.dpuf

Worshipers of the sun god Inti
Williams of 'Happy Days'
Went along (with)
Understanding, in metaphor
Trane played them
Title for Rod Stewart, as of 2016
Thin nails
They're grilled in Green Bay
Talk with your hands
Symbols of oppression
Steaming mad
Solution from an optometrist
Snake that's Portuguese for 'snake'
Seamster Strauss
Roman district with a famed fountain
Road reversal, in slang
Result of a schism, often
Result of a double fault at deuce
Regarding writing
Police tactic
Piece of silver?
Phone insertion
Period of history
One of the Mario Bros
Of the flock
Mystery award
Mobile location
Milne joey
Mexican milk
Mastermind piece
Maker of the Genius Pro 8000 electric toothbrush
Ludicrous to behold
Kings and queens
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g
It's entered via the Bab-el-Mandeb
Israeli author Oz
Hot and dry
Have coming
Green of 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'
Get canned
For whom a day of the week is named
Five-star Bradley
Email option, for short
Course taken last
Column type with scrolls at the top
Candy in a cylindrical package
Bitter bottleful
Barely make
Arlo's dad
Arch shape
Ancient Italian
Against the clock
Affleck flick
*They're chewed by the Quechua
*Ramones classic
*Impudent fellow
*Hit the detonator
*'Very well done!'
'Vogue' editor Wintour
'The Day Dream' painter
'Scandal' network
'My word!'
'Fiddler on the Roof' role
'Already taken care of!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016—Presidential-Suite#sthash.bTqcS7xz.dpuf

Word after sucker or rabbit
With less slack
Winter Olympics sport
What a judge should be
Weeped buckets
Weaver's apparatus
Weapon used on a piste
Watts' relatives
Wasn't exactly truthful
Touchy or sensitive
Suffixes for 'West'
Sport played on horseback or in water
Some servers at banquets
Secretive 'over here'
Saffron-flavored rice dish
Rock with value
Rich deposit in a mine
Ready for the job
Put on a sulky face
Put bugs in someone's home
Prom dress material, sometimes
Paul Simon's 'make a new plan' guy
Part of some tricky billiard shots
Part of a rose
One way to be at ease?
On an ocean liner
Not mine or theirs
Needing refinement
Model alert! (Part 4)
Model alert! (Part 3)
Model alert! (Part 2)
Model alert! (Part 1)
Match up, as watches
Many, many moons
Major continent
Loses temporarily
Like some blood cells
Lennon's bride
Large portion of the population
It may be represented by a rooster
It can be more
Is a thespian
Great Lakes city
Goes from hot to warm
Feeling more achy
Extremely dangerous snake
Exaggerator's suffix
Ermine in its brown summer coat
Endowment receiver
Embryo, once
Dugout on the lake
Drink heavily
Dove shelter
Covered with smoky cinders
Confidently affirm
Computerized records
Certain Gulf State resident
Calls, in poker
Business attire
Business abbr
Burial chamber
Bowling sites
Be genuinely concerned
Any flower or cactus, e.g
Andy's partner of old radio
American pyramid builders
AKA, to a criminal
'To ___ His Own'
'The gift that ___ on giving'
'… ___ I saw Elba' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016#sthash.OBdvzE9D.dpuf

Wield a lever
When DST ends
What some jacks have
What "Meow!" might mean
Web spot
Van Gogh venue
Use for a nap
Third-billed voice in "Shrek"
Straightaway, for short
Sponge opening
Smog component
Sixth 007 novel
Significant period
Shy of dry
Shower organizers, maybe
Seriously stuck
Search deeply
Scrape (out)
SAT developer
Sand dollar or starfish
Rushmore nickname
Proofreading mark
Profit potential
Preserved, pre-CD
Pop from a can
Plan of action
Places for speakers
Persian poet
Pastoral pun on 39 Across, perhaps
Part of a pulley
Papal letter
Outgoing vessel
Operational, as a policy
Ogre at the office
Not previously mentioned
Newspaper feature
Midwest grain storage ctr
Mideast carrier
Michener's "Spanish Travels" book
Low-tech sect
Lecture hall VIP
Lay up
Lay out
Laudatory versifier
Large-scale sea breeze
Kind of car
It sounds just like you
Initiate litigation
Home for wasps
High spirits
Hand (out)
Frat letters
Formal refusal
Evening event
Email receiver
DC ballplayer
Cultural funding org
Country in OPEC
Common software icon
Cantina snack
Broadway's first Evita
Breaks open, perhaps
Big ATM maker
Austrian's "Alas!"
Army spin-off of '47
Are upcoming
Annual Santa tracker
Action film props
Academic domain
6 Down pub regular
"Patriot Games" org
"Inherit the Wind" inspiration – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016#sthash.r1OmUg9V.dpuf

___ naked choke (hold that might elicit a tapout)
Zapped surgically
Wrestling victory
Wild things
Wild guess
Wacky neighbor on 'Seinfeld'
Unconscious condition
Try to bite
Toys featured at a theme park in Carlsbad, California
Tightly drawn
Thesis defense, e.g
Take-out order?
Summa cum laude, for one
Subdue with a stun gun
Squeeze tight
Snug retreat
Sharp punch
Scornful look
Sahara rest stop
Revolutionary figure
Quaker Oats trademark
Puerto ___
Poster subject in many a teen's room
Poet Khayyám
Peace of mind
Part of Vanuatu
One of the sisters in 'Frozen'
Office Depot purchase
NBA Hall of Famer Patrick
Musical ability
Morning radio host Don
Molecule component
Midler of 'Gypsy'
Made a case against
Luxurious resorts
Lubbock-to-Laredo dir
Location of part of the Oregon Trail
Lions and tigers and bears
Legendary swimmer
Laptop list
Kind of hammer
Italian wine region
Huge opening?
Hospital helpers
Greek god of love
Go dead, perhaps
Georgia or Virginia, but not Carolina
Flower stalk
Fencing World Cup category
Electric sports car manufacturer
Drop the ball
Defense agcy. headquartered in Brussels
Computer key
Clear, as a whiteboard
Cheese with a red coat
Charlie's Angels, for one
CBS logo
Canapé spread
Camping cover
Breaks off
Baseball card datum
Andes pack animal
Alan of 'Tower Heist'
20 stamps, often
'Too bad'
'That smarts!'
'Smooth Operator' singer
'Roger that'
'National Velvet' author Bagnold
'I'm outta here!'
'Cincinnatti' feature – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016#sthash.VdmEHTeF.dpuf

Uber competitors
Too much shooting at the table?
Tiny bit
They sometimes intrude at weddings, and also in this puzzle's theme
They may deal with freezes
Strands at the lodge, maybe
Still in play
Stage genre
Speak or creak
Slipshod building addition?
Six-pack set
Shade provider
Secured, in a way
Religion founded in Persia
Rehab process
Priestly garments
Poetic word of order
Pincered insect
Part of CBS: Abbr
Parker's rank in 'McHale's Navy': Abbr
Painful spots
OPEC member since 1962
One of three in 'To be or not to be'
Office staple
Nevada was the first st. to allow it
Monthly pmts. reducer
Metaphorical hiding place
Mazatlán-to-Chihuahua dirección
Many a typist, nowadays
Many a reggae artist
Like much ore
Lake makers, at times
Jazz singer James
Initial contribution
Immune lead-in
Illicit buzzing in the hive?
Identification method
High wind?
Group including some Brat Pack members
Goody two shoes
Go bad
French honey
Falling stars that reach the ground
Fabled lost mittens punishment
Eponymous Belgian town
English county on the North Sea
End of a series
Early 7th-century year
Conforming to
Coffee shop order
Clickbait site, as of Sep. 2016
Clever stroke
Chopping tool
Chopin work
Beginning of a very thorough biography?
Athlete lead-in
Architect Frank
Aran Islands country: Abbr
Altar promise
Airborne pest
Aerosol product that will help you fit in in Houston?
Actor Morales
Actor Firth
'Voulez-vous coucher __ moi?' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/L.A.-Times-Daily-Crossword-Answers—Dec-23-2016#sthash.JyHAueX9.dpuf

___ broche (on a skewer)
Wrestling surface
Winter wrap
Winter cap feature
Welker who caught many Brady passes
Tyson's former workplace
Twain, 'the Queen of Country Pop'
Tripoli's home
Tom Sawyer's Polly, e.g
Tight-fitting dress
Tibetan legends
The 11 won by 'Hamilton' in 2016
Taken in tablet form
Story with metaphorical characters
Small coins (Abbr.)
Shoo-___ (sure winners)
Shaving cream alternative
Savings acct. accrual
Removes, as a CD
Record over, say
Recites, as a chant
Reason for a facelift
Raw, as steak
Plus-size fashion chain
Plead one's case
Place to surf
Pale with fright
Our base system
One step below MLB
One on a pedestal
Ohio university in May 1970 news
Newspaper where the first parts of 17-, 24-, 51- and 60-Across can be found
Most in need of liniment
Mary-Kate and Ashley of 'Full House'
Many Prado paintings
Manxman, e.g
Manage to avoid
Magical power
Lotte of 'From Russia With Love'
Laura of 'Enlightened'
How losses may appear
Hot dog wagon owner
Hit the big time
Grocery shopper's aid
Go splitsville
Fore-and-aft sailboats
Flood zone structure
Epic tale of Troy
Engage in a joust
EMT skill
DMV part
Dallas b-baller
Computers, printers, etc
Chinese restaurant freebie, perhaps
Chemical in Liquid-Plumr
Champ before and after Spinks
Chairperson's list
Cavalry weapon
Carbon dating calculation
Cancels, as a mission
Can't do without
Body shop fig
Bill who led the Comets
Basketball great Baylor
Auto grille covering
Anais of erotica
Act the snoop
Ab ___ (from the beginning)
1773 Boston Harbor jetsam
'___ the Tentmaker'
'___ had it!'
'What's ___ for me?'
'Unsafe at Any Speed' author
'Slammin' Sammy' of the links
'Hello' singer
'Forget it'

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