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crosswords puzzle answers 23/04/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 23/04/2017

___ Reports
___ Nast (magazine publisher)
___ Coast, scenic area near Capri
Wyatt of the Old West
Wrinkly fruit
With 70-Across, nickname for a celebrated performer born on April 25, 1917
Winter celebration abroad
Where Nice is en France
Vintner's cask
Vegan staple
Van Gogh's 'Le Café de ___'
Unlikely book club recommendation
Turkish title
Trade jabs (with)
Tough draws in the game Bananagrams
Three-stripers: Abbr
The hots
Talk endlessly to
Takeoff figs
Summer piazza treat
Suffix with sheep or hawk
Stone Age relics
State representatives?
Sports team V.I.P.s
Soft drink brand
Slip in a book
Skewered Asian dish
Skating champ Brian
Sister of Helios and Selene
Singer with the 1984 hit '99 Luftballons'
Signature tune of 68-/70-Across
Sheltered at sea
Setting for a fine meal
Set piece?
Set oneself right, in a way
See 68-Across
Sacred choral works
Road offense, for short
Ride and Field
Repeated collaborator with 68-/70-Across
Red as ___
Record label that looks like the name of a radio station
Reassuring touch
Rapa ___ (locale of many monoliths)
Question asked while extending the hand, maybe
Quantity of toys on Santa's sleigh
Promising action on a fishing line
Portion of a penny
Popular pairing with steak au poivre
Polynesian carvings
Polish coin
Piñata smasher, maybe
Picks out of a lineup, informally
Perfumer's liquid
Part of the earth
Part of T.G.I.F
One-named singer with the 2016 #1 hit 'Cheap Thrills'
One state symbol of Massachusetts
One in line?
One for the plus column
Old car named for an explorer
Occurrences in the 30s, say
Notable quote by 68-/70-Across
No fun, as a party
Near ringer
Natural history museum sights
Name on a blimp
Mermaids' home in Neverland
Melodic passages
Mass recitation
Maps of Alaska and Hawaii, often
Many August births
Love interest for Anastasia in 'Anastasia'
Longbow wood
Listless feelings
Letter-shaped fastener
Lao-tzu follower
Kama ___
Japanese comic style
Jan. inits
Italian relatives
Introduces slowly
Illustrator software maker
Hollywood job title
H.S. big shots
Green who was a four-time vocal coach on 'The Voice'
Great Lakes natives
Good name for an Irish carpenter?
Gets some air
Freedom Caucus, e.g
For laughs
For grades 1-12, briefly
Flight attendant
Fixture on a fishing dock
Five Pillars of Islam, e.g
Extremely loud, in music
Elder Lannister son on 'Game of Thrones'
Edith Piaf's 'Non, Je Ne Regrette ___'
East German secret police
Dog whose tail curls over the back
Cuba or Catalina: Abbr
Congestion site
Close buds
Close again, as a purse
Café additive
Button on the bottom of a multipage form
Brutish sort
Bracket shapes
Bluish shades
Big blow
Biblical quartet
Beverage sponsor of the old 'Little Orphan Annie' radio show
Be ___ use
Arctic young 'un
Arctic food fish
And the following: Abbr
Act like
Accidentally hit 'reply all' on, say
1938 #1 hit for 68-/70-Across, which was inspired by a nursery rhyme
'___ parvis magna' ('Greatness from small beginnings': Lat.)
'Smart' one
'Family Matters' ubernerd
'Enough already!'
'Dallas' actress ___ J. Wilson
'Bonehead' and 'numbskull,' e.g – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Apr-23-2017#sthash.YxiywdOE.dpuf

Weak ending?
Walk through low water
Visibly terrified
Use profanity
Use a divining rod
Type of choir voice
Type of cabaret show
Turn a cold shoulder to
Titles?%82? of?%82? respect for some Turks
Surgery aftermaths
Spike or Brenda
Sky-high homes
Shop without buying
Sentry's command
Sandwich cookie
Russian currency
Run off to wed
Right-angled shapes
Puts at ease
Put out again, as a CD
Put on store shelves
Prevent progress
Prepares for a bout
Pointed remark
Pinch relative, in cookbooks
Partner of 'beyond'
Parcel of land
Opaque gem
One's last vehicle, often
Olympic legend Jesse
Not at home
Norwegian capital
Norman you don't want near your shower
Neutral middle vowel
Mountain-reducing sticks
Minimum wage for an actor
Margarita citrus
Like some tables
Like lemon juice
Letter of the Greek alphabet
LaBeouf of acting
Item on a custodian's ring
It could be ironclad
Invisible energy source
Instance of pretending to be someone else
Hallucinogenic drug
Group moral attitudes
Garments under dresses
Formal expression of praise
Fly or gnat, often
Feedbag contents
Far from rural
Expressions of pain
Established fact
Essential trombone part
Easily heard
Create an embargo
Cotton on a stick
Copied, animal-style
Common concession drinks
Column counterpart
Certain sib
Bridal path
Bar bill
Bank security feature?
Appliance with a mitt
Any benchwarmer
'Why' not hurry, Adrian Peterson?
'Who' isn't in a Telly Savalas saying?
'When' not in due time, Mr. Science?
'Pease porridge ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Apr-23-2017#sthash.cJVRodC1.dpuf

Works with Word, maybe
Wile E. Coyote's supplier
Where you live
Whence the Three Wise Men
What you 37-Down
Tupperware toppers
Totally confuse
They're seen on idiot boxes
They're loaded into Xboxes
Thespian's work
T-men and G-men
Substances in candy coatings
Sport, as an outfit
Soothing additive
Slower on the uptake
Seven Hills city
Seductress in silents
Save like a pack rat
Round-buyer's words
Result of wax buildup, maybe
Red hair or blue eyes
Prefix meaning 'blood'
Piece of cake
Pennsylvania hometown of Larry Holmes
Part of IPA
Occupants of some luxury boxes
Nary a soul
Narcissist's love
Marched on Fifth Avenue, say
Marathoner's rate
Make a new home, in a way
Lotte of 'From Russia With Love'
Like the Baltics, until 1991
Like some cheddar
Like Elton John's stage wear
Like an untested rookie
Letter after beta
Lambert who sang with Queen
Kind of amorphous chair
Kaplan who played Kotter
James who sang 'At Last'
Items in many lunch boxes
Is half-asleep
Intense passion
Instrument called 'an ill wind'
Horatio who wrote rags-to-riches tales
HOMES lake
Hit the jackpot
Have a yen for
Grant of 'Notorious'
Goon squad member
Give two thumbs down to
Floored it
Fit of peevishness
Finder's reward
Feast of ___ Gennaro
Feared mosquito
Enthusiastic, like some collectors
Dimwitted dog of comics
Daybreak, to poets
Dating from
Cue stick part
Cookies 'n' creme cookie
Common chess result
Color of Cheez Doodles
Chilean currency
Chekhov's 'Uncle ___'
Candidates' toss-ins, figuratively
C-shaped workshop item
By hook or by crook
Body part that may flare
Blowgun missile
Blacken on a grill
Auction assent
Armchair jock's channel
Anti-censorship org
Advertiser's promotion
'___ been real!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Apr-23-2017#sthash.vBvrZi5t.dpuf

__-mo camera
__-Caps (cinema candy)
Year-end temp job
Word before show or sheet
Wooden wedge
Wonderland croquet ball
UV index monitor
Unseen trail
Two-sided store section
Two-part state
Turns suddenly
Tiny headphone
Teachers' deg
Sussex scoundrel
Surrender, so to speak
Study of cities
Start of an ancient boast
Star in Cygnus
Stage scenery
South American capital
Song's broadcast exposure
Something thrown in anger
Smirnoff rival
Shade close to aqua
Sci-fi princess
Sales districts
Sailboat rigging supporters
Retail chain founder
Request for repetition
Remini of "The King of Queens"
Releases, in melodramas
Quaint lodgings
Qt. fractions
Prefix meaning "soil"
Possible 51 Down cause
Players for runners
Pitchfork parts
Pied-__ (second home)
Outdoor blackboard info
Ore diggers' org
Olympian forger
Old Testament kingdom
Oil company, often
Occupational suffix
Nutrient in spinach
Novelist Tolstoy
Newest American Leaguers
New York Yankees great
Nest material
Naval commando
Nashville venue, for short
Name on 2016 bumper stickers
Muffin flavor
Most populous NATO member
Mosque officials
Minor misstatement
Mexican saloons
Maui greeting
Made off with
Logically sound
Literary category
Leaders of patriarchies
L. Mead locale
Kellerman of whodunits
Keeps from spreading
Keep an __ (monitor)
It means "air"
Is aptly sized
Iraq invasion commander
In the dark
Hydrogen/nitrogen compound
Hunters' org
Huff and puff
How some ales are served
Hosp. tubes
Horror film series addr
Hi-speed Internet service
Hermione in the Potter films
Henry Ford II's dad
Hefty volume
Govt. interest-paying investments
Get-well process
Get well
Fullerton campus
Four Corners state
Fannie __
Family diagram
Extreme enthusiasm
Exams for would-be drs
Escalator alternative
Erstwhile space station
Elvis __ Presley
Don't go to
Diva's gig
Distinctive period
Crunchy, in brand names
Country music superstar
Country music superstar
Composer Joplin
City west of Montgomery
Church official
Christians of Egypt
Center starter
Caviar source
Casino call
Bulldog of the comics
Brief bios
Born: Fr
Be jocular
Barn area
At the drop of __
Ancient kilt-wearing ruler
Affected emotionally
Acquire, as awards
Absorb a loss
300+-lb. NBA great
"__ you!" ("Make my day!")
"Work __ for yourself"
"This Land Is Your Land" songwriter
"The Simpsons" shop owner
"The Martian" agency
"Invisible Man" author
"Get your mitts off me!"
"Father of Geometry"
"Der, auf Englisch"
"Da Vinci Code" director
"By Jove!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Apr-23-2017#sthash.XchRWUM8.dpuf

__ und Drang
__ story
__ speak
__ hour
__ box
__ Age
Zooey's role in 'New Girl'
Zoo sights
Your of yore
Yogurt topping
Woody and others
Winner of the first two Super Bowl MVPs
Webster, notably
Wash off
Video game letters
Unlucky gambler's wishful words
Thomas associate
Summer hrs
Starfleet VIP
Square dance figure
Spelunkers' haunts
Shuts up, with 'down'
Set, as a trap
Runs through a sieve
Robin Hood foe
Reporter's query
Private nonprofits: Abbr
Prefix with dermal
Pre-1868 Tokyo
Power connections
Plot twist
Pierre's st
Physics particle
Philip of 'Kung Fu'
Peter Fonda title role
Peak seen from Grindelwald
Part of BC: Abbr
Part of a cast
Paris divider
One-handed Norse god
One of the original Monopoly tokens still in use
One awarding stars, perhaps
Old French coin
Oenophile's adjective
Numéro avant six
Number-picker's game
Not just happen once
Nile menace
N.Y. neighbor
Mythical hunter
Most artful
Monastic titles
Modern read
Miles away
Memorable times
Many a chalet
Lotion additive
Lawn invaders
Latin 101 word
Last word of Joyce's 'Ulysses'
Large chamber groups
Large chamber group
Key above F
Jefferson, theologically
Jazzman Saunders
Jacob's first wife
Instrument with a flared bell
In a precipitous fashion
Greater N.Y. school
Good 'pocket' holding in Hold ’em
Gives the once-over
Get ready to surf
General of culinary fame
Fritters away
Fragrant shrub
Enero, por ejemplo
During contract talks, an opera company __
During contract talks, a veterinarians' association __
During contract talks, a postal union __
During contract talks, a marching band __
During contract talks, a fighters' club __
During contract talks, a divers' group __
During contract talks, a cruise ship's crew __
Drops off
Disney doe
Didn't get a say
Diamond family name
Dental problem
Copyists of yore
Common soccer score
Clog or pump
City north of Des Moines
Caribou, e.g
Breaks the rules
Bouncing babies?
Boring bit
Blood relative?
Beach letters
Bank insurance?
Bandit chaser of film
B&B, e.g
Avril follower
Annual Vietnamese celebration
Anglican priest
All ears
After-dinner drink
Admission of deceit
1983-'84 #1 hit 'Say Say Say,' say
'__ who?'
'That being the case … '
'Me too!'
'Isn't that something!'
'Canst thou not minister to __ diseased': Macbeth
'Amarantine' Grammy winner

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