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crosswords puzzle answers 17/12/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 17/12/2016

Yours, in Tours
Was chicken, say
TSA ___ (airport screening program, informally)
Treat with drugs
Touching things in competition
Touch alternative
To the extent that
Targets of naphthalene
Summer stretch
South America's ___ Negro
Source of news and blog postings
Really takes off
Ready to serve
Reading material for French fashionistas
Processes, as ore
Priority protocol
Pop group whose name is an exclamation
Poker player's blink, say
Peppers that are hotter than jalapeños on the Scoville scale
Part of a benefits package
One who's extremely green?
Omnivorous lizard or its genus
Not sweet
New York's historic St. ___ Hotel
New Jersey town near the George Washington Bridge
Makes advances
Looking dazed
Like the year 2017
Like croupiers' tables
It might accompany the wag of a finger
Iron production?
Insignificant row
Hazard for marine life
Hardly a racing boat
Halloween figure
Guy in the kitchen
Green stuff
Force to fit
Extremely popular
Does some surgical work
Deli stock
Cry upon opening a hospital bill
Cry of delight
Corn porridge
Control, metaphorically
Composer of 'A-Hunting We Will Go'
Clinton Foundation head Donna
Cabinet units: Abbr
Brett who directed 'Rush Hour'
Betting tactic
Ben ___, legendary Washington Post editor
Bar flier
Bad play
Automated message poster
Astronomer whose show won three Emmys and a Peabody
Anonymous news source
Andy Taylor and Homer Simpson, for two
109 in Vatican City
'You ___?'
'Los Caprichos' artist
'I'm stumped – what do we do?'
'Call right away!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016#sthash.vnyXS4ZV.dpuf

Word spoken by one getting shot
Twins eight-time All-Star Tony
Traditional knowledge
Torso tubes
Took flight
This, in Tijuana
The radius parallels it
The Gulf Stream parallels it
Tech. sch. study
Sulky sort
Stadium section
Spring site
Spot for a thumb drive
Speedy Gonzales shout
Speak gruffly to
Sox rival
Source of overhead coverage
Smuggler's unit
Show you're in
Short-term moneymakers
Shake up
Seller of Anew skin care products
Seasonal displays
Savanna grazer
Rubs the wrong way
Rub the wrong way
Rodeo rope
Road with a no
Resistance leader of films
R&B's ___ Brothers
Queue before Q
Queen's farewell song
Qualifier for the final
Put one's audience to sleep
Put into words
Province known for its spicy cuisine
Pristine place
Prison area
Potential single
Poseidon's domain
Polygraph spikes, presumably
Poignant last scene?
Pizza party leftovers
Pine for North Carolina, e.g
Penitent people
Part with
One of six on a cube
Nonslip waders for anglers?
Mumbai music
Moving like molasses
Monsieur Magritte
Monastic office
Lunch with a crunch
Literary wrap-up
Lindsay of 'Mean Girls'
Lily variety
Like some wines
Like some wines
Let the stain remover work some more
Leaves hair everywhere
Least feral
Last letter when alphabetising
Jazz bandleader Les or his brother Larry
It literally means 'elsewhere'
Indian tourist site
Increase steeply
Head for the Riviera?
Group of reps
Grind together
Green Day, for one
Gene variant
Gangster's gun
Frigate on the attack?
Filling spot
Fig. from a contractor
Feral pack
Environmentally harmful lumbering operation?
Enthusiastic response to an invitation
Draw on
Domestic course, in days gone by
Dollywood location
Do as one's told
Dionysian reveler
Dial in a shower stall
Deposit offshore, maybe
Crude resource
Cozumel, por ejemplo
Contest that takes seconds
Conductor's baton?
College World Series host
Chaplin of 'Game of Thrones'
Catholic pilgrimage destination in Portugal
By title only
Bullfight bellows
Bug at a blog site?
Buckingham Palace pooch
Blacksmith competition?
Bisque bit
Belly laugh sound
Baseball's 'Le Grand Orange'
Baltimore-to-Buffalo dir
Argue against
Animal trapper
An average student might get one
Alma ___
All thumbs
2016 album from 25-Across
2006 Winter Olympics host
'What's ___ for me?'
'Trinity' author
'Ninotchka' director Lubitsch
'More vitamin C than orange juice' advertiser
'Lady Lindy'
'Kiss It Better' singer
'I'm outta here!'
'I Will Survive' singer Gloria
'I told you so!'
'Get outta here!'
'Black-ish' father
'Ben-___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016—Misplaced-Modification#sthash.RSdwvKS5.dpuf

Young ___ (tots)
Young Scot
Watt or knot
Was a productive hen
Wallet items, briefly
Visual illusion genre
Un-PC term for any of the Brontes
Ultimate in degree
Tylenol target, perhaps
Two-time Israeli prime minister Yitzhak
Town named in honor of a vaccine creator?
Towelette at a rib joint
Timid forest creature
Syrian strongman Bashar al-___
Stink to high heaven
Slob's opposite
Shirt with a picture
Shaggy Tibetan ox
Series segment
Seaside strolling area
Roster of behavioral patterns?
Refuse to share
Reached a total of
Pound, like a 29-Across
Poem's rhythmic structure
Pet adoption org
Perfume ingredient
Oldest independent Arab state
Mutinied ship of literature
Moroccan dairy product?
More in need of liniment
Mighty 23-Down
Longtime Boston Symphony director Seiji
Like wax fruit
Levin who wrote 'Rosemary's Baby'
Leave no escape for
Las Vegas wedding settings
Lantern fuel
Labor Dept. watchdog
Item with a Kelley Blue Book value
In the red
Ill temper
Hailed ride
Guitar tuner's turner
Greased part of a car
Funnel-shaped blooms
French wine region
Formally hand over
Firefighter's chopper
Field of study
Eva of 'Green Acres'
Ernie of the links
Equal to the task
Enjoy Vail
Embed surgically
Eggs, in biology labs
Difficult journeys
Dice roll
Color in a seascape
Cobwebby room, often
Centuries upon centuries
Cape-twirling performer
Canal opened in 1869
Broccoli ___ (leafy vegetable)
Batter's sacrifice play
Baseball card datum
Backpacker's snack
Attractor of a kid-lit elephant?
Attorney's concern
Apple product in a Smart Cover
Amber or epoxy
'There ___ easy answers'
'Oompah' band instrument
'Jeopardy!' is one
'Good job!'
'Fill 'er up!' stuff
'And for that reason . . .' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016#sthash.xJOLvOCG.dpuf

What Denzel Washington can do
What cops do
Volcanic stuff
Violator of common-sense pinballing
Type of school
Type of campfire roast
Tuscan city
Trying experience
Tough attempt for a bowler
Timid, inept person
Time studied in a history book
Three things following the master?
Three things following the master?
Three things following the master?
Things that are farthest from the center
They connect large strips of land
Teenager's facial bane
Spot in the Caribbean
Some fat farm animals
Some corrosive liquids
Soft, arcing shots
Slithering sea creature
Simple restaurant
Short-tailed lemur
Roth plan acct
Reach, as a goal
Put up with something unpleasant
Provide with a new title
Probability ratio
Perjured oneself
Palace relative
Outstanding, in ratings
Object of worship
Napa Valley product
Murdered, as a dragon
More than suspected
Mighty tree
Mexican snack
Little goat
Like some maids
Letters of urgency, in an office
Leave out, as a vowel
Leaped forth
Large short-haired dog
Large family
Indefatigable Ripken
Hat for a French artist
Greek cheese
Great poets of old
Geisha's garment
Gasless car make
Gas tested for in the home
Further from the truth
Former Japanese capital
Fleshy seed cover
Fit for growing vegetables
Fairy-tale fake grandma
Drumstick, really
Determine the value of
Delilah's victim
Concert equipment
Cold-weather illness
Churlish kids
Chicken-king separator
Bit of decoration
Barbie's companion
Bake sale staple
Baghdad buck
All about birds
12-point type size
'West Side Story' role and song
'Time's a-wastin', let's go!'
'Be it ___ so humble …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016#sthash.vvvDvMeG.dpuf

Zinfandel center city
Would prefer to undo
What fills some shells
What a tot might draw as an "m"
Westernmost nation of the Iroquois League
Water repellent of a sort
Watchful Spanish ladies
Use for a swab
Ultimate authority in the ABC acquisition
Topic in contract law
Title for Muhammad descendants
Tests of audacity
Taunting singer of "Goodnight, Harvard"
Take over
Sushi bar selection
Super model
Succeeded in self-reflection?
Source of much orange juice
Some punk-rock feminists
Shuts in
Round sums
Prods, perhaps
Philodendron's edible cousin
Overcome, in a way
One with the goods
Offhand passes
Obsessive enthusiast
Molten chocolate, per some recipes
Minstrel of yore
Major turbulence
Its banks were honored by UNESCO
Ice-show pioneer
Highly apprehensive
Hader's dad in the ". . . Meatballs" movies
GPS display
Get ready to rage
First memory-foam user, for its seat cushions
Feb. celebration
Fail big-time
Explicitly set forth
Encouraging words
Empty math class
Élysée Palace bride of 2008
Cranberry descriptor
Certain liquid displays
Cause of a blowup
Call out
Break since WWII
Bizet contemporary
Bit of enthusiastic support
Apt rhyme for "sí"
Anchored oneself
Amp jack
Almond-paste pastries
All ears
Acknowledged one's errors
About .002% of dry air
36 Down to extremes
22 of 26 letters, in DC
"__ y Ahora" (Univision newsmagazine)
"The All Weather Hairspray"
"If I pursue __ of light . . .": Einstein
"Hold it right there!"
"Fitness" mag subject
". . . ne pas __, c'est là la question" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016#sthash.X73xJc0a.dpuf

Vacation announcement, of a sort
Upstate New York city
Tolkien tree creature
Tiny complaints
Switch back?
Stationary when behind the wheel, maybe
Small sample
Short operatic piece
Settle in for the long haul, with 'down'
Sesame Street resident
Sentry's job
Schoolyard comeback
Sanitation trucks in a snowstorm, perhaps
Request at the blackjack table
Reason for some R ratings
Put up with
Put two and two together
Put a stop to
Pump figure
Place in a math class?
Parlor piece, perhaps
Onetime comedy partner of Nichols
One of the seven deadly sins
Olfactory stimulus
Old PC monitor type
Old block remnant?
Middle of summer?
Mark's replacement
Luau accompaniment, for short
Loser of a fabled race
Long story
Lay waste to
Last page of many calendars (abbr.)
Landlocked African nation
L-shaped piece of structural steel
Kitt who sang 'Santa Baby'
It may be used to stop a bicycle
Go to
Gas used in arc lamps
Former maker of the Rodeo and Trooper
Extremist sects
Everyday article
Dr. of rap
Diamond pattern
Crew implement
Coveted statuette
Country singer's sound
Cornell of Cornell University
Conger catcher
Castle protection
Casino employee
Bill attachment
Be dishonest about oneself
Bausch & Lomb lens care product
Back aboard ship
Airport luggage handler
Ability to cover a lot of ground, as for a shortstop
'Ran' director Kurosawa
'Paradise Lost' poet
'On the Beach' novelist Shute
'La ___ Vita'
'Exodus' protagonist
'Enough already,' to a texter
'Argo' setting – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Dec-17-2016#sthash.pgPb9Bcu.dpuf

__ Ferdinand, whose assassination set off WWI
Word origin
Who, in Quebec
Truck parts
Take down
Symbol on viola sheet music
Stock response?
Spinnaker relative
Sooner or later
So-so connection?
Smash hits, often
Sleeveless smock
Seinfeld character who ordered the 'big salad'
Seaside glider
Salma Hayek, by birth
Romantic buds?
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails
Quilting technique
Product of New Orleans
Process of elimination
Pessimistic sort
Passed perfectly
Option for a return
Optimistic sort
One who always finds himself over a barrel?
Off the mark
Norm: Abbr
Moses, for one
Message to a loser
Little squirt
Links org
Links mounds
Kitchen counter
Key of Beethoven's Violin Concerto: Abbr
Jersey chew
It can help with the healing process
Homer's final character?
Hard weather to deal with
Franklin Mint founder Joseph
Family subdivisions
Fake being
Excitable toon canine
Examines informally
Elongated key
Doha is its capital
Disorderly conduct
Destructive beetles
Concluded one's case
Cards nickname
Cambridgeshire cathedral town
Cache of cash, perhaps
Bud holder
At a loss
'80s Chrysler
'The Martian' star
'The Dukes of Hazzard' deputy
'Sure, why not'
'Oops!' evoker
'Aw, shucks' 

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