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crosswords puzzle answers 17/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 17/11/2016

Whirlpool subsidiary
When repeated, testing of a mic
Walk all over
Video game featuring an archaeologist heroine
Tree frog with a distinctive call
They come with strings attached
They beat as one, in a U2 song
Sentence shortener, at times
See Notepad
Reactions of wonderment
Power plant quantity
Piece of living room décor
Passover mo., often
One of the eggs used in this 1986 film is now exhibited at the Smithsonian
Nice ideas come from them
Mitch who wrote the best seller 'The Five People You Meet in Heaven'
Longtime home of the Tappet Brothers
Leave in a bad way
Latina title: Abbr
Krypton, for one
King of the 18th dynasty
Insect with multi-queen colonies
In pen?
Hot rod wheels
Hookups for hydrants
Hit on the head
High priest?
Having everything in its place
Harold who directed 'Groundhog Day'
Go after, as a fly
Give a rip
Get off the ground?
French connections
Fed up with
Father figures
Eyes, shoulders and knees have them
Extras in many apocalyptic movies
Exams with a max. score of 180
Eurozone member beginning in 2015
Dreaded guy?
Done in desperation
Doesn't stick to the topic
Company's marketing group
Common scam
Comment to a brother or sister
Color akin to turquoise
Class for a one-L
Careful way to think
Camera variety, briefly
Black birds
Bishop's title in the Coptic Church
Big name in chain saws
Big jerks?
Académie ___ Beaux-Arts
'The only sensual pleasure without vice,' per Samuel Johnson
'Popeye' villain who sailed the Black Barnacle – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016#sthash.NGCF6RHc.dpuf?

Word of agreement
Wile E. Coyote buy
View from Gdansk
Uneven hairstyle
Trunk tube
Trio working threads
Tours sight
Title character in 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
They're broken by athletes
Surfboard's edge
Summoner of the tempest in 'The Tempest'
Subject of a quote
Spiritual counselor
Some iPhone reading
Soaring bird hybrid?
Smash letters
Small mammal hybrid?
Showing pluck
Shoshone Falls setting
Sharp pain
Sandbox toy
Right on the map
Reptile hybrid?
Rehab condition, briefly
Quidditch player who tries to catch the Golden Snitch
Popular NBC show
Pike's kin
Mountaineering hazard
Member of a colony
Meerkat in 'The Lion King'
Mathematical half-line
Mace merchants of old
Large mammal hybrid?
Ikura, on a sushi menu
Had a series of performances
Gobi setting
Gobi description
Girl with a song cycle?
Gallant sort
Found at an antiquarian bookstore, perhaps
Former defense secretary Panetta
Force militaire
Fifth-winningest Major League manager
Fetal membranes
Expert on IRS code
Ernie Banks nickname
Dynamic quality
Do in
Deposits that may be withdrawn
Dance that's going around
Court divider
Columbus named it Isla Juana
Colorful bird hybrid?
Coaching command
Click target
Catchment areas
Cast off
Capital founded by William Penn
Bash on CNN
Barber of 'The Lawrence Welk Show'
Back, in a way
At attention
Apollo killed her sons and Artemis killed her daughters
Act like a bear
1969 World Series champs
'Blood Simple' name – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016—Hybrids#sthash.HndQSpIk.dpuf

___ up (recovers from a booze binge)
Word with 'tube' or 'city'
Where the rain falls mainly on the plain?
What a new cook depends on
What a historian can answer
Was in the Bond trade?
U.K. clock setting
Timer divs
They're harmonious
Tennessee's state flower
Suffix that takes things to the extreme
St. John's athletes, for a time
Smallest merganser
Singers with class?
Simple writing
Sideshow performers
Showing no compassion
Russian ruler, once
Reddish brown
Red, white and blue country
Rattling breath sound
Raccoon relative
Places in correct positions
Microscopic organism
Like some musical keys
Leaning Tower city
Leaf vein
Is the inquiring type
Is no longer
Historical period
Hawaiian necklace
Harley, in slang
Glowing cookout leftover
Genesis man with a murderous brother
Fix with a needle
Fast no longer
Extinct cousin of the kiwi
Exhaust output
Exam not penned
Evening, in Naples
Engine part
Engine coolers
Easy basket
Durocher in the Baseball Hall of Fame
Disposed of a dragon
Diplomats, e.g
Coat for a tooth
Chips in a can
Cellular stuff
Causes irritation
Cause of royal insomnia, in a fairytale
Caen cleric
By an unknown author, in poetry
Begins the betting
Be under the weather
Aspen lift
Aria singers
Arena seating levels
Anonymous people
Adjective in a health store
A single crunch
'___ takers?'
'The Fresh Prince of ___-Air'
'Not ___, later maybe'
'Game, ___ and match'
'And stuff like that'
'Able was I ___ …'
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' (film) – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016#sthash.bbT29CFj.dpuf

___ judicata
___ cava (major blood vessel)
Word accompanying a head-slap
Whiskey variety
Web-footed mammals
Way to go (Abbr.)
Wall St. letters
University of Maine city
TV journalist Dobbs
Traffic snarl
Timmy's TV dog
Teen fave
Start to profit?
Start of a tennis match
St. Teresa's home
Spy novelist Ambler
Song segments
Socially smooth
Slippery slapstick props
Sharif of 'Doctor Zhivago'
Shakespeare's Ariel, for one
Shade of green
Role for Madonna or Patti LuPone
Rockfish, by another name
Reaches a standstill
Race circuits
Quitter's throw-in
Pub order
Peach discards
Pals, slangily
NFL or NHL player
Mystery author Queen
Money in Monaco
Manhattan's Park or Lexington
LSAT part
Long punctuation mark
Lindbergh was one
Like trees on a prairie
Jockeys' rides
In the ___ (informed)
In the matter of
In a funk
Hypnotic state
Homo ___
Historic time
High point
Hatcher who played Lois Lane
Hardly concealed
Give grief to
Gift wrapping need
Geologic stretches
Full-house letters
Fish tank accessory
Fireplace fleck
Figurine that sprouts
Dwelling with an EIK, maybe
Drain-unclogger ingredient
County of England or New Jersey
Copier jammed into this puzzle's theme answers
Colored part of the eye
Cold War inits
City opposite Ciudad Juarez
Circle segments
CIA forerunner
Burl of 'East of Eden'
Best man's speech
Based on fact
Audiophiles' 'vinyl'
Arcade miscues
A dance, when repeated
2-Down holder
'Not guilty,' e.g
'Night' author Elie
'Fine with me'
'Cheers' regular – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016#sthash.T0omhQpJ.dpuf

With abandon
Wild boar, for one
Way out there
Viscount's superior
Upscale Honda
Typical guy
Trellis climbers
Top diamonds
To have, in Le Havre
Talking horse of '60s TV
Swings in a ring
Suffix meaning "native of"
Slogs (through)
Showed awe
Ribs serving
Repair-bill line
Punch's partner
Pull a lever, maybe
Persian Gulf land
Persian Gulf land
Pentathlon need
Part of the Corn Belt
One working at home
Noisy when bitten into
Much of Mongolia
Manipulate fraudulently
Little lady
Leave the band, perhaps
League member
Kitten sounds
It replaced the mark
Intricate patterns
Informant's wear
Industry honcho
Important time
Hurt severely
Howard who runs Starbucks
How some jeans fit
Home for some owls
Great expectation
Gothic novel governess
Freshly painted
Extended stories
English Derby site
Engineering detail
End of a cord
Eclipse shadow
Dr. Pavlov
Don't enter on time
Detective novelist Paretsky
Cyberbidder's mecca
Count with a cape
Conjure up
Computer job lineup
Columbus, by birth
City near Turin
City near Boys Town
Change the look of
British botanical attraction
Bret who wrote with Twain
Boat's trail
Berry in some smoothies
Bar stock
Bar stock
At any point
Argentine article
Animation collectibles
Ancient relic
Alamo alternative
Airport amenity
Actor Epps
"Street" rep
"Aladdin" prince – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016#sthash.elCKefzP.dpuf

___ shark (usurer)
___ calendar (holder of small chocolates)
Winter blockage
Wind or hydroelectric alternative
Where Quechua might be heard
Water, in Paris
Upscale hotel option
Undersea thriller costarring Ed Harris
The Bruins of the NCAA
Tea or coffee server
Subtle marketing ploy
Strike sharply
Starting law school students
Starbucks option
Sixth letter of the Greek alphabet
Screen image
Scottish groups
School unit
San Diego pro
Roast VIPs
Revitalizing infusion
Relative of a loon
Red choice, informally
Protection for some deep-sea explorers
Poultry pen
Performs some eye surgery, perhaps
OAK alternative
Not as much
Mr. Olympia, e.g
Mo. when NORAD tracks an annual delivery
Mikhail Gorbachev's wife
Messy places
Mercury and Sun's org
Mentalist's purported ability, for short
Many golden-agers
Many an ID thief's target
Manning with two Super Bowl rings
Limbo need
Letters in a cell, and a punny description of 16-, 25-, 43-, and 56-Across
Lets out catty remarks?
LAX listing
Kind of team greatly outperforming expectations
Item in a squirrel's stash
Iditarod ride
Holder of foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, and such
Heroine in Chekhov's 'The Cherry Orchard'
Guns, as an engine
Grandfather of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Fourth prime
ER lines
Do some laps
District attorney's presentation, perhaps
DHL alternative
Common O. Henry feature
Came up
Bon ___ (witticism)
Beer hall mug
Austen classic
Apple video app
Absinthe flavoring
'Keep it coming!'
'A Light in the Attic' author Silverstein – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-17-2016#sthash.NTG0D55k.dpuf

With 36-Down, what you can't do regarding this puzzle's circled letters
What wind ensembles usually tune to
Washer function
Very deep places
Urban rtes
TV princess
Trojan War hero
Travelocity ad figure
Travelers' bus
Touch off
Teddy's Mount Rushmore neighbor
Show the ropes
Shore soarer
Sharer of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize
See 7-Down … or, with 'a,' what you can see in this puzzle's circled letters
Roth __
Radamès' love
Puzzlemaker Rubik
Production capacity review
Portuguese territory until 1999
Place for grazing
Pitmaster's offering
Pentax competitor
One of a gripping tool pair
Office fasteners
My __, Vietnam
Membership drive gift
Magneto's enemies
Looked inside, in a way
Links legend, familiarly
Like dessert wines
Like battleships
Kukla cohort
Kitchen appliance
It's a long story
Isolated communities
Inflation fig
Have what it takes
Hall & Oates' 'Say It __ So'
Go around
Get by the sentry
Flooring wood
Far from bold
Fabulous writer?
Electrical unit
Cover letter letters
Classic golf shoe feature
City south of Fort Worth
Chorus syllable
Cholesterol initials
Appreciative cry
Alter the shape of
Actress Anouk whose last name means 'beloved'
'__ Romance': Jerome Kern song
'U slay me!'
'The Thin Man' role
'The Goldbergs' actor George
'The Cookie Never Crumbles' co-author Wally
'That really depressed me'
'Hotel du __': Anita Brookner novel
'Haystacks' series painter
'Hamilton' role
'… this skull has __ in the earth … ': Hamlet

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