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crosswords puzzle answers 15/11/2016

crosswords puzzle answers 15/11/2016

Withdraw gradually
What you may think of
What many writers write on
What many writers write on
Western tribe
Went 90, say
Unique feature of Wrigley Field
Uncouth one
Trash-toting transport
Toy block brand
Tinker to ___ to Chance (Cubs double play combo)
Things proofreaders look for
The year 254
The former Mrs. McCartney
Targets of close shaves?
Stat for Jon Lester
Stadium walkways
Something whiffed
Some wrap holders
Some early PCs
Sleep like ___
Shag or bob
Secret plan
Racer Yarborough
PC brand
Oscar : films :: ___ : ads
Opposite of baja
Newswoman Logan
Moves like a whirlpool
Modest reply to a compliment
Mideast capital supposedly founded by a son of Noah
Like some humor
Kylo ___, Adam Driver's role in 'Star Wars'
Kind of blitz
Judy Jetson's kid brother
Its inaugural flight was from Geneva to Tel Aviv
Internet finance firm
Hoopsters' hoops
Home to French silk makers
Hall-of-Famer known as Mr. Cub
Hall-of-Fame sportscaster Harry who regularly led the Wrigley Field crowd in singing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'
First place
Finish pitching in a lopsided game
Familiar sayings
Entertain grandly
English lockup
Decide to play for pay
Curse of the Billy ___, Cubs 'jinx' that ended in 2016
Cubs' divisional rivals: Abbr
Cubs slugger with 609 home runs
Cub, e.g
Country whose capital is more than 4,500 feet above sea level
Concern for beachcombers
Chicken salad ingredient
Certain tax-free investment, for short
Capital in a Cole Porter song
Buster Brown's canine sidekick
Boy with a bow and arrow
Blog annoyances
Barely beat
Bar drink taken in one gulp
Ballpark frank
Allow to
2016 award for each Cub
'What ___ tell you?'
'Picnic' playwright
'My Kind of ___ (Chicago Is)' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016#sthash.nVO3djZ5.dpuf

Tournament round
Toolbox item
Tarzan's transport
Tarzan's jungle family
Take up, as a strategy
Sweet drink
Skiers' hangout
Since way back when
Show to be true
Seattle-to-San Diego dir
Rival of Fleur, Cedric and Harry in the Triwizard Tournament
Revival settings
Reddish brown
Red hue
Reallocate to a different purpose
Prop for the Grim Reaper
Philharmonic instruments
Pencil remnants
Partridge part
Paper first published in May 1912
Opposition group
On any occasion
October birthstone
Not neg
Music's Kanye
Move carefully
Mister's purpose
Little piggies, say
Landlord's income
Julianne of 'Still Alice'
Improvise with fellow musicians
Immigrant's night sch. course
Hoses down, perhaps
Hoof sound
Hole ___ (course feat)
Hole in a block of Swiss?
Highway divisions
Hemingway nickname
Has title to
Hands and feet
Grand Canal setting
Fishing nets
Fails ignominiously, in slang
Ear part
Diogenes's quest
Cud chewers
Cruise liner features
Cribbage markers
Chinese chairman
Children's ailment going around the Post's office?
Calls for
Boom's counterpart
Boom type
Blows one's top
Blender product
Bistro posting
Bird model carved out of pine?
Biblical brook?
Bar ice
Balls, e.g
Arabian Peninsula nation
Acquisition from a shelter
1975's top-grossing movie
'Tomorrow' singer
'That was close!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Wall-Street-Journal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016—Crab-Bag#sthash.dN5uL1Cy.dpuf

Zodiac lion
Young hoods
What Macy's and Sears swap?
What a literate arsonist does?
What a house builder earns?
Wed quickly
Was in charge of a party
Various functions
Typically despised rodent
Tierra ___ Fuego
Things for would-be losers
Thing in a cocoon
They are historical
Thai bills
Table coverings for the rich?
Suitable for the task
Still-life subjects
South Seas kingdom
Some ice cream containers
Shrek, et al
Rustic one
Roomy boats
Relative of a gull
Practiced thrift
Potato type
Open, grassy tract
One logging in
Neuter kin?
Mrs. Peron
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano)
Manning of the gridiron
Like the walls at Wrigley Field
Like some gases
Like improperly opened wine
Like a stereotypical cherub
Large trunk artery
Kirstie of TV
Indian currency
Home of the brave
Hold out one's paw
Gross muck
Goal for collectors
Forms thoughts
Fire up
Feel bad about
Favored by God
Family VIPs
Enthusiastic word of praise
Drink freshener
Downwind, nautically
Does a farm chore
Decides on (with 'for')
Cry of surprise
Crane's environs
Conspicuous success
Chest bone
Certain evergreen shrub
Busy bothers
Brief sparkle
Bluish-green colors
Before of yore
Bad news from the IRS
Author known for the macabre
Austrian peak
Accuse tentatively
Abyssinia, once
90-degree extensions
'___ questions?'
'Rigoletto' composer
'Of course'
'Be quiet!' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016#sthash.T9NQLJll.dpuf

Wheels for a big wheel
What Blu-ray provides . . . and what each of 17-, 27- and 45-Across is
W.C. Fields persona
W-2 org
Velodrome athlete
Valerie Harper sitcom
Tom, Dick and Harry
The Engineers' sch
The Buckeyes' sch
Tartan-clad group
Swampy area
Some washers and dryers, for short
Some flubbed golf shots
Socially polished
Sister channel of TMC
Shipwreck hunter's aid
Set aflame
Segments of musicals
See 4-Down
Refuse to grant
Reebok's parent
Pull an all-nighter, say
Physical attention-getter
Paid reluctantly
Packs up and leaves
Org. defending free speech
Number of people polled, say
Mark of shame
March 15, e.g
Many real estate transactions
Makes hazy
Mai tai ingredient
Made calm
Like Pisa's famous tower
Lifeboat lowerer
It has a 'long arm'
In ___ (before birth)
In recent days
High-___ image
Hamstring locale
GQ's target audience
Go skyward
Get comfily close
Former 'The Voice' judge Green
Fond du ___, Wisc
Flaps one's gums
Flaps of skin under some animals' chins
End of a New Year's Eve song
Eligible for Mensa . . . or 59-Across
Elects (to)
Dusk, to a bard
CX-9 automaker
Country singer David Allan
Conforming to an appearance code . . . or 59-Across
Clef, for example . . . or 59-Across
City bond, in brief
Cinderella's stepsisters vis-a-vis Cinderella
Cheerleader's accessory (var.)
Bookbinder's tool
Bernadette of 'The Jerk'
Batting .000
Auntie, to Mom
At any point
Asparagus morsel
Angry with
Agile for one's age
Advil competitor
Adams of 'Her'
32-Across emblems
'I think,' to texters
'Hey, take it easy!'
'Aladdin' discovery – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016#sthash.xaOi3FMs.dpuf

Without an escort
With 50 Across, refraining from retaliating
Wallet filler
Very much
Valentine flower
Tip of an airplane
Tiny bit
Theater escort
Tennis barrier
Storage containers
Standards for evaluation
Spins around
Sound of a lion
Solemn assent
See 21 Across
Scrooge shout
Scottish girl
Roofing goo
Right, on a map
Remove suds from
Practice for a bout
Potato bag
Poker starter
Poems of praise
Play a ukulele
Plant's underground part
Paradise in Genesis
Old-floor sound
Norway's capital
Moose relatives
Measure with a stopwatch
Make sharper
Make a table top look like new
Loses altitude
Little kid
Leg joint
Lab cylinder
Kitchen cover-up
Jai __
Is dressed in
Informal greeting
Hair in a twist
Group for seniors
Grocery walkway
Give feedback
Frog relative
Fictional Scarlett
Feels unwell
Farm's storage tower
Endure bad luck
Docking place
Dashed away
Cut the rind off
Cut short
Current styles
Courtroom event
Coral structure
Convent resident
Come ashore
Chinese frypan
Chicago airport
Cashew or almond
Canyon sound
Bowling-lane button
Birthday party desserts
Begin a losing streak
Before you know it
Ballgame cancellations
Alluded to
All over again
Address for a lady
Actor Alda
"Not guilty," for one – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016#sthash.Y4jkybWR.dpuf

Words offering assistance
When Hamlet dies
What the runner-up didn't attain
West Coast gas brand
Univ. supporter, often
Uncanny skill, for short
Type of bargain
Transfer to a new city, briefly
They're often prepared with hot water
They may be in distress
Temperamental performer
Significant other
Seal-hunting swimmer
Satisfactorily skilled
Running on fumes, say
Ready to explode
Questionnaire choice, perhaps
Popular tablets
Palo Alto-based automotive company
Pakistan neighbor
Org. interested in tattoos in 'Blindspot'
Object of adoration
Neutral tone
Neutral shade
Neeson of 'Non-Stop'
Moussaka meat
Milk dispenser
Market pessimist
Low-lying areas
Low islet
Louisville race
List component
Like some last words
Like many King novels
Light source
Large military encroachment
It might be forwarded
It may be sung in Italian
Is under the weather
Hold (down)
He portrayed Albert Goldman in 'The Birdcage'
Halifax hold
Grassy expanses
Gives a recap
Give off
Get a look at
Gandhi's title
Gambler's techniques
Gain altitude
French Open feature
Fails to pursue
Escort who explains museum exhibits
Eager to listen
Draft pick?
Cotton twill fabric
Charitable relief effort
Cash closing?
Cable TV athletic award
Cable station for film buffs
Brian of figure skating
Board used on nails
Blu-ray buy
Big name in faucets
Big name in beauty products
Big Apple store
Bad way to run
Army NCO
Anderson who portrayed a sexy radio station receptionist
Amethyst shade
Algerian seaport
'Scarface' director
'In other words …' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Nov-15-2016#sthash.uoT6PKpt.dpuf

Wobbly dessert
Will beneficiary
Where to see the Sun, the Sky and the Stars: Abbr
Walk heavily
Vintner's tub
Video game initials
Use too much of, briefly
Treat, as table salt
Trailer park parkers
The eyes have them
Surfer's destination
Stuff to sell
Stuck-up sort
Standard eggs purchase
Source of post-toilet training anxiety
Slender woodwind
Separates for the wash
Say further
Rock to music
Rock groups?
River through western Germany
Reach through the air
Quick-as-lightning Bolt
Quick punches
Question of method
Question of identity
Purple shade
Purges (of)
Pres. who developed the 36-Across
Play with Lincoln Logs, say
Peat source
Packing rope
Not employed
Murphy's __
Many SAT takers
Man of La Mancha
Male in the hive
Major blood vessel
Lyrical lines
Like an arm in a sling
Letters on a law office door
Knowledge seekers
Itty bit
Island strings
Illumination units
Have __: know someone
Great Lake bordering four states
Great Depression recovery program
Govt. bill
Goodyear product
Get no credit for, in school
Flower source
Florida island
Flat-package furniture chain
Finish in front
Drachma replacer
Desert plant suggested by this puzzle's circles
Dashboard feature
Companion of Bashful
Coffee hour vessel
Chevy's plug-in hybrid
British noblewomen
Bldg. coolers
Big name in puzzle cubes
Artist nicknamed the 'Pope of Pop'
Apt to malfunction, as wiring
And others, in bibliographies
Altoids container
Actor Cariou of 'Blue Bloods'
'The Night Of' channel
'The Hot Zone' virus
'Did you __?!' 

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