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crosswords puzzle answers 15/02/2017

crosswords puzzle answers 15/02/2017

___ Bell
Writer Morrison
Worker whose name is, appropriately, an anagram of NOTES
Word files, briefly
What revolting people do?
Weight classification
Water, south of the border
Water filter brand
Was boring, as a meeting
Used to own
Unwanted subway sights
Type of type
Touch of love
Tiny problem
The sun
Szczecin resident
State with 1,350 miles of coastline: Abbr
StarKist product
South Beach plan and others
Something that's frequently trimmed
Small iPod
Single, say
Singer Bareilles
Rigatoni's cousin
Prov. north of Northumberland Strait
Poet who wrote 'In dreams begins responsibility'
Plop down
Playwright Will who wrote 'The Realistic Joneses'
Picked up via gossip
Philip who said 'goodbye' to Columbus
Palm : hand :: ___ : foot
Org. for drivers
Obama adviser Valerie
Not showing one's age, say
Newswoman Paula
Newspaper section
New Balance competitor
Neat, as a lawn
Mom-and-pop org
Makes a connection
Like a kid in a candy store
Like 'Pocahontas' or 'Mulan'
Last word of the Pledge of Allegiance
Lacking refinement
Kind of clef
Jeans style
Honda division
Half a kisser
Grammy category
Gallic girlfriend
Doc on a battlefield
Decidedly non-PC types?
Dakar's land
Crewmate of Sulu and Bones
Cowboys, but not Indians
Counterfeiter, e.g
Completely covers
Comeback in a cave
Christian with some intelligent designs?
Check alternative
Champion of evolution
Captain of literature
Capital of Colombia?
Burr/Hamilton showdown
Berry imported from Brazil
Admit frankly
Abbr. on some sale goods
'___ Karenina'
'___ Joey' (Rodgers and Hart musical)
'We used some food to make a snowman. Under his arms we put ___'
'Then we gave him ___'
'On top we put a ___'
'Finally, we stuck in two ___. Yum!'
'Bali ___' – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/New-York-Times-Crossword-Answers—Feb-15-2017#sthash.uBiBExVn.dpuf

X5 automaker
Word that creates links
Word linking two surnames
Without an escort
Wild Asian equine
What a door provides
Wandered all over the place
Wait in hiding to attack
Very much
Vandalize, in a way
Utilized a squeegee
Type of ball or case
Thing passed along the grapevine
The 3 million of Alaska
Stuff in a mine
Squash, for one
Speak when you're 35-Across
Some personal storage trunks
Some bread types
So everyone can hear
Sierra ___ (African nation)
Rural field
Remove, as a bottle cap
Relating to the eye
Pungent cuisine herb
Prime-time's start, often
Precious little sweetie (var.)
Passes, as a law
Not having waffles?
Negative link
Muslim salutation
Mount Everest, e.g
Mailbox opening
Longtime Barbie companion
Like some hams or salmon
Like a beautiful night sky
Letters for one in the hole?
Least refined
Large pigs
Large paper size
It doesn't change when squared
It can hold its beer
In the center of
Header for 'orthodox'
Hawaiian necklace
Furry TV extraterrestrial
Frozen sheet material
Fragrant oil from rose petals
Fleshy seed covers
Fatal constrictors
Far from a pan
Fallen-rock debris
Fairy-tale creature
Extinct kiwi relative
Endings for 'tab' or 'wah'
Dugout-clearing fight, e.g
Drunk as a candle?
Criminal with dirt on someone
Color slightly
Ceremony host
Business workplaces
Buddies through thick and thin
Billiards maneuver
Big horned beast
Baseless stories
Barcelona bills
Application inquiry
Animated film special effects, briefly
Angelic circle of light
Ambulance initials
'___-Team' (old TV series)
'Weeny' go-with
'That's funny' online
'Correct ___ accounts'
'Big Brother' host Julie – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Universal-Crossword-Answers—Feb-15-2017#sthash.wOWqyPtB.dpuf

___-am tournament
___ pennies (was frugal)
Zoo retreat
Ziering of 'Sharknado'
Where you live
Watt and Ampere, to the watt and ampere
Waterpark activity
Voice of Bugs, Daffy, Porky et al
Usurer's offering
Unexplained sightings, for short
Swimmer's assignment
Superstate in '1984'
Stiff wind
Sounded like Simba
Some roof material
Solar eclipse, to some
Sneaking suspicion
Skating great Yamaguchi
Shot with lots of English
Shortwave radio buff
Sheepdog's charges
Sawyer's literary pal
Rebellion detector, in '1984'
Prop for Popeye
Pie chart radii
Pickle serving
Peel-removing tool
PC bailout key
Paint can direction
On the roster
Numbers to crunch
Neighbor of G, on a piano
Need liniment
Mountain goat's perch
Means of making things disappear, in '1984'
Load of bunk
Lo-cal beer brand
Jeans maker Strauss
India pale ___
In finer fettle
Hydrant attachment
Holding of illegal beliefs, in '1984'
Head off, as disaster
Hardly ___ (rarely)
Goliath's challenger
Fuel from the Corn Belt
Flies off the shelves
Fern source
Event on a fight card
Establish, as a business
Embassy staffer
Electric Chevy model
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject)
Downhill ride
Down in one gulp, say
Dictators' commands
Designer Geoffrey
Dada pioneer Max
Currency with a 20-cent coin
Crack from the cold
Contradiction of plain facts, in '1984'
Concerning, on a memo
Climber's return trip
Christie's 'Death on the ___'
Chess or checkers essential
Cast off, as perspiration
Beatle who played lefty
Beantown (Abbr.)
Be a lookout for, say
Attach, as a patch
Antelope's playmate in song
Amazon sales, e.g
Alternative to a cab
Altar's place
Alpine 14-Across
'Go on . . .'
'Frozen' snow queen
'Amazin" baseball team – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/USA-Today-Crossword-Answers—Feb-15-2017#sthash.3Lc7dm7j.dpuf

__-and-turf dinner
Ziti or elbows
Yankees' crosstown rivals
Wipe clean
Windowpane sealant
Washington's bill
Wander off
Very strict
Valuable stone
Still sealed
Stein filler
Squirrel snack
Sparrows' shelters
S&L outdoor device
Quite a few
Potential buyer
Portion of corn
Poetic nightfall
Pastel blue
Part of mph
Parisian pals
Parakeets and poodles
Out of danger
One of the Three Bears
Of the same value
Nutmeg spice
New Zealand native
Needing a nap
More recent
Moose feature
Make revisions to
Luau instrument
Keogh alternative
Jobs to do
Jacket sleeves
Infielders' warm-ups
Individually crafted
Good buddy
Golf hazards
Go by taxi
Ginger ale bottle size
Ferret's foot
Explorer __ Polo
Easy job
Drug cop
Drop in the mail
Drives too fast
Double-curve letter
Definite article
Civil rights icon Parks
City near St. Petersburg
Cathedral area
Catch sight of
Browse for bargains
Boxing stats
Box-office smash
Bovine bellow
Beginning stage
Barbecued "rack"
Author Wharton
Assumed name
Arrive at one's destination
Add to the payroll
1862 Tennessee battle
'80s fad doll
"Such a pity!"
"Now I get it!"
"Hurry it up!"
"Delicious!" – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/Newsday.com-Crossword-Answers—Feb-15-2017#sthash.sJYzk8ox.dpuf

___ Ruins National Monument, New Mexico
___ Park, Queens, New York
Wild or menacing
Whiskey amount
Vintner's dregs
Use a shiv
UFO pilots, ostensibly
Transportation between small islands, sometimes
Tit ___ tat
They're sometimes crowned
Takes a licking
Sugar source
Step in a flight
Start of a Mozart title
Soft shoe material
Skeptical scoff
Shih ___ (dog breed)
Savanna antelope
Salon set, informally
Road, in German
Really steamed
Realize, as profits
Processed food?
Popular Dutch export
Pleasant-smelling adornments
Petite pastries
Period of calm
Ocular layer
Oater transports
Numb, as a foot
Notable period of time
Nordic carrier's letters
Nine-inch measure, approximately
New York's ___ Pan Alley
New Haven collegian
Moves like a moth
Moroccan headwear
Monastery figures
Mind-reading skill (abbr.)
Mantel piece, perhaps
Loafers' features
Liftoff sensation
Lemon peel scrapings
Large quantity
Kilborn and Claiborne
Jetson's pooch
Greek playhouses
Got a move on, old-style
Get three runners on
Fuel lacking a certain hazardous compound
Fort Knox holding
Flip over
Drums can be found there
Discover with effort
Cry out loud
Cooler unit
Cookie-selling org
Continental cap
Consumable root
Consumable bulbs
Con artist, slangily
Cobbler's device
Change direction suddenly
Captain Picard's confidante
Boutonniere site
Black-and-white stacked snack
Baseball Hall of Fame charter member
Ancient garden spot
Airline with very tight security
'You there!'
'When will you ___ learn?'
'Postcards From the ___' (Streep film)
'Nonsense!' in old slang
'Evil Woman' gp – See more at: http://crosswordpuzzleanswers.net/clue/The-Washington-Post-Crossword-Answers—Feb-15-2017#sthash.LYZII1hF.dpuf

Working hard
Word with interest or service
With 68-Across, 'Milk' Oscar winner
With 1-Across, Whoppers and McRibs, e.g
Wine choice
Wind in a pit
Water retainer
Verbal nods
Toy inserts usually not included
Thought (out)
Thai language
Tennis score
Team connection
Teachers' org
Teacher's deg
Sufficient, to Shakespeare
Sticky stuff
Southwestern clay pot
Singer Lennox
See 58-Down
See 1-Down
Rose of Guns N' Roses
River racers
Risk taker
Remove respectfully
Reddish-brown colors
Radar dot
Poetic pair
Partner of hollered
Over-the-shoulder garb
Ooze with
Make sense
Letter after pi
Lavin of 'Alice'
Kind of geometry
In __: as placed
He sang about Alice
Got by
Fly-fishing catch
Fly in the ointment
Floor piece
Farewells … or, homophonically and read top to bottom, what the first words of the answers to starred clues represent?
Entertainers on the road
Embossed cookie
Either 'The Man Who Wasn't There' director
Doe's dear
Descends, as a rock wall
Crescent points
Composer's embellishment
Cain, to Abel, informally
Bull Run soldier
Bracelet spot
Bond's first movie foe
Big name in furniture
Biblical verb
Arm bone
All tied up
*More than is wise
*Luxury resort chain
*Dominated the election
*Complete with ease
'__ to leap tall buildings … '
'Your table's ready' signaler
'Understood,' in hippie-speak
'The Giver' novelist Lowry
'Positive thinking' advocate
'Maybe, just maybe'
'Little Women' sister
'David Copperfield' villain

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